Realize that it is common knowledge that the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

who call themselves Windsor



Realize that Edward in 1442 was an  iligitamate bastard,

Unless you want to believe in an 11th month pregnancy.

You are causing everyone to be deceived by your writings.

The Australian man Michael is the “REAL” KING of England, and always has been.

Because King Edward IV was illegitimate. And Edward was conceived while the King was at the war in France.


The present Royal Family are not even English.

They are Germans.

They even had to change their name to Windsor, because of the hatred of the Germans during WWI so they changed their name to Windsor in 1917.

In 1917, the name of the British royal house was changed from the German

Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

to the English Windsor 



The House of Windsor are NOT NOT NOT the true inheritors of the Throne of England.

The entire royal bloodline that traces its lineage to Edward has no legal right to the throne.

In fact, according to our own constitutional rules, Britain's real monarch today is not Elizabeth II,


but instead King Michael, a resident of Jerilderie, Australia.


Donald Carpenter

4 months ago

This WAS KNOWN. My OWN father used to say about the current Royals "they are NOT "Hastings". Our Mom used to tells us the resentment of Lady Di was because SHE had MORE "English" blood in her than Charles did.


Lawrence states:

Even Shakespeare “KNEW” that the Throne of England was usurped.



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Lawrence Albert Nowell