To "all" the breakaway groups
from the WCG
(that broke away "after" 1974-2009).
Here is the Gestalt (Overview)
The Worldwide Church of God became Laodicean in 1974 with chaos and disobedience reigning/starting in 1974 with:
1.) Changing Monday Pentecost (Monday was already wrong in itself), but was changed "even worse" yet, to Sunday, as in "SUN"day Baal Worship.
WCG should have changed it back to Sivan 6, as Mr. Armstrong had observed Sivan 6 in 1934.
2.) Then the Covenant of Marriage was abandoned in 1974 after 40 years of observance.
3.) Then the disobedience continued byi breaking more and more of God's commandments (4th Commandment-Sabbath Saturday, breaking 3 Seasons of Holy Days, etc, etc, etc..
There is not one other Denomination on the face of the earth "except" the WCG that has ever done such an abominable about face as the WCG did to abandon all of God's (it's) Doctrines, and to then substitute pagan days like Christmas' Baal Sun god shortest days of the year, and Easter (Ishtar),
and adopting all the other Worlds way circa the years 1995-2000.
Therefore since there cannot be found 1 other Church on the face of the earth that has done such debauchery, ergo:
The WCG "IS"
the Ladiocean Era, that we are to repent from, as God will vomit them out. Rev 3:16
It started in 1974 when the WCG was interferred with by Garner Ted Armstrong, and then by committees of men, and then by study groups of men, while Mr. Armstrong sat on the sidelines as only a figurehead and not "the" provider of Doctrine. 
Thus the Philadelphia era ended in 1974 after the 40 years starting from 1934 to 1974.
SO NOW we are left with the Fact that:
Any group teaching outside of the "original" 1st Century Doctrines is "NOW" a spurious organization,
for as the Bible states, and as we know, (and as it always has been)  
there is only "1" body (Church),
not many Churches all teaching different Doctrines. 1 Corinthians 1:9.

Points reiterated regarding the Setup of God's True Church of The Obedient Church of God is in the following form of: "Other" Proofs & Comments:
1.) "God so loved the world that He did 'NOT' send a committee."
= You cannot have present day groups that are run by "committees" of men.
Churches of God in every era "since Moses", (Moses was the first man (not a committee) to lead God's people out of the sin of Egyptian ways), have "NEVER" been run by a committee of men, nor boards of men, but have always been run by God choosing and using only 1 Leader.
2.) The Worldwide Church of God became Laodicean by "1974"
"NOT" in the 1980's, not in the 1990's, nor in 2000+, "because" chaos and disobedience reigned "starting" 1974 (not the 1980's, 1990's, nor in 2000+), for 1974 was "when" committees of men started taking over in /74 with:
A.) Monday Pentecost being changed in 1974 to Sunday (after 40 years of Monday observance) and
B.) The Covenant of Marriage being abandoned in 1974, (after 40 years of the command of God of never divorcing your mate being followed).
In 1974 the WCG was interfered with by Garner Ted Armstrong, and then by committees of men, and then by study groups of men, while Mr. Armstrong sat on the sidelines as only a figurehead, and not "the" provider of Doctrine. 
Thus the Philadelphia era ended after 40 years from 1934 to 1974.
Now today 2009: Between 1974 and July 22 2009 is 25 years= 1/2 a Jubilee. 1/2 a Jubilee, is when The Obedient Church of God started officially on July 22.
Therefore in 2009: Any group outside of the "ORIGINAL DOCTRINES" of the 1st Century Church of God is a spurious organization, for as the Bible states, and as we know, there has always only been "1" body (Church), not many. 1 Corinthians 1:10. Ephesians 4:4-5.

This truth can be established by knowing that
There IS NOW
 1 (one) remnant group that is "KEEPING" THE "ORIGINAL" 1st Century "ORIGINAL" Doctrines, and ways, in their entirety,
without change.
That group today is TO COG, The Obedient Church of God.
The proofs that the Obedient Church of God, is the "ONLY" congregation in the World that "keeps" all the 1st Century Doctine is that The Obedient Church of God:
1.) Starts God's New Year using only the Crescent Moon and
2.) The ripening of the grain of the Barley Harvest, to determine the start of God's New Year, and the start of God's Pentecost count.
3.) Refuses to add the settlers Pagan Corn god festival masquerading as thanksgiving.
4.) Does not celebrate your birthday, because you have not even been born yet.
5.) Instructs you to live in a temporary hotel room during the 7 Days of the Feast of Tabernacles, to inculcate into you that presently are only a temporary being/dwelling. 
6.) Only sets all the rest of God's months by only the 1st "VISIBLE" Crescent of the Moon, AND only from Jerusalem, with no "potential visibility" being allowed, for only naked eye sighting are allowed in the "same" manner as Abram, Issac, Jacob, Jesus and Paul did.
7.) Does not go to restaurants on the Sabbath days, whereby you would hire 4 people: a Hostess, a Waitress, a Cook, and a Cashier on the Sabbath. We eat in homes together instead. The Mark of the Beast, as opposed to God's mark of Exodus 31:13-17  is your breaking God's perpetual covenant Sabbath, by hiring people on Sabbath. "HALLOW" His Sabbaths, because the is the "sign" between you and He. Ezekiel 20:20.
3.) "Since the "ORIGINAL" 1st Century Doctrines were correct (because Jesus and Paul followed them), then you cannot change the 1st Century Doctrines and ways. "ONCE" you come to know and understand the 1st Century ways and Doctrines, you are then responsible to keep them. Jeremiah 31:31 Rom 3:31.
4.) The Obedient Church of God is "not" a splinter group. The Obedient Church of God is today (on Trumpets/Yom Terurah Sept 21 2009 the day this page is written) is the "ONLY" remnant that is "EXACTLY" the same as the 1st Century Church of God, and indeed "IS" the exact duplicate of the 1st Century Church of God, with "EXACTLY" the same practices, and beliefs, as the 1st Century Church of Jesus, His Disciples, and Paul.
All other groups are impostors, as:
5.) None of the other groups adhere to "ALL" the 1st Century Doctrines, ways, and practices, and some like TPM have the tradition of men including pagan thanksgiving. Mark 7:7.
6.) No group has ever carried on "ONLY" and ALL of God's original 1st Century Doctrines until now in 2009.
Today in 2009 "only" The Obedient Church of God carries on the EXACT "SAME" practices as God commanded, and that Jesus followed, without any deletions, nor "any" additions.
7.) "Only" The Obedient Church of God
"IS" the group that is being established "AT" the "exact" time of end
 prophecied as "the short" work
of what God states: 
God will do a "short" (final) work. Romans 9:28
Zech 4:10 Who has despised the day of small things?
which we will at 
Passover 2010
activate and present to the World
as a warning message and Witness to the Nations
(2010 is the start also for the set up of the end time Beast Power era, which we will fight.)
All the other COGS (Churches of God) have wandered out of the ways of God into the spiritual wilderness of: Darkness, confusion, and the adoption of Pagan ways, including the settler's Corn God Festival, cloaked under the name of thanksgiving. It is the "same" trap of Pagan ways that the original Israelites fell back into, via adding practices to God's Bible, which is exactly what all the COGS including TPM have done.
"ALL" the other COGS continue their demonstration of disobedience, in wanting their own ways; and not wanting "ONLY" God's days and ways that Christ and Paul followed.
Just like the ancient Israelites, all the COGS have abandoned the ways of their God (as only written in God's manual The Bible), and all the COGS except TO COG =The Obedient Church of God, have added a way that is not in the Bible.
and furthermore:
The Obedient Church of God is the "only" denomination loyal to God from the beginning of the Bible to the end of the Bible, and the only Congregation that has kept "all" the original 1st Century Doctrines revealed by God via 30 years of personal searching and study, and not revealed by committees.
Therefore there is only 1 (one) group that God has set apart for Christians to follow,
and that is the group that follows "ONLY" the "ORIGINAL" "1st" Century Doctrines without any deletions, nor additions to God's Bible.
The Obedient Church of God takes special care with God's Doctrines.
The Obedicnt Church of God's Doctrines are taken right from the beginning of the 1st Century Church of Jesus and Paul, and have "no" additions.
These precious 1st Century Doctrines will be needed by the Great Multitude in the Tribulation period to make their robes white again.

The �only� Solution to your Dilemma of:

"How" to get back to the 1st Century Doctrine

Of the Faith "ONCE" Delivered

Beloved... Contend for the faith once delivered... Jude 3


The Obedient Church of God

The only way to get back to "the Faith Once Delivered" of Jude 3, is to now come into The Obedient Church of God  "BECAUSE" The Obedient Church of God is the �"ONLY"� group in the World that has kept the 1st Century Doctrines pure.

You cannot join with other groups because:

Ezra 9:14 states: Should we again break Thy commandments, and join in affinity with the people of these abominations? Wouldest not thou be angry with us till Thou hadst consumed [us], so that [there should be] no remnant nor escaping?


1st Century REMNANT!!

We ARE The

1st Century Church of God

because there is no other group in the World


every jot and tittle "EXACTLY" the same as God's 1st Century Word.

The Obedient Church of God, therefore and thereby, functions as the "ONLY" remnant group, identical to the 1st Century Doctrines, "not" the HWA 20th Century doctrines. The Obedient Church of God is maintaining and preserving the "ORIGINAL" 1st Century Doctrines "without" the addition of "any practice", and The "Obedient" Church of God is thus preparing the way for, Jesus -The new earthly King, with the SAME CRESCENT MOON SIGHTING, AND THE SAME DAYS THAT JESUS SET THE EXAMPLE TO FOLLOW, without any additional days or ways added.
Sidebar Editor's Note:
The Obedient Church of God is "not" on a mission to "save" the World, as the script has already been written for how the World will have to go through the Tribulation.
The Obedient Church of God
look to assist ex-Worldwiders to regain the lost 1st Century Doctrines of Christ and Paul.
There will be (because the script has already been written) the Great Tribulation for all those who do not follow the 1st Century Doctrines, (and even for those who do, in order to test some of us).
Now, in 2010 The Obedient Church of God's function is to feed the remnant sheep,
and to feed any sheep that wishes to return to the "ORIGINAL" pure unadulterated 1st Century food/spiritual food of the 1st Century, and "only" the 1st Century
We adhere to and have "only" to the "original" 1st Century Doctrines
and await the return of Jesus who is the same today as yesterday, and forevermore and changeth not. Malachi 3:6.
We write this as a witness to the events of the past and future, and
as a record to explain God's "Short Work" timeframe for those who wish to understand the truth of Romans 9:28.
This page is not put up to convert anyone to The Obedient Church of God, but instead:
This page is put up as a record of the Truth, because
"if" it is not in the Bible, then a man made it, not God
and this page states that
"ONLY" the Doctrines of the 1st Century are to be followed
with no deletions, nor additions of any ways, practices, nor days.
This is the 1st Time
in History
the 1st Century
That there is now a Church
to God's
1st Century Church!!
The Savior is standing at your door, with His "1st" Century Doctrines. Revelation 3:20
"If" you don't follow God's 1st Century Crescent moon that Jesus and Paul followed, "YOU" end up working on God's Holy Day Sabbaths.
"Will you" let him "form" "HIS" way of life and Worship IN YOU, with only "His" Crescent Moon, and only "HIS" 1st Century ways? Jude 3.
You are to walk "ONLY" in His footsteps, and "YOU" Vowed that you would walk in "HIS" footsteps at your Baptism.
"YOU" Vowed to walk in "HIS" footsteps, and that means Crescent Moons that "HE" set the example and "He" followed.
"IF" you refuse to (now that you know), that now makes you a LIAR, and all liars will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. Revelation 21:8
This article was written because many whom I know through International Pharmaceuticals, are sick and dying, and have asked me:
"How" and "why", do you "Lawrence" have such faith, kindness, and confidence in God:
The answer is:
Do "you"
love God enough to do things "His" way?
The Spirit is given only to those who obey. Acts 5:32 Acts 2:28 John 7:38.

c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell