Video Sermon given by Lawrence A. Nowell
Apr 17, 2010
The Obedient Church of God

April 17 2010 Sermon Highlights

1.) Ziv is God's name for the month, Iyar is the "Pagan" name of God's month.

2.) Grow in knowledge "FOREVER".

3.) You miss the train if you arrive at the Station 2 days early, and leave the station 2 days early, using the Hillel II averaging Calendar.

4.) God will do the short work through TO COG. Romans 9:28.

5.) Live fish swim upstream against the current, while dead fishes float down stream.

6.) Deut 12:32 You shall not add "any" day to the Bible.

7.) Hillel II calendar is "NOT" to be used.

8.) Volcano ash cloud over England (and Europe), perhaps because the UK declared that the Western Wall does not belong to Israel,

and the UK did not let Israel advertise for Tourism in England. So the payback now is: There is no airtravel/Tourism to Europe, because of the ash cloud.

9.) The U.S.A. is not a friend to Israel, and the U.S. is going against Israel, to give away parts of Israel.

10.) TO COG is a "no" Spin Zone, meaning we tell the true news.

11.) This whole World is a cage, until Yeshua/Christ comes back.

12.) Network news is: they distort, and they omit, and you comply/get taught error.

13.) You don't get the News, because the TV Corporations "control" the News.

14.) Obama is taking the Palestinian side = Israel will have to go it alone against Iran.

15.) Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Hamas and Palestinians have signed a mutual defense Pact. A strategic agreement/ Pact, that they "would" unleash a War in the Middle East, if Israel attacks Iran or any of them.

16.) They state: They will "light up" the Middle East in WAR.

17.) This war is going to be a "MISSILE" War = not a ground war.

18.) Lebanon has 100 long range solid fuel rockets that can strike Israel.

19.) But Israel will go after Syria for supplying the long range Missiles to Lebanon.

20.) Through/via the Spanish Ambassador, the Israel Ambassador said that: Israel will go after Syria.

21.) When the Syrian Minister heard this, he said that he would launch against Tel Aviv and kill all the Jews.

22.) The Israeli Foreign minister then said: "You and your family won't live to see the day".

23.) The Foreign Ministers of Syrian and Israel are vowing to attack each other.

*** You do "not" hear this reported on the Corporation controlled News.

24.) Tactical Nuclear Weapons, and "micro" Nuclear Weapons, and Jerico Missiles.

25.) Isa 17:1 Syria's city Damascus will be a "RUINOUS HEAP".


27.) Omer is 2 litters of Barley.

28.) The 70 "WEEKS" can be translated as 70 PENTECOST years, since 1948 = 2018. (This was announced by The Obedient Church of God on this April 17th Broadcast which was 2 weeks "before" Bill Dankenbring TPM ever even heard about the 70 Weeks.

29.) 7 years only start "after" the Daily Sacrifices start.

30.) We are in the 62nd Week of the 70 weeks as of 2010, starting the 63rd week.

31.) Obama's plan is to take Israel out of the West Bank, and Gaza.

32.) Obama will mandate an Agreement AGAINST ISRAEL via International Law, and therefore "ALL NATIONS WILL BE AGAINST ISRAEL".

33.) Israel vowed that there will never be another suicide Massada. "If we are going to die, we are going to take everyone down with us", states Israel. Israel means: If we are going to die, then everyone is going to die.

34.) This news will sprung by all of the News Services on us, to get us to go along with forcing Israel to submit to being "divided".

35.) The Beast Power will help people to survive the next War, and all people will marvel at the survival of the Beast.

36.) If you are broke, and have no income, you can't loan "more" money, and the Banks are broke.

37.) We owe nearly 12 Trillion, which means that each family would have to pay off  $300,000.00.

38.) We are financially doomed.

39.) Definition of: Credit Default Swaps.

40.) Credit is = the Loan

Default is = Postponing the loan

Swap is = We'll pay a penalty, just swap our loan out and give us another more expensive new loan.

Then the bank then sells that Credit Default Swap bundled up with other financial instruments/Derivatives to some "schmuck" managing a Pension fund, or to another "schmuck" investor in Hedge funds, or in City Hall, or some other "schmuck" Bank, who then sells it to another schmuck, till it is sold 6 times, until it collapses, and the end schmuck gets stuck with it.

41.) We are in this mess "BECAUSE" we did not want God as our King. 1 Samuel 8:11.

42.)  Be his Horsemen = The only way you can get a job is, if your work for the Military.

43.) If the trucks stop running we will all be barefoot and hungry, because we import everything.

44.) The reason we keep going to war is not "FOR" the Oil, but to "CONTROL" the World's Oil, so that other countries can't have it.


45.) We don't vote in the TO COG. We are "Ambassadors".

46.) God put Obama in because "GOD" wanted Obama in, because God sets up rulers. Daniel 2:21 Daniel 5:21

47.) If you voted against Obama, then you voted against God and God's choice.  Daniel 4:17

48.) Vietnam war was all about oil exploration and to put a pipeline through. The US companies "miraculously" had staked out all the Vietnamese areas where the Vietnam oil was, while the other Countries, had dry Vietnam wells.

49.) The USA has to start carpet bombing Vietnam, because the USA lost control of the USA ground Army, with soldiers fragging (throwing grenades into their Sergeant's tents). The whole US ground Army was out of control, killing many of its Officers.

50.) God allows Capitalism, to show that Capitalism doesn't work.

51.) God will "NOT" hear  you when you cry out to Him. 1 Samuel 8:18.

52.) 28,000 Priests have been hired and trained in Israel, for the coming Temple.

53.) 4,000 Levite Harpists have been hired and trained in Israel, for the coming Temple.

54.) 7 "Wise Men" have been chosen in Israel for the coming Temple.

55.) 1 "High Priest" has been chosen in Israel for the coming Temple.

56.) 1 Red Heifer has been chosen.

57.) Scuttlebutt is that they have the "actual" Ark of the Covenant with them ready for the Temple.

58.) Some of us will go into the Tribulation. Revelation 2:18.

59.) Even the Thyatira Christians Rev 2:18 God will kill some Christians who do not follow God's Bible. Rev 2:23 I will kill her with DEATH. They will be "KILLED".

60.) Those who incorporate man's feasts of Baal/Turkey Days into Christianity, are in danger of the Judgment.

61.) Every Pagan Feast has food associated with it.
Easter =            eggs (Ishtar goddess of fertility)
Valentines =     chocolates (Lupercalia/Lupercus)
Halloween =     pumpkin pie (Samhein god of the dead)
Thanksgiving = turkey= (turkey god) Ra/Osiris/Baal/Chalchiuhtotolin
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                          (Precious Night Turkey god) - god of pestilence and mystery
Christmas =      Christmas cake (to the queen of heaven)
62.) To eat things sacrificed to idols demands death Revelations 2:20. Editor's Note: When eaten on the idols Turkey Day.
        You have 364 other days to eat Turkey. 
63.) Churches that are Laodicean/lukewarm and not HOT for Deut 12:32/God's word, are Vomit Material. Rev 3:16
64.) Don't just be lulled into complacency. Follow every jot of God's word and do "not" add to God's Bible. Deut 12:32
65.) Could be a very small group on the Place of Safety. 144,000 divided by 6000 years= 24 people.
66.) There are 2 groups of 144,000. A gentile group taken from all Nations, and an Israelite group from the 12 Tribes.
67.) In the last hour of trial, Noah only had 8 people saved including him.
68.) Tkach's group and ALL other "dis"obedient WCG offshoot groups will have to go through the Tribulation. All groups that don't follow God's Bible. Deut 12:32.
69.) Only Philadelphians "will" be kept from the hour of trial. Revelations 3:10 (Place of Safety).
70.) A very few in Sardis will be counted worthy. Rev 3:4. Sardis will "not" be protected from the Hour of Trial/Tribulation, but will come up in the 1st Resurrection.
71.) No more sacrifice for sin Heb 10:26 "if" you disobey "after" knowing what the Bible states. Deut 12:32 Galations 1:8 and repeated as a double warning in verse :9.
72.)  Rev 3:10 Because you kept "the word of my patience my command to persevere. KJV Since you have kept my command to endure patiently. NIV New International Version. Because you have kept my word in quiet strength. BBE Bible in Basic English.
I will keep you from the hour of trial.
73.) It is not what ministers say about you:
The test for if you have God's Holy Spirit in you is:
1 John 3:24 Acts 5:32
It is the Spirit that gives life John 6:63 not Ministers.
74.) Hold fast to the 1st Century Doctrine Revelation 3:11 = that means do "not" add other turkey day doctrines. Keep all the Doctrine the same as the 1st Century.
75.) You don't have 2 days of Atonement, no matter how wonderful Atonement is, and therefore you can't have 2 harvest festivals. You can't have the 7 Day Feast of Ingathering and then add on the feast of Harvest Home turkey day. The turkey that gives its life for its young.
76.) You can't fool God and repent at the last minute,
it takes time to repent and develop character.
It is a process of character development, and with the possible exception of the thief on the cross, it takes longer than 1 day to repent for the rest of us. Because Jesus could see/knew that the thief on the cross had the right attitude to repent of his ways. But the thief may have to come up in the second resurrection, to continue his repentance, because Jesus/Yeshua did "not" say that the thief would be in the Kingdom, but said Paradise. Further study is needed for the correct translation. 
77.) Saying you are sorry is "NOT" repentance. Repentance is "changing" your ways.
78.) Truly I say to you today, [on this terrible day that I am nailed to this cross] you shall be with me in Paradise [not Heaven]. The translators put the "," in the wrong place. Luke 23:43.
79.) Your only "PHYSICAL" weapon of defense is the 2 wings of a great eagle. Revelations 12:14
80.) Some of us will not be protected in the Place of Safety because the devil goes off to make war with the rest of her offspring that "KEEP" the commandments of God. Revelations 12:17
81.) You should all have your Passports with you whenever you go on a trip away from your city.
82.) There is going to be a North American Union, to unite the oil from Canada, combined with the cheap labour from Mexico, to try to get out of the Financial mess.
83.) Place of Safety is near Jerusalem/Jordan.
84.) Buy a vehicle you can sleep in.
85.) The dollar bills in your wallet, now have "less" value than toilet paper.
86.) If you have gold, it will be taken away from you. You cannot save yourself by buying gold, because in the 1930's the US Government confiscated the citizens gold, and put you in jail if you had gold, and fined you $2,500 on top of putting you in jail.
87.) Put your money into grain and anti-biotics. Then you will have something to bargain with.
88.) There will be a USA gathering point, and there will be the "2" great wings of an Eagle. Revelations 12:14.
89.) If you stockpile food, then make sure your food does "NOT" have yeast in it, or you will have to throw your food out, during the Days of Unleavened Bread.
90.) Buy a Diesel camper truck, so that you can put in alternate fuels.
91.) Buy a trailer that you can put your food and supplies in.
92.) Buy a small steam engine so that you can spin a generator with for electric power.
93.) We are in the end times now, and we have to use wisdom.
94.) The ones that did not leave Germany, ended up in the Concentration Camps.
95.) Place of Safety has to have a river near by. Revelation 12:15 (though it could be an army).
96.) PRAY = actually Pray that your flight not be in winter, so START PRAYING "NOW" in 2010. Matthew 24:21
97.) Figure out that you want to leave for the Middle East in the Summer and not in the Winter.
98.) There will be Christians in Jerusalem/Judea, because they are told to flee from Judea. Mark 13:14.
99.) Flee from Jerusalem when you see Jerusalem surrounded by Armies Luke 21:20-21.
100.) Flee Babylon/USA and Chaldea Jeremiah 50:8, 51:6, 51:44-45, Zechariah 2:7, Revelation 18:4.
101.) USA is Babylon, because the USA has all the practices of Babylon, including homosexuality, and the USA has all the Baal Bible thumping "SUN"day keepers. SUNday worship= Baal Worship.
102.) The Place of Safety will "NOT" be in the land of the North, because we are to "flee" from the land of the North. Zechariah 2: 6-7.
103.) No island will be safe, because nearly "all" the islands will be destroyed by the great earthquake. Revelations 6:12, 16:17.
104.) There is no hope, unless God leads you to it.
105.) Isaiah 45:20 Assemble your selves, and draw near together, you have ESCAPED FROM THE NATIONS. The point is that: We have to "ESCAPE" from the "Nations", as in big Nations.
106.) "Remember" that we are in such dangerous times, because the Syrian and Israeli Diplomats said that they will kill each other. See points 20-23.
107.)  Jerusalem is going to be Divided by Obama.
108.) It is time to draw NEAR and CLOSE to God. Come Thou Almighty King.

c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell