Come into the safety and protection of  TO COG The "Obedient" Church of God.
Video Sermon given by Lawrence A. Nowell
April 21, 2012
29th Day of God's First Month, 5993
The Obedient Church of God

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Come into the safety and protection of 
The "Obedient" Church of God
Subject: Sermon April 21-12
April 21, 2012
 Sermon by Lawrence A. Nowell
Sermon Highlights:

April 21, 2012/Abib 29 5993
Sermon Highlights
April 24, 2012
1.) The "2" groups of 144,000.
2.) The "Sealed" ones.
3.) An actual mental "attitude" towards a way of life of "obeying" every jot of God's Bible.
4.) The Black Pope kills the White Popes.
5.) The Black Pope controls the World.
6.) The only place in Scripture where 666 is listed as a particular man's actual name.
You have the "Mark of the Beast" on you already, because you are supporting WCG Church offshoots that move God's Holy 7th Day Sabbath to the 6th day in one half the World.
Stop causing New Zealand, and Australian members to sin!
This includes LCG, UCG, PCG, COGTE, TPM, etc..
God can't use you anymore, because you are disobedient and "refuse" to repent/change.
You have the Mark of the Beast on you, because you are moving God's Holy Sabbath.
And even if you change, but just obey from the head and not from your heart, you are not saved, because you are trying to fool God with outward signs, and "NOT" an inward heart change.
It is not enough to just obey from the hand, for you must obey from the Heart.
You have a Harlot's Forehead.
Your heart is also "hardened".
God is not divided.
Only 1 Church whether you like it or not.
At 55 minutes of tape Dankenbring mentioned.
7.) The Seal of God (at 53 minutes of the Video):
How to be sealed in the Forehead "now".
You get "sealed" WHEN your actions and your deeds symbolize thoughts.
You will never get sealed when you are doing it because you have to, but instead: Because you "want" to.
You have to obey from the heart, and not just from the head.
If you don't obey from the heart, you are still toast/eternally dead.
Because you are trying to trick God.
The only thing that is then awaiting you is "Hellfire", for breaking God's Holy Sabbath, by moving God's Holy 7th Day Sabbath Day to the 6th Day in one half of the World.
Cry out to God's Holy Spirit to save you from your Harlot's Forehead, and your hard heart. "AND" YOU must also soften your own forehead and soften your own heart. The Work of God's Holy Spirit is also an "external" mental "Seal" on your forehead. Revelations 7:3.
TO COG (The Obedient Church of God) is sealed with the attitude that we will only follow the Jots of God (not men/not Ministers).
This is our mental "internal" Seal, on our forehead right now.
You get sealed when your actions and deeds symbolize your thoughts, that you are going to obey Father.
The Holy Spirit abides in us only if we "KEEP" His commandments.
Thoughts are the "forehead" mark.
Actions are the "hand" deeds.
Your mark on  your forehead symbolizes your thoughts.
 Your hands symbolize your actions.
 ...receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
Revelation 14:9-10
Subject: Sermon Apr 21-12

April 21, 2012 - Abib 29, 5993


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The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
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