Come into the safety and protection of  TO COG The "Obedient" Church of God.
Video Sermon given by Lawrence A. Nowell
April 23, 2011
Nissan 19, 5770
The Obedient Church of God

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Come into the safety and protection of 
The "Obedient" Church of God

You cannot love your wife or husband, child or relative, "more" than you love the Man Yeshua who died for you, and took your place on the Stake, or else you are a Spiritual Adulterer, who loves someone else more than the God who died for you.

1.) Do "NOT" love your children or relatives "MORE" than you love Yeshua and El Shaddai or else you are a Spiritual Adulterer, because you made a Marriage Covenant with Yah.

2.) You cannot be in a Marriage Covenant with Yah,

and love another "MORE" than you love Yah.

That is Spiritual Adultery!

3.) "Just" the "Napkin" was folded. That was Yah's sign that He was returning.

The rest of the burial garments were in a pile on the floor.

4.) *** John 20:7 a head "napkin" and was "folded" in the empty tomb of Jesus.

5.) King James Version: "...and the napkin, that was about his head, not lying with the linen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by itself."
The most respected translations of the Bible.

Three of them translated the cloth as a "napkin" (King James, American Standard, Revised Standard Version).

a "handkerchief" (The New King James Version), or a

"face-cloth" (New American Standard Bible).

The Greek word is saudarion, which comes from a Latin word for "sweat." It connotes, for example, a towel for wiping sweat. It is used in the Greek for a towel or cloth.

The other key word is "folded":

Two translations use the word "folded" = The New International Version & The New King James Version.

6.) "The LAST meal" (the "LAST" supper) = it was not a Passover example, it was just that = a "LAST" supper.

7.) Yah did "not" intend for them to wash one anothers feet "AT" the Passover, or else Yah would be adding to the Passover Laws.

8.) Yah stated that He did not do 1 thing to change His Father's Law. Matthew 5:17 Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law.

9.) Yah did "NOT" want them to do the Footwashing "ON" Passover.

10.) Yah set the example to do the Footwashing on the 13th of Nisan, not the 15th.

11.) When you do the Footwashing 2 days before Passover on Nisan 13, with a Kiddish, (not with the Passover),

you come to appreciate the chain of events that took place ergo the timing of His crucifixion "not" being crucified on the same day that He was sentenced.

12.) When you do the Footwashing on the 13th as a Kiddish, you realize that Yah was arrested after the Kiddish that He was doing with His disciples, and that all that long night Yah was before the Sanhedrin from Midnight to morning.

Then, taken to Pilate, then Herod, then Pilate, then sentenced at NOON the 14th.

13.) When you do the Footwashing on the 13th everything then automatically fits (locks into place),

as opposed to moving the Footwashing to the 15 whereby you think that Yah was crucified on the same day He was sentenced.

14.) You have to follow Yah's example and do the Footwashing on the 13th with a Kiddish with "Leavened" bread,

and then 2 days later do the Passover with "UN"leavened bread, "BECAUSE":

Then you realize that you are now unleavened by Yah's blood on the Passover, because now all of a sudden on the 15th you are partaking only of unleavened bread while on the 13 you partook of leavened bread during the Kiddish.

15.) This beautiful truth separates the Kiddish of the 13th from the Passover.

16.) The Passover shows you to be unleavened vs the 13th Kiddish whereby you were still leavened, because the Passover is only once a year, while the Kiddish is 13 times a year, and sometimes 14 times a year if there is an extra moon/month.

RE-Discovered TRUTH:

You do the Footwashing as Yah did, "AFTER" you partake of the Bread and Wine

17.) You do the Footwashing "AFTER" you take the 13th day Kiddish bread and wine. You do the Footwashing "after" you take the bread and wine "NOT" before, because Yah commanded you/set the example/showed you to do the Footwashing "AFTER" you take the wine, the way that "HE" did it. John 13:2 and Supper being "ENDED", John 13:5 "then" Yah washed the Disciples feet.

The seder is not something we should follow to honor Yeshua

We should "NOT" follow/use the Jewish Seder

Because the Jewish Seder is SATANIC.

18.) It has a SATANIC EGG in it, that you partake of, during the Jewish Seder. The primeval egg and out of the egg came the light of the sun. ...

19.) It plays with the body of Yah, having children taking the torn up, whipped down to bone with all the flesh torn off Yah so that He can see His bones, and making a "SATANIC" HIDE AND GO SEEK GAME, out of Yah's body.

*** Children "play" with the body, and you laugh and joke and play with the children playing with Yah's body, then you take Yah's body into your mouth, after you and the children play hide and seek with Yah's body. It is a SATANIC ABOMINATION, to put the body of Yah into your mouth, after playing with Yah's body with the children using it as a toy!

20.) The Jews' Seder "ADDS" words to the Bible's instruction of Exodus 12:8.

It must be only be eaten with bitter herbs and unleavened bread = not with anything else.

21.) The Passover that the Jews have does "NOT" even acknowledge Yah/Christ. It is all about the Father and NOT about Yah/Christ.

22.) That causes all the Jews "and" Christians who take the Passover the Jewish way to take the Passover in an "unworthy" MANNER:
They eat and drink damnation (Kerma-temporary sickness and Death) upon themselves, 1 Corinthians 11:29, because they are "NOT" focusing on Yeshua, and in fact they do not believe in Yeshua.

23.) One could be continually sick with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, rapid heart rate, having to go repeatedly to the Doctors all year long, "BECAUSE" they are following the Jewish Seder which does not recognize Yeshua = you are taking the Passover in an "unworthy" "MANNER". 1 Corinthians 11:29.

24.) *** The Passover is NOT NOT "NOT" a Kiddish format.

25.) The Passover is a rough and painful format standing up, with one eye out the window all night the Boker before Daybreak looking for enemies Egyptians/sin and with Bitter Herbs according to the Bible. Just 4 elements = Lamb, Bread, Bitter Herbs (Horseradish) and Wine for the Passover, and nothing else, BECAUSE those are the "ONLY" elements the Bible states to take.

26.) The wine/Yah's blood washes away the bitter sin (horseradish).

27.) You must "not" confuse the New Moon day Kiddishes that can be eaten leisurely, along with the 13th day Kiddish (the Last "Supper") which can be eaten "leisurely",

with the Passover that MUST be eaten in HASTE,

the Bible/Torah "COMMANDS" IT


so that you can inculcate it into your mind

to FLEE Egypt/Sin in "Haste".


28.) Exodus 11:11 11 This is how you are to eat it: with your cloak tucked into your belt, your sandals on your feet and your staff in your hand. Eat it in haste; it is the Lordís Passover.

We had my car keys in our pockets, traveling clothes on, and members had their running shoes on, and we ate it in "Haste".

We must flee Egypt/Sin in "Haste".

29.) Do "NOT" disobey Exodus 11:11.

30.) "But" on the 13th we had a lovely "leisurely" meal/Kiddish, just at the "SAME" time that Yeshua did.

31.) We will do a "Biblical outline of how to do the Passover "Biblically" ACCORDING TO THE TORAH, before the next Passover for next year, because we did not want to upset everyone 2 days before Passover, so that people would have 1 year to adjust.

32.) Re Tennessee: Yah's bonus following Yah now is that Tennessee is safe, because all of the West Coast of the USA and Omak, and Spokane, have RADIATION levels the same as Japan.

33.) *** That is why they have shut off all the Radiation detectors on the West Coast.

34.) They have also raised the Radiation minimum exposure level to cover up the disaster effecting the West Coast especially even Spokane Washington.

an update to the 1992 manual is being planned, and if the "Dr. Strangelove" wing of the EPA has its way, here is what it means (brace yourself for these ludicrous increases):

A nearly 1000-fold increase for exposure to strontium-90;

A 3000 to 100,000-fold hike for exposure to iodine-131; and

An almost 25,000 rise for exposure to radioactive nickel-63.

35.) The new Lax/useless radiation guidelines would also allow long-term cleanup thresholds thousands of times more lax than anything EPA has ever judged safe in the past.

36.) ***Our Tennessee Feast Site is the hills where there is spring water "ON" our hill. Where we are is = far enough East in the USA to not be radiated like the West coast is, and yet far enough West from the Atlantic, to be safe from the East coast contaminated ocean. Being 3/4 of the way across the USA is the "perfect" spot to be.

37.) *** The Place of Safety could be Tennessee in the back Hills where we TO COG Headquarters is now.

38.) Even the Police do not like to come where we are. Therefore there is safety from the authorities of the Beast Power.

39.) In the 1980s the police were afraid to go into the back Hills of Tennessee (where we are now), because they were being shot at, and their police cars were all shot up in the area we are in. Lights and tires and windshields shot out. The people here do NOT NOT "NOT" like the government, and especially do NOT NOT "NOT" co-operate with the Police, though they have stopped shooting up the Police's cars. But they used to shoot up the police cars, when the police came into our area.

We would have our own natural army of local defenders.

40.) Plus there is a river at the end of our street that is 50' wide and 6' deep, whereby Satan can pour out a flood against the Woman/Church, that Yah could swallow up, to fulfill prophecy. Revelations 12:16 But the earth swallowed up the flood that the Dragon/Satan had spewed out of his mouth after the woman/Church = potential to fulfill prophecy via the river at the end of Place of Safety.


c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell