Come into the safety and protection of  TO COG The "Obedient" Church of God.
Video Sermon given by Lawrence A. Nowell
December 22, 2012
8th Day of God's Tenth Month, 5993
The Obedient Church of God

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Come into the safety and protection of 
The "Obedient" Church of God
Subject: Sermon Dec 22-12
Highlight of December 22 2012 Sermon:
Dec 22, 2012
 Sermon by Lawrence A. Nowell
Sermon Highlights:

Highlights of December 22 2012 Sermon:

December 22th 2012 Service


Dynamite Sermon Highlight:

Sermon Highlights:
Your ministers are victims of seducing Spirits.
Come into the safety and protection of TO COG The"Obedient" Church of God.
This is "PROVEN" by the "FACT" that they move God's 7th Day Sabbath to the 6th Day Friday in half of the World.
This is a "FACT" and cannot be denied by them or you.
They refuse to ignore the phony 1883 International Date Line. They refuse to put God's Sabbath back to Saturday, where it was in 1880.
They are seduced by the Devil.
You ministers are seduced by the Devil, and that is proven by the "FACTS".
Because just like the POOP, "you" move God's Holy Sabbath Day.
God's Sabbath Day is a "TEST" Commandment for God to put "HIS" Mark on you. Ezekiel 20:20.
And your lying ministers will not allow God to put His mark on you.
So into the Tribulation you all go to have your heads cut off;
your lying minister refused to allow God to put "His" 7th Day Sabbath Mark on you.
Hallow My Sabbaths, that they may be a sign between me and you... Ezekiel 20:20.
Your lying minister prevented you from receiving
God's Godly Sabbath Day Mark of Protection on you,
because you tithe to organizations and belong to organizations that OPPOSE GOD'S Seventh Day Sabbath in half of the World. That is a fact, proven by the facts, and cannot be reputed by your sinisters' empty lying words.

YOU "ARE" the 5 virgins who will be thrown out of the Kingdom.

Repent and come into the safety and protection of TO COG (The Obedient Church of God) so that you are not thrown into the Lake of Fire for breaking God's Sabbath in half the world = you ARE the 5 Virgins who will be locked out into outer darkness because the Lord does NOT know you, as you anticipate his arrival because you do not have the oil of Obedience. You unprofitable servant. Matthew 25:30.
The moment of truth is NOW, you don't have the oil of Obedience to light your way, and the Master states "I do not know you". Matthew 25:12.
You see, you are a servant of God alright, BUT you are an unprofitable servant of God, because you refuse to follow your Master's command of Genesis 1:14 that Lights will mark Days, not phony International Date Lines, that move God's Sabbath 1 day "early" to Friday. Just like the POOP moves God's Sabbath 1 day "late" to Sunday. God doesn't know the POOP and God doesn't know you, because you are disobedient just like the POOP. Both of you change/move God's Sabbath day.
If you say you don't, then you are "also" a LIAR, and all LIARS will have their place in the Lake of Fire. Revelations 22:15.
December 21st explained.
It is "now" the New Age of the Serpent.
That is what happened December 21st = A door was opened for the Serpent.
Just like the Serpent deceived Eve, "NOW" the Serpent will deceive the whole world with the false Christ.
Light forming Apparitions/Spirits are "already" being seen above buildings. 

Sacrifice of 20 "elementary" school young, "young" children slain/sacrificed just as children have always been sacrificed at this time of year.

Another psy-ops man in a mask, not a deranged man. The deranged man/patsy was in the car, just like the Theatre "masked" attack.

The people running this world are "more" evil than you think or know.
They got the children to cast a spell on you using "lesser magic", to enforce/predict/shove in your face 9-11 as it occured.
The people running the Government are Masonic and totally Satanic.
On 9-11 the children were given a "chant"/spell to cast as they read from "My Pet Goat" (Goat=Azazael/Satan).
Plane Must Hit Steel, Plane Must. This is evil lesser magic.
(A kite in military venacular is a "radio controlled" plane).
You are dealing with evil deceptive lying Presidents, and you are dealing with satanically deceived ministers in the COGs.
Realize how evil your minister is:
For him to approve of moving God's Sabbath Day to Friday in half the world.
Things are worse than you think.
Therefore you must Come into the safety and protection of TO COG The"Obedient" Church of God, whom Father has given the ability to understand all things. Understanding specifically that your Sinisters are keeping you out of the Kingdom, by telling you to be "Dis"Obedient and support them as they approve of moving God's Sabbath Day to Friday in half the world, so that Father cannot put "His" mark on you.
 Come into the safety and protection of TO COG
The Obedient Church of God