Video Sermon given by Lawrence A. Nowell
December 25, 2010
Tevet 18, 5970
The Obedient Church of God

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1.) The Witches High Sabbath is December 25.
2.) There are 7 Days in a week, and the Yah's/God's weekly Sabbath is "ALWAYS" on the 7th Day.
3.) The Rabbis cannot jump Yah's/God's 7th Day on planet earth to the 6th Day. Period!
4.) The 7th Day has never been done away with.
5.) "You" still count 7 days, (not 6 days).
6.) 1st John 2:3 By this we know that we love Him, if we keep His commandments.  1st John 5:2
We TO COG are
the only ones in the whole World,
who are keeping Yah's/God's 7th Day Sabbath properly "Worldwide".
7.) All of the Jews are "NOT" following Yah's/God's proper Date Line at the Euphrates. All the Jews West of the USA to up to the Euphrates are celebrating Yah's/God's Holy Sabbath on the 6th day, and working on Yah's/God's Holy 7th Day. They all are a day early! The Rabbis "cannot" make a Golden Calf, nor a Golden Turkey, nor move Yah's/God's Date Line.
TO COG is the "only" Congregation in the World that is keeping the correct Ways, Days and Yah's/God's Date Line.
Churches should be telling the Restaurant workers "NOT" to work on Yah's Sabbath Day,
instead Churches are paying Restaurant workers to work on Yah's Sabbath Day!
What a "willful" abomination of Yah's Sabbath.
Something MUCH BIGGER "IS" going on with The Obedient Church of God.
TO COG does not add 1 jot to Yah's Bible.
It is in the By-laws of TO COG
and can never be changed.
8.) Xmas/Christmas is one of the 8 High Sabbatts of Witchcraft, known as Yule.
9.) Xmas is the great Pagan Feast of Saturnalia, practiced by the pagan Romans, and Druids, on the shortest days of the year. Lord Samhein the gOD of the Dead dies on Halloween, and is re-born to life in December as soon as the days start lengthening.
10.) The USA is now "Officially" Sodom and Gomorrah, declaring that:
       Sodomy and Lesbianism is "approved" of by Congress.
11.) The Red Eclipse of the Moon on December 21, signified the USA is now Sodom, and "marks" the seriousness of rejecting God's law against unnatural lust. That is no way round it that it is unnatural. It is now just as in the days of Noah, before the flood, and the days of Lot before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The USA is now supporting the Sodomites.
The USA is now at "RISK" of the WRATH OF GOD Romans 1:18 and :27-32.
That is what the Red Moon meant.
12.) The collapse of Governments is "deliberate"; to create a NWO (New World Order); to dominate every political system in each Country.
13.) The PIIGS are being deliberately collapsed:
14.) There is NO solution until Yah comes back.
15.) There will be little good blips in the road for the World with improvement, just like in Hitler's days, when Hitler was coming into power, but the end will be disaster.
16.) On the Military front, it is "not" a War against Terror. It is a War "OF" Terror, where our freedoms are being taken away from us.
17.) The truth about Afghanistan/Pakistan is that:
Afghanistan/Pakistan breaks bread with the United States in the daytime,
sleeps with the Taliban at night.
18.) Harmid Karzi, the President of Afghanistan, is nicknamed "Mr. 10%:" because he steals everything that comes into the country from the Foreign Aid.
19.) You cannot have a "WAR" against Terror, because Terrorists are an elusive foe, that cannot be stopped. Just like the French Resistance against the Germans could "not" be stopped.
20.) What you end up instead of a War on Terror, is a War on Freedom inside the USA.
21.) Since September 11, 2001 we have been in the "Birthpangs" of the beginning of the end of the USA.
22.) The Mystery of Iniquity is at work and is the Beast Power that is setting itself up.
23.) 911 was an inside job. Google a search on the Internet, and prove it to yourself, that the towers were blown up using Thermite.
24.) "Never" does a building collapse in on its own footprint, unless it is blown up via a controlled Demolition.
25.) "Never" does concrete turn into dust/powder that poisoned the rescue workers, unless the concrete is blown up.
26.) Molten metal was seen running down the side of the towers, but kerosene (jet fuel) "cannot" cut steel beams.
27.) Ever since Kennedy's assassination, we have lost control of the Government.
28.) We are in the Birth Pangs "because" more than 1/4 Million people (260,000) were killed by natural disasters in 2010.
The Year of Blizzards, flash rain downpours,  Heat Waves, Floods, Droughts, Earthquakes, Super Typhoons, Volcanoes, Landslides. The MOST/deadliest year in more than a generation of 40 years.
This is the year the Earth struck back. More people have been killed in natural disasters in 2010, than in terrorist attacks in the last 40 years. The Disasters came in waves. The term "100 year event" doesn't mean anything anymore.
It was a deadly, deadly year, and these are the Birth Pangs.
29.) Global Pollution "does" exist. Global Pollution is at the equivalent of 7 Volcanoes going off each day!
30.) 2010 was the worst year ever for "un"Natural Natural disasters.
31.) We are telling you about the SETTING UP OF THE "Kings of the East" that are "NOW" forming against the USA. Russia, China, and India the observer, have a pact "Shanghai Cooperative Organization" to work together.
32.) USA only has a 300 thousand man army. How can the USA fight 200 Million Man army. The odds against the USA are = 666 to 1.
33.) 70% of food in USA stores are GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms).
34.) Changing just 1 gene in a plant/your food, changes a whole plethora of aspects of that plant. Changing just 1 gene alters/change 43 other genes, and destroys the food. They are not telling you this.
The process of genetic engineering creates MASSIVE collateral damage inside the DNA of the plants. Hundreds of thousands of combinations of Mutations can be formed. Hundreds of thousands of genes in the plant can be changed in their levels of expression!
That creates allergens, that creates toxins, that creates new diseases!
35.) We cannot dislodge the food corporations hold on the USA. President Kennedy tried to go against the established elites, and get out of Vietnam, and get back to the gold standard, and he was assassinated.
There is no hope until Yeshua returns.
36.) Again: It is not a war on Terror, it is a war "OF" Terror on the USA citizens.
37.) The other nations literally "hate" the USA because the USA is bombing them with drones. 250 innocent women and children have been killed in Pakistan.
38.) We carpet bombed and destroyed Vietnam, and we destroyed and killed 1.5 million people in Iraq.  
39.) The USA is a WAR Economy.
40.) The IMF (International Monetary Fund) headed by the USA interests is destroying the World.
41.) The Eagle is a bird that steals the fish/food of other birds. 
42.) Jerusalem is being "set up" for the next war.
43.) The Masons are going to rebuild the Temple, and not the Israeli government. The Masons have been planning to rebuild the Temple since 1886.
44.) There is no way out of this mess. It is a War "OF" Terror to keep us all dumbed up, and silent. It is now the "Thought Police who can arrest you without charges on just suspicion, and hold you indefinitely,
without a Trial, just on the thought of suspicious activity of "speaking" out against evil. No lawyer, no trial, just held in captivity.
45.) It is not a war in Iraq, it is an Occupation of Iraq. It is not a war in Afghanistan, it is an Occupation of Afghanistan.
46.) List of 25 Ministers who have just quit the UCG (United Church of God).
47.) In the Obedient Church of God we cannot disagree, because our Constitution and Bylaws only allow us to have the exact words of the Bible.
48.) Sparkler: All the different workers in the USA are in little blocks of ice with freezes of everything in the USA.
49.) Barack Obama is good mixed with evil:
Washington allocated $250 Million Dollars to the Israelis "Iron Dome" missile defense system.
Washington also allocated $200 Million Dollars to the Israelis for the "Arrow & David's Sling" Missile system.
50.) It's all a "Corpratocracy" Global Corporations backed up/enforced by the Government.
51.) The Global Corporations float like clouds over the Nations, telling the leaders of Countries, what to do. Corporations control the Countries, the Politicians, and what you think, because the Corporations control the Newspapers, and TV Networks.
52.) The Corporations have been kicked out of South America, except for Columbia, and Brazil.
53.) The richest 2% had their income go up 17% this year, while the working people had their income go down.
54.) GM's CEO is getting 15.7 million dollars a year, just for himself, for just "1" year.
55.) What the CEO makes in 1 month is "MORE" than you will make in a lifetime.
56.) And we the poor people had to give a bailout to GM.
57.) The exact same GM car is built 3 different ways, to burn as much gas as possible.
58.) GMAC makes more money on car loans, that making cars.
59.) There will be the North American Union, the European Union, the Russian China Union the African Union etc..
60.) You will get a blessing if you know these above things, to be alert to know what is going on both spiritually and physically.
Luke 12:37.
61.) 1st Watch is 6 P.M.. 2nd Watch is 9 P.M.. 3rd Watch is Midnight. 4th Watch is 3 A.M..
62.) How can North Korea respond with a "HOLY WAR" when they are an Atheist Nation. You can't have "Holy" Atheists.
63.) The Pyrenees Mountains are the latest "new" alleged Place of Safety in the Cathar Castles of the 13th Century. Nostradamus and Jules Vern of "Journey to the Center of the Earth" lived in that area. The end of the world is "NOT" happening in 2012.
64.) Barack Obama is good mixed with evil:
Washington allocated $250 Million Dollars to the Israelis "Iron Dome" missile defense system.
Washington also allocated $200 Million Dollars to the Israelis for the "Arrow & David's Sling" Missile system.
65.) Israel also has a "Laser System" to try to knock down the little Katusha rockets fired from 5 miles away.
66.) $60 Billion Dollars for Saudi Arabia in Arms.
67.) Scientists have now cloned 100 "mice that can sing" like a bird. 100 "Singing" Mice! This could not be good, can you imagine how much noise singing mice could make "all night long" in your house <grin> [:>) .
68.) The Christmas Tree is Satanic: XMas tree of Jeremiah 2:10.
69.) The Christmas tree is a "type of Altar" where offerings/gifts are placed.
70.) The Christmas tree is directly from Paganism.
71.) Asherim/Trees being used as an Altar, where you place your gifts to the gODS.
72.) The altar was also often a tree stump with the top snapped off, where the victim was impaled and sacrificed on the jagged top.
73.) Why are people in Churches singing to a "Tree": Oh Tannenbaum, how beautiful are your branches!
74.) December 25 is the "re-birth" of the Babylonian gOD.
75.) Yule is the exact name of the Witches' High Sabbath.
76.) Christmas. MASS means "Death Sacrifice".
77.) Mass is the offering of a worth victim to God. The destruction of the victim. Latin word is Hostia, from which the word "Host" is derived = body = the death sacrifice of the victim.
78.) Worse than that: Some people are saying: HO, HO, HO, Merry Christmas, Merry Death.
79.) Mocking Christ's Death, by saying HO, HO, HO, Merry Death. Merry Christ "Mass".
80.) The pain bleeding and suffering and Christ's death, HO HO HO Merry Christ"Mass".
81.) Ha, Ha, Ha, Christ is Dead. HO, HO, HO.
82.) Merry Death of Christ. Realize how "EVIL" saying Merry Christmas is.
83.) Reindeer: Why do you have Reindeer with Antlers pulling Satan's sleigh? Because the Wiccans have the Horned gOD, being resurrected on December 22.
84.) Why not have beautiful white Horses pulling the sleigh? Answer: Because you have the "Horned" Hunter gOD who is the newborn solstice sun.
85.) These XMas celebrations are done by Witches. That has always been done 2,000 years before Yah/Christ was even born. December 25 celebrations were done by Witches, that is the origin.
86.) Who started this mess of Christmas. Answer: Pope Julius the first in the 4th Century, amalgamating the Pagan Celebration into the Catholic Church.
87.) Trees were brought inside the house, so that the "Wood gODS" could keep warm in the Winter.
88.) Why do you have "bells" on the Reindeer? Answer: Because bells ring when the Demon is present.
89.) Reindeer represent the Horned gODS, and the ringing bells on the reindeer represent the presence of Demons.
90.) The star on the top of the tree is the 5 pointed Pentagram.
91.) The reindeer is the stag/the Horned gOD.
92.) The Yule log had the figure of the Sun cut in it, with the Horned gOD also cut into the Yule log. As the log burned they visualized the sun shining in the Yule logs.
93.) They kept a piece of the Yule log throughout the year to protect the home from the Demons.
94.) Today we have "pastry" decorations of Yule logs, in all the stores.
95.) The Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that sucks the nutrients out of the tree.
96.) Mistletoe is also considered "MAGICAL", and is used in "Magic Potions" by Witches.
97.) Mistletoe was used to ward off evil spirits.
98.) There is nothing good about Mistletoe or the other accouterments of Christmas.
99.) You kiss under Mistletoe to: "Cast a spell on your lover".
100.) The gOD Balder was killed by Mistletoe cutting Balder to pieces.
101.) Magic is what "Mistletoe" really represents.
102.) All of these Xmas things are "OCCULT".
103.) We have people participating in these "OCCULT" things today, just as the Witches "always" have. 
104.) "SANTA" is an anagram for "SATAN". Just move the T and N.
105.) All of Christmas/Xmas/This whole celebration is "SATANIC".
106.) You are teaching your children total "OCCULT" SATANIC Practices of the Druids and Witches.
107.) Don't dare say: "Merry Christmas", because there was nothing "Merry" about Yeshua's/Christ's death.
The only thing we can say is: "God's Kingdom come to save us". Maranatha.
If only we had the "air time" on DayStar to get the Word/Truth out.
But they would then kick us out, so we will need our own Satellite network.
Pray that Father/El Shaddai provides the funds;
(God Willing). 
c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell