Come into the safety and protection of  TO COG The "Obedient" Church of God.
Video Sermon given by Lawrence A. Nowell
December 29, 2012
15th Day of God's Tenth Month, 5993
The Obedient Church of God

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Come into the safety and protection of 
The "Obedient" Church of God
Subject: Sermon Dec 29-12
Highlight of December 29 2012 Sermon:
Dec 29, 2012
 Sermon by Lawrence A. Nowell
Sermon Highlights:

Highlights of December 29 2012 Sermon:

December 29th 2012 Service


Dynamite Sermon Highlight:

Come into the safety and protection of TO COG The"Obedient" Church of God.
Video Sermon given by
Lawrence A. Nowell
December 29, 2012
The Obedient Church of God

Sermon Highlights:

Come into the safety and protection of TO COG The"Obedient" Church of God.
Video Sermon given by
Lawrence A. Nowell
Dec 29, 2012

The Obedient Church of God

Highlights of December 29, 2012 Sermon:
Dec 29, 2012
Sermon Highlights
Dec 29, 2012
Sermon Highlights:
Highlights of Sermon

Highlights of December 29, 2012 Sermon:
1.) All of you lying ministers who say you are Philadelphians, but refuse to have God's weekly Sabbath on the 7th Day in half the World need to be re-baptized, so that you can obey God.
2.) You "members" of these lying ministers will be marked along with the lying ministers.
You and your ministers WILL BE MARKED, before God, by TO COG (The Obedient Church of God).
3.) We are not playing around any more.
We are going to start MARKING ministers and their members, as God's Bible commands us to.
4.) We follow God's Bible and God's Bible COMMANDS US TO MARK those who walk contrary to God's Bible Romans 16:17.
Mark those who have rejected Bible truth. Mark those who are in direct conflict with the Bible's 7th Day Sabbath in 1/2 the World:
You are commanded to mark them, and "them" means mark the ministers and the minister's members.
We are going to Mark them before God, as the Bible commands us to do.
5.) We are not going to be an enabler of your disobedience.
You "WILL" BE brought to God's attention at His throne as being disobedient unrepentant ministers and members.
You members will be MARKED for supporting disobedient ministers.
You members are the problem.
Just like George Bush could not have invaded Iraq all by himself, but needed the military soldiers/members to back him,
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for backing these "DIS"obedient ministers/sinisters.
"YOU" are backing "DIS"obedient ministers, who are preaching against God's 7th Day in 1/2 the World, by their knowingly using the phony 1883 International Date Line, which is causing 1/2 the World to work on God's Sabbath day.
This is a FACT, whether you say so or not, and we are going to take this matter to God's throne, for God to deal with you. Just like the foolish people (men and women) who went to war to fight in Iraq. George Bush could not have invaded Iraq all by himself, and these "DIS"obedient ministers cannot exist all by themselves.
6.) YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for supporting these "DIS"obedient ministers/sinisters with your tithes.
God's Bible commands us to MARK "YOU" members who walk disorderly, by your tithing to ministers who move God's Sabbath Day to Friday in 1/2 the World.
7.) You, YOU, "YOU" are the problem, just like Bush could not invade Iraq all by himself, but needed supporters.
"YOU" are not going to get away with your EVIL support of "DIS"obedient ministers.

We will not be silent, and allow you to claim to be members of God's family, while you willfully support ministers who BREAK God's 7th Day Sabbath in 1/2 the World.
You must STOP supporting ministers who break God's Law!
8.) God's MARK on your hand and between your eyes=your Forehead. Deuteronomy 6:8.
A sign that the Lord's Law may be in your mouth. Exodus 13:7.
Sabbath Sign on you. Ezekiel 20:20.
God's "Sabbath Sign" is NOT on your "DIS"obedient ministers.
"Dis"obedient Sabbath breaking ministers.
God's sign is not on them,
God's Sign is "NOT" on "YOU"
you support/tithe to the Sabbath Breaking ministers.

9.) The Talmud explained, and some of its lying passages referenced, that state that when God's Bible disagrees with the Talmud, that the Talmud is correct and God's Bible is wrong!
10.) Sparkler given by Ozelia Welling how you and must be a Witness like Joseph was to all of Egypt.
11.) 450 million rounds of hollow point 40 caliber ammo, have been purchased by "Homeland Security" to kill you.
In war they do not use hollow point because they want 4 men to carry out 1 wounded man, thereby taking 5 men out of action.
But "Homeland Security" wants to kill you outright, by using hollow point ammunition to kill you immediately, so that you do not have due process of Habeas Corpus.
12.) The "Fiscal Cliff" is just a distraction and a subterfuge for the Bankster conglomerate of the Federal Reserve saturating the money supply and causing the real collapse.
13.) The 1929-1933 crash was "DELIBERATELY" caused by increasing the money supply, and then contracting it. Proof that the 1929 crash was "NOT" an accident, but was "DELIBERATELY" caused so that the Banksters could buy up all the companies for pennies on the Dollar.
14.) These "boom and bust" cycles have "always" been caused by the Banksters, for their own profit.
15.) "NO" celebrating Catholic Saint Sylvester's Eve the night of December 31.
You don't know what you're doing. You don't know what you are celebrating!
You're marching in Hitler's/the Devils parade of days and you don't know it!
16.) "NO" celebrating the Feast of the PAGAN gOD Janus, on the morning of January 1 at 12:00 A.M.
17.) God's year starts in March when all the flowers and plants and new lambs/animals are born. "NOT" in the dead of winter!

Sermon Highlights
Subject: Sermon Dec 29-12

Dec 29, 2012 - 


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The Obedient Church of God
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