Video Sermon given by Lawrence A. Nowell
January 1, 2011
Tevet 25, 5970
The Obedient Church of God

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1.) 2011: This marks a "new" cycle starting in Spring of 2011= a "new" cycle of 7 years.
2.) 2010 "was" the "year of RELEASE".
3.) The next cycle of 7 years, start in the Spring of 2011.
4.) That means that 2009 was a 3rd Tithe year.
5.) Again: 2010 was the year of "Release".
6.) 2011 "starts" God's count again.
7.) Therefore the "next" 3rd Tithe Year will be spring of 2014.
8.) The next year of Release is 2018.
9.) Father has given us the "knowledge" of "how" Yah sets the Bible years.
10.) By following the "truth", TO COG receives more knowledge.
11.) The Yovel - 50 Year cycle will end in 2018.
12.) The last Yovel (Pentecost 49 + 1=50) started in 1968.
13.) Therefore 2011 will start the last 7 years of the of the Yovel/Pentecost cycle.
14.) We "ARE" the "only" Church of God that even knows/acknowledges Yah's cycle of Yovel Years. Our gratitude to Mr. Darren Clarke for pointing this out to us.
15.) Back to the 7 year cycle:
All the offshoot COG's are starting their 3rd Tithe year on the date of their Baptism, which is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.
16.) We have to go by Father's years.
17.) TO COG receives even "more" knowledge as TO COG demonstrates its willingness to "accept" re-discovered truth. Being Teachable/workable with Yah.
18.) Associates contribute knowledge, and we acknowledge our associates, and it "will" be a WONDERFUL YEAR in 2011, as we "FOLLOW" YAH with this re-discovered Bible Knowledge.
19.) For TO COG 2011 will be a "WONDERFUL" YEAR, but for the World's and other churches it will be "hell" on earth.
20.) TO COG "IS" the Romans 9:28 short work of Yah.
21.) Zechariah 4:10 Who has despised the day of small things.
22.) TO COG "IS" being blessed in everything that it puts its hand to.
23.) We have a Feast Site on the "TALLEST" Hill in the whole Area.
24.) It is so steep and high, you can only get up by foot and "not" by any vehicle, to commune with Yah.
25.) This area has "NEVER" been walked in 6,000 years. It is PURE.
26.) We are at the foot of the Smoky Mountains.
27.) We are only 20 minutes away from Hollywood.
28.) We have all our needs supplied for Yah's Feast.
29.) $49 a night to $250 a night in Luxury Cabins.
30.) We paid cash for the Feast Site.
31.) Yah/God gave us the blessing of a "FANTASTIC" FEAST SITE. With a view "over" all the Mountains, because we are so high on Yah's Holy Hill.
32.) For 40 years this property has been abandoned, just waiting for us.
33.) You can camp all the way up Yah's Holy Hill.
34.) Yesterday before Jan 1, the temperature was 62 degrees F.
35.) There is a stream/river that runs just past our Feast Site, with Trout in it.
36.) We "ARE" being blessed by Father, because we have been tested and obedient.
37.) We "NEVER" go to Restaurants on Yah's Sabbath Day. We "NEVER" break Yah's Law "sometimes" as others do. So we are being Blessed.
38.) We never have Yah's Sabbath Day on the 6th day in Australia, because we made a VOW to obey Yah to remember His 7th Day to keep it Holy. Period. No discussion.
39.) If the Rabbis say you will have Yah's Sabbath Day on the 6th Day in Australia, you laugh at the Rabbis.
40.) You don't follow the International Date Line, because that would mean that Yah/Christ would arrive 1 day early in Australia, before Yah arrived in Jerusalem.
Give your head a shake.
41.) It's absurd that you would try to say that you will go by an International Date Line, because then Yah would arrive a day early! Wake up you sleepers.
42.) "YOU" cannot put in Date Lines wherever you want them, anymore than you can put in the sighting of Yah's Crescent moon from anywhere "other than Jerusalem". Wake up.
43.) Our beliefs are BIGGER than ANY of the other offshoots of the WCG.
44.) You cannot have a Golden Turkey, and you cannot have a Golden Calf to worship/give thanks to God at a dinner with. Period!
45.) You cannot pardon the Golden Calf by the President of the USA pardoning the "CENTERPIECE" TURKEY of this total Pagan Satanic Feast of Gluttony.
46.) Oh if they only had obeyed Deut 12:32, their God would have surely saved them.
47.) You "CANNOT" add any days to the 7 day Feast of Tabernacles.
48.) You "Cannot" add an extra day to the Torah, "because" you are a Spiritual Jew.
49.) You "cannot" add an EXTRA Day to Deuteronomy 12:32.
50.) God's Harvest Feast "IS" 7 days long, "not" 8 days long with a Turkey Day. You shall not add to it, nor should you have a 6 day Feast of Tabernacles.
51.) We are a 1st Century Church, and do "NOT" follow any doctrine that was added in 1721 Jamestown.
52.) The setting up of the Obedient Church of God, is bigger than anyone can imagine.
53.) Don't "TIP" workers to work in Restaurants on Yah's Holy Sabbath days. And you shall not even go into a Restaurant, to sell your soul for a bowl of soup.
53.) There are 2 groups of 144,000.
54.) 1 group of 144,00 goes into the Tribulation.
55.) Only 24 people per year of the other group of 144,000 are included. Just do the Math: 6000 years divided by 144,000= just 24 people a year are in the Place of Safety in 2011.
56.) No one/not even I the President, can put anything into TO COG Bylaws/Worship that are not in the 1st Century COG.
57.) The golden turkey day Celebration is "not" in the Bible. The turkey comes from "mans'" mind, the same way as the Golden Calf came from mans' mind.
58.) God does "not" have a Golden Turkey, anymore than He has a Golden Calf!
59.) The effect of having a Golden Turkey added to the Harvest Feast of Ingathering/Tabernacles is so subtle:
Touch the ARK and you will be struck DEAD!
Touch the Turkey/With Turkey Day the penalty comes much later.
60.) The Cosmic Goose/Turkey has symbolized Osiris/Ra for 4,000 years.
61.) It is the work of your hands to have a Golden Calf and it is the work of your hands to have a Golden Turkey day added to God's Feast of Ingathering/Tabernacles.
62.) Here is the "subtlety": You are using something "YOU" CREATED to worship Yah/give thanksgiving to Yah, the same as the Golden Calf.
63.) You are "not" a God to create days of Worship.
64.) Our life as "Christians" in Christ is supposed to be a Holy Living Tabernacle.
65.) Our Foundation is "NOT" built on man's ideas of golden turkey days/golden calf days.
66.) Imagine if you had a golden turkey day in the 1st Century after the Harvest Feast of Tabernacles. They would have stoned you on the spot!!!
67.) Let's have a turkey day "in addition to" God's Harvest Festival. They would have stoned you BD.
68.) What does Hebrews 5:12 state:
You ought to be Teachers, to teach Deut 12:32: You shall "NOT" add to the Feast of Tabernacles.
69.) I am putting it into "milk" form for you.
70.) You are to build your foundation on "every" word of God. There is no turkey in the word of God.
71.) Drink the milk of Yah's word, and repent of Dead works of "turkey days".
New Topic:
72.) What did the Magi "see"? Listen to this Video at 55 minutes, and find out what the Magi "really" saw! 4 Theories are explained.
73.) 12 Magi with 100 bearers and servants, but only 3 gifts.
74.) Conjunction theories "explained", and why Herod could not understand.
75.) The conjunction of the King Planet Jupiter, and the King Star Regulus in Leo the Lion, showed that: A "KING" was to be born.
76.) Yah/Jesus was "VERY" rich after receiving all the Gold.
77.) Gold for Wealth of a King.
Frankincense to healing of the Nations.
Myrrh for the embalming of Yah's body= 3 gifts.
78.) The lost years of Yah explained.
79.) The Star of Bethlehem, and the town of Bethlehem explained.
80.) Yah in typology was born in the "Springtime" with the rest of the meek Lambs. All sheep were taken off the fields from November to February= no Christmas.
81.) Bethlehem entomology means: House of Bread and House of Meat. Also the House of War.
82.) New Years explained as 4,000 years of a "TOTALLY PAGAN" Celebration for 4,000 years .
83.) Meat of: Retrograde Motion explained where a Planet "appears" to stop and drift backward to the West for several weeks.
84.) Jupiter the "KING" of Planets and Regulus in Leo the "KING" of Stars in conjunction.
That "NAILS" it, as to "what" the Star of Bethlehem was.
"ONLY" TO COG has such information.
The 7 years does "NOT" start until the Daily Morning and Evening Sacrifice starts.
A.) Who wants to put people to work in Restaurants on Yah's Sabbath day?
B.) Who wants to have a turkey day in opposition to Deut 12:32?
C.) Re Date Line: Who wants to have Yah arrive 1 day early in Australia, before Yah arrives in Jerusalem?
Who wants to "BUY" on Yah's Sabbath Day-give your head a shake!
86.) World News, weather disturbances, THUNDER Snow/why?
Congress approves of SODOMITES.
87.) 1 IN 5 PEOPLE is looking for work= 20% UNEMPLOYMENT.
88.) US Government blew up the Twin Towers and building 7.
89.) There is "also" Economic Terrorism. Stealing your house from you.
90.) Millions of FAMILIES ARE HOMELESS. Economic Terrorism.
91.) The Federal never ever had any money. The Federal Reserve never had any reserves. The Federal Reserve is not Federal.
92.) You can open a Federal Reserve and print paper money, and just call yourself "Jones" Federal Reserve.
93.) The only way the Federal Reserve and their Bankers can have assets/money, is if they steal your house and property.
94.) NOW they have your house and property, where before the Federal Reserve just had worthless paper that they printed.
95.) Google Debt Based System and realize that the Bankers "have to" STEAL YOU HOUSE, because the Bankers only have worthless paper money.
96.) They give you a worthless piece of paper called a Mortgage, based on "worthless" pieces of paper that they call money, and in order for them "NOT" to have worthless pieces of paper:
The BankSTERS do "not" have "any" assets, but
"if" they can steal your house:
NOW, NOW, NOW they have got something of value instead of their own worthless paper!
That is "WHY" the homeowners do "not" get a bailout- so that the BankSTERS can "steal" your property.
NOW they have got something:
They have got your house and property, instead of the BankSTERS worthless paper.
Yeshua will SMASH this evil system.
98.) Sovereign debt crisis will hit 70%.
99.) 200 million man Army will kill Jacob's Army of 300,00 = 666 Dragon Emperor Chin Family/China Dragon family against Jacob.
100.) Pray that TO COG gets the funds to purchase our own Satellite, so that we can get this truth out,
because the other preachers are just "jokes". No one is going to Heaven, so that knocks out all the other religions. The other COGS know nothing of what i am preaching. We "WILL" turn the hearts of the people to "YEARN" for Yah when i start explaining these things on Satellite. And telling the USA people that the USA is "NOT" a Democracy, but has always been a "Polyarchy" to dummy you down.
101.) Wikileaks is a False flag operation that "only" gives out "embarrassing" information but not "Secret Information". Wikileaks Julian Assange is just a false flag "patsy", to shut down the Internet.
102.) The USA is arming Israel with just enough Arms to fight and LOSE.
103.) The House of Saud has been given $60 Billion.
104.) In Prophecy where we are now is:
We are constructing the Dooms Day War Machines.
105.) Things are going to get "WORSE".
106.) I could sing the song for you, but hear the musicians "AS"  even the musicians "KNOW" things are going to get worse. Move Video to 1:39 to "Hear". Things are GOING TO GET WORSE!
107.) Our only hope is Yeshua coming back.
108.) Build a bomb shelter, and put your money into food supplies for 3 1/2 years.
109.) The 2 cities that had the "Largest" CHRISTIAN POPULATION were Nuked.
110.) We carpet bombed Vietnam.
111.) We killed 1.5 million Iraq people, and displaced 4 million homeless in Iraq.
112.) New Years is Pagan. PROOF!
113.) Do not ever say: Happy New Years, because it is the arrival of Sol the SUN GOD.
114.) The "EXACT" DATES when the Heathen Catholics put New Years Day FALSELY put into your Celebrations.
115.) The Mistletoe parasite is a symbol of Sex Worship, so kiss under the Mistletoe to "cast a spell" on your lover. 
116.) In 1583 Pope Gregory made the Pagan New Years official.
117.) If you reject the commandments of Yah/God to have nothing to do with Pagan Traditions, then:
118.) Do "NOT" wish a Happy New Year to anyone, because YOUR BIBLE Mark 7:7 in vain you worship God,
because you lay aside Deut 12:32 so that you can have your Catholic PAGAN New Years party.
119.) You reject the commandment of God, so that you can "keep" your 4,000 year old New Years tradition.
c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell