Come into the safety and protection of  TO COG The "Obedient" Church of God.
Video Sermon given by Lawrence A. Nowell
January 26, 2012
1st Day of God's Eleventh Month, 5771
The Obedient Church of God

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Come into the safety and protection of 
The "Obedient" Church of God
Subject: Sermon January 26-12
 Sermon by Lawrence A. Nowell
Subject: Sermon Jan 21-12
1.) Re-set your life "Course" EVERY New Moon Day to have the opportunity to examine and "RE-Set" your monthly course to the Kingdom, "every" New Moon Day.
2.) How to draw closer to Yah  your LEADER/King.
3.) How to use the Holy Spirit:
"You" first must turn the wheel, then, after you turn the wheel,
"THEN" the Holy Spirit "WILL" cut in.
4.) It "IS" Nobler to try and fail, than to
do  nothing, and succeed
5.) As we age
The weaker we get,
The STRONGER we become.
6.) How much time "each week" do you spend with your "HUSBAND" Jesus.
7.) How to properly SET your next month's COURSE. For your marriage to Jesus.
8.) "If"
you set your Beacon to any other COG, you "will" crash.
Choose which COG you will follow so that you will not CRASH, by following "WRONG" Days and Ways.


c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell