Video Sermon July 3 2010


Video Sermon given by Lawrence A. Nowell
July 3, 2010
The Obedient Church of God 
1 916 233-0500 Conference Call Code 77777#
9 A.M. West Coast, 10 Mountain, 11 Central, 12 (High Noon) Eastern

Topics of "this" July 3, 2010 Message:

1.) ANTI-CHRIST makes you BOW, because ANTICHRIST demands you to BOW to him, or he will behead you. Anti-Christ will "KILL" you.

2.) Jesus Christ carries the SWORD of the Word, that you "voluntarily" obey.

Jesus gives you Life-Eternal Life.


Do "NOT" BOW to the Anti-Christ.


4.) You MUST "BE" a HOLY Person.

5.) Pentecost is on Sivan 6, and Mr. Armstrong followed Sivan 6 in 1934, which was the "original" 1st Century Doctrine.

6.) Do "NOT" go to Restaurants on a Sabbath Day. Do not listen too Dankenbring, because then you will be in the Lake of Fire for breaking the Sabbath Day, that you broke on Saturday end of Feast in 2008 you hired a Hostess, Waitress, Cook, and Cashier. Repent TPM ministries.

7.) No Turkey day Pagan Festival TPM, because you cannot celebrate Christmas, or Harvest Home in honour of God.

8.) Church of God the Eternal: You "CANNOT" change Mr. Armstrong's 1934 Sivan 6 to Monday.

9.) Man must live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God

10.) Till the Heavens and Earth end: Not 1 jot or tittle of God's Law will pass away. The earth is "STILL" here. Ergo: Get the Foundation right.

11.) No working on God's Holy Days, by using the Hillel 358 A.D. phony Calendar.

12.) Lights "WILL" mark God's Festivals.

13.) Buying food on the Sabbath Day is a "SIN". Wake up and give your head a shake Triumph Pro.

14.) Grace is a limited time to repent in.

15.) Grace is "NOT" forgiveness. Grace is a "limited" amount of time to repent in.

16.) Only follow Jesus' example of following 1st Century Doctrines.

17.) 1 Corinthians 11:19 There MUST be factions amoung you, so that those who are recognized, can be approved of God.

18.) Jesus did not "ADD" "any" festivals to His Father's Law.

19.) Follow no minister that mixes in Evil with Good. That mixes Turkey Days into God's days, and mixes in Buying food on God's Sabbath day. Evil.

20.) The Obedient Church of God will fight against the Prophets of BAAL. The ministers that belive in SUNday and believe in going to Heaven "ARE" the Prophets of Baal.

21.) You must be HOLY, and you "can't" be Holy if you are celebrating Turkey Days, and buying food on the Sabbath Day. Deuteronomy 4:12 Rember the Sabbath day to keep it "HOLY".

22.) Leave your Church, to obey Yah/God. So you only follow the Tree of GOOD, only.

23.) Took 50 YEARS to arrive at The Obedient Church of God, to obey God.

24.) Dateline: The Brethren in Australia are starting Yah's/God's Sabbath, "BEFORE" God's Sabbath. BEFORE Yah starts "HIS" Sabbath day.

25.) There is only 1 way to be in the Kingdom.

26.) False Prophet will have a "BOW", not a SWORD.

27.) Christ in Rev 19:15 uses the Sword of God's "WORD". But the False Prophet makes you "BOW" down to him. That is why the False Prophet comes demanding a BOW.

28.) The False Prophet "will" be successful, because he is on a White Horse.

29.) Rev 6:2 An actual "CROWN" will be given to the Anti-Christ.

30.) Rev 9:15 NO crown is given to Christ, because HE has "already" been crowned.

31.) Sword = "EVERY" Jot and Tittle of God's Word.

32.) Christ conqueored by dying "FOR" us.

33.) The Anti-Christ conqueors by "KILLING US".

34.) = 2 opposite Ways of life.

35.) The Second Beast makes a Statue of the First Beast, and makes it alive.

36.) The above will happen in the next 7 years.

37.) Tribulation does "NOT" "NOT" "NOT" start, until the "Daily" Sacrifices start = 730 lambs per year, slaughtered. "DAILY" Morning and Evening Sacrifice for 365 days per year, = 2 Sacrifices per day.

38.) No Vegans allowed, because God clothed Adam and Eve with animal skins.

39.) The Obedient Church of God is the CEO of all the Churches of God, unless all the COGs get in line with Yah's Doctine "NOW".

40.) Stephen Hemsley, 1 man, gave himself 1.7 Billion Dollars, from the Health Care System.

41.) Your wages haven't gone up, and it now takes 2 people to earn 1 wage.

42.) Ronald Regan "DESTROYED" THE USA.

43.) Regan took off all the Tarriffs, and shipped all the jobs overseas "out" of the USA.

44.) Nuclear Reactors are the Stupidest way to boil water. Einstein.

45.) God is taking away the Gulf Coast of the USA, because the USA took away Gaza from God. Joshua 15:47

46.) Deepwater Horizon rig exploded the day after Obama said that the USA would not help Israel, that the USA would support the "SQUATTING" Arabs in Gaza.


The "greatest" environmental disaster in USA History.

47.) Sink the oil with Corezic 9500, so that you cannot skim/collect the oil. Are they "crazy fools". Answer: Yes.

48.) We "NEED" Yeshua to come back.

49.) The Tribulation has "NOT" started yet. We are still in the Birth Pangs.

50.) No Jobs because Regan took off all the Tarrifs and the Sherman anti-trust laws, and Regan took all the rules off the Bankers, etc., etc..

51.) In next 7 years, 1/3 of California's air pollution, will come from China.

52.) All our farm soil is DEAD. We are Doomed.

53.) Free energy from the Air Engine, running your engine on Air, Oxygen and Nitrogen.

54.) The Law will be Lost. 7 Prophecies on our Internet Site, including Yeshua's return date.

55.) Ezek 7:26 The Law will be lost from Triumph Pro. Deut 12:32

57.) Correspondence Korner: Answers to Correspondence Korner: Answers to Biblical Connundrums..

58.) How Adam named God's Animals.

59.) Where did Cain's wife come from, after there were only 3 people on the earth, after Cain killed Abel?

60.) God stated that He would Greatly Greatly Greatly "MULTIPLY" Eve's conceptions.

61.) Abram married his sister Sarai Gen 20:12. But later it was forbidden to be marrying blood relatives Lev 18:6-17 and Lev 20:17.

62.) God has a plan, and God works things out. 1 Cor 9:15 The New Testament and Song of Solomon 2:2 The Bride of Christ is referred to as Sister.

63.) Do not have likenesses of "ANYTHING": Ex 20:4 Deut 5:8.

64.) Statues of Jesus struck by LIGHTENING.

65.) Crosses are symbols of Tau/Tammuz.

66.) Actor who played Christ, in Melgibson's the Passion of the Christ was struck by lightening.

67.) Beets fight cancer, and 11 other cancer fighting foods.

68.) Eat "ONLY" Raw Plants, if you have Cancer, If man made it: Don't eat it.

69.) Keep your temple healthy.

70.) Prepare to have your head cut off. You will still see and hear when your head is cut off.

71.) Your mind can heal.

72.) You are Millionaires already, because your future is in the Kingdom.

73.) Hopeful means, to "cherish" a desire with anticipation. You will have everything you need in 7 years.

74.) The "SYSTEM" doesn't work. It doesn't matter who you vote for.

75.) The World is 800 Trillion Dollars in Debt = The system will collapse.

76.) Joshua 15:20 :47 God gave Gaza to the Israelis. The Arabs are illegal squatters.

77.) God destroyed the USA Gulf coast, "BECAUSE" the USA gave away God's coast of GAZA.

78.) The US Generals lost control of the US Army in Vietnam.

79.) Support your Troops, but don't support Government policies.

80.) Prophecy: There won't be any Nations. There will only be 10 Kings, driven by Corporations.

81.) Obama is a 32nd Degree Mason, and could be the head of the Beast.

82.) Obama is "NOT" the Antichrist.

83.) Terry Ratzman killed 7 in the LCG, but Ratzinger the Pope could kill millions.

84.) Iran will have nukes by 2012.

85.) We are NOT NOT NOT in the 7th seal re the Gulf Oil spill. Rev 8:8 has "nothing" to do with the Gulf oil spill.

86.) God commands us to know the arrival of Yeshus/Christ. Matt 16:2-3

87.) Chastening Poem.

88.) Why my little World is so filled with Strife.






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