Sermon July 10 2010

Video Sermon given by Lawrence A. Nowell
July 10, 2010
The Obedient Church of God 
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Topics of "this" July 10, 2010 Message:

1.) There are "3" High Days in Yahveh's Fall Festival.

2.) As few as 24 people per year may be part of the 144,000 of the 1st Resurrection.

3.) If you are going to be a King & Priest that teaches others, then you need to know every jot of Yah's law.

4.) 7 years could start Sept 20 2010 or if delayed Sept 20 2011.

5.) They shall not enter my rest Hebrews 3:19 because of unbelief of God's words.

6.) Don't trample on God's Holy Days.

7.) Ministers of this World "ARE" the prophets of Baal. Revelation 12:9.

8.) 1st Peter 1:16 You "shall be" HOLY. You are "COMMANDED" to be Holy.

9.) We are in the "A" team, because TO COG (The Obedient Church of God) is striving to be without spot or wrinkle = no buying food on the Sabbath.

10.) A mysterious hugh light Swirl Spiral larger than a halo around the moon, has been seen in Australia June 2010, Russia, and Norway.

11.) 1st Secret Robotic unmanned 250 mile high Hypersonic "ORBITING" every 90 minutes plane/killer craft X37B.

12.) Damascus could be blown up by the X37B.

13.) Amos 9:2 Though they climb up to the Heavens, I will bring them back.

14.) Brethren in Pakistan, safe. But 65 others, killed in Islamabad bomb blast.

15.) There "will be" a Palistinian State.

16.) The "ONLY" sign that the 7 years starts, is "ONLY" when the "Daily" Sacrifice starts.

17.) 7 years could start in Fall 2011 = Tribulation starts in 2015.

18.) "God's" 7th Seal plagues wipe out Babylon, therefore World's economy will continue to stumble along to the 7th Seal.

19.) If you make 50,000 dollars a year it would take you 20 Million years to earn 1 Trillion dollars.

20.) The World is 800 Trillion in Debt.

21.) Wake up: It "IS" a Depression.

22.) The Beast will save everyone, but 3 1/2 years later it all falls apart.

23.) You can't escape: Your kitchen tap, your Bomb shelter tap, will pour BLOOD. Rev 16:4.

24.) God's angel is going to give the World "blood" to drink. There is no way for you to escape.

25.) Yeshua/Jesus our Lord was hung/crucified on an Olive Tree, not a wooden stake.

26.) Jesus was also stoned with rocks, when Crucified on the Olive Tree. That is why his visage was so marred more than any man.

27.) There is no way out of this Financial mess. Disaster Capitalism only "identifies" the problem. No one but Yeshua can solve it.

28.) It is "NOT" the Military Industrial Complex. It is the "CONGRESSIONAL" Military Industrial Complex.

29.) This mess started because "YOU" do not want God as your King. 1 Samuel 8:10

30.) 1 Samuel 8:10 explained verse by verse.

31.) God will "NOT" answer you. 1 Samuel 8:18.

32.) Every system will collapse.

33.) Christ comes back as KING OF THE EARTH in 2018.

34.) Matthew 24:22 If Christ did not return ALL OF US WOULD BE DEAD.

35.) Lincoln and Kennedy tried to print our own money.

36.) Both Nixon and Clinton balanced the Budget, and were impeached.

37.) No one is allowed to balance the Budget, because the BankSTERS want to loan the Government money, and make interest on money that they do not have.

38.) The Federal Reserve is "NOT" Federal, and the Federal Reserve has "NO" reserves.

39.) Dreams of my Father, The Audacity of Hope. "Know" what you are "really" dealing with/actual quotes of President Obama. There is no hope.

40.) You won't feel pain when you are changed and will meet Yeshua in the air, the same way that you meet someone at the Airport.

41.) Shall never never die, a "double negative" in the original translation of John 11:26.

42.) You have to have a "fixed" faith of: I believ"ED".

It is not believ"ing" , it is believ"ED" in the Perfect Tense of: I "HAVE" believed.

43.) Faith is Believ"ED", not Believ"ing". It is a done deal.

44.) Capitalism "doesn't" work. Only Yeshua's system works.

45.) Dr. Seuss. Green Eggs and SCAM.

46.) List of Oil spills, we're lucky the oceans are still alive.

47.) BP manufactures a flow meter, and would "not" put a flow meter on. That is how corrupt the system is. The Government would not force BP to put on a flow meter.

48.) Sinking ships, The Monitor, The Lucitania, Pearl Harbour, are their favourite ways of starting Wars.

49.) Clinton would not say 911 was an inside job. Clinton said: That's ridiculous.

50.) There is all kinds of Zero Point Energy around and Tesla Energy, FREE ENERGY, but no one will let us use the free energy TILL YESUHUA/Christ comes back.

51.) Ozelia Welling's Bible Spotlight for today.

52.) Man's system doesn't work. The only way is to walk with/use God system.

53.) Why TO COG (The Obedient Church of God) "IS" the only Congregation following God's way. 2 Tim 4:3. You must hold fast to what you have in the 1st century. Rev 3:11, 25.

54.) We own The World to "do" the second push after Mr. Armstrong, to get everyone on board with Re-discovered 1st CenturyTruth.

55.) Don't let anyone fool you what Muslims believe. Muslims believe Jesus was kidnapped, and another was crucified in His place. Muslims also state: God has "NO" Son. John 2:22 calls that the words of liars.

56.) The whole South American, Mexican, Latin American and Spanish Church is splitting from the UCG International. The United Church of God is "not" united and is not international. The UCG the largest offshoot of WCG is being split in half. Leon Walker is fired, by interm president Roy Holiday. Dennis Luker was previous President.

57.) Big Power Grab in UCG, splits the UCG right down the middle, "BECAUSE" the UCG has kicked out Leon Walker.

58.) StoryTime: The Bramble "Bush" King. Judges 9:8. The meaning.

59.) Today's theme is that: With even the roughest, toughest, capitalists, the Capitalist system will "STILL" collapse.

60.) Judge a Tree by its Fruit of (kindness), not a mean, nasty, bully, name-calling, and burning others up, bramble Bush.



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