Video Sermon given by Lawrence A. Nowell
July 24, 2010
The Obedient Church of God

Sermon Highlights

July 24 2010

1.) There is a delay of the 7 years, because nothing happened on/by Av 9 2010.

2.) Genesis 1:14 and Isaiah 1:14 must be remembered, because "both" are setting parameters for New Moons.

3.) 3 Feasts this year fall on Sabbaths. This could be "foreboding" trouble this Fall.

Do not "ever" go to Restaurants on God's Sabbath

4.) You "CAN'T" say you can break a Sabbath Contract "SOMETIMES".

5.) You "CAN'T" say that, because it could KILL you.

6.) Not only is the Sabbath the 4th Commandment. The Sabbath is a "Contract" and a Perpetual Covenant.

7.) "NEVER" go to a Restaurant on the Sabbath because it is a CONTRACT BETWEEN you and God.

8.) The Sabbath is a "SIGN" between you and God.

9.) Keeping the Sabbath, sets you apart, as 1 of God's chosen.

10.) The Sabbath is a "SEPARATE" perpetual COVENANT/CONTRACT. Exodus 31:12. The Sabbath is a SIGN.

11.) A Covenant is a Contract.

It is an agreement that you agree to keep God's Sabbath Day Holy.

12.) It is a Contract that "MAKES" you separate and Distinct.

13.) Break the Sabbath by going to a Restaurant on the Sabbath, and you are "BREAKING" your Contract with God.

14.) The Sabbath is your agreement with God, that you cannot break. The Sabbath is a SIGN of your agreement with God. That you may "know" that God sets you APART. SANCTIFIES YOU.

The Sabbath is the identifying mark of God's chosen people!!

Therefore you "NEVER" go to a Restaurant on God's Sabbath Day, because you have been Set Apart/Sanctified/Holy as God is Holy.

Ask yourself would Jesus go into a Restaurant/hiring people on God's Sabbath Day, hiring 4 people? Answer: NEVER!

You are supposed to be a model of Jesus. A model is a small representation of the "real" thing.

15.) The Sabbath is a "SIGN" that He is your God.

16.) The Sabbath is a memorial of Creation, to the God who created the whole Universe.

17.) For you to have an Office/Position with God, God always has the Sabbath as a "TEST" Commandment.

18.) God Rested on the Sabbath, and you and everyone else, including Restaurant employees MUST also rest on God's Sabbath. Exodus 31:17

19.) The Sabbath is a "DISTINCTIVE" SEPARATE Covenant, all by itself.

20.) Your Sabbath Covenant/Contract with God is Perpetual/Forever, and cannot be broken by you, when you feel like breaking it for a day/Sabbath.

21.) It is Perpetual "without" interruption, for all time/forever.

22.) You will be cut off from God Exodus 31:14 by your rejecting His Perpetual Covenant.

23.) You are selling your inheritance for a bowl of soup at the Restaurant. That makes you a despicable person as Esau sold his inheritance for a bowl of soup. WAKE UP.

24.) You "MUST" keep the Sabbath "ALL" the time, and "not" sometimes break it.

25.) Jesus kept the Sabbath "ALL" the time, and you are to keep the Sabbath Holy "ALL" the time.

26.) It is "NOT" all right to buy "anything" on God's Sabbath.

27.) Per the Bible: Anyone who defiles the Sabbath, should be put to death. Exodus 31:14.

You are Buying on the Sabbaths, you will be PUT TO DEATH. Anyone who defiles the Sabbath will be put to DEATH.

Everyone that defiles it shall be put to death, because it is a Covenant with God that you are Breaking.

28.) Just picking up sticks on the Sabbath Day, and you should be put to death. Numbers 15:35.

Everyone that defiles God's Sabbath should be put to DEATH.

Worse even than YOU working on God's Sabbath

"YOU" Paid people to work on God's Sabbath.

What will you say to them when they are throw into the Lake of Fire for working on God's Sabbath

and they ask you:

Why did you not tell me "not" to work on God's Sabbath?

Why did you in fact "pay me" to work on God's Sabbath?

"YOU" paid me to work on the Sabbath and now I'm being thrown into the Lake of Fire.

"YOU" are an EVIL person, for not caring about my death.


29.) The Sabbath is Holy. Exodus 20:8-11 The seventh day is a Sabbath TO THE LORD your God; in it you shall not do "ANY" work, you or your son or your daughter, your male or female servant, or your cattle, or your sojourner who stays with you.

30.) You "CANNOT" start a meal from scratch on the Sabbath, because that is what the Preparation day is for. You can only re-heat/warm up existing meals.

31.) The Lord praises through Isaiah: Every one that does not profane the Sabbath, but keeps it and takes hold of My Covenant, them will I bring to My holy mountain... 88 The Pseudo Titus Epistle XIV p 65 Apostolic Pseudepigrapha.

32.) Behold the princes of Israel, they have despised My sanctuary and defiled My Sabbaths... Ezekiel 23:38

33.) It is a Sign between you and God, therefore you "CANNOT" break the sign "sometimes", and still expect to have a contract with God.

34.) Are you going to support a group that says that "they" can break God's Sabbath "sometimes".

If you "break" your Covenant with God, then God takes away your eternal life.

Because you are then breaking God's sign that God has put on you.

That is how serious it is.

35.) Anyone telling you that:

You can break God's Sabbath Covenant/Contract deliberately:


is a LIE.

36.) What you don't know, can KILL YOU.

"anyone" who defiles it shall surely be put to death. Exodus 31:14

37.) Go to the Court judge and tell the judge that:

You only "SOMETIMES" break the Contract "SOMETIMES". The judge will find you guilty.

38.) The Sabbath is a delight at home, because you do not have to wait in line or drive through traffic.

39.) Buy a restaurant meal 1 day before the Sabbath, and take it home to re-heat/warm up.

40.) Daniel 11:32 Know your God and do exploits.

41.) Ministers should tell their members that they (the Minister) have re-evaluated the Sabbath Covenant, and now you the Minister should be telling your members that they (the members) should NOT "EVER" buy food on the Sabbath nor go to Restaurants on the Sabbath.

42.) When traveling buy your food/even 2 cans/packages of food, on the Preparation day.

43.) The Sabbath is a Covenant/Contract with God. That Contract with God has blessings attached to it.

43.) The eyes of Yahveh roam throughout the earth. God is watching you. 2 Chronicles 6:9.

44.) The Sabbath is: A Test Commandment.

So you cannot say that you are "Sometimes" going to buy food on God's Test Commandment.

Rejecting God's perpetual National Sign

Don't destroy yourself for a bowl of soup.

To him who overcomes:

He who has an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the Churches,

to everyone who conquerors... Rev 2:7


45.) God would never give a command that no one could follow.

46.) God shows Himself strong, to people who honour His Covenant.

... to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. 2 Chronicles 16:9 KJV

47.) Qualities of the 2 Witnesses and Elisha:

1.) Deut 18:15 The Prophet must be an Israelite.

2.) Deut 18:16 The Prophet shall speak in Yahveh's name.

3.)Jeremiah 28:17 Knowledge of the near future.

4.) I Kings 18:38 Might perform an amazing sign.

5.) Deut 13:1-8 Strict agreement with the Old Testament from Moses to the Prophets.

48.) Elisha:

1.) Teaches repentance, changed actions.

2.) Correct understanding of God's Bible: Turning people to the wisdom of the just= fulfilling all things.

3.) Will call people to gather with him at Jerusalem "before" World disasters.

49.) There is a Death penalty for anyone making false claims. Deut 18:20; 1 Kings 18:20-40

50.) You have to flee Judea, so you have to "be" in Judea, in order to flee Judea.

51.) You are supposed to be the light of the World. Matthew 5:14

52.) Watch out: There are lamp posts around that do not have a light working. The lamp post is a hazard, because it looks like it has a light but doesn't. So you accidentally hit it with your car, and it kills you.

53.) Grace is a limited period of time to repent in.

54.) Grace is "NOT" forgiveness.

55.) The righteous are spotless. Without spot or blemish. Rev 19:8

56.) Your quest is: To follow God's manual the Bible.

57.) In Noah's day, only 1 man was right, and the whole world died.

58.) You cannot tell the judge: I only break the Contract/Covenant sometimes, and not all the time.

59.) People say they know the Lord. I ask them does He know you. Do you know Mohammed Ali, yes, but does Muhammad Ali know you, when you never show up when he is in the gym.

60.) This world is a present evil world, and you have to know what is really going on in the world.

Wisdom is a house built by Knowledge. Prov 24:3-4

61.) Ronald Wilson Reagan 

Letters = 666

A type of the Beast that destroys the USA:

1.) Regan took off all the Tariffs, so we lost all our jobs to overseas manufacturers.

Detroit used the full employment before Regan, and after Regan Detroit's auto and steel industries all went overseas.

2.) Regan said that Government is a useless thing, and took off all the regulations.

3.) Regan gave Amnesty to 3 million Mexicans.

4.) Regan cut all the incentive tax credits for solar energy, and destroyed the solar industry in America causing a 90% disappearance of solar power companies in the USA.

5.) Regan stopped enforcing the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, so that the big corporations gobbled up all the little stores, and now we only have mega giant Wal-Marts, mega Restaurant chains, and mega food chains, with NO mom and pop stores.

6.) Regan cut all the funding for University education in California. Before it cost $110 a year to register for University and now it costs $110,000.00 and no one can afford to go to University.

7.) Regan busted all the unions and fired all the air traffic controllers, destroying them.

8.) Regan introduced trickle down "Reaganomics" so that now it the wife has to go to work to help pay the bills, and when the kids come home from school there is no mother at home.

9.) Thanks to "Reaganomics" you now need 2 people working to make the same as 1 person did before Regan.

10.) Before Regan the CEOs made 30 times more than their workers, but after Regan the CEOs made 800 times more than they paid their workers.

11.) Regan said: Deficits don't matter.

12.) Regan took all the controls off the Bankers, causing the Savings and Loan crash of the 1980s.

13.) Regan sold Nuclear Weapon technology to Pakistan, so now we are at risk of Nuclear war between Pakistan and India.

14.) Regan stopped all our 400+ American hostages from being released until the day he was elected. Google: October Surprise.

15.) Regan supported and funded the death squads throughout Central America.

16.) Regan sold arms to our enemy Iran.

17.) Regan lied to Congress about the Iran Contra connection, saying he couldn't remember.

18.) Regan created and funded the Taliban via the Mujahideen as "freedom fighters" which are now the Taliban and al-Qaeda, who are KILLING US TODAY.

Look at the above Facts:

Regan should have been hung. Regan destroyed the USA.

You should "know" the Truth. The destruction of the USA was started by Regan.

You should not live in a Bubble, not knowing what really is going on in the World.

You can't have false information about Regan, when Regan destroyed the USA.

Regan and Reaganomics was a disaster.

62.) The sun provides 15 Thousand times more energy than the world needs.

63.) Biblical Spotlight from Ozelia Welling: Work "before" the Famine of the Word.

64.) Parallels between Oprah Winfrey and Book of Ruth.

65.) Oprah was originally named Orpha named after Ruth's sister-in-law.

66.) OBAMA is Nebuchanezzar.

67.) Parallels between Nebuchanezzar and the Book of Revelations.

68.) The next Middle East war will not be a Ground war, but will be a "Missile War".

69.) The original Crocodile Dundee the movie was made around, was murdered November 2000, by the police in Australia. We also are in danger.

70.) Orpha/Oprah is a Masonic devotee/member.

71.) Oprah funded Obama. Same as in the Book of Ruth.

72.) Boaz is a type of Christ.

73.) Midnight is the sign of the Tribulation.

74.) Types and anti-types of Anti-Christ and Man of Sin.

75.) Meaning of Obama's name.

76.) BIN in the O.T. is synonymous for Joe "Bid"en.

77.) Barack is assisted by prophetess Judge of Israel Deborah (O.T.) type of Oprah.

78.) Oprah got Obama elected by bring cash, celebrity, big crowds, excitement and a big stage, and a big crowd to see Oprah via Obama.

79.) Oprah is teaching her millions of viewers that you do NOT have to have Jesus to be saved.

80.) Just as Deborah was a Prophetess accompanying the leader, so is Oprah who is accompanying the Beast Power leader Obama.

81.) Oprah says there are many ways to the Light. Oprah "never" says Jesus.

82.) In the Book of Ruth the parallel is the prophetess shifted the wealth to the leader.

83.) We are actually supposed to serve Obama, just as God instructed the people to serve Nebuchanezzar. Jeremiah 27:6

84.) If we don't serve Obama, then God will be against us.

85.) The key is we don't bow down to Obama, though we serve Obama like Nebuchanezzar.

86.) If America does not serve the King of Babylon, God will punish America.

87.) God States:

Do "NOT" listen to your Prophets that say that you should not serve Nebuchanezzar/Obama.

88.) Don't go against God's plan. God wants Obama in office.

89.) God wants the smartest Capitalist in power, to show that Capitalism will "still" collapse in on itself.

90.) This is to prove to all the heavenly hosts, the 24 elders, and the 2/3 good angels that: Only God's way works.

91.) Barack Obama has a role to play, given to him by God.

92.) God will punish you for hassling Obama.

93.) Do "NOT" oppose Obama. Obama is God's instrument.

94.) None of the Trees wanted to be King, so the Trees had to vote and go to the brambleBUSH to be King.

95.) Nebuchanezzar set up and Image, and this is a dual prophecy because this will happen again in the Tribulation's image set up in the Temple in the Holy Place in Israel.

96.) Shroud of Turin actually has the number 444 inscribed on it by the head of the Image on the Shroud, and underlined on it.

97.) Barack's Number is 444: Elected on November 4 as the 44th President of the USA= 444.

98.) Nebuchanezzar IS Obama.

99.) Luke 10:18 The Hebrew priest would say in Aramaic: I saw Satan as Baraq "O" Bam-Maw.

100.) Barack in his Speech said that: I was not born in a manger. I was born on Krypton, to Save the Planet Earth, can someone please tell me: Where are the Greek columns I [Nebuchanezzar?] requested?

I hope a Demon or 6000 legions of demons have not entered Obama.

God speed Obama, to get this mess over with.

5 Parallels listed between Obama and Nebuchanezzar and Daniel.

Amazing Parallels:

The sun will be 7 times hotter, just as Nebuchanezzar's fiery furnace being made 7 times hotter. God's Payback time.

The 7 years of Tribulation, are "exactly" the same as the 7 years of Nebuchanezzar's Madness.

Prophecy> We are about to go through 7 years of Nebuchanezzar's Madness


c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
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