Video Sermon given by Lawrence A. Nowell
July 31, 2010
The Obedient Church of God

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July 31 2010

1.) This "IS" God's short work. Romans 9:28

2.) Offshoot WCG churches keep the Sabbath to the Second, but then turn around and think they can move God's Holy Days 2 days early, using the apostate Hillel II averaging calendar, which now causes them to work on God's Holy Days.

3.) Genesis 1:14 Lights "WILL" Mark Festivals.

4.) "Your" new moons I hate. Isaiah 1:14

5.) The Jews did not have the right to make an averaging calendar, any more than Aaron had the right to make a golden calf in the image of God.

6.) Jesus/Yeshua never did 1 thing to change His Father's laws, and we are to walk in Jesus' footsteps. So you cannot move God's Holy Days 2 days early.

7.) Refuse a love of the truth, and be condemned. II Thessalonians 2:12.

8.) 100% of all the offshoots of the WCG (Worldwide Church of God) are breaking God's laws by:

    1.) Sometimes buying food on God's Sabbath day by going to Restaurants after Services.

    2.) Moving God's Holy Days 2 days early.

9.) God has an "A" team that will be in the 1st Resurrection.

10.) September 11 Saturday is the Day of Trumpets.

11.) 3 High Days this Feast Season.

12.) The Sabbath is a Contract Ex 31:12 AND a SIGN, just like the mark of the Beast is buying or selling on God's Sabbaths.

13.) Everyone that defileth it shall be put to death.

14.) You shall be cut off from the Resurrection: "That soul shall be cut off from among "His" people".

15.) It is a separate Covenant Contract all by itself.

16.) It points to our Father as the one true God, with Yeshua/Jesus at his right hand side.

17.) Day of Atonement is Monday September 20th.

18.) Feast of Tabernacles Saturday September 25.

19.) Think 911 for the Feast of Trumpets.

20.) God's people must be without spot or blemish. 2 Peter 3:14

21.) Be careful "how" you live. Ephesians 5:15.

22.) Obedience to God gives you blessing.

23.) Start at square 1 of the Bible in Genesis 1:14: Lights will MARK festivals.

24.) You don't have to have a Kosher Kitchen/2 sets of pots and pans and plates.

25.) The stones will cry out, if we do not do the work.

26.) Tongues of fire on the Disciples head, could have been used as a "Plasma SPEAKER" by God.

27.) Faith is a gift from God, so ask for it/faith.

28.) You "have" to obey God, "then" God gives you His Holy Spirit Acts 5:32.

29.) You are "SERVANTS" to whom you obey. Romans 6:16.

30.) What you don't know "can" kill you.

31.) You made a Vow to God at your Baptism to obey God.

32.) Don't call yourself by God's name, and then break God's Sabbath.

33.) You can't add a Turkey Day in honour of God. You "Cannot" choose your own ways. Isaiah 66:3

34.) Do a search on the History of the Turkey/Goose.

35.) Know ye not that ye are servants to "whom" you obey. Romans 6:16

36.) You should be teaching the World, God's Feast of Tabernacles, not the World teaching you Turkey day.

37.) To fly with the best
       You have to leave your nest.

38.) You have to get out of disobedient churches.

39.) We in our house, "will" serve The Lord. Joshua 24:15

40.) Choose for yourself whom you will serve. The gods of your forefathers [Turkey day] in the land you are living in, or The Lord.

41.) Romans 16:16 To whom you yield yourself [Turkey day] = you are a servant to whom you obey.

42.) Bob Dylan song: You have to "SERVE" somebody.
       It may be the Devil,
      or it may be The Lord;
      But you're gonna have to serve somebody.

43.) You "ARE" Servants to whom you obey. Romans 6:16 If you sin by not following God's calendar, "then" you are obeying Hillel 2's/Satan's calendar.

44.) Fungus healed only on 1 hand, that was a sign from God. God only healed one hand, because the person trusted in the Doctor first, instead of "FIRST" going to God.

45.) You have got to follow the group that God is leading you to.

46.) You have to live by every word of God, as God opens your mind up.

47.) The obedient shall understand.

48.) It is the "CONGRESSIONAL" military industrial complex.

49.) Know "how" this evil World works. Most wars are fraudulently started by sinking ships.
       1.) War with Mexico was started by an American boiler explosion blamed on the Mexicans.
       2.) WW I: Lusitania sunk after being deliberately sent a cannon fodder into hostile waters.
       3.) WW II: Pearl Harbor: The Japanese planes were allowed to sink the ships
       4.) Vietnam War: In Gulf of Tonkin a ship was just fired on
       5.) North Korea sinking South Korean ship, next rumblings of war.

50.) 2.6 Billion people do "NOT" have clean water to drink. 1 in 8 people in the World water in 3rd World countries.

51.) The USA wants to PRIVATIZE water for sale. So the USA "abstained" from agreeing that water is a human right. The USA abstained from the UN resolution that wanted to guarantee access for water for the children/people of the nations.

52.) In Washington, Utah, and Colorado it is "ILLEGAL" FOR YOU TO COLLECT RAIN WATER. You will be fined in Washington if you collect rain water.

53.) The State of the Climate report. Each decade has been warmer than the last, even when the sun spot activity is low. This June of 2010 was the HOTTEST JUNE on record of the planet earth.

54.) There is global pollution, so don't cover up the global pollution by arguing about global warming.

55.) There are 27,000 underwater "abandoned" oil wells off the coast of Louisiana alone.

56.) 1000 people have died in floods in China.

57.) Sidney Australia, has the worst drought in 1000 years.

58.) Exxon oil profits are up 91%.

59.) People get laid off/unemployed and the Dow Jones goes up.

60.) 95% of the Oil Profits for Iraq are missing.

61.) When over 50% of the people are dishonest, God takes away his blessing just like in the 1930s stock market crash when everyone was cheating everyone.

62.) Iraq deliberately still only has 2 hours of electricity per day, so that American companies can bring in goods, and no clean drinking water.

63.) First they try to buy off a leader, if that fails then they try to kill him. Then if that doesn't work they have to invade with the Army.

64.) 1.5 Iraqis are DEAD/Killed. 8.5 million people are damaged in Iraq out of a population of only 23 million.

65.) Only reason we are in Afghanistan, was to put in a pipeline to the Caspian sea. Once the pipeline is finished, then the USA will leave.

66.) It is a "criminal deception" the way we have been lied to.

67.) There is NO HOPE, until Christ/Yeshua comes back.

68.) Christ/Yeshua is the only solution.

69.) People in Washington waving are "NOT" waving, they are drowning.

70.) Mortgage crisis was "deliberately" created.

71.) No human leader can solve this mess.

72.) Ronald=6 Wilson=6 Reagan=6  666 had no understanding of the World.
       18 points proving Reagan destroyed our Country/economy.
       Reagan destroyed our jobs and our whole manufacturing base/job base, by reducing all the Tariffs on foreign goods.

73.) Regan funded/started the Mujahideen/Taliban.

74.) There is a Ruling Class that is setting up the NWO (New World Order).

75.) There has "always" been a controlling group.

76.) The Catholic Church is going to set up a New Religion, not the same as Catholic today.

77.) The Catholic Church is going to present the Messiah to the World, and trick the Jews that the Messiah has returned.

78.) Philistine temple from the 10th Century BC has been found.

79.) There are 24 elders yes, but the 10,000 Holy Ones are coming back with Jesus/Yeshua.
        Bible states He is arriving with 10,000 of his Saints. But those Saints aren't us, he is bringing those Saints with Him.

80.) Evolution is false because there is hard evidence that humanoid type people lived over 10,000 to over 160,000 years ago, at the "same" time as the Neanderthal creatures.

81.) Humanoid skulls, (not Neanderthal) were around 100 thousand to 50 million years ago.

82.) 400 examples of tools, pottery, and bones that are 50 million years old.

83.) This knowledge is "not" necessary for your salvation, but is necessary to show evolution is a fraud.

84.) There was a pre-Adamic creation.

85.) Explanation of Carbon 14 Vs Carbon 12.

86.) 65 million years ago were the Dinosaurs, and there are leviathan type creatures in the oceans alive today.

87.) The earth goes through "many" cycles of usage by God, during 15 Billion years, 
        and is going through a new cycle of Humanoid transformation in 2017, when we are made Spirit.

88.) There were Neanderthal men, living at the "SAME" time as what we think of as modern man today.

89.) Search: Forbidden Archeology.

90.) In the 1800s it was proven that modern type humans identical to us, existed over 100,000 years ago.

91.) Don't be alarmed when Christ comes back with an army of 10,000 "HOLY ONES" from 100,000 years ago. Jude 14 Because there are already 24 elders from possibly 100,000 years ago. 

92.) These 10,000 Holy Ones are NOT angels (angels are angels not Holy Ones).
       These are Hagios. And these 10,000 Holy Ones (Strongs #40 Hagios= pure, blameless, religious, consecrated)
       and are consecrated, pure and blameless "like" us, but they are not not NOT modern day Christians because:
         1.) The righteous don't fight "during" this time of trouble.
       2.) They are saved out of it. The righteous (us) are delivered out of it.
             Daniel 12:1. 1 "At that time Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise.
             There will be a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then.
             But at that time your people—everyone whose name is found written in the book—will be delivered
        3.) They are protected. Isaiah 26:20: " Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and
        4.) shut thy doors about thee:
        5.) hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be past."
        6.) And in Psalm 91:2, 3, 7, 8 "I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress:
             my God; in him will I trust.
             Surely HE shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence...            
             A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.
        7.) Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked."
             It is a separate group of 10,000 (myriad) of Holy Ones (Hagios), that are not angels,
             but are humanoids like us, who are fighting "for" us. And they are HOLY.

93.) God has gone through situations/managed planet earth for the last 15 Billion years. It should not surprise us that during 15 Billion years there were other humanoids. 15 Billion years is a very long time compared to just 6,000 years, and the planet has "NOT" been empty/devoid of life forms, for 14 Billion 994 Thousand years!

94.) Biblical spotlight: A World without Judaism.

95.) The Vatican has been conspiring/trying to take over the city of Jerusalem.

96.) In 2002 it was agreed to Internationalize the city of Jerusalem.

97.) The Palestinians/Arabs will take over the city of Jerusalem's Holy sites.

98.) This is the Catholic "REPLACEMENT DOCTRINE", that the Catholics have/will replace the Jews as God's New Israel.

99.) The Palestinian crisis is just a subterfuge/ruse for the real purpose.

100.) The Palestinians will get HALF of Jerusalem, so that
          the REAL purpose of the Vatican taking over the City of Jerusalem can be hidden.

101.) The Catholics will trick the Jews into believing that the Messiah has arrived, but it will be the Man of Sin masquerading as the Messiah.

102.) The Catholics will take the Daily Sacrifice away, via the Catholics stating to the Jews that Yeshua (their Catholic Man of Sin masquerading as Yeshua) has arrived and that the Daily Sacrifice is now not needed.

103.) The Catholics need their presence in the city of Jerusalem so that the Catholics can trick the whole World, by saying that Yeshua has arrived, and putting the Catholic man of sin up in front of the World performing Miracles and claiming to be Yeshua.

104.) This is how the Catholics (the Catholic Man of Sin) will deceive the whole World.

105.) The Catholics will "convert" the Jews to Catholic Christianity, by presenting a false Messiah to the Jews.

106.) The Roman Catholic Church needs the Jews (Israel) to LOSE CONTROL OF THE OLD sovereign CITY OF JERUSALEM, so that the promises made to Abraham will "then" be applied to the NEW NEW NEW JERUSALEM "HERE ON EARTH". That is why the Catholics have to take over the old City of Jerusalem, so that the Catholics can deceive the nations that the NEW NEW NEW Jerusalem is here on earth.

107.) The promises given to Abraham will be applied to the Catholic's "NEW Jerusalem" that the Catholics plan to take over from the Palestinians.

108.) If the Jews (Israel) had possession of "all" of the City of Jerusalem,
"then" the Catholics could not make the claim that their Man of Sin impersonating the Messiah has brought the New Jerusalem back to Jerusalem, complete with the Abramic promises/blessings.

109.) Rome/The Catholics will replace the Daily Sacrifice with a false Man of Sin Messiah.

110.) There is no place for the "restoration" of the Nation of Israel in Catholic theology.

111.) The Catholic man of sin will try to convert the Jews to the Catholic's New form of Christianity, using a false Messiah,
fool people with the premise that this is the NEW Jerusalem,
because of the miracles of bringing fire down from heaven that their Man of Sin does, and
by doing the miracles of Healing that Jesus did.

112.) The Vatican cannot claim to be the New Jerusalem and the "rightful" heir to the Kingdom of God if the Vatican does not "CONTROL" THE NEW JERUSALEM.

113.) For "ALL" the Nations of the World to come to the "NEW Jerusalem" to pay homage to the Vatican's miracle working Man of Sin.

114.) The Vatican "WILL" convince the World that "THEIR" Catholic version of Christianity (Theology) is correct.

115.) The Vatican will unite "ALL" the World's faiths, INCLUDING the Jewish faith, but this mysterious individual (Man of Sin) performing miracles to deceive the Nations will really be under the control of the Vatican.

Gestalt of where we are "today":

116.) The Vatican has to have the Palestinians take over the Old half of the City of Jerusalem, so that the Vatican can later set up their NEW JERUSALEM in the Palestinian 1/2 of Jerusalem. That would "never" be possible with the Israelis owning all of Jerusalem.

117.) The Vatican will "then" dominate the Palestinians, via the Vatican "INTERNATIONALIZING" THE CITY OF Jerusalem.

118.) That is what is happening now with the upcoming talks with Obama.

119.) The Vatican has to get the Old City of Jerusalem, out of the clutches of the State of Israel, by using the Palestinians as a decoy, to take over the Old City of Jerusalem for the Vatican.

120.) The Vatican already has a secret agreement, which obliges Israel to "accept" the extra-territorial claim to the Vatican's presence in the Jewish City.

121.) Israel has already agreed that the Vatican has the right to have little sovereign Embassies, throughout the city of Jerusalem.

122.) This is so that the Vatican can set up the:


Their false gOD, who claims to be Yeshua.

The Vatican will present to the World:


WITH their Man of Sin headquartered there in the City of Jerusalem.

This "IS" the Secret Plan of the Vatican.

This is how the Vatican "WILL" CONTROL THE WORLD.


It is "NOT" just about a Palestinian state!!!

That is just the Cover Story.

It is the Vatican will TAKE OVER JERUSALEM "VIA" the Palestinian State.


It is about the Vatican's control of the WHOLE WORLD

FROM THE Old City of Jerusalem, that the Vatican will use the Palestinians to take over first.


a secret deal has already been done "behind" the backs of the Israelis and indeed World public, whereby the Vatican has "already" been promised the Old City of Jerusalem, Yossi Beilin and Shimone Perez in 2002.

As it was concocted "covertly" it is unknown by the Israeli public.

The only hope is that these agreements will be made void, but that will not happen.


Peace in the Middle East is just the cover story,

because the Vatican's Secret Agenda is:

To steal the Old City of Jerusalem away from the Jews,

for the coming Man of Sin to Rule the World from.

The Vatican "WILL" steal the old City of Jerusalem from Israel,


1st using the Palestinians as a front to get Jerusalem 

then through

The Internationalization of Jerusalem


Control the Whole World with a "New" Catholic Form of false Christianity.

(You will not be deceived if you remember the "TRUE" Messiah will have 10,000 Holy ones with Him. Jude 14, from the past earth ages, and
the "True" Messiah will split the Mount of Olives into two from east to west. Zachariah 14:4).

c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell