Come into the safety and protection of  TO COG The "Obedient" Church of God.
Video Sermon given by Lawrence A. Nowell
May 28, 2011
Ziv 24, 5770
The Obedient Church of God

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Come into the safety and protection of 
The "Obedient" Church of God
Subject: Sermon May 28-11

1. Today the "work" of Romans 9:28 the "short work" is being done by "The Obedient Church of God,"

which is following the exact same doctrines of the First Century Christians.

God's TOCOG remnant group has the same exact doctrines of Yeshua and Paul of the 1st Century Bible.

2. TOCOG keeps the Sabbath Day holy. When we do what is right and good in the sight of the Lord, it will be well with us. Deuteronomy 6:18.

3. God's people don't buy or sell on the Sabbath. They don't go to restaurants on God's day of rest and cause employees to be working on His holy day.

4. For Sabbath keepers who live west of the International Date Line, they must observe the seventh-day Sabbath on the correct day of the week. Jewish Rabbis tell the Jews to observe the Sabbath on the sixth day, which is wrong. Since the days are jumped ahead 24 hours, they must keep Sundays to be correct.

5. The Preparation Day before the Sabbath is the time to prepare food for the Sabbath so there is no need to cook food on God's day of rest.

6. Christ did not arrive on May 21st, 2011, as predicted by Harold Camping. Also others tell people that Christ is coming on a particular day. They do good works, but they should not prophecy. They are false prophets.

7. Yeshua is returning in the fall of 2018. TOCOG has purchased a meeting hall that is 70 feet by 14 feet wide to use for Feast Convention TO COG attendees. It is located near Townsend, Tennessee. Temperatures range from 55 to 75 degrees F.

8. TOCOG has purchased property that is a 1400 foot high hill. It has a view of the Smoky Mountains and is higher than surrounding hills. A back-hoe is breaking a trail to the top where people can camp during the Fall Feast of Tabernacles.

9. This week city put in water supply even though there is a natural spring on top. Near by is "Little River" where people can fish for trout.

10. Catastrophes have been happening in Missouri and Alabama and all around, but there have been no tornadoes in the Townsend TN. area where TOCOG is.

11. Pentecost will be on June 8th, 2011, beginning the night before on June 7th.

June 7th is the Preparation Day to plan for meals on the annual holy day.

12. Three prayer requests have been made at this time.

13. A lady who lives in Maine was run over by three horses and fortunately none stepped on her. Excited geese spooked Quan Meyer's horses, so that they bolted forth when she was between them and the barn. Pray for Quan's healing.

14. Here in Maryville, Tennessee, a 9-year old boy was running in his house when he fell and was knocked out. He was taken to the hospital. His name is Joshua Meyers, but is not related to the lady in Maine.

15. A hundred members of TOCOG in Islamabad, Pakistan, are having to endure a severe heat wave where the temperatures are 106 to 117 degrees, F. or 42 to 47 degrees Celsius. They do not have air conditioning. Remember them

in prayer, that the temperatures will mitigate--cool.

16. Psalm 46:1-3 in comforting by saying, "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble...Though its waters roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with its swelling. Earthquakes are increasing in diverse places.

17. "For I will restore health to you, and heal you of your wounds, says the Lord

18. Even on his sickbed, "The Lord will strengthen him." Psalms 41:3

19. Christians must cast all their care upon Him, for He cares for us. I Peter 5:7

20. Persecution will come upon Christians and anyone who opposes the system.

People will be picked up as "enemy combatants." Men dressed in black, armed with riot gear and wearing helmets will come at 6 a.m. in the morning.

21. People will be tightly handcuffed at airports, stripped naked, put in black rooms where they will be beaten up--kicked and choked for three days.

22. When interrogating someone they will use flashing lights and loud rock music or squealing rabbits while person is in a black room in order to get a confession.

3. Other tactics the ATF (ATF stands for "Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms") and of Homeland Security involve people being force fed drugs, either by having pills stuffed in their mouths, or by a forced needle injection if they do not swallow the pills.

24. Ask the Lord to "Enlighten our eyes," to the "truth" of the evil around you, and pray for Yah to help you to trust in His mercy. Psalm 13:3 & 5

25. On the day the Lord delivered David from the hand of all of his enemies, the words of his Psalm 18:1-2 were, "I will love you, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; My God, my strength,in whom I trust."

26. Pray to God in a time when He may be found, "You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble;" Psalm 32:6-7

27. It is a blessing that on TOCOG's hill in the 1980s a "block house," made of concrete, was built that can be used as a shelter. There are cliffs on each side of the road that a person can enter, and they could be blocked, if necessary.

28. II Corinthians 3:5 reminds us, "Our sufficiency is from the God."

29. Interestingly the street where TOCOG's hill is located is "Lover's Lane."

The introductory music, "How You Broke God's Heart" to TOCOG's broadcast emphasizes that in love we return to Yeshua and our God. And our hill is located in "Sunshine County."

30. It has been since 2004 that Mr. Nowell has looked for a place for a central Feast Site, and found a place that has not been occupied for forty years. TOCOG purchased it in January 2011.

31. On the world scene, the New World Government is already nearly set up, as it has:

l. a World Court that enforces laws of the new World Government system;

2. a World Bank;

3. a World Trade Organization; and

4. a World Health Organization.

32. The components of the New World Order are in place now; it is a "shadow government" that is out of control.

33. "Knowledge is Power." Conspiracy theories" are shattered by facts. For instance, the Twin Trade Towers in New York fell "free fall," which can only happen in physics by being blown-up!

34. Citizens are being watched, tracked, and studied. Financial transactions are recorded, and there are radio frequency spy chips that record what we listen to

E-mails are tracked for "buzz words" and phone calls monitored. Also, cell phones have location devices in them.

35. Christians are a danger to society because they will refuse to obey the Beast Power-and they have to not be part of it in order for them to have eternal life!

36. Bear Note: You are like being trapped in a room and the sand is being poured in.

37. Put your hope in every jot and tittle of the Bible.

38. God is working with a holy family, a blood line from Adam.

39. There are horses in Heaven. The 10,000 Holy Ones will come on horses with Yeshua.

40. TSA (Transformation and Safety Authority) at the grope people that even the Police cannot do. Last week the TSA had planned on groping students who were attending a high school prom dance in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but were deterred by public outcry. 

41. Two sisters sued TSA so the court made the decision to have State Police search students instead of allowing TSA to grope the students.

42. Bear Note: People will soon be grooped at bus and train terminals, and even on the Highways to get people to obey and walk in lock step to the orders of the Fuhrer/Government.

43. Get this in perspective:

There are 700 million passengers a year traveling in the USA. None have been killed by terrorists.


Every year there are 40,000 deaths in car crashes, yet cars are not being investigated.

44. The Government wants to control everyone and will create unjust laws.

Suspect persons will be put in Internment camps (just like the Japanese USA citizens were) by this time controlled by FEMA.

45. Bear Note: There will "security stops" at Shopping Malls as well.

46. At Airports you must not go through the naked body scanners. Pictures are taken so your body can be spotted in a crowd.

47. In Afghanistan there 150,000 troops looking for 100 Taliban. The Theater of the Absurd is in Libya also. where there is a Pro-Democratic Movement. Only 2 % of the Libyans are going against the Government.

48. Bear Note: The United States and NATO troops support Al-Qaeda in Libya, while at the same time the USA is fighting Alqaeda in other areas.

49. Ben Ladin has died three times beginning in December 2001. The Ben Ladin family are close to the Bush family because of Harkin Oil Company.

50. Bear Note: Flouridic acid, which has arsenic, mercury, and lead in it, is put in your drinking water since 1950. This is to dumb you down. Fluoride has nothing to do with protecting your teeth. Fluoride is a poison, and is labeled as a poison.

51. Our member Quan Meyers sent us information about U. S. GMO corn. A gene is put in from soil bacteria. Monsanto "INITIALLY" said only insects would be hurt, and it would not have an impact on Americans.

52. However, toxins have been found in PEOPLE, and especially pregnant women who get all types of auto immune system diseases.

53. There is no labeling showing the GMOs in USA food products.

54. Genes are put into cotton now. In India farm laborers get sick from handling cotton plants.

Thousands of sheep and goats have died from eating BT cotton plants.

55. We are in a spiritual warfare. Ephesians 6:11 tells us to put on our whole armor.

II Corinthians 10:4 explains that our weapons are might in God for pulling down strongholds.

56. Hosea 4:6 says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." We need to fight against the schemes of society. We must have the way of truth and have physical health. Yeshua came that we might have life, John 10:10.

57. The 49 days of counting the Omer "must" also consists of loving others; love God and Yeshua first, love our neighbor, and also, love (respect) our enemies, because they also will be in the Kingdom, after they repent.

How TO COG does the Omer/Pentecost Count

58. NEW WORLD ORDER's Plan compared to           TOCOG's teachings.

Anger                                                                         Patience James 1:14

Anxiety                                                                      Peace John 16:33

Bitterness, revenge                                                      Forgiveness Matthew 6:14-15 for enemies Colossians 12:13

Complaining                                                               Contentment Philippians 2:14

Cursing                                                                      Blessing Luke 6:28

Death                                                                        Life John 5:24

Discouragement                                                         Courage Psalms 27:14

Doubt                                                                       Faith Hebrews 11:6

Fear                                                                          God's love I John 4:18

Greed                                                                       Generosity Acts 20:25

Greed                                                                       Joy Isaiah 20:19

Hateful                                                                     Pleasant talk Ephesians 4:29

                                                                                 Proverbs 16:24

                                                                                "Don't rattle"--no matter what happens

Irresponsibility                                                          Dependability Proverbs 25:13

                                                                               Abundant Heart John 5:16

Laziness                                                                   Diligence Proverbs 12:24

Lies                                                                         Truth Proverbs 14:25

"Me first"                                                                 God's way first Matthew 6:33

My way                                                                   God's way Proverbs 16:25

Their power                                                             God's power Ephesians 3:16

                                                                               Humility John 4:6

                                                                               Self-control Colossians 3:8

Regret, Shame                                                         God's forgiveness Philippians 2:34

                                                                              Consideration for others. Acts 3:19

Self-pity, (don't have enough)                                   Songs of praise Ephesians 5:19

Sexual perversion                                                    Purity I Thessalonians 4:3

Attempted suicides                                                  Life purpose John 10:10

Unfaithfulness                                                        Loyalty Matthew 15:41

Using others                                                           Sacrifice for others I Corinthians 13:4-7

Worry                                                                   Rest Matthew 11:28

Continue in Yah's/God's Word. John 8:31 says, "If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed." "Bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ."

II Corinthians 10:5 We are saved by grace. But grace is just a limited time to repent in. Grace is "not" license to sin your whole life.

Walk in obedience John 4:7

Bear Note: Submit means to come under the authority.

Bear Note: God knows how to deliver you from temptations. I I Peter 2:9;

Romans 5:3 "Tribulations produce perseverance."

God's people are not to worry. Read Matthew 11:28-29.We are to rejoice in sufferings, I Peter 4:13 The day is at hand, Romans 13:12-14

Cast off works of darkness. Change your heart.

59. Avoid polio vaccines to avoid possibility of "getting" Polio. And Countries that had no vaccine, had Polio stop the same as Polio stopped in the USA.

60. The G-8 Nations includes France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Russia. The 9th will be the European Union

61. Bear Note: The 5 "Outreach Nations" are Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and South Africa. There is also the G-20 group of nations.

62. Bear Note: "Kleptocracy" is the label of forms of corrupt Governments.

63. Yeshua has a better way. Turn your heart to all men, including enemies = including Arabs. Jews don't believe in Yeshua/Christ yet you don't hate Jews.

64. When workers use swear words around you, just say, "bleep, bleep." They'll understand. You have ever right to say "bleep".

65. Bear Note: In Jeremiah 1:5, Before God formed us, He knew us.

66. Eagles fly in wind currents and soar through the air. Isaiah 40:31 AND SO DO WE.

67. Israel relied upon dictators, such as Mubarak of Egypt, to support Israel. For thirty years Mubarak had a peace treaty with Israel. Now he is being taken out and charged with murder, so that Israel can be destroyed.

69. In the 1970s there was a song, "Eli's coming," with words, "Hide your heart."

"Don't" hide your heart. Open you heart to your Father El Shaddai and Yah/The Logos/Jesus Christ. This applies to Elisha. Ministers do "not" preach that Elisha is coming.

Jeremiah 1:4 states that Elisha will be a prophet to the Nations before the nations go into captivity. 

Malachi 4:6 states that Elisha will turn your heart. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse."

70. Elisha is coming back before Yeshua.

Elisha is coming. Look for Elisha "before" you look for Yeshua to arrive, because "it is" Elisha that will appear "before" Yeshua.

That is how you will know Yeshua is arriving.

Look for Elisha. He will show himself soon. Look for Elisha, and you will know him because he is restoring all things, and preparing the way for Yah.

May 28, 2011
 Sermon by Lawrence A. Nowell
Subject: Sermon May 28-11


c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell