Video Sermon given by Lawrence A. Nowell
November 6, 2010
The Obedient Church of God

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301 Teaching


BAAL "IS" Running" Israel & USA =

You "ARE" Living in a Country

run by the Prophets of BAAL.

Political Leaders of "all" Countries are "lying" to you.
They do not care about any Country.
They only care about Satan's NWO.
Your Politicians "are" the Prophets of BAAL:
They are "ALL" lying to you.
The NWO is controlled by Masons.
The USA is controlled by Masons.
Israel is controlled by Masonic Leaders.
Israel is controlled by Masons.
Yassar Arafat was a Mason.
Bill Clinton is a Mason.
Netanyahu is a Mason.
Simone Perez is a Mason.
They ARE
practicing Masons.
 They will chop up the City of Jerusalem
of them, 
want, want, Lucifer's Man of Sin/The Lightbringer
 to stand in the Holy Place.
They are "ALL" Lying to you
about their true agenda.
The Lord will do nothing, lest he reveals it to His Servants in TO COG. Amos 3:7
We are the "only" one
The Israeli Government
a "TRAITOR" to Yah.
The Masonic Israeli Government wants to put in Masonic Baal Worship
into Yah's Holy Place.
The "Masons" have
Taken us Over 
"The World Over
 "You" USA and
 "EVERY" Government
in the World have been taken over by Masons.
The Whole USA Government is Masonic
The Whole "Israeli" Gov't is Masonic!
The Whole NWO (New World Order) is "Masonic"/Baal/Molech.
"All" the Members of the Masons
"Revere" Lucifer as "their" Light Bringer.
All the members who are Masons participate in the "Cremation of Care" Ceremony
 All members burn/sacrifice a human body
in a coffin
to the gOD Molech.
This is a FACT!
Brought to you "only" by TO COG
All the Leaders of Worldwide Industry, and
all the Leaders of the USA, and Israel "ARE" MASONS.
You shall know them by their Works.
They "All" DO participate in the
"Cremation of Care" Ceremony
to their gOD MOLECH.
The Proof is on film/video.
You cannot deny that!
The World is "now" run by 
The Prophets of BAAL
Molech via the Owl gOD "IS" what they "ACTUALLY" sacrifice to.
In Conclusion, Remember:
Nearly "ALL" World Leaders "ARE" Masons. 
Israel's Leaders "ARE" Masons.
The USA Leaders "ARE" Masons.
Europe's Leaders "ARE" Masons.
Prince Charles is a Mason.
Yassar Arafat was a Mason.
Bill Clinton is a Mason.
Obama "is" a Mason.
Silvio Berlusconi Italy's longest serving 4 term Prime Minister is a MASON!
They are "ALL" Masons.
President Sarcozy of France is a Mason.
YOU and The World
are dealing with the Prophets of BAAL "TODAY"!!
They "ARE" all the prophets of BAAL
They "ALL" Sacrifice a Human Body
in a coffin
in their "Creremony of Care"
that they
Participate in.
This "thIS" a list of all of
Your leaders
who attended/participated in the Molech
Pagan Human Dead Sacrifice of  the 
"Ceremony of Care".
Google it at the Bohemian Grove Membership List
The is the end of the Matter.
Believe TO COG/or DIE 
But instead of "Dying" weekly, come into:
The safety and Protection via the
continuing Knowledge GIVEN BY
The Obedient Church of God =
Come "INTO"
The "Obedient" Church of God
"your" following "every" jot of
our loving Leader, Yah/Jesus
who teach us Re-discovered Truth Weekly.
Believe this from TO COG
"or" keep stumbling on.

c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell