Come into the safety and protection of  TO COG The "Obedient" Church of God.
Video Sermon given by Lawrence A. Nowell
October 2, 2012
15th Day of God's Seventh Month, 5993
The Obedient Church of God

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Come into the safety and protection of 
The "Obedient" Church of God
Subject: Sermon Oct 2-12
Highlight of October 2 2012 Sabbath Sermon:
Oct 2, 2012
 Sermon by Lawrence A. Nowell
Sermon Highlights:


October 2th 2012 Service
Tishri 15 5993


Dynamite Sermon Highlight:

Come into the safety and protection of TO COG The"Obedient" Church of God.
Video Sermon given by
Lawrence A. Nowell
October 2, 2012
The Obedient Church of God

Sermon Highlights:

By The Obedient Church of God
20+ RESTORED "Critical" DOCTRINES of God
and 130+ in total
The Obedient Church of God
Armstrong only had 18

"Do not learn the way of the nations, ... Learn not according to the ways of the Gentiles. Do not learn the way of the Gentile. Jeremiah 10:2

[Pagan inspired/rooted Days "ARE" the way of the Gentile]

Galations 1:6.9 You are accursed if you preach any other ways!

You have to kill all the animals [Pagan Days] and not keep the best Pagan Days, or the Kingdom will be taken away from you just as the Kingdom was taken away from Saul, when he saved the "best" of the animals [Pagan Days]. 1 Sam 15:19, 23.

... "the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from [being] king."


1.) Do NOT partake in the pagan Mother-goddess Day spring Festival of Mothers Day, the Mother of all the gODS and gODDESSES.

2.) Do NOT partake in pagan Sky Father’s Day, the fATHER of the sky, when God said that "HE" the true God laid the foundations of the firmament, "not" the Sky fATHER false deity. Sky fATHERS DAY leading to the summer solstice longest day of the year, just

like Xmas is the shortest day of the year.

3.) Do NOT partake in pagan Turkey-god Day, of the goose on your Dining room table, that gave its life for its young, that

laid the egg that Ra/Osiris sprung from, that the President of the United States pardons.

4.) Do NOT move God’s Sabbath to Friday in half the world (West of the International Date Line that man put in in 1883).

5.) Do NOT hire/put people to work God's Sabbath Day by going to a restaurant, instead of telling the people to "stop" working on God's Sabbath Day and to come to Services.

6.) You refuse to appear 3 times a year before God. Three times a year you must appear before God, not just once. Deut 16:16.

7.) There are 3 Holy Day offerings to God, not 7 Holy Day offerings. Deut 16:16.

Otherwise every Sabbath 52 times a year you would be giving an offering

every 52 Sabbath Days of the year, you appeared before God.

8.) For the correct third tithe years, you count from the "year of release.", not from your date of Baptism.

9.) In a seven year period, you pay third tithe on the third and sixth years and then have the seventh year of release before starting to count again.
Then you do not pay 3rd tithe on the 1st year, you wait for the 3rd year and then the 6th year, and then you again have a year of release,
to start counting three years from the year of release.
10.) You have the Last Dinner/supper/remembrance of Yah (it is not the Passover) as often as you ye drink it, ye do this in remembrance of Me = at least when we all get together:
= three times a year as we all meet together per Deuteronomy 16:16.
11.) The 3 times a year you are to travel to a place ordained by God. Deuteronomy 16:16's the
1st evening of the Days of Unleavened Bread/Passover
1st evening of Pentecost, and the
1st evening of Tabernacles when you are all together.
Editors Note: How can you wash each others feet, if you are not all together?

12.) The Footwashing is 3 times a year, as we all meet together 3 times a year.

13.) The 3 times a year for Footwashing is on the:
1st evening of the Days of Unleavened Bread, the
1st evening of Pentecost, the
1st evening of the Feast of Tabernacles.

14.) The Lord’s last dinner/supper is not the Passover. Yah did not do 1 thing against His Father's Law (or else you cannot be saved if Yah changed the Passover Day).

Do NOT confuse Yah's last dinner/supper with the Passover.

15.) The Passover bread and wine is taken standing up in Haste=you shall eat it in haste. is taken in "Haste". Exodus 12:11.

16.) The Kiddish and footwashing is done leisurely at the entirely separate days of the Lord's last dinner/supper= "NOT" on the Passover.

17.) Do NOT average God’s Holy Days by using the apostate 358 A,D. Hillel II calendar of the Fourth Century. Because then you are 2 days early 1 day late, 2 days late 1 day early, like you are this year in 2012 1 day early, which means that you work on God's Holy 1st Day of the Feast, and leave 1 day early, and work on God's Holy 8th Day. It only takes 1 click of the computer to see the "correct" sighted day, so why don't you want to click on your computer to see. Answer: Because you are misled by your Sinisters, who are following their father the Devil, and it is their will to do the will of their father the Devil. You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth. John 8:44.

18.) There are no Jewish Postponements of God's Holy Days which rabbis added to God’s true calendar.

19.) Do NOT celebrate Pentecost on Monday, nor Sunday.

Sivan 5, 6, or 7 is Pentecost as HWA rightly celebrated it on Sivan 5, 6, 7 from 1934-1937. Herbert Armstrong changed God's Pentecost from Sivan 5, 6, 7 to a Monday Pentecost in 1937 because he started counting from the weekly Sabbath instead of counting from the Unleavened Bread Day Sabbath.

20.) Count 7 "weeks", not 7 Sabbaths.

We must start counting from the day after the 1st Day of Unleavened bread "because" we are not to be just sitting idly around to the weekly Sabbath doing nothing. Count 7 weeks,

"not" 7 Sabbaths.

21.) There are 2 groups of 144,000.

22.) The 1st group of 144,000 comprises a mixed multitude Israelites "and" Gentiles (such as Rahab the harlot), and is from the time of Adam to the 7th Trumpet when Yah arrives.

23.) The 2nd group is of Israelites "only" from the 12 tribes, and these twelve tribes of Israel, go through the tribulation.

24.) The 12 tribes of Israel wash their robes in the Tribulation

25.) The 2 wave sheaf loaves held up before Father by Yah, represent the "2" groups of 144,000.

26.) There were 14 tribes, not 12 because Ephraim and Dan are missing in Revelations 7.

27.) There are 80 Books of the Bible that you are to use= not 66. The original 1611 King James Version had 80 books.

28.) There will only 100 or a very small group in the Place of Safety, because when you divide 6,000 years into 144,000 you only get 24 people a year.

29.) It is the "MANNER" in which you take the Elements, "NOT" your "being" worthy. Don't let any minister beat you over the head with I Corinthians 11:9 because unworthily is an adverb which describes the "MANNER" of the partaking of the Elements. Unworthily is "NOT" a noun, and therefore does not describe the "person".

30.) Two witnesses must see the Crescent moon in Jerusalem each new month of God’s calendar. Using "potential visibility" is a sin breaking God's Law of having 2 Witnesses.

31.) You must celebrate New Moon Day as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Jesus, and Paul did. Ezekiel 46:3.

32.) The Jews do not have the right to change God's Laws, by using an averaging Calendar. The Jews are only the "clerks" for God's existing Laws.

33.) If you use an averaging Calendar, you end up working of God's Holy Feast Days.

34.) At the Feast of Tabernacles you do urban camping in your hotel room using a tent.

I will make you live in tents "again" as you did during your appointed festivals. Hosea 12:9. My people will dwell in tents. You purchase a tent and dwell in a tent on your hotel room bed or floor, just like the Israelites did.

35.) During the seven days of the Feast of Tabernacles we dwell in a temporary dwelling, and not just spend a little time there each day. We sleep and eat there.

36.) We have to get right with God "before" Trumpets. You can’t wait and repent during the Ten Days of Awe (between Trumpets and Atonement) because it will be too late, because you are made a spirit being on Trumpets.

37.) Judgment is now "today" upon the called of God (House of the Lord) for us who will be in the 1st Resurrection. Therefore we are being judged every day. The rest of the World will be judged during the 100 years of Isaiah 65:21.

38.) The Day of Trumpets represents "one year of trumpets" when the events are analyzed in Revelation: 30 days of one, 30 days of another, 5 months of another, etc. The events add up to 364 days or one year.

39.) There are ten "groups" of nations, not just 10 kings, that will form the Beast Power.

40.) The 1st Christ to arrive will be the "false" Christ.

41.) The 2nd Christ to arrive circa 2019 will be the "real" Yahveh/Christ.

42.) The 1st Christ to arrive in the Holy Place and proclaim himself to be a God, will "not" have nail prints in his hands.

43.) Jonah means "dove," which later was the Holy Spirit that descended upon Jesus at His baptism, and was the way that even Noah was shown the way.

Dove was sent to assist Noah.

Jonah/Dove was sent to save Nineveh.

Dove was sent to assist Yeshua.

44.) The two witnesses are the "two bears" that will tear the world apart for mocking God’s way of life.

45.) It is the Khazars who are the Jews of the synagogue of Satan who were grafted into the tribe of Judah who are not Jews and who are not converted;

46.) H. Armstrong who set up the Spiritual temple was unconverted, just as Cyrus who set up the Temple was unconverted.

47.) H. Armstrong was also the worthless Shepherd that stripped the hooves off the fat sheep, by buying himself a 10 million dollar jet, 1 million in art, solid gold knives and forks (even the movie stars don't have/buy solid gold dinner knives and forks), gold plates, gold everything, Stuben crystal, a Mansion, the finest imported wood paneling on his walls, while the members did not even have their own building to meet in.

48.) The "Fat" Sheep that Herbert stripped, were the sheep that sold their houses, and then Herbert bought himself a 10 million dollar jet.

49.) Armstrong did "not" help the weak sheep in his congregation. Armstrong disfellowshipped/threw out the weak sheep in his congregation.

50.) Armstrong fulfilled the prophecy of the "worthless shepherd perfectly" because Armstrong could not use 1 arm and was blind in his right eye:

"What sorrow awaits this worthless shepherd who abandons the flock! The sword will cut his arm and pierce his right eye. His arm will become useless, and his right eye completely blind." Zechariah 11:17 And in duality Armstrong's right hand man Garner Ted, became completely useless, a fornicator, and had to be thrown out.

51.) Armstrong's 1st office was in a Masonic Building in Eugene, Oregon.

52.) Most of the halls that Armstrong had his churches meet in were Masonic Halls, (and still are today). This is because the Jesuit Stan Rader was in charge, and Armstrong condoned meeting in the Devil's halls.

53.) You cannot meet in the Devil's Masonic Halls to serve the Living true God.

54.) The leader of the Living Church of God, Roderick Meredith, was of the Satanic Order of DeMolay/a young Masonic group.

55.) The Devil is alive and well in the LCG (Living Church of God). 7 members were murdered during services in the Living Church of God, proving the Devil is active in the LCG.

56.) The people murdered in the Living Church of God were a foretaste of the Pope murdering people, "because":

Terry RATSman the murderer, and the

Pope RATZinger are type and anti-type.

57.) The Catholic Pope is a "zinger" of a rat compared to demonic Living Church of God RATSman.

58.) The LCG is the fulfillment of Revelations 3:1 Sardis: John's Letter to the church in SARDIS

You are thought to be alive, but you are dead. ...

you have "a name" that you are alive,

but you are dead. ... I have not found your deeds completed in the sight of My God.

59.) The LCG leaders "refuse" to repent of their sins listed in points 1-20 = 20 "blatant" truths of God's Bible the LCG is breaking, but lying and saying they are Philadelphian because they hold a piddley 18 while missing the mark by 20!

60.) The "Black" Popes kill the "White" Popes
if a White Popes try to change anything.
61.) Leaders of Israel are Masons.
Netanyahu is a 33rd Degree Mason and
Shimon Perez is a 33rd Degree Mason.
Obama is a 32nd Degree Mason.

62.) Jesuits are running the whole World.

63.) Stan Rader who was in charge of the old Worldwide Church of God was a Jesuit plant.

64.) Because Herbert Armstrong was guilty of committing incest/raping his daughter Dorothy for 10 long years, therefore "BY THEIR FRUITS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM=he was not converted because you can't be converted and for ten years be raping your daughter.

65.) Herbert never denied raping his daughter Dorothy. In fact Herbert admitted it, by stating when cornered in Court, and elsewhere, that: "Sometimes I wasn't as close to God as I should have been". If you were accused of raping your daughter you would deny it, not say that you weren't as close to God as you should have been.

66.) Nearly all the churches of God are liars bearing false witness about Herbert's immorality, just like Penn State did to cover up Sanduski's immorality.

That makes all the Church of God ministers "FALSE WITNESSES".

67.) When the "two witnesses" are killed, seven thousand of the Illuminati die instantly.

68.) God spoke the world and the Universe into existence the same way a person uses a voice recognition program: a person speaks and a printer prints. By speaking you can make ink words on paper come into existence.

God used the principles of Physics just like you use the principles of Physics to speak words onto paper.

69.) The 10,000 Holy Ones that Christ arrives with are 10,000 from the 1st Earth age of Atlantis.

70.) There are 57 types of aliens, of which 3 types are different sized "Greys".

71.) The Greys have been troubling mankind for the last 4,000 years.

72.) Men will hide themselves in the ground and the rocks of the earth; men have built underground cities, and some have been hollowed out two miles across. Though they dig into Sheol, From there will My hand take them Amos 9:2.

73.) Those who fly up to the Space Station to hide from Yeshua, they will be brought back. Amos 9:2 And though they ascend to heaven, From there will I bring them down.

75.) The booklet "1975 in Prophecy" by Herbert Armstrong was not wrong. It takes forty years to get through the spiritual wilderness= 2015.

76.) You are only Jewish if your mother was a Jew, because if your mother was a Jew half of you has got to be Jewish. Because people sleep around with foreigners, you are only Jewish if your mother was Jewish, because your father could be anybody.

77.) The Scripture says there will be seven women to one man, means there are seven churches to one Christ.

78.) Princess Diana was of the line of David, that from which the scepter shall not depart.

79.) Princess Diana was murdered on the ancient sacrificial altar spot of Pont de L’Alma (under which there is now the tunnel in which she was murdered on the 13th pillar). Diana was sacrificed in the tunnel De L’ Alma that is the location of an ancient sacrificial site, an ancient pagan temple placed on an energy line and dedicated to Artemis/ Diana Goddess of the Moon.

80.) Princess Diana was buried on an island where Royalty "only" bury their dogs. The island is in an ornamental lake known as The Round Oval within Althorp Park's gardens. THEY'VE BURIED DIANA ON DOG ISLAND a graveyard for animals only. Headstones marking up to five animals were removed to make way for her. That is "how" God "Line of Judah" is really thought of by the Royals from Germany.

81.) An Eternal flame is used to mark any ritual murder, including JFK's eternal flame.

82.) An Eternal flame is used to mark the murder of 3,000 at ground zero

83.) It is a mocking of God's Holy Spirit: When the Holy Spirit came on the first Pentecost after Jesus was on earth, the flames of fire were plasma speakers where flames can talk.

84.) Because of the "evil" angels who might attack her, a woman must keep her head covered when she prays. She shows she is obedient to her husband, Yeshua and Father, and therefore the evil demons leave her alone. That is what the Bible means when the Bible states: Because of the Angels. 1 Corinthians 11:10.

85.) A man does not need to wear a prayer shawl because he can speak to Father man to man and not have to hide under it or in it, as the Jewish men do when they use the prayer shawl.

87.) The correct punctuation for what Jesus said to the thief when they were being crucified is, "Verily I say to you today, thou shalt be with me in Paradise."

88.) Because Jesus said to Mary: "Do not touch Me, because I have not ascended to the Father", "this" proves Jesus wasn’t in Paradise on the day he bled to death on the cross because 2 days later He said to Mary: "Do not touch me for I have not yet ascended to my Father in Heaven". He still had to ascend to His Father in Heaven. Therefore the thief would "not" be in Paradise "today".The thief will be in the second resurrection and have an opportunity to be in God’s Kingdom (Paradise).

89.) Ambassador Hall and its grounds were built on the basis of a Pagan Occult Temple,

with the fountain in front forming equating to the penis and vagina of the edifice.

90.) Ambassador Hall has a "secret room" in its ceiling, exactly like the Masonic expensive halls.

91.) The Supreme Court building in Jerusalem is built identically as an Occult Temple.

92.) You can know the month and week of Christ's return because you can count down the 7 years once they start with the Daily Sacrifice.

93,) The Bible does "not" say that you cannot know the "week" or the month of Christ's return.

The Bible says that you cannot know the "day" or the "hour".

94.) The reason is that you have not sighted God's Crescent Moon yet and since Christ arrives on Trumpets (the 7th trump) and Trumpets starts at the 1st Day of the month of Tishiri, ergo since we "haven't" sighted the moon for the month of Tishiri 2019, we cannot know the day or the hour.

But you can know when the week is, once the 7 years starts,

95.) There is 1 wild card though in Revelations 10:6 ...that there should be no more delay, ergo there will be a delay.
96.) The false Christ arrives at 666 which is the Tripartite structure of the of Rev 6:12; 9:13; 11:14; 16:12. :
6th Seal
6th Trumpet
6th Bowl
97.) The true Christ arrives at the:
7th Seal,
7th Trumpet,
7th Vial 

98.) Regarding the upcoming elections, Christians do "not" vote, because we are ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, and have no part of this world of Satan.

99.) God sets up rulers, and therefore you could be voting against God's choice. For there is no authority except from God; and those that exist are set up by God. Romans 13:1 He removes kings and sets up other kings. Daniel 2:21.

100.) God allows the meanest toughest rulers to be set up, in order to prove to all the Heavenly Hosts, that even when the meanest toughest craftiest earthly ruler is in power, the system will still collapse in on itself, just like the Roman Empire did.

Therefore God gives free reign to all the evil rulers, to watch Communism fail, Fascism fail, Democracy fail, so that everyone knows that "only" God's way of love via Theocracy works.

Editors Note:

More points to be added as time permits, but suffice to say the 1st 20 points on this list of 100 points of understanding, "OUTNUMBER" Armstrong's 18 points!

Yet many wish to still follow Armstrong's errors instead of God's Bible.

Wake up and give your head a shake, and follow the truth or perish.

The Truth "will" set you free, but many choose to be "willfully ignorant".

Chose Truth so that you do not perish.

 Mr. Armstrong

was not wrong in 1972
40 Years in the Spiritual Wilderness = 1972-2012=
2012 "IS" the Endtime year
Before Yeshua/Christ Jesus arrives in 2018-2019 Julian Calendar time
The "GREAT" Tribulation starts 2014-2015 Julian time
1975 in Prophecy + Moses' 40 years= 2015
2015 is when we will be in the Place of Safety
just like Mr. Armstrong said, plus
this writer's understanding of
40 years of testing.
Just the same as it was for the Israelites who could "NOT" enter for 40 years!
1975-2015=40 years
Here is the "original" Booklet printed in 1956 titled
"1975 in Prophecy"
by Herbert W. Armstrong
1975 in Prophecy + Moses's 40 years= 2015

This writer has grown in every jot and tittle of Yah's Bible that he could find over the last 50 years.
This writer has been rewarded with wisdom
as stated in Proverbs 2:7
For He stores up sound wisdom for the upright.
This October 6 2007 Sermon Video Click here> shows you that
you should now listen to/follow the teachings of
For "ONLY" TO COG follows every "jot/Word" of Yeshua/Christ.
Here are 34 other points of Understanding
that TO COG has that few if any other Church has:
Rediscovered truth of/for the Obedient Church of God
This is what makes The Obedient Church of God the
of all the Churches of God
for these vital points are virtually unknown
to nearly all of the other Churches.
1.) God "did" divorce Israel and remarry another, for God now has a new bride which includes Gentiles as his bride.
2.) There are 2 groups of 144,00. See and compare Rev 7:4 & Rev 14:1
3.) The 2 loaves of "Leavened/raised" wheat bread of the Wave Sheaf offering, are held up by Yeshua = not any other Priest.
4.) The 2 loaves of "Leavened/raised" wheat bread held up to the Father on Pentecost are the 2 groups of 144,000.
5.) Satan tried to drown Jesus and all His Disciples "all" at once, just like a plane crash. Matthew 6:25.
6.) The International Date Line is supposed to be at the East Border of Israel at the Euphrates, not in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
7.) All the churches of God west of the International Date Line are celebrating God's Sabbaths on the wrong day =
All Sabbath keepers west of the International Date Line are keeping the wrong Sabbath day.
8.) All the churches of God are breaking God's Sabbath by not using God's Preparation Day to cook their Sabbath food on Friday.
9.) The Sabbaths are the mark of God on you. Exodus 31:13.
10.) Never "ever" pay money at Restaurants for hiring workers and buying food on Yah's Sabbath Days after Sabbath services, or you are "breaking" His sign on you.
11.) Never use Potential Visibility when sighting the Crescent moon in Jerusalem to determine the start of Yah's month.
12.) All offshoots of the WCG (Worldwide Church of God) are celebrating Yah's Holy Days 1-2 days early = on the "WRONG" days by using the Apostate Hillel II calendar. Proper timing observance of Yah's Sabbaths, results in Yah putting His mark on you, as a Sign between you and He.
13.) Yah's Sabbaths are a "TEST COMMANDMENT. Numbers 15:32-35.
14.) Yah's Sabbaths are a "Perpetual Covenant" you make with Yah. Exodus 31:17.
15.) The Kieographone ((list of charges against you was nailed to the Tree (cross)), not God's Laws.
16.) You are to take the Passover elements in a worthy "MANNER", even though you are "UN"worthy. I Corinthians 11:29.
17.) Passover has always been on Nissan 15 not Nissan 14, and Jesus grew up keeping the Passover on Nissan 15, and Jesus stated that He never ever did anything against His Fathers law. Therefore the Last Supper of Nissan 14 was just that: A last "supper". It was NOT NOT NOT the Passover. The Passover was the next day, Nissan 15. Or else Jesus would not have qualified to give you eternal life by His holding Passover on the wrong day!
18.) God's people Are to "dwell in" = sleep in Tabernacles for the Feast of Tabernacles. Hosea 12:9 Leviticus 23:42.
19.) Dwell/sleep in real tents (small tents on your Hotel Bed during the Feast of Tabernacles (Huts)= Urban Camping inside where it is warm, to inculcate into your mind that you are a Temporary Dwelling.
20.) Only men are required to come to Yah's Feast (though women are allowed). Deuteronomy 16:16.
21.) People need to shut up and obey Nebuchanezzar (Obama) Jeremiah 27:7 , or God could kill you. :8. Obama is Nebuchanezzar.
22.) 3 American cities in the USA will be nuked. The bear had 3 ribs in its mouth. Daniel 7:5
23.) The USA/Israel will nuke Damascus. Isaiah 17:1
24.) After the USA/Israel blows up Damascus, 1 million Arabs that are "now" living "inside" the USA will go wild and will attack the USA, inside the USA in RETALIATION INSIDE THE USA BY 1 MILLION MUSLIM ARABS NOW IN THE USA!
25.) By 2013 the USA will be broken Isa 7:8. 1948 + 65 years= 2013.
26.) In 1967 Israel's winning the War + 40 years= 2007 + the 10 years (days) of Awe +10 = 2017 =
10 years of trouble = the US started falling apart in 2007, because the 10 years of Awe started in 2007.
27.) Only 1/10 will survive after the Tribulation. Isa 6:13.
28.) The USA's National Anthem is originally from Devil/Baal worship using the song and melody: "To Anacreon in Heaven", Bacchanalia with its lyrics "And long may the sons of Anacreon intwine the myrtle of Venus with Bacchus' vine."
29.) The Wizard of Oz movie is a mockery parody that demeans Jesus and His family:
Jesus (The Lion of Judah) as the Cowardly lion,
Joseph of Arimathea (who was a 1st Century tin merchant) as the Tin Man,
Jesus' brother James (Martin Luther called James a book of Straw) as the Straw Man,
Dorothy is a parody of Jesus' Mother Mary, who has a child that crushes the witch's /Satan's house.
30.) Jesus was rich rich rich as in wealthy wealthy wealthy (because remember the Kings of the East gave Jesus Gold = a great inheritance).
(Jesus gave up all his earthly riches to His family, and went in faith, out on the road, with His disciples).
31.) Woman is the wrong interpretation of Zechariah 5:7 It should say "fire"
32.) Basket should say rocket.
33.) The "Flying Scroll" of Zechariah 5:1 is "not" a scroll at all, but a nuclear missile, because in verse 7 it is covered in "lead" as a nuclear warhead is encased in lead so that the workers on the assembly of the missile do not die, and woman is mistranslated and should be translated as "fire" as in rocket engines, and lifted up the basket= rocket between earth and heaven. Zechariah 5:9.
34.) Trumpets is coming up, and TO COG (The Obedient Church of God) is one of the only Churches of God that will "not" be glad handing and smiling on the day of Trumpets, because the day of Trumpets is 7 Trumpets of Devastation and Terror.

Devastation and Terror on Trumpets
click here>
In conclusion, we are not afraid of controversy by stating these 34 points for:
Smooth runs the water
where knowledge is deep.
Oct 2, 2012
Sermon Highlights
Oct 2, 2012
Sermon Highlights:
Highlights of Sermon


Sermon Highlights
Subject: Sermon Oct 2-12

Oct 2, 2012 - 


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The Obedient Church of God
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