Video Sermon given by Lawrence A. Nowell
October 23, 2010
Bul/Chesvan 14, 5771
The Obedient Church of God

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Section A:
Comparison of the High Priest Stones/Jewels of Exodus 28:12 to Lucifer's Stones/Jewels of Ezekiel 28:13:
Angels are presently higher in rank than humans, but "still" the High Priest's covering had 3 more stones than Satan's.
The 3 missing stones (originally inspired by R. Madison) of Satan's/Lucifer's covering are:
1.) Amethyst
2.) Legure ((aka (also know as) Jacinth, aka hyacinth))
3.) Agate
and symbolize:
1.) "Never" being a servant, and no rest (because the stone for "Service" and "Rest" is missing).
2.) "Never" to overcome, (because the stone for Overcoming is missing).
3.) "Never" to be happy, (because the stone for Happiness is missing).
Therefore God, before He even created Lucifer, "knew" the potential for wrong choice that Lucifer could make, and therefore God left off 3 stones from the day that Lucifer was created.
The prediction when put together from the characteristics of the 3 missing stones is astounding, for the 3 missing stones would show that Lucifer:
1.) Never would have rest.
2.) Never would be obedient.
3.) Never would be happy.
The list of Genesis 49:3 characteristics of the 12 sons/Tribes of Jacob/Israel, actually form a sentence that "spells out" what the "Spirit Beings" (that are the final result of the 12 Tribes) will be like:
1.) Ruben           = Sardis                       = to see
2.) Simeon         = Topaz                       = to hear
3.) Levi              = Carbuncle                = to join to attach
4.) Judah           = Emerald                    = praise
5.) Zebulun       = Beryl                         = to dwell
6.) Issachar       = Amethyst                   = a strong donkey crouching down between 2 burdens and worthy of hire and to receive rest
7.) Dan             = Sapphire                     = to judge
8.) Gad             = Legure                        = a company of witnesses, a troop shall overcome
9.) Asher          = Agate                          = happy, blessed, his bread shall be fat and he shall yield royal dainties
10.) Naphtali   = Diamond                    = beautiful, to wrestle and win, a hind let loose, he giveth goodly works to give beautiful words
11.) Joseph      = Onyx                           = to add
12.) Benjamin = Jasper                          = Benoi= son of my sorrow was changed by his father (Jacob) to Benjamin "son of my right hand",
                                                                    his mother died giving him birth.
God will give us a new name. Those that overcome get a new name written in/on a white stone. Rev 2:17.
Put all the names together, and it forms:
to see
and to hear
and be joined together
in praise
as we dwell together we are worthy of our hire
to receive rewards
and rest
and judge [judge angels]
who has made us a company of Witnesses
to be blest and happy
and to be delivered
from all of our wrestling [against the World, the flesh, and the Devil] 
so that we can sit in (be added to) heavenly places,
as a son of God's right arm.
The characteristics of each tribe when put together comprise "form" a "Prophetic" sentence as follows:
To hear, and to join in praise to dwell and be worthy to receive rest, and to judge [judge angels], in a company of witnesses happy and blest for you have wrestled [wrestled against the World, the flesh, and the Devil] and won, to "be" a son of God as God's right arm.
Section B:
Proof that: The Dome (of the Dome of the Rock), "IS" directly over the Holy of Holies.
Section C:
An Arab "originally" built the Dome of the Rock in honour of the Jews, "for the Jews", to have a place to pray.
Now they ((the NWO (New World Order)) will negotiate (force the issue) to build the 3rd Temple around the Dome of the Rock, leaving the Dome of the Rock standing but being "encompassed" by the 3rd Temple.
It will be an ecumenical agreement between all religions, showing a new false short lived "oneness" between all religions.