Come into the safety and protection of  TO COG The "Obedient" Church of God.
Video Sermon given by Lawrence A. Nowell
September 18, 2012
1st Day of God's Seventh Month, 5993
The Obedient Church of God

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Come into the safety and protection of 
The "Obedient" Church of God
Subject: Sermon Sep 18-12
Highlight of September 18 2012 Sabbath Sermon:
Sep 18, 2012
 Sermon by Lawrence A. Nowell
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Feast of Trumpets
Daytime September 18 2012 Service
It is the
YEAR of Trumpet(S),
not the Day of 1 Trumpet
Sermon Highlights:
Today's current events leading "up" to the Day of Trumpets/Day of the Lord.
1.) First the Jesuits stir up the Moslems throughout the World, by trashing their prophet Mohammed with the present Video.
2.) This causes their UNDEFEATABLE "Madi" to arise and encourages the Moslems to set up the King of the South.
3.) The Moslems attack anything American in the Middle East including Israel.
4.) The NWO King of the North sweeps through the Middle East and kills their Madi and devastates the Middle East.
5.) The Muslims then realize their Madi and Mohammed are false.
6.) Then Petros Romanos the new White Pope comes on the scene, but won't obey the Black Pope (Jesuits). The Black Popes (Jesuits) kill Petros Romanos just like they did Pope John Paul I, but Petros Romanos not only rises again to life from his deadly wound, but "now" teaches a "non"-traditional Catholic Universal Doctrine of a 1 World Religion to stop all this strife and bring peace for the Arabs, and indeed Religious peace and harmony to the World.
As a resurrected man with a new "non"-traditional Catholic Universal Doctrine, the resurrected "new" Petros Romanos, also convinces the World of his "new" 1 man Religious doctrine.
7.) The Moslems/Arabs who have no one to believe in (because their Madi has been killed by the King of the North), and who now find themselves defeated by the King of the North, and without a spiritual leader, now realize Mohammad was a fraud. The Moslems now convert to the "New" Catholic (Universal) Order because their own prophet was false and is now dead.
Indeed the "whole" World marvels at Petros Romanos, and seeks World Peace through Petros Romanos to unite all the religions of the World so that there can never be war again.
That leads up to the Day of Trumpets/Year of Trumpets.
Yeshua is a warrior King who will kill 200 MILLION men, with the blood being/rising 5 feet high and 200 miles long. Rev14:20.
It will take 6 months to pick up all their bones.
Ministers are causing you to "miss" 1 year of events, by having think Trumpets only lasts 1 day, when in fact Trumpets lasts 1 year!
200 Million men are killed on the Army battlefield,
and an additional 2 Billion of you are killed in the Cities.
9/10 of the earth's people are killed, leaving only 1/10 of people alive. Isaiah 6:13.
All the land will become thorns and briars.
Stop sinning by using an averaging calendar, when God's Bible state that you "must" have 2 Witnesses= not an averaging calendar.
List of the 7 Modern Day churches of Revelations.
The Jews are only the "clerks" of God's Law, and not the writers of God's Law.
The Jews cannot add and averaging calendar and delete the 2 witnesses from God's Bible.
Explanation of the 364 days of the Feast of Trumpet"S".
All 364 days explained.
Hint: Most Trumpet Days are 30 days long. 
PS: The Ruler of Ammon (Jordan) will escape, = not you, so if you are counting on Petra, you are out of luck.
All other Denominations ESPECIALLY the LCG (Living Church of God) are practicing lies, and only TO COG is the Philadelphian Church. The facts prove it. Outside "are"
Revelations 22:15 All who are practicing a lie, SUCH AS: Moving God's Sabbath to Friday in 1/2 the World "and" such as the Living Church of God doing that plus using an averaging Calendar, instead of using 1 click of the computer to see the correct date. Even the averaging calendar must rely on the Crescent Moon to get its averages.
Therefore stop moving God's Holy Days 1-2 days early or late thereby practicing a lie and Revelations 21:27 states: There shall be by no means enter it that causes a lie. Any employer would fire any employee that would average our company's holidays, and start 1-2 days early; and so would God.
Stop using an averaging calendar, and go on the Internet and click to see the correct day, so that you do not work (pick up sticks) on God's Sabbath Holydays, or you will be put to death. LEARN TO "FEAR" GOD.

Editor's Notes:
1.) Regarding 1 minister saying to rejoice on Trumpets:
Nehemiah 8:9-10 "only" applies to the group of people who had rediscovered the Law, and should rejoice in rediscovering God's Law.
"BUT" regarding the actual future Day of Trumpets:
The Bible states that the Day of the Lord is a day of Darkness and gloominess of devastation and Wars. Joel 2:2 "A day full of miseries!"
Barnes' Notes on the Bible A day of darkness and of gloominess - o: "A day full of miseries; wherefore he accumulates so many names of terrors. There was inner darkness in the heart, and the darkness of tribulation without. They hid themselves in dark places. There was the cloud between God and them; so that they were not protected nor heard by Him, of which Jeremiah saith, "Thou hast covered Thyself with a cloud, that our prayers should not pass through" Lamentations 3:44. There was the whirlwind of tempest within and without, taking away all rest, tranquility and peace. Whence Jeremiah hath, "A whirlwind of the Lord is gone forth injury, it shall fall grievously upon the head of the wicked. The anger of the Lord shall not return, until He have executed it" Jeremiah 23:19. ... "Clouds and darkness are round about Him" Psalm 97:2

Amos 5:18 Woe to you who long for the day of the LORD! Why do you long for the day of the LORD? That day will be darkness, not light.

Zephaniah 1:15 That day will be a day of wrath, a day of distress and anguish, a day of trouble and ruin, a day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and blackness

2.) Regarding Offerings 7 times a year:
God's Bible states to bring an offering 3 times a year Deuteronomy 16:16, not 7 times a year.
Are you going to follow God's Bible words, or a man.

3.) Re-Discovered Truth, to help you understand the future:
The 1st Christ to arrive circa 2016 will be the "false" Christ.
The 2nd Christ to arrive circa 2019 will be the "real" Yahveh/Christ.
Yeshua is going to kill 200 Million soldiers, "plus"2 Billion civilians.
Yeshua is a God of War/a Man of War who will kill 200 Million men.
Wake up, and FEAR YESHUA, and Obey in Faith.
Matthew 24:21 For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now--and never to be equaled again.
The Feast of Trumpets is NOT a day of rejoicing-the Day of Atonement is a day of rejoicing.
FEAR GOD on Trumpets (and obey).
Come into the safety and protection of TO COG The"Obedient" Church of God.
Video Sermon given by
Lawrence A. Nowell
September 18, 2012
7th DAY
The Obedient Church of God

Sermon Highlights:

Sep 18, 2012
Sermon Highlights
Sep 18, 2012
Sermon Highlights:
Highlights of Sermon


Sermon Highlights
Subject: Sermon Sep 18-12

Sep 18, 2012 - 


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The Obedient Church of God
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