The Last Great Day of the Feast is the 7th Day

Herbert Armstrong was wrong, saying it was Shemini Atzaret


The common misapplication of the term "Last Great Day" where the Scriptures clearly state the last Great Day is of the Feast, not of Shemini Atzaret-quote:

On the last day, that great day of the feast, [not of Shemini Atzaret] John 7:37 NKJV is still wrongly followed by the Churches of God.


This error is the misapplication of the Name “Last Great Day” being misapplied by Herbert Armstrong as though it referred to Shemini Atzeret, which it does NOT.


The Last Great Day does NOT refer to Shemini Atzaret, because Shemini Atzaret “IS” in fact a new, separate Day depicting a new beginning re the creation of the new universe, after Christ hands over the Kingdom to the Father.


The proof is that:

As a 1-day Feast, Shemini Atzeret can have neither a first nor last day. 


Therefore the Last Great Day refers to the final, 7th day of The Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot. 

Why is the day great?

Why is the day great?  BECAUSE on that day the 13 bulls, for the 13 tribes of united Israel are offered and redeemed. Thirteen Bulls is a great sacrifice.

Thus and the reborn tribes of Israel are elevated eternally above all tribes of men.  Note: The last shall be first. 


And the 13th bull on the last day is for the 13th tribe, Ephraim the USA,

which is now to be the first tribe in God's spiritual order. 

God is saving the best for last.


Thus because of the Great Sacrifice of 13 Bulls on the 7th Day of the Feast, therefore the Last Great Day is the 7th Day of the Feast, NOT Shemini Atzaret, as Shemini Atzaret is NOT a first or last day of anything, as Shemini Atzaret only has 1 day. Believe your Bible and not men, because no minister is perfect.