Scientists built a 3rd Strand of DNA with Silicon Patent 5,958.681 to make you into a Hybrid. See 37:00 & 41:00 & 42:35. Then you will NOT have the ability to make decisions on your own, so that they can turn you into a class of SLAVES.

AND: The “REAL” reason for a Carbon Tax is:

To change humans by reducing the atmosphere we breathe. We see the “Carbon Tax” and the hype of “Reducing your Carbon Footprint”. But we are carbon based and we breathe in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Chimeras (which are man-made creatures) cannot exist well on today’s carbon dioxide balanced earth, so the maniac scientists want to reduce the carbon dioxide in the air so they can sustain the creatures that they create. Genetic manipulation is commonplace now with cows that product human milk, and cats that glow green in the dark.