Do "NOT" have anything to do with the Stock Market
Just a heads up, since if anyone was into computer trading, 
Because: Goldman Sacs was making 100 million dollars a day,
continually, every day, without error,
which is mathematically impossible (if they wre doing it legally without something being fixed), i want to tell you that what Goldman did was a crime.
What was "fixed", were the codes that Goldman was using "to naked short" (selling electronic stock that doesn't exist) the markets.
I cut and pasted this for your knowledge base:
They proscecuted Sergey for stealing the codes, but they should have prosecuted Goldman for "making" the codes for the "naked shorting" in the first place.
Programmers are now also writing code to be shorting the bond, gold and silver markets.
Sergey Aleynikov, the so-called "Goldman Sachs spy," has been indicted on charges that he stole data on the bank's heavily guarded high-frequency trading platform. Aleynikov could face up to 25 years in prison for his actions, according to the Huffington Post.
During his two-year employment at Goldman, Aleynikov had been in charge of a group of
computer programmers
who developed and maintained the computer
code used
to operate the company's trading. The platform, which
millions in profits yearly, gave Goldman an advantage over competitors, allowing massive volumes of trade to be conducted at high speeds, according to the indictment.
When he left to Goldman to work for the Chicago-based Teza Technologies in June 2009, Aleynikov relied on data stolen from the bank to develop plans for a similar high-frequency trading platform at Teza. 
Prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan say that after 5 p.m. on his last day at Goldman Sachs, Aleynikov transferred "thousands of lines of source code" from the bank's secret trading platform.
The indictment alleges that he avoided detection by Goldman's many security measures by
1.) uploading the files to a server in Germany. Aleynikov
2.) then accessed the encrypted files several days later from his home in New Jersey, and took the Goldman data with him in to a meeting with other Teza employees.
The real story is that Goldman should not have source code that defrauds the markets, using "naked" shorting.
By October 9 2010 Germany and France will also be banning naked shorting.
Programmers are also writing code to be shorting the bond, gold and silver markets.
I'm sending you this, so that you can watch out for yourself, because actions are now being taken against the naked shorting Worldwide.

c Lawrence Nowell
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 c Lawrence A Nowell
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