Subject:  GENOCIDES:

1942 Germany, 1994 Rawanda, 2021 Australia, 2022 Canada


Governments TODAY are using the same tactics as the Nazis did. Lockdown for Jews 1942 Germany,

1994 Rawanda, 2021 Australia, 2022 Canada



Measures Taken against UNvaccinated

We are NOT free people anymore!



1.)   lockdowns for unvaccinated people are now in effect, like in Austria and in the Netherlands with '2G rules', during WW2, lockdowns were only for Jews. These were the 'measures' then:


2.)   Jewish students were no longer allowed to study at university.


3.)   On March 12 1942, they were no longer allowed to have their own company.


4.)   April 1: Jews in the Dutch city of Haarlem were no longer allowed to enter cafes, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, libraries and swimming pools.


5.)   May 31 1942: From this date, Jews were forbidden to visit swimming pools and beaches.


6.)   They were also no longer allowed to rent rooms at some seaside resorts or visit public spaces there.


7.)   On September 1, Jewish students were prohibited from attending regular schools and educational institutions.


8.)   From September 15, Jews were forbidden to visit parks, zoos, cafes, restaurants, libraries, hotels, theatres, cinemas and museums. And Jews


9.)   were no longer allowed to travel or relocate without a permit. From this moment on,


10.)                signs with the text 'Forbidden for Jews' appeared in the streets.


11.)                On October 20, the Jewish Council was obliged to register all Jews in the Netherlands. There was also a new regulation that


12.)                restricted Jews from exercising certain professions and made them dependent on a permit. And it


13.)                became much easier to fire Jews.


14.) On October 22, Jews had to leave non-Jewish associations and foundations.


15.) On December 5, all non-Dutch Jews had to report for 'voluntary emigration'.


16.) Public education for Jews was banned on January 9.


17.) On January 23, 1942, identity cards of Jews were marked with the letter 'J'.


18.) On June 5, there was a complete travel ban for Jews.


19.) On June 12, Jews were banned from shopping outside at certain times and


20.) they were only allowed to enter a limited number of shops.


21.) Jews were no longer allowed to practice sports.


22.) June 30: Curfew imposed. Jews had to be home between 8 PM and 6 AM.


23.) July 6: Jews are no longer allowed to visit non-Jews.

similarities to what is being done to unvaccinated people today should be clear for all to see.


But very few do, it seems. Laws are being changed for 2G policies, which will:


24.) no longer [just] allow testing for access to certain establishments, putting unvaccinated people in the exact same situation as Jews during WW2. The unvaccinated are already


25.) being fired in many countries, a policy that [Dutch Prime Minister] Rutte is also attempting to implement, and they are


26.) no longer allowed to travel by public transport.


27.) In Canada they are not even allowed to leave their country anymore. Virologist and veterinarian Ab Osterhaus said at Op1 that he would


28.) prefer to 'isolate' unvaccinated as he does with sick animals, to


29.) 'recognize them by the nose' and 'to


30.) be able to systematically persecute them'.

No Moral Compass

Recently, Dr. Wendy Mittemeijer-Ooteman sounded the alarm on LinkedIn. The medical affairs pharma ethics consultant 
wrote: 'I actually didn't want to post anything about it, but this literally keeps me awake. Not because this pathetic grandfather without a moral compass [referring to Osterhaus] says this, but because no one confronts him about it in the moment.


In pharma ethics, we call someone like Ab O. an 'opinion leader', an expert with formal and informal influence. One whose opinion is capable of leading and seducing a large group of people. I have been trained to assess these opinion leaders for ethical behavior and decide whether or not to work with them. In this case my free advice would be: don't work with this man.'

The [Dutch public broadcasting organisation] NPO thought it was funny to come up with


31.) Squid Game parody in the TV program De SociŽteit in which unvaccinated people are shot.


32.) And the NPO program Plakshot made a drillrap video in which young people are threatened that if they do not get vaccinated they will get 'pricked', which is slang in Dutch for stabbed with a knife. And someone 


33.) said on NPO Radio 1[to the unvaccinated]: 'You all can just die.'


34.) Consider also the whole discussion about denying unvaccinated the right to receive care, and now


35.) also the right to work and provide for one's livelihood.

FVD Member of Parliament Pepijn van Houwelingen compared the clips with the genocide in Rwanda in the 1990s: 'Do you perhaps see parallels between Radio Milles Collines and the way in which the genocide in Rwanda came about?' he asked the Minister of Justice, 'and


36.) the genocidal satirical fantasy of violence as broadcast by the NPO in which a certain population group, in this case the unvaccinated, is massively shot?'

On Radio Milles Collines, the Tutsis were called cockroaches that had to be killed. We all know how that ended, just as we know what the fate of the Jews was in World War II. 


It is shocking that


37.) today's 'good citizens' are sometimes as resentful towards unvaccinated people as ordinary Germans were towards Jews at the time. That, combined with


38.) the government's policy of excluding unvaccinated people from society and


39.) further destroying them, causes one to


40.) KNOW they are going to get MORE OPPRESSIVE against the unvaccinated=  a worst time for the future.