OUT OF CONTROL corrupt poLICE have put whistleblowing citizens into mental institutions & Bible believers who speak against sodomy/gay perverts will be next


Don’t prosecute rape cases, and auto thefts, etc. as those take too much of your time.

Just spend “all” your time handing out tickets to make money for us. Actual PROOF the LICE are told to: “Hand out moneymaking tickets” and they have to meet their “QUOTA” of tickets or be fired! The LICE pigs are told to ticket citizens or we will fire you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwQyN6y64EE

And realize that the poLICE do NOT NOT NOT protect you. They only come after you have been robbed, raped, or beaten up or shot. Read “Call 911 and die”, because by the time the poLICE arrive you will be robbed, raped, beaten up or dead.

ARM YOURSELF because the LICE are useless. The LICE refused to go into the school in Florida when the shooting was going on, and the LICE hid outside and refused to go in.