How to get to Townsend by Air:
1.) You fly into Maryville and take a cab or rent a car to go to Townsend.
2.) Or you drive straight into Townsend and find a Hotel/Motel.
The least expensive is for $46.00 on the main Highway, but recommended is the River Breeze for $69.00 per night.
Cruise with the Taxi
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But Pigeon Forge (Dollywood) is 20 miles away from our Chapel.
Recommend is the Hendricks River Breeze for $69.00 per night.
If you cannot find a Motel of your choice, then there is always the Motel 8 in Townsend, AND the Hotel on the Highway besides Hendricks, run by the East Indians that is fine, but has no swimming pool etc.., and that "always" in the past has had Vacancies.
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