This is Townsend and the People of Townsend
This "is" another reason "why" God "blessed" the Townsend Tennessee Feast Site

Townsend Feast Site (Welcome to the Heart of the Bible Belt):
The whole Town's population is only 250:
Just so you "know" what the Townsend people are like (if the Place of Safety is Townsend we won't need any TV/Radio [:>) <grin>):
See 3:18 minutes: Sister and brother, joy to your soul, when you are sad, Yah comes and makes you glad.>
Check out 5:00 minutes: I'll be your Brother>
and the older folks>
and in General>
All ages participate>
Welcome to another World: It's another "World" of Dance/Clogging see 2:30 It's a whole other Godly culture of Happiness and joy>
And we "Clog" all day long, and into the night (Night time is when the "best Cloggers" come out of the Woods <grin>
I'm gettin' Ready:
They play all day long (1 more time)  <grin> , and into the Night>
It's a Happy Happy Happy Godly place for what they know about Yah! And are they ever "POSITIVE".
Fly away Home> <at 4 minutes "GLORY LAND".
This is Townsend and the People of Townsend

c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell