August 13, 2011 Sermon Transcript

By Lawrence a. Nowell

1.)    Greetings brethren and friends from around the world. This is The Obedient Church of God broadcasting live from and www.

2.)    Suppertime 6 p.m. in France, 9 a.m. on the west coast, and 12 noon on the east coast of the United States, the perfect time for our spiritual feeding on this Sabbath Day.

3.)    We open services with prayer as we enter Father’s throne room. We bow our heads, close our eyes, and raise our hands to the heavens as we praise our Father and Yeshua.

4.)    “Almighty and most merciful Father, praise, glory, and all dominion and rulership to you forever and ever and ever. There is none like you with Yeshua at your right hand.

5.)    “Help us to grow up as your children. Help us to be models of you and Yeshua. A model is a small representation of the real thing…

6.)    “Father, we ask you to inspire the hearing and the speaking and inspire the listening and watching the videos. Now we turn this service over to your hands and give you all praise and glory through Yeshua ha Mashiach, our soon coming king. Amen.”

7.)    We have a dynamic service for you today. We are going to be telling you the New Moon Day is the first day that begins a new (Hebrew) month, and we are supposed to have a worship service, because Israelites did have a worship time on that day.

8.)    There is no buying or selling on the New Moon Day because the people had to wait until the gates were opened after having been closed, in order to buy and sell.

9.)    TOCOG has a tall order against those people who make trouble for us who are following God’s ways. We are supposed to do good to those who persecute us.

10.)                        Now we want to praise Father in his throne room so TOCOG uses the 1934 hymnals, page 8: “Give Ear to My Prayer O Lord,” the 143rd Psalm. Through our trials all we can do is set our faith in our Father and Yeshua and in the protection of the angels. So Father, we do indeed, do trust and that’s our only hope Father.

11.)                        On page 63 we sing “O Lord Thou Art My God and King,” in honor of Yeshua. For our third hymn we turn to page 49, a very poignant hymn, “Lord, Teach Me That I May Know.” This is so very important because we are getting new knowledge about the new moon from Father today.

12.)                        Yes, indeed, we ask Father to teach us that we may know the way in which we should go. Therefore, he answers our prayers.

13.)                        Today we will be speaking about the New Moon Day. There’s actually a service on New Moon Day. We are not to buy and sell from the sundown to the sunset that day.

14.)                        The Obedient Church of God is the only remnant group in the whole world most identical to the First Century Christians because we are continually being taught more and more and more. TOCOG does not observe the Devil’s Days.

15.)                        Every other group in the world celebrates Devil Days. And that includes the United Church of God, the Philadelphia Church of God, the Living Church of God, the Church of God Eternal, and all of the offshoots of the Worldwide Churches of God.

16.)                         TOCOG has told everyone that the Devil’s Day is Sky Father’s Day, the longest day of the year, while Christmas is the shortest day of the year. Also, Mother’s Day is in honor of the Mother of all the gods. Ministers haven’t got a clue what they are honoring

17.)                        Turkey Day is the day of Ra-Osiris remembering the ancient gods of Egyptians when they revered the goose for giving up its life so its young could scamper away. Why does the United States President pardon a turkey every year? Because it’s Satan’s world.

18.)                        If you want to dispute about those pagan holidays, you cannot dispute that the Sabbath Day has been moved to the sixth day of the week in half the world by Jewish Rabbis. In all of Asia, Japan and China the seventh-day Sabbath Day has been moved!

19.)                        People must repent who live west of the International Date Line in the Pacific Ocean and keep the Sabbath Day at its proper time, counting from Jerusalem.

20.)                        The Obedient Church of God is the only remnant group identical to the First Century Christians.  They remember the fourth commandment to keep the seventh-day as a day of rest, a holy day to worship God who made a covenant with his people.

21.)                        Unrepentant hardened hearts will continue to keep the Devil Days so they will see where these observances end up.

22.)                        Also, it is wrong to go into restaurants to buy food on the Sabbath Day and pay money for a meal. Christians are not to buy and sell on this day of rest. Those workers should not be working on the Sabbath Day, but should be attending church services.

23.)                        There was a practice in the old Worldwide Church of God to put money in an envelope to pay a church member for something, and this was allowed. Wrong.

24.)                        Governor Bradford kept a celebration feast with the Indians for three days, so it didn’t just pop into head. It was observed as the Pawnee Indians kept it those days.

25.)                        Churches of God keep Devil’s Days and lie about their decision that it is fine to observe them.

26.)                        Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell is here to speak the truth, but the evil-doers don’t want to hear the truth. They want to cast dispersion on the messenger, and they won’t discus the facts, but just attack the messenger. That’s their technique because their position is indefensible. We are not to foolishly disobey God’s laws.

27.)                        All Churches of God and associates who are tuning in must repent of their pagan worldly observance of Devil Days. They need to stop participating in Satan’s days because it is his plan for destroying their lives.

28.)                         They all must turn their hearts to the Father and put their hearts into the Bible. And if they don’t love the truth some had better get rebaptized.

29.)                        Ministers are “sinisters” because they are telling people to sin. They are telling people it is fine to move the Sabbath Day to the sixth day in half of the world. They are saying it is fine to have Father’s Day, it is fine to have Mother’s Day, that it is fine to have Turkey Day. These ministers are antichrists! Sorry. Their game is exposed, over.

30.)                        These ministers better not dare torch the messenger. They better watch out for the bears. Remember two bears attached 42 young men for mocking Elisha.

31.)                        Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell has a bear that has a sign that says, “Wipe Your Paw” because the bear had stomped on a gnome, representing a pagan practice. The bear is stamping out the pagan practices.

32.)                        TOCOG is the only church that stamping out the pagan idolatrous practices of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, the moving of the Sabbath to the sixth day in half the world, and buying food on the Sabbath Day, paying people to work in restaurants.

33.)                        The games are OVER for all the ministers who want to have people observe pagan days. TOCOG is telling them they are antichrists. They are only to follow Yeshua whose ways are in the Bible. This includes not wearing Hindu prayer shawls, unbiblical.

34.)                        Hindu prayer shawls are used to hide one’s head and go inward to self, into the center of one’s own being. Instead, people are to lift their hands up and go outward to Father, throw themselves out to the mercy of God and meet the Father face to face.

35.)                        In the next 24 hours 150,000 people will die, so don’t think you are immune because trouble is all around us.  Mr. Nowell will be telling us about the angels that are wicked spirits in high places. And this is important for us to know.

36.)                        Remember that in the Days of Av we have trouble. Today is Av the 12th, which is August 13th. And this past week TOCOG’s building for meetings that had two pillars on the front is now trashed.

37.)                        This past week this meeting hall was taken up the steep hill with a big caterpillar tractor without any problem. At the top of the hill for some reason the driver wanted to turn it. He tied into the bank and then it got stuck and no matter how much he pulled with the cat to jiggle it around, it wouldn’t move. The men should have dug it out.

38.)                        But Mr. Nowell got another caterpillar tractor and pushed from the back. And after the third or fourth push, it started to bumble and bang; all the windows smashed out of it.

39.)                         It went on with more pushing and nudging and bending until the whole front end is down about 3 feet into the ground. The building buckled from being pushed and became a horseshoe. One push harder tore out about 10 feet of the whole back end.

40.)                        There’s one high to this whole thing. God has provided a way out. The neighbor has a trailer that he is carting out and he said he is giving us a new frame. To fix the meeting hall trailer up will be a lot of work. He is an excellent fellow who came to help.

41.)                        There is a scripture that says that all things work for good to those who obey God. But that is not what the verse actually says. What the mistranslation says is, God enters into our messes and gets us out of our messes. This is what it means.

42.)                         Romans 8:28 KJV reads, “We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.”                                      What this verse says is that God enters into all of our messes to rescue us.

43.)                        Do all things work together for our good? Yes, but there are prerequisites. It is for those who obey God. So it is not eternal optimism that is born outside of the crucible of reality. What is really going on is that Father provides a way out of our problems.

44.)                        Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell had an uncle who died of cancer. All he had to do was go on a whole food organic diet and not eat anything made by man. God provided Mr. Nowell to tell him how to cure his cancer, but he would not change.

45.)                        Mr. Nowell’s uncle went to the doctor and got chemo therapy and all their drugs and treatment, operations and then died within a year. Why? He wouldn’t let God rescue him out of all things and follow sound advice.

46.)                        There are statistics from that from the 1950s has been curing cancer.

47.)                        The point is that God enters into all things to get us out of our mess by telling us what to do with our tragedy.

48.)                        One good thing about the bent up trailer is that the windows that face the mountains about 150 feet up on the hill are intact. In spite of the disaster, God has rescued TOCOG.

49.)                        Regarding the hill, we’ve done a lot of excavating to make a path up for taking two trailers. Pray that all things will go well on Tuesday for the moving of this parsonage trailer from which we broadcast.

50.)                        Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell is learning to be more dynamic in his leadership in giving people directions. He believes he should have been in front of the caterpillar tractor and yelled, stop!  And commanded that the trailer be dug out before it was trashed.

51.)                        Mr. Nowell is not worried about his problem; he knows what to do and he believes God will see him through.

52.)                        The hill provides a good exercise workout. It’s like a treadmill going up and down it. For those people coming to the feast, Mr. Nowell has a Dodge Ram, a very powerful diesel truck, that used to be a tow truck and has four-wheel drive. It can take people up and down the hill to the meeting hall.

53.)                        Sad news in all this is that one of the trees that was brought down to widen the road, because of the way the roots were situated, fell on the block house. Now that the front wall was torn out, what was left of the block house can be rebuilt. And the pot-bellied stove and 20 ton press can be fixed, so we are getting out of these problems.

54.)                        Some good news is that a second spring has been found with all the digging on the property at the foot of the driveway. This water source comes out of the mountains.

55.)                        In this world we know the debt crisis has been engineered deliberately.

56.)                        Tragedies that happened recently in Norway were done deliberately because Norway is a peaceful law-abiding country that is calm and sedate and does nicely by itself. A problem has been created and the people want a solution.

57.)                        Now that Norway’s Parliament Building has been bombed and 94 people have been killed, they are saying they need more surveillance in watching people. They want to know what everyone in the country is doing so a tragedy never happens again.

58.)                        The perpetrator, who was a 3rd level in his Masonic Order, was inspired by Satan to kill the 94 people in Norway so they will need the New World Order to bring in safety and security.

59.)                        Same thing is happening in London. Riots are allowed to be fomented and go on deliberately so the people will be convinced that they have to have surveillance and accept the New World Order.

60.)                        These incidents are what is known as the Hegelian Dialectic. The people, the government, and the Masonic leaders cause the problem and then the people and the Masonic leaders propose a solution. And the solution is going to be surveillance of all of the people of every country. And they are doing it.

61.)                        Our United States economy is going to get worse. For the last ten years 47,000 factories in the U.S.A. have been shut down. Unbelievable!

62.)                        There are over 14 million people unemployed in the United States. In various statistics, if a person uses labor participation of workers, there is 36% unemployment in the United States.  And we are not hearing this in the news media.

63.)                        One in five children lives in poverty in the United States, as a result of Satan’s system. Forty-six million people in the United States are struggling just to eat.

64.)                        President Ronald Reagan sent all of America’s jobs overseas by taking off all the tariffs down to peanuts. The United States used to have 70% or 100% tariffs on some goods, and that’s when we didn’t have to have income tax. The United States didn’t have to have income tax before the 1900s because of the tariffs.

65.)                        And the debt collapse is because people have bent the rules. The Glass- Steagall Act of 1933 prevented banks from doing speculative investments with people’s money. They had to hold people’s money and make their interest on the money.

66.)                        In 1999 Bill Clinton took out the Glass-Steagall Act and within ten years the whole thing collapsed again in 2008, the same as it did in 1933. (The repeal contributed to the severity of the Financial crisis of 2007-2011 by allowing Wall Street investment banking firms to gamble with depositor’s money in banks.)

67.)                        What’s happening today with Obama and the rest of the leaders is they have broken the rules fort the last 10-20 years, actually since Ronald Reagan has been breaking the rules. That’s why we had the Savings and Loan crisis in 1980.

68.)                        People are now bending the existing broken-rules. There’s class warfare going on now in the United States.

69.)                        What we hear on the news with the different politicians saying “corporations are people” are absolute lies, that corporations should have the same rights as people!

70.)                        Government leaders are breaking the Unions deliberately so that they can have more money for the rich upper class for the corporations.

71.)                        We know that one percent of the people in the United States control 90% of all of the wealth, and they are so greedy they want more.

72.)                        So what’s happened with last week’s debt ceiling agreement? It’s a declaration of war on the poor. It’s Satan’s sandwich of a bad deal and the plight of the worker. It is a class war on the poor and on the working people. That’s so the oligarchs and the avaricious plutocrats can get more money. And go after the poor in the name of deregulated unions and deregulated markets.

73.)                        It is heading toward no extension of unemployment benefits. So when people riot in the streets they bring in the New World Order. And then they’ll have to have a Gestapo to control the people and restore order.

74.)                        Are they going to have the debt ceiling raising? Also, not one corporate loophole has been closed. (Corporations on the Cayman Islands don’t pay any tax at all.) And Exon is making the most profits ever, and yet is getting government subsidies and this hasn’t changed. They allow the corporations to keep running amuk and not paying any taxes.                  

75.)                        The new debt ceiling deal allows corporate America to get away with it again. And who are the new poor now? The new poor are the working class.

76.)                        The only solution will be when Yeshua returns.

77.)                        For those who try to protest, remember the G-20  protest in Toronto in Canada in 2010? More than 1,000 people were arrested, completely innocent people, people who were just walking on the street in the area. And they were let go after a few days, but without charges. And there’s no recourse because they weren’t charged.

78.)                        That was the most massive compromise of civil rights in the history of Canada. And it’s part of a North American wide strategy. They just want to round up people and take them off the street so they can put in their New World Order.  

79.)                        This is how the neo cons, the new conservatives, the oligarchs are going to bring in the New World Order so they can keep control of their 90% of the wealth.

80.)                        For those who want to protest so they can correct Satan’s system, always carry a toothbrush. So that when you are put in prison for no reason, you’ll be able to brush your  teeth.

81.)                        The problem is the people don’t believe in Yeshua, let alone Yeshua’s ways of following the Bible. They only believe in the Roman Catholic ways, the Roman Church.

82.)                        The Roman Government, Emperor Constantine of the Roman Empire, set up the Roman Church in the fourth century. And all of the main stream churches are Roman Churches, offshoots of Rome in North America. They are the harlots that came out of the Great Whore, the Roman Catholic Church, which is the Roman government church!

83.)                        The greatest myth is that the Roman Catholic Church is Christian, but the truth is the Roman Church is the enemy of Christians.  All the offshoots of the Catholic Church are enemies of Christians.

84.)                        And all the “Sinisters” among the Worldwide Churches of God who observe pagan holidays are under the domination of Principalities.

85.)                        Bear  Note: The Romans became the Catholic Church in the fourth century. But in the first century they killed Christians, fed them to lions, tore them asunder.

86.)                        Today the evolution theory is still taught in the schools, and it’s not even a science. If we deny creation by God and believe in evolution, we are denying common sense and are fools. Evolution is very ridiculous.

87.)                        Why aren’t our feet attached to our arms or our fingernails on our ears? How come our teeth aren’t on our toes? How did we get put together so wonderfully?

88.)                        “Be Glad Your Nose is On Your Face”                                                                             “Be glad your nose is on your face, not pasted on some other place.                                    For if it were where it is not, you might dislike your nose a lot.                                     Imagine if your precious nose were sandwiched in between your toes.                           That clearly would not be a treat for you would be forced to smell your feet.                Your nose would be a source of dread, were it attached atop your head.                             It soon would drive you to despair, forever tickled by your hair.                                         But in your ear, your nose would be an absolute catastrophe.                                               For when you were obliged to sneeze, your brain would rattle from the breeze.          Your nose instead, through thick and thin, remains between your eyes and chin,          Not pasted on some other place. Be glad your nose is on your face.”

89.)                        Your nose didn’t get there on your face by accident. We are magnificently made.

90.)                        The dolphins have better sonar than humans do. Men train dolphins to find sea mines because man’s sonar can’t be as accurate as the dolphin’s sonar once they’re trained to find the sea mine.

91.)                        Our  faith is in Yeshua and Father and we walk and talk with Yeshua and Father. Now we get mad but we are not upset. We have righteous anger against the politicians and Satanic system, but we aren’t upset in terms of not having any hope. We know the only hope is Yeshua. So we can be angry but we don’t sin. We don’t take up pitchforks against the government.

92.)                        We handle controversy with wisdom and see the big picture. Therefore, we want Yeshua as our king and we want him back as our king.

93.)                        I Samuel 12:12 tells that the Israelites had God as their king, but when they saw Nahash the king of the Ammonites come against them, the Israelites said “Nay” to God. They wanted a king to rule over them instead.

94.)                        We humans cause our problems by rejecting Yeshua as our king. Problems (messes) are our fault, but now we’ve got to change it. We’ve got to abide by following every jot and tittle of God’s Word. We follow every detail of God’s Word so we aren’t as “dead men” walking without the hope of Yeshua.

95.)                        Dallas, Texas, had a heat wave. For 40 days there were over 100 degree temperatures. It has significance in that Father is trying to get the attention of the people who are breaking all the rules.

96.)                        There is a world news picture of Iranian youths being arrested for having a water pistol fight in public. The event attracted more than 14,000 people and promted similar events in other Iranian cities, Isfahan and Karaj. Interesting.

97.)                        This is Ramadan for the Islamic people who fast during the daylight hours and eat after dark. The officials have banned swimming in the sea during this season. 

98.)                        In Somalia during the last 90 days 29,000 children under five have died, so that is about 10,000 a month, starving to death. This is Satan’s world.

99.)                        Alaska’s “Loch Ness” monster has been photographed. They are leviathans of the Bible. These monsters weren’t destroyed in the flood. Alaskan Sea Serpent Video.

100.)                    A new race of God-beings are being born, you and me. We must be busy “being born” so we aren’t busy dying.

101.)                    Today we have a New Moon Day Sermon.

102.)                    On the “new moon day” people of God assembled. It is a holy day of God. TOCOG has a rediscovered truth that we are to observe new crescent moon sightings.

103.)                    With the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. by the Romans all worship that required sacrifices and the priesthood was suspended. After the return of Yeshua these will all be reinstituted.

104.)                    There is little said about the observance of the New Moon after Christ’s return, but there are two prophecies that prove that the New Moon observance will be an intrinsic part of worship of Father in the future.

105.)                    Isaiah 66:22-23 says, “As the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, says the Lord, so shall your seed and your name remain. And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one Sabbath to another , shall all flesh come to worship before me, says the Lord.”

106.)                    On the new moon day the people will come and worship God. This is a day of no commercialism, that is, no buying or selling. And it infers that it was a no workday. Each new moon was the beginning of a new month of the Hebrew calendar.

107.)                    Ezekiel 45:16-17 prophesys , “All the people of the land shall give this oblation for the prince in Israel. And it shall be the prince’s part to give burnt offerings, and meal offerings, and drink offerings, in the fasts, and in the new moons, and in the Sabbaths, in all solemnities of the house of Israel; he shall prepare offerings to make reconciliation for the house of Israel.”

108.)                    Ezekiel 45:18 says, “Thus says the Lord God, In the first month, in the first day of the month, you shall take a young bullock without blemish, and cleanse the sanctuary.”

109.)                    Worship services are predicted when Christ rules as king.

110.)                    Ezekiel 46:1-3  “Thus says the Lord God; the gate of the Inner Court that looks toward the east shall be shut the six working days, but on the Sabbaths it shall be opened, and it in the day of the new moon shall be opened…the gate shall not be shut until the evening. Likewise the people of the land shall worship at the door of this gate before the Lord in the Sabbaths and in the new moons.”

111.)                    Bear Note: There is a clear distinction between work days and new moon days and Sabbaths in Ezekiel 46:1-3. So now there is a worship service.                                                                                                                      The gate was opened so people could enter the inner court on the new moon days (after the new moon is sighted) and sabbaths for a worship service. This is in the Bible.

112.)                     This is important rediscovered truth. TOCOG is turning the heart of the Father to the children and the hearts of the children to the Father.

113.)                    TOCOG will be broadcasting on the next New Moon Day after it has been sighted.  The first day of each new lunar month will be a special day of worship. It is in our instruction manual that we worship in the new moon day.

114.)                    The future physical Israelites will be commanded to worship before God on each new moon day. This prophecy tells what is going to be going on:                                    Ezekiel 46:6 says, “And in the day of the new moon it shall be (the prince shall offer) a young bullock without blemish; and six lambs, and a ram… without blemish.”

115.)                    CHRIST is our SACRIFICE for sin, and He was a complete sacrifice, but it appears there are going to be sacrifices offered in the world tomorrow, and they will have a new purpose. They will be made so people realize and understand there is a penalty for sin.

116.)                    Christ made his sacrifice once, so he can’t be sacrificed on the tree on every new moon day. But people can sacrifice a lamb, not as a payment for their sins, but as a remembrance of Yeshua’s sacrifice. This might be what all these sacrifices will be for.

117.)                    We are to worship on the New Moon Day, the first day of the lunar month. And it ranks right along with the Sabbath Day in importance, and this cannot be denied.

118.)                    In Ezekiel 46:3 the people shall worship on the Sabbaths and on the New Moons, and these will be special days of worship.

119.)                    Bear Note: Activities on the New Moon Day are praying to God, singing praises,  listening to TOCOG’s special service, having Torah study, festive eating, and story telling.

120.)                    Numbers 10:10  tells us, “In the beginnings of your months, you shall blow with the trumpets over your burnt offerings, and over the sacrifices of your peace offerings; that they may be to you for a memorial before your God: I am the Lord your God.”

121.)                      Numbers 28:14 says, “This is the burnt offering of every month throughout the months of the year.” In the future offerings will be given, but with new meaning.

122.)                    In I Samuel 20:18 King Saul and his family had a dinner (festive meal) on the new moon day. And verse 27 tells that King Saul kept a second special meal in honor of the beginning of the month.

123.)                    In Amos 8:5 someone asked, “When will the new moon be gone, that we may sell corn (grain)?” On the New Moon Day there was abstention of business transactions.

124.)                    There was a practice in II Kings 4:23 that people went to see the prophet on the new moon and Sabbath.

125.)                    There are chastisements that come upon people if they cease to observe the new moons. Once we know about the new moons we are responsible to keep them. If we don’t observe them the joys of the new moon will cease.

126.)                    Hosea 2:11 says, “I will also cause all her mirth to cease, her feast days, her new moons, and her Sabbaths, and all her solemn feasts.”                                                     TOCOG is restoring the observance of the new moon days.

127.)                    There is only one remnant group in the world identical to the First Century Christians, and Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David. This is proven by The Obedient Church of God following every jot and tittle of God’s Word.

128.)                    Observing the new moons inculcates into our minds how Father and Yeshua have created this whole magnificent universe. And it inculcates in our minds we are not part of this world. We are in this world, but we are not part of all its pagan holidays.

129.)                    In the fourth century Rabbi Hillel ll made an averaging calendar, which puts the festival days off one or two days in the month they occur.

130.)                    Before Hillel ll the observance of the new moon was never a fixed astrological calculation. The new crescent moon was solemnly proclaimed after witnesses had testified to seeing the reappearance of the crescent moon in Jerusalem.

131.)                     “On the thirtieth of each month the members of the High Court assembled in the courtyard in Jeusalem. When they waited to receive the testimony of two reliable witnesses, they then sanctified the new moon (day). If the moon’s crescent was noty seen on the thirtieth day, the new moon (day) was automatically celebrated on the 31st day.”                                                                                                     The Jewish Virtual Library

132.)                    To inform the population of the first day of the month, beacons were kindled on the Mount of Olives, and then over the entire land and in part of the diaspora. (These beacons were fires for lighting purposes.)The diaspora didn’t begin until 70 A.D., so this is speaking of the first century.

133.)                    The Jews who lived great distances from Jerusalem always celebrated the new moon on the thirtieth day of the month. On those occasions when they were informed of its sighting a day later, they observed a second consecutive day of the new moon.

134.)                    By the middle of the fourth century in 358 A.D. Hillel ll changed the Hebrew calendar to an averaging calendar, which was absurd.

135.)                    The Biblical commandment of joy is basic to the festival so that’s how we joyfully celebrate New Moon Day.

136.)                     Deuteronomy 16:14 tells God’s people to “rejoice” when they keep their feasts and since the new moon was equated to the seasonal feast days, it was a time of blowing with the trumpets.  This is in Numbers 10:10.

137.)                    On the New Moon Day Rabbis quote Psalms 118:24 to the people, “This is the day which the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” So have a special meal.

138.)                    Fasting is not done on the Sabbath day or a feast day. But when you do fast you don’t let anyone know about it.

139.)                    It is actually forbidden to fast on the New Moon Day. “It is meritus to partake of a festival repast.” (festival meal)

140.)                    The New Moon Day is a very significant day of importance for worship and for feasting. But you are NOT going to be working on that day, if possible.

141.)                    “And in the beginnings of your months” you shall present an offering.Numbers28:11

142.)                    “David said to Jonathan,” in I Samuel 20:5, “Behold, tomorrow is the new moon (a time of rejoicing), and I am supposed to dine with the king.”

143.)                    We should want to celebrate the New Moon Day as a day of rest if we can, and it is definitely a day of worship, and we will be blessed for our obedience.

144.)                    In I Samuel 19:2 Saul’s son Jonathan told David that because his father sought to kill David, David must take heed to hide. Jonathan told David not to show up on new moon day. (Jonathan was willing to do whatever David wanted him to do.)

145.)                    I Samuel 20:24 says, “So David hid himself in the field: and when the new moon (festival) was come, the king sat down to eat.”

146.)                    I Samuel 20:27 continues, “And it came to pass on the morrow, which was the second day of the month that David’s place was empty: and Saul said to Jonathan his son, Wherefore comes not the son of Jesse (David) to meat (the meal), neither yesterday nor today?” Two days to celebrate is not commanded in the Bible.

147.)                    Amos 8:5 tells, “The people didn’t buy or sell, so they asked, When will the new moon be gone (over) that we may sell grain? And the Sabbath, that we may set forth (market) wheat?”

148.)                    It is clear that on the new moons people feasted together, that God commanded it, and they worshipped together.

149.)                    The new moons are also commanded in the New Testament. Colossians 2:16 says, “No one should be judging you for your keeping a new moon day.” (or Sabbaths)

150.)                    Colossians  2:17 says that new moon days, holy days, and sabbaths are a shadow of things to come.

151.)                    Bear Note: We want to offer a sacrifice to God. Our new sacrifice is the praise of our lips as we celebrate the new moon days.

152.)                    Hosea 14:2 says, “Take with you words, and turn to the Lord: say unto him, Take away all iniquity, and receive us graciously: so will we render the calves of our lips.” The “calves of our lips” means “the sacrifices (offerings) of praise to God.”

153.)                    TOCOG is learning more and more things that are tantamount to following the Torah and tantamount to the way things are going to be in the new world. We must follow the tenants of the Bible to be in The Obedient Church of God.

154.)                     When there will be a new heavens and earth there will be a new race of God-beings created. We’ll be a new race celebrating God’s ways and God’s days.

155.)                    Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell wants to tell what TOCOG is dealing with here on vengeance. The trailer park owners have made trouble for TOCOG that Father has allowed. The topic is how to deal with vengeance.

156.)                    Our Father in heaven doesn’t rebuke us in anger and discipline us in wrath. He gives us 70-80 years. Psalms 6:1 says, “O Lord rebuke me not in thine anger, nor chasten me in your hot displeasure.” So, therefore, we should not have unrighteous anger.

157.)                    How are we to handle our vengeance? We are never to avenge ourselves. The Lord tells us in Romans 12:19, “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath (leave room for the wrath of God): for it is written ‘Vengeance is mine; I’ll repay, says the Lord.’ ”

158.)                    To the contrary, “Therefore if your enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing you shall heap coals of fire on his head.” Romans 12:20

159.)                    “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21

160.)                    Ex-Worldwide Church of God people evicted TOCOG in 30 days. They should have allowed more time. Being in a hurry the meeting hall trailer was bent up because the men were pushing too hard to get the job done.

161.)                    Never avenge yourself. When Father says, “Vengeance is mine,” believe God. He assures us, “I will repay.”

162.)                    So before leaving the trailer park property, the grass was high all around. It wasn’t cut by the property owners so Mr. Nowell cut it for them, twice. Why? Because TOCOG wanted to overcome evil with good. We cut the grass on our property and two other lots beside us in order to overcome their evil with good to these people.

163.)                    Now we don’t carry anger and resentment and bitterness in our hearts.

164.)                    Bear Note: An unforgiving heart will destroy me: Matthew 6:15 says, “If you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

165.)                    We must have compassion on our fellow servants, even as the Lord has compassion on us.  From your heart forgive your brother his trespasses.

166.)                    Divine reality is that we have to leave vengeance to the wrath of God. Wrath is associated with something with God’s response to something that reserves vengeance. The Bible clearly tells, “I will repay,” says Father. God’s wrath is a payment for something someone has done.

167.)                    So don’t mess with God’s wrath. Put wrongs done to us into God’s hands.

168.)                    Here’s the point. There are characteristics to God’s wrath. So don’t feel bad if nothing is happening, that lightning isn’t coming down from heaven against your enemies the second they do something.

169.)                    The final wrath of God is eternal wrath, mentioned in Daniel 12:2 when some people will come to shame and everlasting contempt and not to everlasting life.

170.)                    In Mark 9:43-48 Yeshua spoke of the eternity of God’s wrath in numerous ways. He says it is better to lose your hands or feet or eyes than to be thrown into the fire.

171.)                    Mark 9:43 records, “If your hand offends you, cut it off: it is better for you to enter into life mained, than having two hands to go into hell (Ghenna), into the fire that never shall be quenched.” Receiving everlasting contempt is the problem of people who do not live the way of Yeshua of love to their brother.

172.)                    We are supposed to love our enemies, let alone kick our brother out on the street.

173.)                    In the first century people had all things in common. They put all their fields and flocks and money together.

174.)                    Put it into your prayer, “O Lord arise and fight my battle for me in the name of Yeshua, and I will hold my peace.” This is how to pray when your enemies trouble you.

175.)                    What could the Lord possibly do in answer to this prayer? Exodus 14 tells of the experience of the Israelites leaving Egypt.

176.)                    The Israelites came to the Red Sea and crossed over on underwater landbridge onto dry land while the Egyptian army followed them in hot pursuit. They had horses and chariots and they would have caught up with the Israelites.

177.)                    Exodus 14: 24-25 tells that the Lord “troubled the host of the Egyptians and took off their chariot wheels, that they drove them heavily: so that the Egyptians said, Let us flee from the face of Israel for the Lord fights for them against the Egyptians.”

178.)                    Bear Note: II Chronicles 20:22 says, “And when they (the people of Judah) began to sing and to praise, the Lord set ambushments against the children of Ammon, Moab, and mount Seir, which were come against Judah; and they were smitten.”

179.)                    Verses 23-24 explain, “every one helped to destroy another.” And, “Behold, they were dead bodies fallen to the earth, and none escaped.” This is what Judah saw!

180.)                    Who goes to war wearing jewelry? Verse 25 says, “And when Jehoshaphat and his people came to take away the spoil of them, they found among them in abundance both riches with the dead bodies, and precious jewels…” Booty more than they could carry.

181.)                    When everything seems to be working in the enemies’ favor, the Lord is up to something . Beautiful vengeance.

182.)                    Judges 7:13-14 relates, “When Gideon was come, behold, a man told a dream, …and said, Behold, I dreamed a dream, and lo, a cake of barley bread tumbled into the host of Midian, and came into a tent, and smote it that it fell, and overturned it, that the tent lay along (fell down).” Father put the dream into the man’s head and it was so.

183.)                    “And his fellow answered and said, ‘This is nothing else save the sword of Gideon …for into his hand has God delivered Midian, and all the host.’ ”

184.)                    Hold up  your hands when praying and at night pray, “O Lord send your angel ahead of me to fight my battle in the name of Yeshua.” Claim victory even before the enemy is dealt with. Be kind and good to those who persecute you.