August 27, 2011, Sermon Transcript

By Lawrence A. Nowell

Townsend, Tennessee

1.)    This has been an exciting week for The Obedient Church of God, a week with many changes. TOCOG is now broadcasting from the hill in Townsend, Tennessee.

2.)    There are many things we’ve been led to see. One of the most interesting ones is when trying to set up all this sound system, Mr. Nowell found that he just couldn’t get all of the parts together, so he is going to do something he has wanted to do for years.

3.)    In the song service, instead of just mouthing the words of the songs and being afraid to sing out, today we are going to do the songs in another way. In praise of our great Father we will do the songs in prose.

4.)    TOCOG uses the 1934 hymnal from Eugene, Oregon, and Mr. Nowell was blessed to get the last copy of it.

5.)    The first song has words from the 143rd Psalm. We make a sacrifice with the fruit of our lips. The words begin, “Give ear to my prayer, O Lord, and my supplications hear. Answer me in faithfulness and in thy righteousness …I in thee do trust.”

6.)    The next song had words that went to Yeshua our God and King. Thee I will exalt, thy praise proclaim.

7.)    In praise of our great God the third song is The Servant’s Prayer.

8.)    The words would be more powerful if we would sing them the way we say them in poetry. Say the words of the hymns properly and with emphasis and passion. This is important because we are in God’s throne room and Father is giving us His precious “time.”

9.)    We have to speak out and sing out. We have to relate heart to heart with the Father.

When we sing hymns we are having a heart to heart talk with the Father. That’s who they are for and also we honoring Yeshua.

10.)                        When we talk to the Father we are entering His throne room. Remember, He is not just the leader of the earth and planets, and galaxies, he’s the leader of the whole universe. That’s who we speak to and sing out to during our song service.

11.)                        The Obedient Church of God does speak out to all the other denominations,  such as all the off shoots of the Worldwide Churches of God who celebrate Devil’s Days.

12.)                        Sky Father’s Day, the longest day of the year, is observed on June 19th, 20th, or 21st  at the time of the Summer Solstice, while X-Mas Day, the shortest day of the year, is not celebrated in December, time of the winter solstice, thinking they are righteous.

13.)                        The churches remember the Mother-goddess Day, the mother of all the gods, and then they have Turkey Day when they thank God for His blessings, when it is a Devil

Day that honors Osiris-Ra. Egyptians killed a goose that gave its life for it young goslings.

Unbelievable! And they call themselves Christians.

14.)                        The Jewish Rabbis moved the seventh-day Sabbath Day to the sixth day in half of the world because the days jump ahead west of the International Date Line of 1883.

15.)                        Jews wear a Hindu prayer shawl to cover themselves up in order to go inward instead of outward to the Father. Prayer shawls are not in the Bible.

16.)                        There are about 600 disagreements that the rabbis have over their writings. They argue on different points.

17.)                        Deuteronomy 12:32 tells us to carry out exactly what God commanded us. “You must not add anything to it (inspired scripture) or take anything away from it.”

18.)                        Galatians 1:6 tells the people they are not to receive a different gospel from the one they received from Paul or they would be accursed, emphasized twice.

19.)                        Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell says to ex-Worldwide Church of God people, “Don’t you dare go to a restaurant right after services and make people work for you on the Sabbath Day. Those employees should attend services with you on God’s day of rest.”

20.)                        Some will say the restaurant people will be working anyway and use that as an excuse to go in to buy a meal. Christians who do this are guilty because they are taking money to pay a bill for the food that the restaurant people work to make for them.

21.)                        There is to be no buying and selling of anything on the Sabbath Day.

22.)                        If ex-Worldwide Church of God members do any of these things they are not Christians. TOCOG is here to tell them because no one else is here to tell them. The wise shall understand.

23.)                        Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell read a letter of August 23, 2011, from one of TOCOG’s

members. “Dear Mr. Nowell, Your desires to help others recognize their faults and errors ring loud and clear. Thank you for your tireless efforts…

24.)                        “With such sermons as teaching people how to pray and how to love Father, Lawrence A. Nowell is a minister of the new covenant. Your confidence comes from God who fills you with His Spirit. We all need these types of messages to help us develop the character of Yeshua in our lives.

25.)                        “Who else is restoring the people’s relationship with Father? And who teaches people to do good and love to their enemies literally?...The schools teach competition and the military teaches hatred of other people, but these are Satan’s ways.

26.)                        “The Spirit of the Lord gives us freedom to live His way of love, his standard of love in His manual, which is to show love to your enemies, as part of loving others… Indeed, there is something going on with The Obedient Church of God.” 

27.)                        TOCOG is teaching people not to change the celebration of the Sabbath west of the International Date Line. The Jews and all the Worldwide Churches of God are observing the sixth day for the Sabbath in half the world.

28.)                        Churches of God know the love of God is the keeping of His commandments and those who breach his commandments don’t love God.

29.)                        If you are buying food on the Sabbath Day, you don’t love God. If you are celebrating Sky Father’s Day, you don’t love God. If you are celebrating Mother- goddess Day, and not hanging up on your children after you’ve told them, you don’t love God.

30.)                        The love of God is obedience to His ways, and we are to have obedience to the Father and Yeshua or you are going to perish.

31.)                        Hosea 4:6 says, “Thy people perish for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you as priests to me.”

32.)                        There is going to be a future gathering of Israel in the place of safety and Mr. Nowell guarantees that people won’t be there nor in the first resurrection because they haven’t learned how to obey the basics of the Torah.

33.)                        They are not to buy food on the Sabbath Day nor to incorporate pagan days in their lives. To be able to teach others we must obey God’s laws.

34.)                        The Obedient Church of God is the only one who is preaching this all to others so that they can repent. People must soften their hearts and repent. We have to be small in our own eyes and repent of our wrong doings. We can’t be disobedient.

35.)                        The concept of obedience is love to God. There are ministers who say they love  God, but they don’t obey God. How can they love God if they don’t obey Him?

36.)                        Being a minister doesn’t change a hard heart. God and Yeshua have a plan and that plan involves putting disobedient people in the second resurrection to wake them up. They are learning God’s standard today. They haven’t got it right yet.

37.)                        There is only one church in the world, including rabbinical churches, that has it right. There is only The Obedient Church of God, which is broadcasting from a camper.

38.)                        Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell didn’t fall off a cabbage truck because his great grand  father built Christ Lutheran Church, and his grandfather built Zion Lutheran Church, and his cousin David Pfremmer is president of the whole Lutheran Church in Canada.

39.)                        Timothy had Lois and Eunice to teach him the background of Judaism.

40.)                        God doesn’t just choose “schluts” and “schmeels,” which are Jewish expressions.

A “schlut” is a person who spills his soup. That’s like a minister who goes overboard and tears someone apart, and the “schmeel” is the victim the minister tears apart.

41.)                        Mr. Nowell is no “schlut” and he is no “schmeel” because he doesn’t tolerate things being spilt on him because he will refute them.

42.)                         The Obedient Church of God is not going to fail. We don’t intend to fail. No matter what happens TOCOG will be at the forefront.

43.)                        One of God’s names is “the God of the Forefront,” which means Father is at the street corner before you get there so he can help you cross the street. That’s how much he loves you. How often for Him to be helping us little creatures. He wants a family.

44.)                        Bear Note: Time is like a parade to God. That is why he knows the beginning from the end. What is up at the front—future of the parade—is already gone past to God. What is at the back—past of the parade—is yet to come, the future.

45.)                        Out of love, if you want to be a Christian, follow the tenants of The Obedient Church of God and no other church of God. It’s that simple. Because all the other congregations move the Sabbath to the sixth day in half the world west of IDL.

46.)                        The only way we know what is the Christian faith is by the Bible. You can’t be adding pagan holidays or you are a liar, a deceiver, Satanic, an antichrist by observing Devil Days.

47.)                        Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell will not stand down. He will fight this good fight of faith.  I Timothy 6:12 says, “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto you are also called, and have professed a good profession before many witnesses.”

48.)                        The Christian denominations won’t turn from their wicked Mother goddess days, their Sky Father Days, their turkey days, and other pagan days.

49.)                        Even Christ humbled himself to be obedient. Would you say to Christ, “We had the Feast of Tabernacles for seven days, but now we are going to have a Turkey Day?”

Christ would say, “Where did the Turkey Day originate from?”

50.)                        The Christian would reply, “We don’t keep Thanksgiving Day in honor of Baal, Osiris.” “Well, do you celebrate Christmas?” “No. No. We don’t dare celebrate Christmas.” “But you celebrate Turkey Day.”

51.)                        Christ would then say, “I’m sorry, I’m going to have to leave you now, and He would say, ‘I can’t stomach you, and I’m going to have to vomit you out of my mouth. You are Laodicean vomit material.’ ”

52.)                        Scriptures regarding Laodicea are found in Revelation 3:16: “Because you are luke warm, neither hot nor cold, I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” International Bible

53.)                        Webster’s Bible Translation: “I will vomit thee out of my mouth.”

54.)                        All you Worldwide Churches of God offshoots are “vomit material,” because you are keeping the pagan days. This is said on the authority of God. Repent of Devil Days. If you refuse to repent, Revelation 3:16 applies to you.

55.)                        People thought the Worldwide Church of God was perfect and all its offshoots: Living Church of God, United Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God, the Churc of God Eternal. YOU ARE ALL VOMIT MATERIAL because you keep Devil Days!

56.)                        Keeping Devil Days is crucifying Christ over and over and over. Stop this! Take your hammer out of you hand. Stop nailing Him to the cross. Stop nailing him to the tree by having your Sky Father’s Day, your Mother’s Day, your Turkey Day.

57.)                        Stop going to restaurants right after services for you are hiring people to work for you. Stop sinning! Stop nailing Yeshua to the cross. We nailed him once. Stop doing it again. Stop continuing to nail Yeshua to the cross.

58.)                        In world events there is a lot of talk about Ron Paul. He is going to be the snake that is slithering into the U.S. Presidency, while Obama is going on to be leader of the New World Order.

59.)                        The Republicans are playing Ron Paul deliberately as if they don’t want him so that the public will want him in office.

60.)                        The Illuminatti have people figured out so well that they don’t have a chance. Most people who are Republicans will vote for Ron Paul because they feel the Republican Party is ditching Ron Paul and that he will be their savior and won’t be with the Republicans and their dirty tricks again.

61.)                        Correction: Ron Paul is another slithering snake, and remember politicians never do what they say they will do. No matter who you vote for, it is going to be a mess.

62.)                        Mr. Nowell wrote a song back in the seventies:                                                           “I am a politician; my time has all been bought,                                                                        So I’ll promise the whole world to you and hope I won’t get caught.                                      I am a politician, the finest on this earth.                                                                                    So do your part and vote for me; you’ll be taxed for all you’re worth.”

63.)                        Remember George Bush Senior said, “Read my lips. No new taxes.” What did he do? He raised the taxes. And people still vote for politicians.

64.)                        It’s all because we rejected God as our king that we citizens are in a mess.

65.)                        It’s all our fault because we vote for these people who are all liars. They are just commercial mercenaries, worse than liars. They’re all working for the corporations.

66.)                        Mr. Nowell has told us to beware of the Congressional, Industrial, Military Complex. But the word “Congressional” has been deleted.                                            

67.)                        If anyone gets in office and tries to change things, they’ll kill him, like they killed Kennedy. By the Book Depository Building, right on the turn where the cars slowed down, it was a triangulated hit that killed Kennedy.

68.)                        All the corporate news is controlled so that people don’t really know what is going on.

69.)                        Film of the people who were injured in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, hasn’t been shown. Radiation burns and all the cancer has all been kept out of the news.

70.)                        Coffins of the boys coming home from the wars aren’t shown in the news. It’s actually illegal to photograph coffins coming back.      

71.)                        The public doesn’t have any ability to know what is going on unless they hear it told on The Obedient Church of God broadcasts. Ministers only lead people astray.

72.)                        There is an unlimited supply of oil in the ground of the United States; “fracking” to get oil out is going to pollute all our water.                                                     

73.)                        How many troops does the United States have out there in the world? How many are in Japan? 40,000! And there are 50,000 troops in Germany still from W.W.II

74.)                        How many troops are in Iraq and Afghanistan? And how about Korea?

75.)                        The corporations have it all tied up. The military industrial complex.

76.)                        Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell can open his mouth to tell us things because that’s his job. But he tells us not to say anything because we’ll end up in one of the Fema Camps. That’s Mr. Nowell’s job to end up in one of the Fema Camps!

77.)                        Here’s proof for us. There are 17 USA prison ships cruising the high seas full of prisoners that are still being interrogated and given to other countries to torture.

78.)                        This United States Government is a Satanic system and we are witnessing good mixed with evil and what the end result is.

79.)                        World leaders are Masons, followers of Lucifer: Obama is a 32nd degree Mason, Rumsfeld is a Mason, Poppy Bush is a Mason, Baby Bush is a Skull and Bones, Sarkosy of France is a Mason, Netanyahu of Israel is a Mason, Shimon Perez is a Mason.

80.)                        Gadhafi is a 33rd degree Mason and he is still ruling in Libya, though he is under pressure in Tripoli.        

81.)                        All of our leaders are Satanists. How can we vote for the Satanists?

82.)                        How do we get into the First Resurrection? We must start obeying Yahveh in order to be there, and the only way we can obey Yahveh is by following what the Bible says, and not add any practices that are pagan.

83.)                        We are to pick up our “cross” and walk, with all our relatives saying we are crazy. We only have a limited time to repent in, which is grace.

84.)                        On TOCOG’s web site is Spiritual Healing. Click on the diamond.  We learn that grace is not license to sin continually. We are to repent from observing Satan’s holidays to following God’s Holy Days.

85.)                        The United States has been ten years in continual war in Iraq. And there always will be wars. And it is worse in the Middle East. This is because of a vow that Esau made.

86.)                         Esau thought his birthright would make him the head of the world and he would get twice as much of his father’s wealth than Jacob would. What happened was that Esau sold his Birth Right for a bowl of soup to his brother Jacob.

87.)                        In his heart of vengeance, Esau said, “One day my father (Isaac) will die, and then I will kill Jacob.” The fulfillment of this vow is taking place now.

88.)                        It’s a sad situation, but Esau was a profane man and he should never have given away his birthright. He didn’t deserve to have it.

89.)                        Esau asked for one blessing from his father, Isaac, who said, “Behold, your dwelling shall be the fatness of the earth (oil), and of the dew of heaven from above; and by your sword shall you live, and shall serve your brother.”  (Today Iraqis are under Jacob’s dominion .)

90.)                        “It shall come to pass when you shall have the dominion, that you shall break his yoke from off your neck.” Genesis 27:39-40

91.)                        In the story Rebekkah told Jacob that his brother would want to kill him, so she told him to go to Laban in Padanaram and stay there until Esau’s anger turn away from Jacob, and she would send for him.

92.)                        Remember, Esau said that when Isaac died, he would kill Jacob. Now in this age the descendants of Esau are going to throw the yoke of Jacob’s control off. The Arab Spring, which was engineered by the U.S. Government’s CIA (Central Intelligencer Agency), is going to backfire.

93.)                        There isn’t any solution until Yeshua comes back.

94.)                        The good news is that the Parsonage Trailer, 80 feet by 16 feet wide, is ¾ was up the hill where it’s supposed to be.

95.)                        The Parsonage Trailer is not all the way to the top because that’s where the Sukkah is going to be, 200 feet higher, which is up 1400 feet from the road below.

96.)                        When the trailer was being taken up the hill Mr. Nowell told the driver that two caterpillar tractors had to be hooked together. He’s talking about two 40,000 pound machines, 80,000 pounds of metal with the two of them chained together.

97.)                        That’s how steep the hill is. No one had bought this property for 40 years because it was too high and too steep. No one could do anything with it.

98.)                        Mr. Nowell listened to his small voice of common sense so he had a heavy duty safety chain put on the 2 5/16th inch solid steel ball with a 1 ½ inch shank on it, which sure enough snapped and pulled out. The chain held! Wisely the crew went up the hill safely, pulling the large trailer.

99.)                        The Meeting Hall trailer is about 200 feet below and it is bent up like a U with windows knocked out of it because it changed its shape as it got pushed up the hill.

100.)                    So Mr. Nowell bought a frame from another trailer and he is going to replace the Meeting Hall trailer’s frame and he’ll put in new walls and he’s going to put in new windows so it’ll be better than now. 

101.)                    God has reserved this hill for TOCOG and it is beautiful up there. It is so quiet and the mountains can be seen through the trees. A person can see across to the mountain tops, and it is high enough for mist to be in the air, which is heavenly. And it is like breathing oxygen because it is so thickly wooded and no one has touched it for 6,000 years. It’s pristine.

102.)                    A person’s feet can go down 6 inches deep because of all the mulch. So TOCOG is on “higher ground,” closer to the third heaven. And every day TOCOG is gaining new heights in every way.

103.)                    “I’m pressing on the upward way; new heights I’m gaining every day.                 Still praying as I onward bound, Lord plant my feet on higher ground.

104.)                    “Lord lift me up and let me stand by faith on heaven’s tableland;                            A higher plane than I have found; Lord plant my feet on higher ground.

105.)                    “My heart has no desire to stay where doubts and lies and fears dismay;      Though some may dwell where these abound, My prayer, my aim is high ground.

106.)                    “Lord lift me up and let me stand by faith on heaven’s tableland;                            A higher plane than I have found, Lord plant my feet on higher ground.”

107.)                    This joyful song is the song of saints on higher ground.

108.)                    “I want to scale the utmost height and catch the glean of glory bright;                But still I pray till the kingdom I’ve found, Lord, lead me on to higher ground.

109.)                    “Lord, lift me up and let me stand by faith on heaven’s tableland;                           A higher plane than I have found , Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.”

110.)                    We in TOCOG achieve higher ground by drawing closer to Father, higher spiritual ground.

111.)                    In the analogy of the hill being higher ground, 1400 feet, while down below it’s a thousand feet, that should inspire us to seek and speak the spiritual heights. And TOCOG has both, the spiritual heights, and communion with Father. It will be a wonderful sukkah this year right at the top where no one is.

112.)                    Hunker down for coming troubles this fall. Have camping equipment if you have to escape.

113.)                    In an emergency the way to escape a nuclear blast, is to go into the sewers. If you are trapped in the city and you’ve got a 20 minute warning that the city is going to be blown up, everything above ground will be flat, burned or disintegrated. Climbing into the sewer would be a place of safety.

114.)                    You want to be a survivalist so you can see Yah coming. You want to see Yah in the clouds, so find a way to stay alive. It is wise to have a place outside of town so you can be safe also.

115.)                    You can climb out of the dirty sewer, take a dose of radiation for a little while and try to run away out of the city afterwards. You might have a chance to survive the radiation poisoning and get to see Yahveh arriving in the clouds in the next 7 years.

116.)                    Through our tests just keep moving on and don’t let anything stop you, God willing.

117.)                    The Smoky Mountains are a blaze of color in the fall and people came brom all over the world to see the beauty. And there aren’t any bugs.

118.)                    Watch Stephanie Guttenberg (Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg), a one-time German Defense Minister, to see what he is going to be doing, because there is going to a King of the North.

119.)                    There are going to be a lot of people around for an exciting seven years:               l. Juan Carlos, a Mason, is King of Jerusalem;                                                                             2. Guttenberg may be the King of the North;                                                                             3. Obama will be the leader of the New World Order;                                                             4. Two Witnesses will be on the scene;                                                                                       5. There will be a king of the South;                                                                                             6. There will be the Man of Sin, the false prophet; and                                                             7. There will be Elisha

120.)                    On a talk show the host asked his guest, “What are your credentials for preaching?” Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell would have said that his credentials were that he is a “fisherman.” Because most of the chosen disciples were fishermen by trade.

121.)                    The Spirit of God gives fishermen “credentials.” There were others like Luke the physician, Matthew the tax collector, and then there was Paul, a Pharisee.

122.)                    A minister named Jack Van Empy had taken on the Catholic Church and announced his beliefs on television’s Day Star, but he was booted off this major channel.

He also spoke out against homosexuality, which was not approved of.

123.)                    Pray that TOCOG’s own funds come in for their own satellite network or Father and Yeshua find another way to transmit TOCOG’s worldwide ministry.

124.)                    TOCOG speaks out against Sodomites and the lifestyle of Sodomy. And the same objection is against Lesbians. So they need their own network.

125.)                    All televisions are on cable TV, which is digital so they can cut off a person’s TV at any time to control them. People can’t have an aerial to get a signal properly.

126.)                    On this 1400 foot hill TOCOG can broadcast throughout Tennessee if people want to put up an aerial to hear the messages.

127.)                    There is a cell phone antenna that has a good stack on it is for the eastern section of this area of Tennessee, but it is lower than TOCOG’ s hill.

128.)                    We are all preachers if the Spirit of God is leading us. We are fishermen and there is a tremendous influence that can be exerted by fishermen who turn out to be preachers as seen in the course of time. So don’t let anyone put you down if you are asked what your credentials are

129.)                    Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell’s credentials are that he is an undergraduate of the University of Manitoba where he was going to go into law. He never did finish his courses.

130.)                    We have to be prepared for this very dangerous world right now. We have lights that are created from electricity, but we need a device that creates light. And we don’t want LED’s and a whole box of batteries. It would be better to get a bunch of candles.

131.)                    We need food and water because when the power goes off the water will be shut off.

132.)                    Luckily on the hill where Mr. Nowell is preaching from there is a spring on the bottom of the driveway. There is more water coming out of the mountain than he knows what to do with.

133.)                    When the nuclear attack comes, no one will help you. It will be each person for him or herself, so prepare in advance.

134.)                    If you ever have a disagreement with someone about any spiritual matter, you don’t have to trash the person by calling the person names.

135.)                    Bear Note: All a person has to say is, “I don’t agree with that particular interpretation of prophecy.”

136.)                    Some ministers would rather lambast, excoriate, tear down the other person rather than just disagree with the message.

137.)                    Recently, Darren Clarke sent two E-Mails to TPM members who were his friends, but not to all of the members. Mr. William F. Dankenbring lambasted him as though he had contacted the whole congregation.

138.)                    It wasn’t a prophecy in the sense that Darren was making it a prophecy. It was a response forwarded to Darren from someone Darren didn’t know. It was someone else’s disturbing prophecy. Darren was just sharing it.

139.)                    Darren wasn’t saying there’s going to be a nuclear attack on September 11th (the tenth anniversary of the New York City disaster) so that three states will be ripped out. Darren was only relating what someone unknown to him had said.

140.)                    On the internet traffic there are a lot of things that are said. So Bill Dankenbring made false statements that Darren had mailed something to the whole Triumph Prophetic Ministry. Darren did not. He only mailed it to two friends who are members.

141.)                    But Mr. Bill Dankenbring got confused because it was a reply to the other fellow’s September 11th premonition, when in fact it was a counterpoint based on scripture, not on premonitions. Mr. Dankenbring took the incident out of context and denigrated a fellow Christian.

142.)                    Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell states that Darren Clarke was totally innocent. He just related what someone else had said to him.

143.)                    Let’s understand how magnificently structured the Bible is.

144.)                    There is a Bible Wheel, a particular device that lines up the scriptures into a wheel. There are three cycles.

145.)                    Cycle one is the outer wheel, which includes the Torah--first five books of the Bible—and includes the 12 books of Old Testament history and the 5 books of wisdom;

146.)                    The second cycle is the inner wheel, which included the 5 books of the major prophets, the 12 books of the minor prophets, and the 5  books of the New Testament history;

147.)                    The third inner cycle has the New Testament epistles, as distinguished from the New Testament history.

148.)                    The Bible Wheels are so intricate, they couldn’t come about by accident. With the explanation of the Hebrew alphabet and related facts these result into another type of Bible Wheel, and that involves rolling up the Bible like a scroll .

149.)                    All the topics of the Bible are interrelated in this wheel. These show us the magnificence of the Bible, both physically and spiritually.

150.)                    It’s the path of human language, and it’s all based on mathematics. There are 22 Hebrew letters and the order and meaning of the 22 Hebrew letters was established in the alphabetic verses such as Psalm 119, which Bible scholars saw as a “little Bible.”

151.)                    Bear Note: A “little Bible” is Psalm 119, which is the Christian’s praise, love, power, and the use of the word God.

152.)                    The glory of Psalm 119 and the way it is structured surpasses the limits of human language. When we speak only in superlatives our praise falls short of the inexhaustible fullness of this supreme psalm of God’s Word. That means that no matter how much we praise Psalm 119, there is much more intricacy than we could ever understand, or  know

153.)                    This  “little Bible,” Psalm 199, and its kindred alphabetic verses that God eternally established the order and meaning of the 22 Hebrew letters, so laid an unshakable foundation for the large scale structure of His Word within its own text.

154.)                    The Bible is self-respective that it contains an image of itself within itself in alphabetic verses.  Moreover, God imbedded with his foundation an abundant storehouse of alphabetic keywords that prophetically anticipate the schematic pattern of the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

155.)                    This is the work of God, this is the revelation of the Bible Wheel, which is the perfect symmetry of the 39 books of the Old Testament, and the way it is divided.

156.)                    Take the 5 books of the law, the Torah, and the 12 books of history, equals 17. Take 5 major prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, and Daniel) and 12 minor prophets (Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Job, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi) and they equal 17 books of prophecy.

157.)                    In the Old Testament there 5 books of law, 5 books of the major prophets and in the middle 5 books of poetry, praise, and wisdom (Job, Psalms. Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs).

158.)                    An amazing book, the Bible. It is indefensible how the Bible is laid out so wonderfully. The 66 books of the Bible relate to the overall pattern.

159.)                    The books of the Bible can be tied together because they share the same numeric value (gematria), or have the same letter attached to them on the spokes of the Bible Wheel. It’s like spokes all tied together.

160.)                    It is interesting that the very middle of the Bible Wheel, that is, the middle section of the canon is the book of Lamentation, the 25th book of the Bible, but also the middle of the seven sections.

161.)                    The middle section the 7- fold divisions is the 4th section called Major prophets composed of 5 books, and the major prophets has Lamentations as its middle book, and we know that Jeremiah wrote Lamentations.

162.)                    When I realized that it was Lamentations at the middle of the 7-fold division, I immediately remembered that the verse in the middle of Lamentations itself was distinctive with the arrangement of the whole book composed in such a way so as to deliberately draw attention to this middle letter aleph and the word I Am.

163.)                    There is no other book in the Bible where the author arranges the book so as to center out the middle letter of the verse.

164.)                    The Book of Lamentations has five chapters and chapter 3:1, the middle of Lamentations, is where it becomes very personal in that all the suffering in Jerusalem is personified in Jeremiah who is the type of Christ.

165.)                    The mathematics of the Bible is astounding.

166.)                    When Mr. Nowell was moving recently, he had to move his file boxes. He put all of them side to side and they filled a 20 foot long horse trailer. So by generating ten folders a service and there are 52 services, Mr. Nowell is generating 520 folders every year. And in different cities Mr. Nowell has more files and file cabinets.

167.)                    The Obedient Church of God wants to lead people into the Kingdom of Heaven.

168.)                    HOW TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD

169.)                    The message today is on how to not harden your heart. In the Book of Hebrews we are told in 3, verse 8, “Harden not your heart.” This repeated in 3:15 and 4:7.

170.)                        What is the state of your heart? Do we receive instruction joyfully? Are you quick to show respect or disrespect to whoever is telling you the truth? Do you back bite? Go after that person who has told you the truth?

171.)                        Do you follow the Bible or the imagination of your own heart? Or do you follow Deuteronomy 12:32 where it says to not add nor subtract to God’s Holy Days. Do not wreck God’s Holy Day Feast of Tabernacles for 7,000 years by adding a Turkey Day for 8,000 years.

172.)                         (Then Shimini Atzeret is a day that follows the seven days of the Feast of Tabernacles and that typifies the Father bringing the Kingdom down to earth.)

173.)                        Bear Note: Take a spiritual cardiogram to check out the condition of our heart today. You are not supposed to harden your heart.

174.)                        Psalm 95: 7 tells that we are the people of God’s pasture, and the sheep of his hand. “Today if you will hear his voice, harden not your heart.”

175.)                        Verse 10 says, “Forty years long was I grieved with this generation, and said, It is a people that do err in their heart, and have not known my ways: Unto whom I swore in my wrath that they should not enter into my rest.”


176.)                    In the physical wilderness they hardened their hearts, but we are in the “spiritual wilderness.”


177.)                    Mr. Herbert Armstrong had the right date for observing Pentecost on Sivan 6 in 1934, but then he changed it in l937 to a Monday ever year and later in 1972 he changed it again to a Sunday every year. He had it right in the beginning.


178.)                    Also, in 1972 Mr. Armstrong changed the divorce and remarry laws. These changes were not according to the Bibles’ standards.


179.)                    Does anyone want to have a hard heart? The answer should be, of course not. So we must have a clear picture of what it means to have a “hard heart.”


180.)                    What it means to have a hard heart is explained in Ezekiel 3:7 where it says that Israel will not hearken unto the Lord for they are impudent and hard hearted.


181.)                    They lacked in judgment or caution, lacked discernment and had no thought of the consequences.  Impudence is bold, brazen, impertinent, audacious, sassy, froward, presumptuous, manipulative of those in authority.


182.)                    In the days of old the House of Israel would not hearken unto the words of the Lord and God said they were hard-hearted.


183.)                    Today “spiritual Israelites” are in the Churches of God.  They want to observe the pagan holidays of the world and yet claim to be Christians. They refuse to hearken to God’s commands and this reveals a stiff-necked attitude and a hard, impudent heart.


184.)                    Impudence and hard-heartedness are offensive to God, and this plagues the churches today. People refuse to change and they want to hold on to those Devilish pagan days as if their lives depended upon them.


185.)                    And these people usually hide their hard- hearted hearts under layers of smiles, giving a good outward appearance. But deep down they are another character.


186.)                    During the days of David’s youth, he and his men protected Nabal’s sheep in the shearing season. Then he sent a servant to ask Nabal to give them some food, but Nabal refused, having a “heart of stone.”


187.)                    Even though Nabal had much possessions, I Samuel 25:1-2, he was “churlish and evil in his doings,” and “a son of Belial,” verses 3 and 17.(Belial means Devil, meaning worthless, wicked.)


188.)                    Nabal’s rebuffing of David’s men and refusal to give them any respect nearly got Nabal killed. However, the Lord smote Nabal so that he died, verse 38. Nabal had so little care for others that when he died he became hard as a stone.


189.)                    In the New Testament the Centurion was a fighting man, a Roman officer who sought Jesus to heal his servant. The Centurion told Jesus to just speak the word for he had faith to believe his servant would be healed. Jesus marveled at his faith. Such great faith was not found in all of Israel.


190.)                    Church of God people should hear the Word of Yah who tells them not to keep pagan days, not to add any of them to his Holy Day Plans. And they should be willing to follow God’s Holy Days but they won’t follow at all.


191.)                    The Churches of God are all “vomit material” because they observe Devil Days, and they refuse to change. So they have hardened their hearts.


192.)                    Do you want to have a tender believing heart like the Roman Centurion , an unconverted man who Christ praised for his faith in Jesus’ word to heal his servant?


193.)                    Do you have a heart that can be worked with?


194.)                    In II Kings 5:13-14 Naaman went to Elisha to be healed of leprosy and he expected to see Elisha call on the name of the Lord, and wave his hand over the place and recover his leprosy.


195.)                    Elisha sent his servant to tell Naaman to dip seven times in the Jordan River and he would be clean—healed of his leprosy. Because of his human pride, Naaman became angry, but his servants encouraged him to obey the command and he was blessed with health. And Naaman praised the God of Israel.


196.)                    Isaiah 66:2 says, “To this man will I (the Lord) look, even to him that is poor (humble) and of a contrite spirit, and trembles at my word.”


197.)                    When Deuteronomy 12:32 says to not add a word to God’s Bible, we better tremble as to what we are doing. Therefore, we must not harden our hearts. So to choose the right we have to unharden our hearts, and we have to hear his voice.


198.)                    Hebrews 3:15 says, “If you will hear His voice, harden not your heart as (the Israelites did) in the provocation (rebellion).”


199.)                    Psalms 95:7-8 explains, “He is our God, and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. Today if you will hear his voice, harden not your heart, as in the provocation (contention).”


200.)                    As long as the voice inside you agrees with Father’s Bible, then you listen to it.


201.)                    We can have a personal relationship with God, who is watching us from a distance. He is very interested in each of us and our desires for Him to have a personal relationship with Him.


202.)                    Bear Note: In having a personal relationship with God, say, “How precious are your thoughts about me, O God.” They are innumerable. I can’t even count them. They outnumber the grains of sand. Psalm 139:17


203.)                    “I know the plan I have for you,” says the Lord, “they are plans for good and not for disaster to give your future for a hope.”


204.)                    The biggest plan of all was that Father sent His son to die so that we might have eternal life.


205.)                    Bear Note: How do I receive this gift? All you have to say is, I’m a sinner.           The publican cast his eyes down and smote his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner.


206.)                    Believe Yeshua takes away all your sins as you repent from them. Repent, indeed, so you can have a relationship with God. Get in line with the scriptures. Receive through prayer the love of Father and Yeshua.


207.)                    Jeremiah 29:11-12, “I know the thoughts that I think toward you,” says the Lord, “thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. (expectation) Then shall you call upon me, and you shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.”