December 27, 2011, Sermon Transcript

By Lawrence A. Nowell

1.)  “How You Broke God’s Heart,” is the theme song for The Obedient Church of God. “If I preach a little bit longer won’t you listen to God’s heart?”

2.)            Greetings! This is The Obedient Church of God broadcasting live around the world from and bringing the first century gospel to the whole world.

3.)  This is the original Philadelphia First Century Church. “We don’t want to talk about it, how you broke God’s heart, but if we preach to you a little bit longer, if we preach won’t you listen to God’s heart, God’s heart!”

4.)            “Bonjour Paree Fr“0N”ce,” 6 p.m. suppertime in Paris; 9 a.m. on the West coast; and 12 noon on the East coast of the U. S. A. Breakfast time, lunch time, suppertime, the perfect time for our spiritual feeding today.

5.)  The Obedient Church of God is the only denomination in the world that is keeping God’s Sabbath Day Holy in “ALL” of the World. 

6.)            TOCOG does not keep the false Sky Father’s Day, the longest day in the year, we don’t keep the Mother-goddess Day, which is totally pagan, and the Turkey Day, when the ancients honored Osiris and Ra that came from the Cosmic goose that laid the egg, so if we preach just a little bit longer, won’t you listen to God’s heart?

7.)  Thank you for being with us today on Yeshua’s and Father’s New Moon Day, December 27th, 2011.TOCOG is the only congregation in the world that is celebrating New Moon  Day in conjunction with not moving the Sabbath Day to the sixth day in half the world.

8.)  There is only one Philadelphia Church on the face of the earth and TOCOG is trying to get the “other” Churches of God converted, but they just will not convert to the Bible’s /Yah’s every word. They totally refuse to cooperate or to budge.

9.)  So welcome to The Obedient Church of God. Welcome to all the listeners who are tuning in today on New Moon Day.

10.)            We have a very interesting service for you today. We are going to be discussing what is “really” going on in the world.

11.)            Today President Obama went for another $1.2 trillion and Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell will tell us how this will bring in the New World Order by bringing down the United States economy. We are about $16 trillion in the hole, but it’s really more than that; it’s $73 trillion. It’s unbelievable!

12.)            We’re also going to give you a little information on New Moon Day and we’re going to give you information that Samoa changed its days on the calendar by dropping a day, December 30th.That dynamite information pertains to the International Date Line.

13.)            Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell is going to tell you about how to soften your heart. And that’s very important. And we’ll be telling you how to fill your body, which is the lamp, with oil. All the other denominations are only about half full, if they have any oil at all.

If church members do not have sufficient oil, they will be cast out, doors will be shut.

14.)            Welcome to the Philadelphia Church of God, a church that will obey and follow every jot and tittle of God’s Word.


15.)            We open services with prayer before singing the hymns. We enter the Throne Room before we present our sacrifice to Father with our lips in song. All please rise, face the north heavens, bow your heads, close your eyes, raise your hands, palms forward.

16.)            “Almighty, most merciful, loving Father, we thank you for your great kindness to The Obedient Church of God. Thank you for establishing The Obedient Church of God--the only congregation that is following all of your Torah, and that makes us the Philadelphian Church. We humbly thank you for allowing us to be that witness to world.

17.)            “Father, the other churches just are not listening, so TOCOG is turning into a Romans 9:28 short remnant work of witnessing. Help this witness go out powerfully to more and more denominations.

18.)            “The brethren in Pakistan are in a dangerous area. Eight of them were killed few years ago for being Christians, so we ask you to protect them.

19.)            “And Father, protect The Obedient Church of God here on the Holy Hill location.

20.)            “Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell has had papers from the authorities because we are preaching out against the politicians and they can make a lot of trouble and send the police down on us for various inspections or other problems.

21.)              “Protect us from all the government agents so we can continue to do your work. Not just for our safety, although we appreciate it very much, but so the work can continue without it being stopped.

22.)            “Inspire the words today, the speaking and the hearing, and especially the viewing on the video tapes for those who will listen to them later, because half the world has to wait for the shadow of the sun to come round before they play this broadcast tomorrow.

23.)            “We turn this service over to your hands and all this is asked in Yeshua’s holy righteous name, Yeshua ha Mashiach, our soon arriving king.                            Amen


24.)            Today is the first day of Tivet, a new month, and the sighting of the crescent moon was last night (the dark portion of the 24 hour day.)

25.)            In Jerusalem the “eastern gate” was opened so the people could enter and worship on new moon day, and that gate was also opened on the seventh-day Sabbath. So, of course, you want to worship on new moon day because the gate is opened.

26.)            Let us praise our Father with the sacrifice of our lips to the Father. We have a new set of Psalms for this month. Let us sing in our beautiful fuchsia-colored hymnals to start with, Hallelujah! Praise God’s Name, Psalm 135.

27.)            Our second hymn is Psalm136, “His Mercy Never Fails.” His mercy never fails in situations that we are in now for at every turn we are being opposed in everything we do; it doesn’t matter with other denominations . 

28.)            So we’ll be singing “By the Waters of Babylon,” Psalm 137 this month. We want you to sing out because you are singing to Father and you are giving an offering with  the fruit of our lips.

29.)            There will come a time in the next seven years where we will not be able to sing. It’s so important for us to sing out now while we still can before the time of trouble that is coming, roaring in upon us by the New World Order by December 2012.

30.)            They’re trying to speed it up by doing alteration to their plans.


31.)            Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell showed a picture of the East Gate on the cameras.

32.)            In  your Bible turn to Ezekiel 46:1 where it tells us clearly that the gate was open on two time during the week when there was a new moon as well as the Sabbath day.

33.)            NRSV Ezekiel 46:1 “Thus says the Lord God: The gate of the inner court that faces east, shall remain closed and on the day of the new moon it shall be opened.”

34.)            NRSV Ezekiel 46:3 “…the people of the land shall worship (bow down) at the door of this gate before the Lord in the Sabbaths and in the new moons.” How clear can it be?

35.)            Amos 8:5 reported what the unrighteous people were saying, “When will the new moon be over so that we may sell grain…?” Worshippers in the east gate weren’t allowed to buy and sell because it was the new moon day, the same as the Sabbath day. The worshippers did not work on new moon day, a day of rest, the same as the 7th day.

36.)            The new moon day, as in the Kiddush, is a time of praise and adoration to God the Father and Yeshua, and a time to recognize Yeshua who gave up his life for us.

37.)            David attended King Saul’s New Moon Day feasts. In I Samuel 20:5, “David says to Jonathan, Tomorrow is the new moon day, and I should not fail to sit with the king at the meal, but let me go….” David did not attend the feast because he was afraid Saul would try to hill him.

38.)            All the way through the Bible, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, including David, kept new moon days. And so did the first century Christians. Nothing changed. Not one jot or tittle of the law will pass away.

39.)            New Moon Day is very important to Father because it helps us and the whole universe to take out time to realize that Father and Yeshua made the universe, including the moon and all the planets, made all the galaxies and made everything for us.

40.)            God even made pussy cats and dogs that we could have for pets because He understood the emotional component so we could have comfort from the little animals.

41.)            Father and Yeshua put forth effort to make all of the different animals for us     as well as the very air that we breathe.

42.)            By the way we have reached “peaked oxygen” which means that our oxygen levels are going to go down because foolish men are cutting down all the trees. The trees are all land-denuded. And men are emptying all the oceans of all the fish, and oceans are going to die. We’re not going to have as much oxygen as we need.

43.)            So give Father praise for creating this wonderful world and for the sacrifice of his son, Yeshua. On this new moon day we use this service to draw closer to him and in this service we’ll be discussing our relationship with Father and how to improve it.

44.)            Today on the new moon day there is no working, no buying and we see this in the scriptures clearly.

45.)            On camera Mr. Nowell showed us a picture of the east gate of Jerusalem that as opened on new moon day. Now it is all bricked –up because the evil people don’t want Yeshua to come back. When Yeshua returns, he’ll be using that gate.

46.)            Evil people bricked-up the east gate to stop people coming through it. After Yeshua’s feet touch the Mount of Olives and the mountain splits in two, he’ll call people to worship for the bricks will be knocked out that are blocking the entrance.

47.)            On New Moon Day and from Sabbath to Sabbath people will then come through that east gate to worship.

48.)            We are part of the only congregation in the whole world that is following God’s truth. There isn't any other congregation that is having, as proved by a group in Pakistan, the Sabbath day on the seventh-day in all the world!

49.)            That is probably why Father gave us Pakistan as the last country for the setting of the sun for the Sabbath Day. They have to wait until tomorrow when sun reaches them.

50.)            NRSV Genesis 1:14 tells us the sun and the moon were set in the heavens for us to know when the days are. “And God said, Let there be lights in the dome of the sky (firmament of heavens) to separate the day from the night and let them be…for days.”

51.)            The moon is for days of the week and month, and the sun is for sundown time for the Sabbath, and the sun is also for years.

52.)            The original Hebrew calendar used the sighting of the crescent moon to know when each month began.

53.)            After the Hillel II’s calendar was made in the fourth century Jews and others depended upon the rabbis to mark days, but the Roman calendar is followed by many.

It is very important that you don’t get tricked or twisted up by the Jewish rabbis.        

54.)            In TOCOG’s correspondence with one of our associates, he mentioned how Samoa is actually losing a day this month. They are changing their calendar by deleting December 30th, a Friday, and it will no longer exist in Samoa. December 29th, Thursday, will be followed by December 31st, Saturday, and Friday, December 30th, will disappear!

55.)            Now how is that possible? With God that is not possible. God has it fixed in the heavens so that men can know when the days are and when the months start. But men try to work around God’s ways. So, remember, do not follow men.

56.)            Now in answer to our correspondent’s comments, some preachers were saying we should follow men, the Jewish rabbis. In 1883 the Jewish rabbis approved moving the days one day early in half the world between Los Angeles and Australia.

57.)            Answer: We do not follow the rabbis blindly, such as the priest Aaron who made a golden calf for the Israelites who had left Egypt. We don’t follow rabbis who tell us to do anything that is not in our Bible, God’s Torah.

58.)            Bear Note: The rabbis are just the administrators of the existing law, The Torah. The rabbis are “not” the writers nor the editors of the existing law. Yah is the writer. 

59.)            Matthew 5:18 states, “Till heaven and earth pass, one jot and one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.”

60.)            The law is that the Sabbath is on the seventh-day of the week and not on the sixth-day and no rabbi anywhere can change that. The rabbis are just the clerks who must follow what is already written without changing one jot or one tittle. 

61.)            No rabbi anywhere can change Genesis 1:14 that light will mark days. On TOCOG’s  internet site, type in date for four articles on The International Date Line. One article is titled, “Why rabbis and ministers are wrong about men’s International Date Line.”

62.)            Another article is “Rebuttal to Date Line’s Fallacious Arguments.” A third article is “Man’s False Date Line: Australia Must Hold Yah’s Sabbath on Sunday” because it isn’t Sunday at all. It’s not the first day of the week. It’s the seventh-day Sabbath.

63.)            They’ve tricked everyone in half the world. They must hold God’s Sabbath on the seventh-day of the week, and that day is called Sunday in Australia. But they have to wait for the shadow of the sun to know when the seventh-day starts. But men have called the seventh-day the first day, trying to trick half the world.

64.)            The fourth article is “How to Observe the Jerusalem Crescent West of Man’s False Dateline.” These four articles give a lot of information regarding the date line.

65.)            Why should a person watch and follow God’s crescent moon? Because if he or she doesn’t, that person will not be in the Kingdom. Those people will be locked out of the Kingdom, because no matter how many other things they are doing right, they are only half full of oil.             

66.)               The Bible tells what happened to the “spiritual” virgins who ran out of oil at the midnight hour. They were locked out. Those who are half full of oil will be in tribulation.

67.)            Watch out for “sinisters” who tell people that as long as their hearts are right that they’ll be in the Kingdom. No! They’ll not be in the Kingdom to “goof around.”

68.)            People will have a purpose for being in the Kingdom; they have to be able to teach others. They have learned and practice the basic doctrine so they can be used. 

They loved the Lord enough to fill their lamps with oil and obtain an extra flask of oil.

69.)            Even though you love the Lord, if you are only half full of oil, you’ll be locked        out of the “wedding banquet.” Fifty percent of the virgins had lamps half-full of oil.

70.)            Last week we learned that our bodies are the lamps and people observe what we do, and they see we keep the seventh-day Sabbath and the new moon days because we are not working on those days of rest. We have to be wise to have extra oil with us.

71.)            People in other denominations will have to go through the tribulation and wake up and change and give up their lives by having their heads cut off, to prove they will obey every jot and tittle of scripture to be in first resurrection.

72.)            It will not be beneficial if disobedient people have to give up their lives and they still want to be disobedient.      

73.)            If you are sitting right now in the safety of The Obedient Church of God, you are actually sitting on our ship of dreams sailing off towards the Kingdom. That’s what we are doing because we love Yah and we obey every jot and tittle of God’s Word.

74.)            Other people love Yah but they don’t want to obey every jot and tittle of God’s Word. It is not enough to just love God. That’s a big, big difference from being obedient.


75.)            Watch out! The whole Living Church of God is having to fast because they are sick. Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell believes it is because Mr. Bob Thiel, one of the influential leaders in the Church, has refused to acknowledge that there should not be any Sky Father’s Day, there shouldn’t be any Mother-goddess Day, and they shouldn’t be moving the seventh-day Sabbath to the sixth-day in half the world.

76.)            Mr. Thiel made the excuse that the Living Church of God doesn’t have any members that he knows of in half of the world that is west of the International Date Line. What a cop out! What a cheap excuse!

77.)            The Living Church of God is supposed to be giving their witness of God’s true ways to the whole world, whether they have any members in the Asian part of the world or not. Even if they did have everything right, they’d still be wrong in half the world because they are following the phony 1883 International Date Line!

78.)            Satan has the Living Church of God wrapped around his little finger. They don’t have a chance because they don’t follow every jot and tittle of scripture. The only way they could come out as one of the faithful ten virgins is to follow the truth. It’s simple!

79.)            People can’t be half full of oil. It is important to be totally full of oil for their salvation, for their eternal life. We want to meet the bridegroom when he comes.

80.)            Oil represents the doctrines. It’s either going to be men’s traditions or God’s Torah. Oil is of the spirit of the mind. We must discern what is truth.

81.)            Oil is the first books of the Bible and this is what we have to fill ourselves with. The only thing that we’ll be able to take out of this world is our mind, because we’ll die.

82.)            But some of us will be in the Kingdom and we won’t have to die if we live the next seven years and Yeshua arrived at the end of this seven-year tribulation.

83.)            There’s been a slight delay of a year, so we believe “seven years” should start this year 2012, definitely past December 21st, 2012, when they bring in the New World Order, the “age of Aquarius.”

84.)            They’re really crashing the system now so the world is teetering and tottering, swaying back and forth as with the debt crisis. They’re putting one to one side and they’re propping up both countries and the other country that gave them the money falls to the side and they prop it up.

85.)            And the U. S. A. come in and props all of them up in Europe with $17 trillion, some ridiculous amount that the people weren’t even told about, that Bernanke refused to tell Congress until he was forced to.

86.)            The Federal Reserve is a private company. It’s not federal and it doesn’t have any reserves, and it’s never been audited properly.

87.)            The point is this whole system is tottering, so we’ve got to realize it’s going to come down, and in the next seven years it’s going to come down,



88.)            We don’t want to be one of the five virgins that is only half full of oil. Could it be any more serious than that?

89.)            Therefore, we’ve got to realize that The Obedient Church of God is the only church that can get people into God’s Kingdom because it’s the only one that’s obedient

90.)            Remember, there were only eight people who survived in Noah’s day. No one would listen for a hundred years. They refused to listen. The whole world was drowned.

91.)            Now the whole world is going to go through the tribulation and if people refuse to listen they will not be in the Kingdom. Some of the virgins will have to give their heads, if their hearts are right and they want to obey, not just to save their skins, but because they realize that The Obedient Church of God was right all along in telling them to follow every jot and tittle of the Bible.

92.)            And they refused to follow every jot and tittle, so they ended up having to give their lives in the tribulation and then they remembered the warning that TOCOG had been giving them over and over and over again so that they will be able to repent.


93.)            Knowing what is going on in the world we are given additional information on how to protect ourselves and how to do what is right.


94.)            In regard to the air we breathe, we are at “peak oxygen,” and we’re right now at the point where the oxygen levels are going down on the earth. That’s because the coral reefs are being destroyed because of deforestation, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it because multinational corporations are denuding the land by clear-cutting it.

95.)            In the other hemisphere, they’re burning down the rain forest to make way for agriculture that only lasts for a year. If the land can’t sustain it, they burn down more of the rain forest, and they farm in the new place they have burned down.

96.)            That is what’s happening with the multinationals. So there isn’t any hope. We need Yeshua to come back.


97.)            Detroit, Michigan, is completely broke. It’s like a third world country now. Worse. All the jobs have been moved away since Ronald Reagan took all the tariffs off imports, and had “trickle-down” economics. Japanese and Chinese cars came to America for people  buy. All the American jobs were taken away.

98.)            Ronald Reagan didn’t know anything about economics. That’s why Detroit is totally devastated, totally broke. And other cities are following it. Ronald Reagan was just an actor. The puppet Ronald Reagan was said to lie.

99.)            Thank you Ronald Reagan for destroying the U. S. economy by taking off all the tariffs. If his “trickle-down” economics worked, how come it hasn’t trickled down?


100.)            There are other things happening with the protests. We’re going to be getting a Kent State moment of the 1970s where National Guardsmen opened fire with their rifles on the students, killing four. We’re going to be getting a moment of protestors being killed. And that’s when the protest movement will really go viral.

101.)            Mr. Nowell believes they will want this protest movement to go viral and have enough chaos so they can bring in the New World Order.

102.)            How does Mr. Nowell know this? Because President Obama and Congress are bringing in legislation of a police state. Obama signed the Defense authorization bill.    

103.)            If people are ever going to protest and take up their pitch forks, it should be  right now. Because the U. S. Senate approved legislation allowing the indefinite military detention of U. S. citizens without charges, and no trials. People can be locked up on someone’s say so.

104.)            This measure regulates the detention, interrogation, and prosecution of suspected terrorists. It’ll be an assault upon the most fundamental democratic constitutional rights. The end is starting now.

105.)            Obama said he would not exercise his power to veto the measure and that measure is included in the National Defense Authorization Act, NDAA, and its $662 billion package for Washington’s war machine.

106.)            The bill mandates that anyone that is accused can be detained (locked-up) without trial until the end of hostilities (war on terror). For a year Mr. Nowell has declared this nebulous war on terror and it’s never going to be concluded.

107.)            It is determined that if Obama decides he wants someone locked up, or if one of the border guards decides, or one of the local police agencies under the office of ICE, decides they’re going to lock you up, they’re going to lock you up and leave you there so they can make $200.00 a day on you for the prison industrial complex, and they can get you out of the way.

108.)            This piece of legislation has signed into law the worst of the crimes carried out by the Bush administration and it provides legal sanctions for an American Military Police State where a person can be locked up without trial, without even charges, and it is done by bi-partisan support, both houses of Congress, and there is no way to stop it.

109.)            So welcome to the setting up of the Beast!

110.)            Bear Note: The Senate vote came precisely 220 years to the day after the passage of the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution, which was on December 15, 1791. On the exact same day, December 15, 2011, Congress passed the bill that mandates that people can be locked up without charges and without trial until the end of the war on terror.

111.)            Where is the person detained? In a Military Prison. The Americans are in real trouble now. They passed it and Obama is not going to veto it. We’re in a police state.

112.)            What the Germans did when they killed all the Jews was to give them a choice. The choice could be, “Do you want to more into the ghetto and live there or do you want to be shot?” They moved into the ghetto, even though it wasn’t nice as home.

113.)            The Jews were asked, “Do you want a yellow arm band or star on your chest saying Jew, or do you want to be shot?” Being proud of being Jewish, they accepted.

114.)            Then they were asked, “Do you want to get on the box car on the rail road, or do you want to be shot?” A train ride isn’t such a bad thing, so they cooperated.

115.)            When people got out of the box cars, they were asked, “Do you want to work in slave labor or do you want to be shot?” One increment after another.

116.)            And finally, the Jews were asked, “Do you want to go into the shower, or do you want to get shot?” The showers were where they were gassed!

117.)            Now with this bill, it’s only for people who are terrorists. Well, if the police don’t like you or if someone in government doesn’t like you, they could frame you. They could frame you with evidence.

118.)            A person can be picked-up and obviously, he or she will protest being picked-up and then as you resist arrest, you will be locked up extra judicially forever.

119.)            Do you want to be silent about this bill that has just been passed, or do you want to get into trouble now trying to overturn that bill?

120.)            The bill is the NDAA, National Defense Authorization Act. Because we are now living in a police state, we want Yeshua to come back.


121.)            The United States Government is bringing back American troops from Iraq now. By Spring the troops will have run out of their money, won’t have any jobs and then the troops will riot in the streets for not having jobs. And that will bring in the chaos to bring in the New World Order.

122.)             They are deliberately bringing the troops back in order that they will riot in 3 or 4 months so they can bring in the New World Order out of chaos.

123.)            Right now we’re waiting for a “Kent State moment” for someone to be shot on the occupied movement and see what’s going to happen.


124.)            On the other side of the world North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-il, age 69, died December 17th, 2011, and is replaced by his son, Kim Jong-un, his designated successor. North Korea is official atheistic and is following its protector state the Soviet Union.

125.)            The North Koreans will crush any trace of Christianity or any other religious faith, but that doesn’t mean they don’t believe in worship. North Korean regime mandates worship of its own supreme leader. Here’s a whole country worshipping a man.

126.)            North Koreans have been worshipping Kim Jong-il for the last fifty years, so it’s not going to be hard to make the transition to worshipping “the man of sin,” the leader of the Beast power! For fifty years North Koreans have worshipped in subservience.

127.)          The ideology is backed up by what is known as Juchcism, which demanded the total self-sufficiency and isolation for the Korean people. Kim’s regime turned inward. Kim Jong-il’s son, Kim Jong-un, was recaptured as the center of Cosmic history.

128.)            At a point the propaganda began to veer into the realms of madness by representing Kim as the Christ-like Savior of Korea and that went on for fifty years. Children were taught to give thanks to the Fatherly leader before eating their meal. Kim’s two sons came to be considered as gods.

129.)            Here’s the proof. Kim Jong-il’s titles included “iron-willed brilliant commander,” and “the leader who unfolded Paradise.” The Korean calendar was reset to start at the year of Kim Jong-il’s birth,1942. His birthday equates with Christmas.

130.)            The North Koreans were subjected, coerced, to the indoctrinations, especially through the schools; they were told that Kim il-Sung was immortal and would never die. He wasn’t merely the father of their country, he was their god. They were totally unprepared for his death in 1994 in the history of North Korea.

131.)          This is what is going to happen with the Beast Power. People will only be able to buy and sell within the system. The Beast Power will be considered to be of God. It’s already happened as a forerunner with Kim Jong-il and the destination of North Korea.

132.)            Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell is telling us this because people are going to be equally frightened and upset when their god, “the man of sin,” is going to be thrown into the lake of fire. Mr. Nowell is showing us these parallels so we can see the world that we are dealing with, how evil and how fouled up it is.

133.)            Now after the North Korean leader that just passed away, they’ve constructed another personality that defies imagination. The people are totally deceived to believe that their leader is a god. North Korea is the perfect example of deception.  And that is how the New World Order will totally deceive all the nations of the world.


134.)            The seafood in the United States is now 10,000 times over the safe limit for dangerous carcinogens. And the FDA is saying it’s okay to eat that seafood. The levels on seafood contamination have been raised, 10,000 times over the safe limit!

135.)            In the Gulf of Mexico last year, 2010, they had the largest off-shore oil spill in history. By the way, the explosion that collapsed the oil rig, the Horizon, in the Gulf of Mexico, was not an accident, it was murder!

136.)            Two years before, an identical oil rig collapsed in the Caspian Sea. The contractor poured in cheap concrete and rushed the drying period for the concrete job for the underpinnings in order to make more money by getting cheap oil out sooner.

137.)            Regarding the Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion, they said they didn’t know anything about it. It came totally unexpected. They are liars. They should all be charged with murder for the eleven men who died in that oil rig collapse.

138.)            They have polluted the Gulf. The FDA raised the levels 10,000 times over the safe limits for dangerous carcinogens. The FDA down-played the risk of contamination. Not only that, but members of the FDA went totally off the wall, and denied scientific data. And they argued that their levels are still based on safe levels!

139.)            Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell recommends that we eat the smaller, youngest fish we can find so we get less carcinogens into our bodies.

140.)            Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) there’s a request that shows the FDA considered multiple other potential calculations of criteria where more protective levels were considered, but they were never followed. Actually, the FOIA considered some people in the FDA wanted to have levels that would give more protection. But instead, it was the other way and they reduced the safety levels by 10,000 fold, 10,000 times over the state’s safe limit.


141.)            On the Israeli front Israel says the U. S., the U. N., and the E. U. are losing credibility. So the report is in another response to the strong European condemnation of Israel’s construction on the West Bank, and attack by settlers on Palestinians, the foreign ministry said.


142.)            Instead of contributing to stability in the Middle East, European members of the U. N. Security Council are investing their efforts in inappropriate bickering with the one country, Israel, in which the independent law justice system knows how to deal with law breakers, the E. U. is losing their credibility and making themselves irrelevant. 

143.)            So on Tuesday last the European Union members of the 15 nation body demanded strong action by the Israeli Government to stop the attacks. The settlement sends a devastating measure of Israel’s contempt.

144.)            Look how we’ve got the E. U. going against Israel. Israel arguing back and forth with the European members of the Security Council.

145.)            “European, U. N., U. S., and Security Council Members have chosen to do what is easy and unnecessary rather than muster their courage for the difficult and necessary” the Israeli ministry says.

146.)            The Israeli Foreign Ministry also called on the E. U. members to support the resumption of the direct association between Israel and the Palestinians according to the quartet outline.

147.)            The reason Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell is mentioning this is that the European Union is now going against Israel.

148.)            Other people don’t give out this information and don’t give out the interpretation properly. Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be able to speak because he is on the internet, and a lot of people are getting our site. We don’t know who all those people are. We’re hoping it’s not the government agency yet.

149.)            Pray for the protection of The Obedient Church of God, because the police are cracking down on preachers, especially anybody who preaches against homosexuality, which we just stated, is a sin.

150.)            But they really get upset when we start exposing what the politicians are up to. We’re for the United States of America, but we’re not for the lying, cheating politicians who are robbing the country blind.

151.)            Last year, 2010, 57 reporters were killed, and this year 66 reporters were murdered. We saw two Reuter’s reporters shot down on a Wiki Leak episode on the T.V.  It showed the helicopter gunship coming down on innocent people who didn’t have guns. People were picking up a wounded man who was lying in the street, and the U.S. helicopter gunship mowed down the two Reuter’s reporters and killed the six other innocent bystanders for helping the person who was injured on the street.

152.)            Sixty-six reporters were murdered this year, 1040 worldwide, and 1,044 arrested, 1159 assaulted, 71 kidnapped, and 73 fled for their lives from the country they were in. Reporters were saying many of the same things that I am saying about the world leaders.

153.)            As a side bar regarding the world situation, a U. S. commander visited Israel to finalize a missile drill that Israel is moving forward with plans to hold the largest ever missile defense exercise in its history this coming spring to evade Arabian efforts to obtain nuclear weapons.

154.)            Last week Lieutenant General Frank Gorenc, commander of U. S.’s third air force based in Germany visited Israel for finalized plans for the upcoming drill expected to exceed several thousand American soldiers in Israel.

155.)            The drill, which is unprecedented in its size, will include the establishment of U.S. command posts in Israel and IDF command post, (Israeli Defense Forces) at E. U. Community Headquarters in Germany with the goal of forming joint passports in the event of a large scale conflict in the Middle East.

156.)            Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell translates this for us.  There should be a Middle East War this spring, or this summer for sure. And if it dries up, warms up, there this spring, there should be a war, a Middle East War.

157.)            The United States will also bring itsTHADD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) Missiles, and the U. S. is bringing its ship-based aegis ballistic missile defense system to Israel to simulate the interception of missiles fallout against Israel. 

158.)            Missiles are very bad at knocking don other missiles. The reason they’re bringing in the aegis ballistic missile defense system is for offence, not defense.

159.)            The American system of working production of Israel’s military defense system the “arrow,” “patriot,” and “iron dome.” So Israel has two defense systems called the arrow, the patriot, and the iron dome where they think they are going to shoot down missiles, which only works about less than half the time, if it works at all.

160.)            The defense ministry has allocated a bunch of batteries (?) to manufacture three additional iron dome missile batteries by the end of 2012.

161.)            Therefore, what we are about here is telling you there should be a war in the Middle East this Spring. That’ll bring in the Beast Power to solve the war and the problems that will result from the war and to bring the New World Order by Christmas, December 21, 2012.

162.)            Side Bar: Good news here. God has made a promise to never forget you. Yah has made a promise to never abandon you. So if you want to get on board and be obedient so you don’t destroy yourself because The Obedient Church of God is the only church in town where you are getting the truth.

163.)            The mentality that you can get by with another congregation doesn’t work because you’ll only be 50% of oil. And if you are only 50% full of oil, you are going to run out of oil. If you run out of oil you’re not going to be allowed into the kingdom.

164.)            Other congregations are causing you to break God’s holy Sabbath Day. And they permit you to keep Sky father’s Day and Mother-goddess Day and Turkey Day. You can’t have one foot in the world and one foot in the kingdom. It just doesn’t happen.


165.)            I have an article here on the Arab Spring. They are planning for the Middle East War to occur of happen this Spring or early Summer. When we start seeing a troop movement into the nation of Israel, watch out! Look out!

166.)            Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell has proof that they are moving troops and missiles and they’re calling it a military exercise for this Spring. Mr. Nowell read it to us. We heard it first on this broadcast, and telling you the Mid East War will be Spring or early Summer next year.

167.)            Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell has 18 pages of data regarding the different relationships with the different Egyptian countries. And even the London based National Front for the Salvation of Libya, the NFSL. This is data for the Middle East War.


168.)            We need a relationship with God and our faith. We’ve strengthened ourselves and filled ourselves up with oil. Our relationship with God is a matter of the heart.

169.)            God can read our minds, and we can’t fool Him, so in our relationship with Father we have to have it from our hearts. And we can’t have the willful forgetfulness that happens when our hearts aren’t in it. Our hearts have to be in it.

170.)            It’s a matter of the heart. Even if we are doing it because we want to obey, but we are forcing ourselves to do it, it is, obviously, not a matter of the heart. Important!

171.)            There’s no other time in history where we are going to have the opportunity to go through this because these are the last days of the next seven years. So we have to get it straight that we are going to have to turn our hearts to the Father and ask him to give us heart obedience. This is dynamically important!!

172.)            The only way you can have a “heart obedience” with your husband or wife is if you have a relationship with him or her. That relationship is formed on the basis of love and respect that is generated by first hand knowledge of each other.

173.)            The only way we can have heart obedience to God is that we have a relationship with God.  We study his Word that gives a basis of love and respect. Then we prove it to ourselves that it is God’s way and that only his way that works.

174.)            Father was a father who had children that disowned him. How would you feel if your children disowned you? Now that hurts. That hurts Father’s heart.

175.)            The way that we are involved in all this is that we are only half-way there in having hearts that Father can love, because we are only half-full of oil. So we need to get filled up with oil and get the other half of our heart relationship going in the right manner with Father.     

176.)            It is impossible to please God without obedience. Jesus said he would send another helper in John 14:16. Who is this helper?

177.)            Jesus said, “I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter (Helper), that he (it) may abider with you forever.” Verse 17, “Even the Spirit of truth…you know him for he dwells with you, and shall be in you.”

178.)            Once you have that Spirit of truth, start following it. You have got to have that relationship with your husband. And that relationship involves staying pure. How can you keep yourself pure?

179.)            Psalm 119:9-16 says, “Wherewith shall a man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word. With my whole heart have I sought thee: O let me not wander (stray) from thy commandments. Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee. Blessed art thou, O Lord: teach me thy statutes. With my lips have I declared all the judgments (ordinances-laws) of (that come from) thy mouth.

180.)            “I have rejoiced in the way of thy testimonies, as much as in all my riches. I will meditate in thy precepts, and have respect unto thy ways. I will delight myself in thy statutes: I will not forget thy word.”

181.)            We must seek Father with all our hearts, and hide God’s Word in our hearts. We can stay pure by meditating on his words and by living according to God’s Words.

182.)            This is how we fill ourselves up with oil by putting God’s Bible words in our hearts. We want to live a more holy life because none of us are perfect yet, so we have to find ways to keep pure. And in order to keep pure we have to meditate on his precepts, and that’s how we seek God with all our hearts.

183.)            David had a love relationship with the Father. In Psalms 27:4 he says, “One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in his temple.”

184.)            Matthew 22:37 NRSV says, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.”

185.)            John 14:15 tells us, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” That it is so important to obey every jot and tittle of God’s ways.

186.)            In order to have a love relationship, we have to start somewhere and that involves seeking God with our entire being. And that means to think over and over and over about scriptures. Try to discover new depts. Of truth, new meaning , new understanding. In that The Obedient Church of God excels.


187.)            We are celebrating new moon day on this day of December 27, 2011. In Jerusalem the east gate as opened on each new moon day (as well as on the Sabbaths). The people were commanded to worship before the Lord. Read Ezekiel 46:1-3


188.)            We all represent the doctrine, and we have to have our hearts turned toward the doctrine. We don’t want anything to do with Sky Father’s Day or Mother-goddess Day because if we observe these days, then we are not filling ourselves up with the oil that we need.

189.)            We need the oil of God’s Word in order to be pure with God. If parents tell their children and relatives, “Thank you for calling me on Sky Father’s Day or Mother-goddess Day, they are filling themselves up with garbage, and they are loving their family more than they are loving God. That’s very serious.

190.)            We have to love God more than our children. We want to bring in the fact that in our relationship with God we must think of him as we would think of someone we are married to, that we are actually loving. There can’t be any closer relationship than this.

191.)            There is a comparison of a human relationship, between a husband d and a wife, and a spiritual relationship with our Father in heaven. It is more intimate than the relationship between a husband and his wife.

192.)            Father is trying to bring us out of bondage. He doesn’t want us to love him for the sake of loving him. He wants us to come out of bondage. That’s why we want to love his ways. “How love I thy law.”

193.)            We must understand that God wants us to love him with all our hearts in order for him to bring us peace. If we are loving Father with all our heart, we’re going to have peace, even though we are all alone in the world; even though there’s no one else for us, we’ve got this relationship with Father.

194.)            And in our ultimate demise (all of us are going to die someday unless we’re taken up in the air to meet Christ after seven years from now if we don’t die between then), everything can be taken away from us. But no one can take away the love of God if we have developed the love of God.

195.)            Jude 21 says, “Keep yourself in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.”

196.)            There are scriptures in the Bible that say that Father will say he doesn’t know them and he won’t listen to them. That is so serious. And that was because they were disobedient and they didn’t develop a relationship with Father.

197.)            We know we are in the end times. In Hosea 9:15 is a harsh statement, “I will love them no more.”

198.)            There are two sides to this issue: if we don’t want to make the effort to develop a relationship with Father, verse 17 says “My God will cast them away, because they didn’t hearken unto him (and obey him).”

199.)            The statement, “I will love them no more,” is so serious. If you’ve got the God of the universe telling you he doesn’t love you anymore, what are you going to do? It looks like the beginning of the end for you. It can’t get any worse for you.

200.)            So now we’ve got to inculcate into our minds that we want to be best friends with Yahveh and we want to repent.


201.)            There are 80 books to the Bible, but we only have 66. Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell tells us that since we don’t have all of the Bible, this next year we will be studying out of the other 14 books. We’ll give some of them the attention they have never gotten. The fourteen missing books are called the “Apocrapha.”

202.)            “The Sixth Council of Carthage in 419 reenacted the ruling of the Third Council of Gangra with the inclusion of the Apocryphal books.  So the books were put back.

203.)            “In the year 1615 Archbishop George Abbot, high-commissioner court member, was one of the original 1611 translators, forbade anyone to issue a Bible without the Apocrapha on pain of one year’s imprisonment.”

204.)            We know that King James was written in 1611. In 1615 the highest commissioner of the court stated that he forbade anyone to issue a Bible without the fourteen books in it.  And what have got today? A Bible without the fourteen books!

205.)            Let’s go back to the actual use of the Apocrapha of the early Christian doctrines.

206.)            The use of the Apocrapha was made by Tertullian, Hippolytus, Cyprian , all of the first century fathers. The early church used all of the books and the Apocrapha, the fourteen books, which were contained in the Septuagint. It was also in the codex vaticanus, an early recognized translation. Some Bibles have included the Apocrapha.


207.)            God is in full control of your enemies. All you have to do is seek God’s ways.    God was in full control of the King of Egypt when he took Sarah. He made the King of Egypt give Sarah back to Abraham. 

208.)            Bear Note: God is in control of your enemies. He lets your enemies persecute you so that you can develop. Tough lessons sometimes, but God allows it.

209.)            God our Father has got a GPS on us. We are going to be going through horrific times in the year 2012 coming up, but Father has a GPS on us and He redirects us every time we go off the path. So we must follow the leading of the Holy Spirit all through 2012. The Holy Spirit is the GPS that’s leading us home to Father. And he will control your enemies. And he will give you the option to respond.

210.)            God has a GPS programmed into your heart. Respond to that GPS of Gods.

211.)            Closing hymn is “Praise Ye the Lord.”

212.)            Closing prayer is given by Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell.