February 24, 2012, NEW MOON DAY Service

By Lawrence A. Nowell

1.)     “The stars in the sky don’t mean nothing to you, they’re a mirror; I don’t want to preach about it, how you broke God’s heart, but if we preach to you a little bit longer, if we preach, won’t you listen to God’s heart, God’s heart?”

2.)     This is The Obedient Church of God broadcasting worldwide by the internet from theworldtomorrow.org and 1stcenturychristian.com bringing you the first century gospel to the world that is not being brought to the world until 2010, the 19th year time cycle, so we tell you “We don’t want to preach about it, how you broke God’s heart, but if we preach to you a little a bit longer, if we preach, won’t you listen to God’s heart, God’s heart?”

3.)     Bon Jour, Paris, France, 6.m., suppertime in France, 9 a.m. on the West Coast, 12 noon on the East Coast. Breakfast time, lunch time, supper-time, the perfect time for our spiritual feeding today on God’s New Moon Day, Friday, February 24th of 2012.

4.)     “I don’t want to preach about it, how you broke God’s heart, but if we preach to you a little bit longer, If we preach, won’t you listen to God’s heart, God’s heart?”

5.)     Yes, indeed, this is The Obedient Church of God on our New Moon Day, which God does command in the Bible because the East gate is opened for the people to attend, the same way the gate is opened every Sabbath Day, it is opened every new moon day.

6.)     On these days there isn’t any work and there isn’t any buying and selling, because these days were used to give homage to Father for his greatness and the wonder of his creation and to learn his character.

7.)     In today’s sermon we are going to be discussing what God is like, what his personality is like, and how to have a closer relationship with Father. As our theme these things are preached on every New Moon Day.

8.)     There are three stages to truth. First a person gets ridiculed for following the truth, for observing New Moon Day. Next there is violent opposition for following New Moon Day. And there is acceptance because it finally makes sense to people that because the east gate was opened on the Sabbath day for the people to attend and because the gate was also opened only on New Moon Day when it occurred during the week for a new month.

9.)     Also, other people wanted to know when New Moon Day would be over so they could buy and sell and that was because New Moon Day was not a time for buying and selling.


11.) Today we’ll tell you about Yeshua and the “thorns,” which are sin. Sins are thethorns” of Satan’s world, and Christ got caught and took all of the thorns, the sins of Satan’s world. There is significance to the “crown of thorns” that the soldiers put on the head of Jesus that is recorded in John 19:2.


13.) When Abraham as told to sacrifice his son Isaac, he was told not to do that but to sacrifice a ram that got caught in a thicket. [Transcriber’s Note:  Jesus’ sacrifice paid the penalty for sins for you and me the same way the ram, in type, took on the sins of the world when it was sacrificed in the place of Isaac, Abraham’s son.]


15.)    First, we have to enter the throne room and by that way we enter the throne room with prayer. So all please rise, face the North Heavens, raise your hands to the North Heavens with palms open, head bowed and eyes closed.


17.) “Almighty, most loving Father, praise and glory, power and dominion be to you forever, to you who rules the Universe. All the magnificent spiral galaxies that are kept in perfect order, help us to go through the thorns of this world, the sins of this world, and not invite the thorns in.


19.) “Thank you for your love and character and for The Obedient Church of God, you have kept things going so well in spite of all the adversities. Thank you for stopping the rain this morning when a torrential down pour was washing down yards of soil from the top of the mountain where we had plowed.


21.) “Thank you the block house didn’t get totally destroyed. The winds were so strong, they knocked down one wall, but we can put it back up.


23.) “It was an unusual storm because the clouds didn’t even look right. There weren’t any clouds, it was just one sheet of grey; it was supernatural, and you stopped it. One minute it was pouring, and then after a short prayer, you brought the sun out. Thank you for bringing the sun back out. You brought the sun out the second after you stopped the rain. Amazing!


25.) “So thank you Father for looking after us, a testament to your power.


27.) “And so, always be with the brethren in Pakistan. Help them to survive because they are in a dangerous area. Eight of them were murdered four years ago for being                  Christians. Some were burned alive in their homes. Please look after them.


29.) “Now for the service for today, pour out your Spirit on the speaking and on the hearing, and especially on the videos when the people will listen to them because people aren’t listening on New Moon Day. They haven’t got it through their heads that they should be. So help inspire the videos when they listen to the sermon on your personality.


31.) “So now we turn this service over to your hands on New Moon Day and ask it all in Yeshua’s holy righteous name, Yeshua ha Mashiach, our soon arriving King.  Amen.”


33.) Now that we’ve entered the Throne Room the first think we want to do is sing praises to our Father. We are in a new month of Adar so we have a new set of hymns to sing. Today is Adar 1, February 24, 2010. Please turn to “Give Ear Unto My Prayer O God,” Psalm 61.


35.) God certainly did hear our prayer this morning, or we would have been “toast” because of that mud and sand coming down. This song is certainly appropriate for this morning, because God heard Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell’s prayers, because he stopped the rain, and the sun appeared in one minute.


37.) Our next song is “God is My Rock,” my salvation and hope, Psalm 62. When we sing out it is the fruit of your lips, our sacrifice to God.


39.) When you show up for services on New Moon Day, God rewards you for your works. So you should show up when the “east gate” is open for the people, refuse not.


41.) No we are going to “Joyfully Sing and Praise God,” for this is the fruit of our lips. It is our proper sacrifice.


43.) Today we had the right hymns at the right times because these fit in so well with what had happened this morning. The rain certainly did come down in buckets, actually in wheelbarrows full. We’ve got 900 feet of hill and up at the 900 foot level you can imagine by the time the water gets to 900 feet below, it is just roaring.


45.) So if God didn’t stop the rain there would have been 10-20 yards of gravel and rocks and mud high onto the highway again. But we caught it in time, said the prayer, and immediately the rain stopped.


47.)  Mr. Nowell was so busily distracted that he didn’t realize that it had stopped raining so suddenly until the sun actually came out one minute later. He was busy, busy, busy trying to handle this catastrophe, and he didn’t even think God answered the prayer that quickly.


49.) Even though the rain stopped immediately after the prayer, the water was still coming down from 900 feet above so it didn’t “twig” him that God had stopped the rain immediately at the end of the prayer because Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell was so busy trying to redirect the gravel and mud and rocks that were coming down the hill.


51.) The good part of this is there is a sandy beach in front of the trailer where all the sand and gravel came down. But it is nice Mr. Nowell has some sand there for free now.


53.) It was amazing because this wasn’t a normal storm. There weren’t any clouds.  It was a sheet of gray, it was like a Satanic sheet of gray over the place. And there was a horrific wind also, which knocked down the west wall of the block house. That wall was made of 2x8s, 2x4s, eight feet long and it was all tarped so it was like a big sail grabbing the powerful wind, which was rocking the set Mr. Nowell is in. Everything as rocking.


55.) So this song that we just sang, Praise God, he has turned the seas to dry land the multitudes passed through. He turned off the rain today, and we were able to pass through. So we give him great praise for that .


57.) Now this being New Moon Day, remember Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell told us were are three stages of truth:                                                                                                              1.) First the people ridicule the truth;                                                                                                              2.) Then they give violent opposition to the truth; and                                                                             3.) Then they finally accept the truth.


59.) It was just like the Catholic Church having to accept Galileo’s principles. [Transcriber’s Note: The Catholic Church accepted Ptolemy’s belief that the “motionless earth” was at the center of the universe.                                                                                          Copernicus proved the earth is a moving planet that hurtled rapidly through space. And Galileo firmly upheld the theory of Copernicus that the earth moves around the sun. These men lived in the 16th century.]


61.) First the Catholic Church ridiculed Galileo, and then they had violent opposition. And then, years later it became a normal principle that the earth was not the center of the galaxy, the earth revolves around the sun.  The Catholics took 100 years to stop ridiculing. So there are three stages to truth.


63.) The “disobedient brats” are all refusing to celebrate New Moon Day and this involves The Living Church of God, the United Church of God , The United Church of God Worldwide Association—a break off group,  and Triumph Prophetic Ministry.


65.) The Obedient Church of God is keeping New Moon Day as a witness. We are going to be telling God’s words to the world in a “short work” of Romans 9:28.


67.) TOCOG is restoring Father’s Bible and we are obeying it. Any denomination that doesn’t follow Yah’s Bible is a liar. They give the appearance that they are following the Bible, yet they refuse to follow the Bible. They refuse to follow New Moon Day, and instead they’ll have Turkey-god Day, they’ll have Mother-goddess Day, and they’ll have Sky Father’s Day.


69.) They can’t have New Moon Day. No. No. No. We’ll see what Yah says.


71.)  Bear Note: You only have 900 days before you live through the Great Tribulation, or you go into the Place of Safety.”


73.) And we have less than 300 days before the seven- year-tribulation period starts after Dec. 21, 2012, when they bring in the New World Order. [T.N.: “Age of Aquarius”]


75.) Iran should be going to war by this spring or summer, fall for sure. They want a war so they can bring in the Madi. Iran has stated that it might make a pre-emptive strike against the United States or against Israel.


77.) Iran has cut off oil to Britain and to other countries. Iran says those U.S. sanctions against them mean nothing. Russia says the U. S. sanctions mean nothing. China says the U.S. sanctions mean nothing. Who are the Americans to tell us Chinese that we should have trade sanctions against other nations?


79.) It is the decline of the United States because the U.S. is not leading other nations around “by the nose” anymore. We are seeing the beginning of the end right now. The world is in the “birth pangs” before the Tribulation of seven years.


81.) The “seven-years” will start when the “daily sacrifice” starts. There doesn’t have to be a temple built to have the daily sacrifice. In the past the sacrifice was given before the temple was even built. Ezra 3:1-3; 6 explains that the Jews built the altar of the God of Israel, and they offered burnt offerings, but the foundation of the temple of the Lord was not yet laid.


83.) It could be any time now that the daily sacrifice could start.


85.) Proverbs 10:16 says, “The labor of the righteous leads to life¼He who keeps instruction is in the way of life.” TOCOG is laboring to do a broadcast on new moon days and it is going to lead to life.


87.) The wages of the wicked leads to sin¼the one who rejects a rebuke goes astray.


89.) David followed the new moon day. The patriarchs followed the new moon day and so did Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And Pharisees followed new moon days because they kept the law. Yeshua went to the Temple that was run by the Pharisees, so obviously, Yeshua kept the new moon day, ushering in his Father’s new month.


91.) Proverbs 10:17 continues, “He is in the way of life that keepeth instruction; but he that refuseth reproof erreth (causes to err).” Life eternal is a free gift, but grace is only limited time to repent in. Grace is not license to sin day after day and year after year, decade after decade. Most denominations don’t even know what grace is.


93.) People are hearing this broadcast about new moon day in terms of keeping it forever as the Bible’s Torah is forever, its laws are forever. The washings and ceremonial laws were done away with, but the statutes and the judgments never were.


95.) It is still wrong to murder; it is still wrong to commit adultery; it is still wrong to steal; it is still wrong to break the fourth commandment where it says to remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy, and it is still wrong to break new moon day.


97.) Yeshua said he never did one thing against his Father’s words. And until heaven and earth pass away, not one jot or tittle will depart. And the earth is still here.


99.) The Obedient Church of God is restoring the doctrines of God. When Father works through people, it’s just like having a tool in your hand. Father was using Herbert W. Armstrong from 1934 when Mr. Armstrong had Sivan 6 for Pentecost til he started “falling off the rails” in 1937 when he decided to change it to a Monday.


101.)                     Herbert Armstrong was a tool that was used from 1934 to 1986 when he died in January that year.  Then the next tool that was used was Mr. William F. Dankenbring when he started Triumph Prophetic Ministry in January 1987. Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell wrote an article of the 21 years God used TPM from January 1987 to November 2008.


103.)                     Then, lo and behold, along comes The Obedient Church of God; which began in the Spring 2010, a nineteen year time cycle. The year 2010 was the beginning of the Ten Years of Awe, the “short work” of Romans 9:28, a work from 2008 to 2018.


105.)                     The first piece of doctrine being espoused was that Christ is our sacrifice and that we do not have a Turkey-god Day with the goose that gave its life for its young. That is why the goose was revered.


107.)                     The goose would stand up and fight the attacker while the little goslings would run away and be saved, but the goose would die by sacrificing itself for its young. The goose represents Ra-Osiris. The Cosmic Goose was where Ra-Osiris came from.


109.)                     TOCOG brought that truth to Triumph Prophetic Ministry and they refused that truth. They said they would celebrate Turkey-day the same way that they could celebrate Christmas. Wait a minute, TPM couldn’t celebrate Christmas because it has pagan roots. So how can TPM celebrate Turkey Day when Turkey Day has pagan roots?? Duplicity!


111.)                     God used Herbert W. Armstrong as a tool. But what happens when the tool is dull and the tool refuses to be sharpened? [Transcriber’s Note: Worldwide Church of God began.]


113.)                     Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell does a lot of wrenching mechanical work and he does carpentry work, he has done electrical work, he is a fourth-class machinist, he’s been a diesel mechanic, and he use to race cars. He learned that when the tool is dull, when the wrench is slipping, the worker has to get a new tool.


115.)                     When Herbert Armstrong became dull and died in 1986, God had to get a new tool. He used Triumph Prophetic Ministry for twenty-one years. And when Triumph Prophetic Ministry got dull, dull of hearing, dull of repenting, God had to get The Obedient Church of God as a sharp two-edged sword. Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell has the sword over his shoulder on stage left, to the left of Mr. Nowell.


117.)                     The Worldwide Church of God and Triumph Prophetic Ministry, and now The Obedient Church of God. How can Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell say that with so much confidence? The facts bear it out. The proof is “in the pudding.”


119.)                     What does The Obedient Church of God teach? The latest teaching is that the males are to appear three times a year before Father. It also teaches, that no one else is teaching, that people are not to move God’s Sabbath Day to the sixth day in half of the world. And it teaches that people are not to be hiring and paying restaurant workers on the Sabbath Day and breaking the Sabbath Day test commandment.


121.)                     The Obedient Church of God teaches that no “potential visibility” is allowed. There must be two witnesses who have four eyeballs to see the crescent moon. And the crescent moon was sighted last night in Jerusalem, February 23rd, 2012, because there were two witnesses that saw it. That makes February 24th the New Moon Day.


123.)                     If the sky would have been clouded over, it would have been pushed to the 30th day of the current Hebrew month, and then a new month would have been started.

124.)                     So TOCOG preaches that what we are celebrating today is God’s New Moon Day.


126.)                     TOCOG also teaches, that no one else does, that there is no Sky Father’s Day allowed. Nor do we observe Mother-goddess Day.

127.)                     We have just mentioned about seven things that have been restored by The Obedient Church of God. That’s the proof that we are leading people into God’s Truth while the other denominations are refusing to, especially, The Living Church of God.

128.)                     The members of The Living Church of God were all so sick that they had to declare a day of fasting, and that is, Mr. Nowell believes, because they were told by Bob Thiel rediscovered truth and they refused to acknowledge these rediscovered truths.

129.)                     The Living Church of God wants to have their Sky Father’s Day, they want to have their Mother-goddess Day, they want to have their Turkey-god Day, they want to move the Sabbath Day to the sixth-day in half the world. And they want to hire and pay restaurant workers on every Sabbath day.

130.)                      The Living Church of God doesn’t even go by no “potential visibility” for sighting the new crescent moon because they use the Hillel II averaging calendar, and, of course, they ignore God’s holy Sabbath New Moon Day, so that is why they’re all sick.

131.)                     They don’t want to follow Father. Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell told them they were sick because of that, and that was ignored. No one is answering. No one is responding.

132.)                     Hello! Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell comes to the door and knocks. Nobody comes to the door. They refuse to answer. He knocks on the door with all these points. They won’t come to the door. The silence is deafening, except in Pakistan!

133.)                     The Pakistani people came to the door and opened it, and they are celebrating all the tenets of The Obedient Church of God. Why? Answer. Because the Gentile has to be called in. And that day won’t come until the full number of the Gentiles are called in. So that’s why God has given TOCOG the Pakistani brethren, 200, including children.

134.)                     Pakistan is 2200 hours on the International Date Line, universal coordinated UTC. That means TOCOG was given Pakistan to test The Obedient Church of God that we would tell everyone all the way from zero hours to 2200 hours that they all have to wait for the sun to set (on the sixth-day, Friday) before they start the Sabbath in their area.

135.)                     If you fly from Los Angeles Airport west to Australia, poof! The day changes in midair, the time changes when you cross the International Date Line. Amazing! Time does NOT change. [Transcriber’s Note: Since 1883 the day jumps ahead 24 hours w. of IDL.]

136.)                     That’s why TOCOG was given Pakistan for these points right around the world so we could prove to Father that we would follow his sun down.

137.)                     NRSVGenesis 1:14 says, “Let there be lights in the dome of the sky to separate the day from the night; and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and for years¼” (“Lights” will mark days.)

138.)                     When you drive through traffic lights, is the red light on the bottom or on the top?

139.)                     Lights in the sky are for days. This has gone right past the United Church of God’s head, and even gone past the Church of God the Eternal who think they are so righteous that they’ve locked in to forty years, since 1972, of Herbert W. Armstrong.

140.)                      Raymond Cole got off the boat of Worldwide Church of God in 1972 and broke away. Even now the Church of God the Eternal is still locked into 1972, so God can’t use them because they are a tool that is dull, dull, dull. They aren’t growing at all in knowledge. If you don’t grow in knowledge, God can’t use you.

141.)                     The key here is their disobedience to revealed rediscovered truth causes God to pick up another tool. It’s so simple.

142.)                     When Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell has a wrench that is slipping or if he has a chisel that is dull and he goes to sharpen it and the chisel jumps out of his hand and says, “No I won’t be sharpened, I refuse to be sharpened,” Mr. Nowell has to go and get another chisel. He isn’t going to chase that chisel around the shop trying to catch it and tie it on to a bench and then sharpen it. No. He just gets another chisel.

143.)                     So that is what God did when Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong died, and a year later Triumph Prophetic Ministry started and they continued 21 years. Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell wrote an article on TPM’s 21st anniversary that was put into one of the Prophecy Flash magazines.

144.)                     TPM was used for 21 years until TPM decided they would not follow God’s Deuteronomy 12:32, which instructs don’t add a day, and they refused. They wanted to add their Turkey-god Day, so God couldn’t use them anymore.

145.)                     Now God has raised up The Obedient Church of God and they have given the big proofs, today 7 or 8, but TOCOG has over 34 points of rediscovered truth. God has another tool, and if you are disobedient, God can’t use you.

146.)                     If you have a drill that doesn’t cut and refuses to be sharpened, you’ve got to get another drill. So you’ve got to get another tool. God is now using The Obedient Church of God. The proof is “in the pudding.” The proof is in the facts.

147.)                     The proof is in the fact that we are here on New Moon Day and no other denomination is broadcasting worldwide on New Moon Day, which the Bible commands. You can’t buy or sell on New Moon Day. And the East gate is open, the same way it is for the Sabbath.

148.)                     The Obedient Church of God is the short remnant work of Romans 9:28. 

149.)                      *  *  *

90.) News of what’s going on in the world that will be important for you.

91.) One of the most frightening things is the U.S.A. is now building 50,000 drones, 30,000 drone airplanes, some small with a 6 foot wing span with little cameras in them, and some that have huge wing spans.

92.) These drones are going to be hovering over the United States, and indeed, hovering over your house with an infrared sensor to see how many people you have in your house. This is part of the New World Order’s latest tricks.

93.) Remember Anne Frank? In 1942 the Frank family went into hiding in the hidden rooms of Otto Frank’s office building in Amsterdam for two years. Today, people can’t hide because the infrared sensors from one of the 30,000 drones that they are going to have over the United States will see the heat of a person’s body and see where that person may be hiding.

94.) Another trick of the New World Order is on “new speak.” The latest Satanic trick is jargon. And to trick you with jargon is for homosexuals and calling it “gender identity expression.”

95.) Everyone has the right to “gender identity expression.” Oh it sounds so good. Translated, it is Sodomy: men who want to become women; women who want to become men, and marry the same sex and Sodomize each other. No one is entitled to Sodomy.

96.) Another trick in using jargon is you are entitled to your “reproductive rights.” Wrong. We don’t have the right to kill children in the womb any more than we have the right to kill children on the street.

97.) People can get a sonogram and hear the little heart beat in the first months of conception. You can find that little heart beating away there. You have no right to kill a child in the womb.

98.) Watch out for the latest “new speak” Satanic trick. Watch out for this trick, “There is something wrong with the child so we are going to abort it.” You don’t strangle a child because there is something wrong with it.

99.) If your doctor tells you that there is something wrong with your fetus, actually child, you deliver it full term. You don’t tear it apart piece by piece, and this is how abortions are sometimes done. And finally they go in with forceps and crush its head.

100.) Something is so badly wrong with this society, and it’s all from the way things are phrased with Satan leading it. Satan is the one behind evil in this world.

101.) Another buzz word is “content farms.” These are organizations that gather information about people that politicians are using now. They want to know what kind of car people drive, what kind of house they have, where they go for restaurants. Politicians want to know this, and they get this information from content farms that will track people.

102.) Why do politicians want this information? So that the lying politicians can get on the right side of people, and tell them what they want to hear.

Tell them what you think they want to hear, tell them in a voice so loud and clear; tell them in a voice and smile all the while so they cannot tell you are lying in your smile.

103.) So tell them what they want to hear and you think you’ll get elected. Go to the content farms and find out what the demographics in your area are, then tell them exactly what they want to hear, and say it with a big fancy smile so they don’t know you are lying all the while, and then when you get elected, like Obama, and all the other politicians, you never knew what you said anyways. Guantanamo Bay is still open.

104.) The United States doesn’t have health care, we have a worse system. There are still 30 million people that aren’t covered. Before there were 50 million people who weren’t covered. It’s a travesty. The United States Health Care System is something like 37th worst in the world.

105.) Yet they say the U. S. has the best health care in the world. No we don’t We are listed as 37th. There are some third world countries ahead of the United States. All we have to do is look into some of the ghetto populations of the United States and see what kind of health care they have. That’s why we are 37th in the world.

106.) For you “sinisters” out there saying the other people shouldn’t be taken care of, you better read your Bible of the good Samaritan. The good Samaritan didn’t say that guy doesn’t have health care, I’m just going to walk right by him. The good Samaritan looked after his neighbor, and who is your neighbor? Figure that one out.

107.) TOCOG is being a witness to people. In 900 days you are going to be in a place of safety or you are going to be persecuted and dead.

108.) The “disobedient brats” out there still don’t get it. They still don’t want to celebrate New Moon Day and they won’t be in the place of safety. They refuse to appear three times a year. They want to celebrate Sky Father’s Day, Mother-goddess Day, and Turkey-god Day, but they refuse to celebrate New Moon Day, and in 900 days they will be dead. Selah. Think on that.

109.) The script has already been written. Nothing can be done now. It doesn’t matter who you vote for among the politicians. They are all lobbied and laid off. Then they get killed like Dennis Wellstone whose plane mysteriously crashed. And they are trying to get Dennis Kucinich out. He’s an honest guy but they’re trying to get him out.

110.) A guy like Ralph Nader will never be elected. All the crooks are in there. Did you know that 90% of the incumbents get re-elected.  Ninety percent of the politicians that are in office right now, incumbents, are re-elected. How can that be? 

111.) Politicians are re-elected because the media is controlled, and the people are just “sheeple,” who are just being led. There are five corporations that control all the news. The national corporations control all the news. They’re all crooks. Nothing can be changed until Yeshua comes back, no matter who you vote for.

112.) It doesn’t matter who you vote for, nothing will really change. Nothing has changed. [Transcriber’s Note: Politicians come and go but the system stays the same.]

113.) They murdered Lincoln because he wanted to go on the “greenbacks.” He was shot by a Mason whose name was James Booth.

114.) The script is already written. God allows this thing here so that the “banksters” and the crooks and the capitalists can be the dirtiest, meanest, toughest capitalists today they want and the system is still going to collapse in on itself. So God is going to let it run its full course and it is still going to collapse in on itself, and that is why God allows this thing.

115.) So now we’ve got prosecutors all paid off.  The “banksters” stole the money and can’t even account for some of the money and it was a theft because the “banksters” set up the loans so that the people wouldn’t be able to pay for them. They planned to have the interest rates go up after the teaser rates and they went up to 9% and the people couldn’t pay them.

116.) Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell has told us that the bankers print pieces of paper called money and loan that to the Federal Government, but then we have to pay interest that the Federal Reserve charges. They aren’t Federal and they have no reserves.

117.) The Federal Reserve is a cabal of “banksters” who print pieces of paper and give them to the Federal Government that we pay interest on. The whole system is corrupt and they control the courts and they control the army and they control the police.

118.) The army and the police will follow the orders from the top so it will be just like Hitler’s “brown shirts,” only now we have the “white shirts.”

119.) When you are on the internet surfing, always start out on “start page.com” because anyone that is critical of the government is going to be tracked. Take some precautions so you don’t get your head cut off and you can see Christ arrive.

120.) Clarence Darrow said, “There isn’t any justice inside or outside of court.” So forget about trying to get out of having your head cut off. Your head is going to be cut off. There won’t be any other way. The Bible says so.

121.) The economy is rapidly going down the tubes here. In the last ten years you’ve lost 35% of your buying power, your wealth.

122.) Before you have your head cut off in the next 900 days, you are going to experience 100% annual inflation. After 2012 they are going to bring in the new world order, but before and during that time, there will be a time of chaos, greater than ever before.

123.) Since 1776, the founding of the United States, to 2001, the official debt was 5 trillion dollars. Now the official debt today, when it is all added up, is over a hundred trillion dollars  since 2001. They have it as official $15 trillion, but that doesn’t include entitlement programs, Medicare,  Medicade, different benefits. So when it is all added up, it is more than $100 trillion.

124.) There is no way any of us dan pay that because in o9rder to pay this back, we would each have to $85,000 a year. So there isn’t any hope folks. We need Yeshua to come back.

125.) What’s going to happen to you because you refuse to follow New Moon Day and you refuse to sight the moon with your own two eyes, and you refuse to have the Sabbath day on the seventh- day in half the world, God is going to cut you down.

126.)      To drive home the point, here is a song for you to remember in the next 900 days, “God is going to cut you down.” Maybe you will be jarred enough to repent.

127.) The Obedient Church of God is set up by God as the “short work” of Romans 9:28, and TOCOG was set up on the last 19-time cycle in 2010 when we started broadcasting on Passover night.

128.) The prior 19-year time cycle was 1991 when the teaching of the Worldwide Church of God got switched from people being in God’s spiritual family to being one big happy earthly family. Different books were banned, were taken out of print. The church switched from the doctrine of we are going to be in God’s family to one where we are one big happy earthly family.

129.) What happened in 1972, the previous 19-year time cycle? God’s representation Ambassador Hall as dedicated.

130.) In 1953 The Worldwide Church of God broadcast went to Europe, and 1934 Herbert Armstrong started his broadcasts in Eugene, Oregon.

131.) Now in 2010 TOCOG went on the air in the 19th year time cycle just like Mr. Armstrong went on the air in 1934, a 19-year time cycle. The proof is “in the pudding” again. But people will scoff and it is so frustrating that nobody is listening. But The Obedient Church of God is carrying on.                                                       *  *  *                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

132.) The sermon for today is What God is Like, the nature and attributes of God.  This is the positive half of the sermon.

133.) There was little girl laying on the floor with her crayons and drawing on her large drawing pad. When her father entered the room and came by he asked, “What are you drawing honey?” Without looking up the little girl replied, “I am drawing a picture of God.” Her father was taken back. Her father smiled and said, “No one knows what God looks like, my dear.” Without a pause, the little girl retorts, “They will when I’m finished drawing.”

134.) Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell played the song, “Me and God.”

135.) If I walk with God and do it daily, attend his feasts three times a year (in addition to keeping God’s Sabbaths and New Moon Days), we can know the attributes of God and who God is, what his nature is.

136.) God’s characteristics: We need to know our understanding of what we think truth is, which is different from God’s understanding of truth.

137.) Remember, Turkey-god day to Ra and Osiris. God’s understanding is to have nothing to do with such days, but people’s understanding is totally different from God’s understanding. So we’ve got to realize that we’ve got to know God and know what He’s like and that God is knowable, and we can know about him, and also know him intimately.

138.) Jeremiah 9:23-24 says, “Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom, or the strong man boast of his strength, or the rich man boast of his riches, but let him who boasts boast about this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the Lord who exercises kindness, justice, and righteousness on earth. For in these I delight, saith the Lord.”

139.) Let him boast that he understands and knows me. That’s what God wants from us.

140.) God is approachable. Who is God? What is he like? God invites us to talk to him, and engage him in what concerns us.

141.) (1.)We have to repent, but God will talk to us even when we are sinners. God invites us to talk to him and engage him in what concerns us. We don’t have to be theologically correct when we start off.

142.) (2.) It’s in his nature to be loving and accepting when we go to him in truth. Psalm 145:18 says, “The Lord is near to all who call on him¼in truth.”

143.) Side Bar: Today isn’t the first time God stopped the rain for Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell and let the sun shine through. One time Mr. Nowell as driving a bus to take a young people’s group 200 miles away in the deep woods. Sheets of rain were coming down on the highway and cars were pulling over and some were hydroplaning and sliding off into the ditch.

144.) Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell  had a big heavy bus and he could look down and he could see where he was going. Everyone wanted to turn back, but Mr. Nowell said,”No. We’re going through.” All the way for 200 miles it poured torrents, and as soon as they got into the camp ground, the rain stopped. One minute later the skies cleared and opened up for the sun shine.

145.) Everyone just looked at Mr. Nowell and didn’t say too much. So you’ve got to call on Him. Maybe he’ll know you and accept you. 

146.) (3.) God is creative and his understanding, his mind has no limits. Psalm 147:5 says, “Great is our Lord and mighty in power his understanding has no limit (beyond measure).”

147.) He wants us to know where our help comes from. Psalm 121:2 says, “Our help comes from the Lord, maker of the heaven and earth.”

148.) (4.) God is forgiving. He knows our hearts, and he will work with us, no matter what is wrong, no matter how bad our sin is, if we strive to repent. Romans 3:22-25 says, “Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference.” We are made right in God’s sight when we trust in Jesus Christ to take away our sins. And we can be saved in this same way, no matter who we are, or what we have done. God is forgiving for that’s his characteristic. Even for the worst sinner, if that sinner turns his heart, God will forgive him. Jesus shed his blood, sacrificing his life for us.

149.) (5.) God is honest. God is telling us about himself in the Bible, just like you have a friend who tells you about the thoughts and feelings he or she has, tells you about themselves. God tells us about himself. Psalm 119:130 and 105 say, “The unfolding of your word gives light: it gives understanding to the simple. Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light to my path.” God has shown everything about himself in the Bible.

150.) (6.) God is capable, and he is 100% right about everything all the time. All a person has to do is pick up the Bible that my friend God wrote and follow it every jot and tittle and you can’t go wrong because he is 100% right about everything!

151.) God may have written a lot of books, nevertheless, we have everything e need in the Bible. Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell believes God has a library and the angels have written things in addition to recording things. God is 100% right about everything and he is Mr. Nowell’s friend. God has written the Bible and Mr. Nowell follows it, so Mr. Nowell can be right.

152.) Can we understand how God is capable? And he shares his Bible manual with us. Psalm 25:3 says, “No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame.”

153.) Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell’s father was a doctor, so all his girlfriends were ORTs, operating room technicians, physiology assistants and they would go to parties with the other doctors because Mr. Nowell’s girlfriends were pretty and doctors liked to have them around.

154.) All of us have things we are led to associate with. Whatever your parents did or were interested in odds are you will do similar things. Now if your father is God and we have his book that he gave us, we can become like him. God is our father and he wrote a book, and we could be a god just like him.

155.) We could become just like God underneath his wings, underneath his tutelage forever, under his knowledge forever.

156.) We are beginning to understand the implications of New Moon Day and the elements of drawing closer to father on New Moon Day to know about God and to walk with him. How would you like to have a friend who never makes a mistake. We’ve got one. We’ve got God.

157.) Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell sang the song, “Me and God.”

158.) Meditate on these things.  Selah. He’s my Father He’s my friend. He’s the beginning and He’s the end.

159.) “Me and God” has these words:

“Talking it over, early in the  morning: me and God;

Talkin’ it over, late at night: me and God.

We are just like, 2 peas on a pod, me and God.

There ain’t nothing that can’t be done by, me and God.

Ain’t no minister/‘sinister’ going to come between, me and God.”

160.) There are some of the characteristics of God:                                                                                                l.) God is all knowable, he knows everything;                                                                                                            2.) God is approachable;                                                                                                                                            3.) God is creative;                                                                                                                                                          4.) God is forgiving;                                                                                                                                                   5.) God is honest;                                                                                                                                              6.) God is capable;                                                                                                                                                         7.) God is right 100% of the time;                                                                                                                                 8.) God understands the elements of every situation;                                                                                              9.) God knows the past, the end, front, and the beginning;                                                                                    10.) God counsels us;                                                                                                                                                          11.) God’s motives are pure so we can trust him; we can trust him from an earthly perspective because he never makes mistakes;                                                                                                                            12.) God will never undercut you or deceive you, so we can fully trust in him;                                                  13.) God can be fully trusted to do what is right in all circumstances, so we can follow his word.

161.) There is equivocal knowledge. When you say that both a tree and a dog have “bark,” you are predicting “barkiness” for both of them, but you are not saying the same thing.

162.) The equivocal theory of knowledge says that when we speak of God, we cannot comprehend him as he truly is. And that what we think of God is different from what he really is.

163.) This position was held by Cornelius Van Till, Professor of Apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary. He said that God and man are not on the same order of being; that they are ontologically different. Nearly all Christians would more or less agree. And Cornelius Van Till maintains that God’s knowledge is completely different from man’s knowledge.

164.)When I say that Big Ben in London is a time piece, and that a sun dial is also a time piece, I’m saying the same thing in regards to what they are, but that doesn’t mean that Big Ben is the same in all respects to the sun dial. But they are the same with regards to their nature as a time piece.        

165.) So the uni-vocal position says that we understand God in the same way that he understand Himself.

166.) Francis Schafer coins a term, “True truth” to describe the fact we can only truly know certain things. He sometimes signs his letters “Yours truly, but not exhaustively.”

167.) In the same way the uni-vocal position admits their understanding is not as comprehensive as God’s understanding. Remember the example of the sun dial and the clock, Big Ben. They both can tell you the time, but one is so much greater and complex.

168.) When a mechanic speaks of the workings of his description of a car, the mechanic will know more about the working of the car than you do, yet you can communicate with your mechanic because you, at least, have a rudimentary knowledge of what the components of a car are. You know what a radiator, fan belt, and piston are.

169.) God is infinite in knowledge, but that doesn’t mean that you as the sun dial cannot tell the time just because you’re not a Swiss watch or a Rolex watch. So, therefore, you have what is known as univocal-knowledge that we can understand God in the same way he understands himself.

170.) Now we won’t know as much as God does, but we can be the little time piece that reflects everything that the big time piece does. We have to be a model of Christ, a very tiny representation of the real thing. And the models are precise in every detail of the real thing.

171.) You can get small working models of the real thing, such as a small steam engine that runs on tacks like the real train engines that are 15-20 feet high. We, in learning about God, can be that small model of the real thing.

172.) The Obedient Church of God always uses New Moon Day to learn about God’s characteristics. 

173.) God is personal when dealing with us. It’s a very personal live relationship that we have with Father. We don’t need to have graven images, it’s the second commandment. We are not to make to ourselves any graven image and we don’t want to have any pictures of Jesus around because that is not what Jesus looks like at all.

174.) Jesus was a carpenter and he was hiking, walking all through the land of Judea. He was  muscular, he had short hair. He looked like any other man when he disappeared into a crowd. Graven images and pictures must be destroyed and thrown away.

175.) The point is we can know God without having an image of him. The images we see on a cross are so sad. The Pope holds up a staff, which is a “bent cross” that is a Satanic occult cross, and it has the image of a weakling on it. That is not how we honor our king.

176.)Our future king is mighty and powerful. We represent Yeshua in our mind as one who is sitting on a throne with majesty and glory at the right hand side of the Father, not all beaten and twisted and torn up and mangled on a cross.

177.) Yeshua sits with power and glory up in heaven. That’s how we know God.

178.) Some of the main characteristics we want to make sure that you get is that God is unchangeable and He knows what works and what doesn’t work.

179.) God is self-existent. He is perfection. He is infinity (unlimited). God is immutable (never varying). He is omnipotent (all powerful). God is omnipresent (present every where at the same time). He is omniscient (has infinite knowledge).

180.)  Other communicable attributes of God are: love, and mercy, patience, goodness, righteousness, being fair to everyone, looking after everyone, truthfulness (he doesn’t change), faithfulness, humility, being humble. Yeshua humbled himself.

181.) Anything the little voice in your head says, has to agree with the Bible.

182.) Read Deuteronomy 12:32 where it says don’t add a day don’t let your thought say it’s okay to observe any pagan day. Also, in Galatians 1:6, Don’t accept a contrary gospel to Bible.  

183.) There are some points on the unchanging God. Malachi 3:6 says, “I the Lord do not change.” (When we return to God, He will return to us.) God has righteous standards so we have to change to be like him. We can know God. Every year we can find him growing bigger and bigger in our minds.

184.) Isaiah 40:22 says that God sits above the circle of the earth. We can know God and learn about the immensity of God. Verse 12 tells that God measured the water in the hollow of his hand, and he has marked off the heaven, and he calculated all the dust he needed in the earth, and he weighed the mountains in scales and the hills on a balance. 

185.) Isaiah 40:22-23 says that God lifts up the islands, its inhabitants are like grasshoppers¼he brings princes to naught and makes rulers as nothing.

186.) Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell isn’t afraid of the New World Order because he’ll be singing “Me and God” when they cut off his head. No New World Order can jump in between “Me and God.” He’s my Father. He’s my friend. He is the beginning. He’s the end.

187.) In conclusion we turn to Psalm 139:1-3, where it says God knows us intimately and He’s our friend. “O Lord, you have searched and have known me. You know when I sit down and when I rise up; You discern my thoughts from far away; You search out my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways.” This is how God is; this is how he knows us.

188.) The closing song is “For even from My Youth O Lord.” This is the fruit of our lips, out sacrifice to God. The closing prayer is given by Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell.