January 28, 2012, Sermon Transcript

By Lawrence A. Nowell

1.)     “The stars in the sky mean nothing to you, they’re just a mirror. I don’t want to talk about it, how you broke God’s heart; but if I preach to you a little bit longer, if I preach won’t you listen to God’s heart, God’s heart?”

2.)   This is The Obedient Church of God broadcasting live around the world from

www.theworldtomorrow.org and 1stcenturychristian.com. We are the only congregation in the whole world that is having the Sabbath Day as God commanded in the whole world.

1.)  “We don’t want to preach about it how you broke God’s heart, but if we preach to you a little bit longer, if we preach, won’t you listen to God’s heart, God’s heart?”

3.)     “Bon Jour, Paris, France,” 6 p.m. supper time in France, 9 a.m. on the West coast, and 12 noon on the East coast. Breakfast time, lunch time, supper time, the perfect time for our spiritual feeding today to bring us closer to our Father and Yeshua.

4.)     “We don’t want to preach about it, how you broke God’s heart, but if we preach to you a little bit longer, if we preach, won’t you listen, to God’s heart, God’s heart?”

5.)     Yes, indeed, God’s will be done. Someone’s got to preach the truth that you can’t move the Sabbath day to the sixth-day in half the world. Someone has to call it like it is. All these denominations that do that are sinning and they are “sinisters” because they know they are moving the Sabbath Day to the sixth-day in half the world and they’re refusing to repent.

6.)     Churches that refuse to repent include the Living Church of God, Triumph Prophetic Ministries, and all of the offshoots of the Worldwide Church of God.

7.)     The Obedient Church of God is going to continue to proclaim the message. And to proclaim New Moon Day which is commanded by the Bible because the eastern gate was opened, the same way on the Sabbath Day so that the people could come to God’s House on the Sabbath Day.

8.)     How can you possibly say it isn’t so when the gate was opened the same way on New Moon Day as on the Sabbath Day?

9.)     We read in the Bible that the Gentiles complained and asked when will the New Moon Day be over so we can buy and sell. Of course, New Moon Day is a Sabbath Day.

10.) But no! no! no! You want your ways. You want your Mother-goddess Day, you want your Sky Father’s Day, you want your Turkey-god Day, but not New Moon Day!!!

11.) On today’s broadcast we are going to be covering a number of salient issues. There’s so much information, we’re going to be going with gestalts to give an overview.

12.) One of your treats is a picture of the “bent cross” that the Pope has, which is a Satanic symbol. The cross is bent on the main cross beam and on the upright beam.

13.) The Pope wears a tall hat. What do you call a man who wears a $5,000.00 hat? A “poop.” It has a fish head mouth open for Dagon the fish- god, it’s a display of Satanism.

14.)  So TOCOG has, as usual, a dynamite service for today. Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell will tell the real reason why Garner Ted Armstrong was put out of the Worldwide Church of God. It has something to do with Stan Rader.

15.) The Obedient Church of God opens the services with prayer as we go into the Throne room of God. We sing our songs as “a sacrifice of our lips” before Father, Yeshua.

16.) We enter the throne room as we rise, raise our hands to the north heaven, palms up, head bowed, and eyes closed for the opening prayer by Mr. Lawrence Nowell.

17.) “Almighty and gracious loving Father, praise, glory, power, and dominion, ruler ship to you forever and ever, and ever and ever throughout the universe, we thank you for so much that you’ve done for us. For giving us the very air that we breathe, not to mention rain in due season, and that we still have enough to grow crops before this terrible New World Order, like a tomato, ‘hits the fan.’

18.) “So, Father, thank you for the 6,000 years of bounty, and 6,000 years of kindness in putting up with this terrible, terrible situation of everybody rebelling against you for 6,000 years. So we sympathize wit6h you, and we thank you for your patience and love.

19.) “Now, Father, in the service here today please inspire the speaking, inspire the hearing on the video tapes especially, and inspire the hearing now as people are tuning in all around the world more and more. We’ve got over 10,000 hits on the internet.

20.) “Continue to lead and guide this work in all things. We thank you so much for the calling in terms of no one else doing it, so we’re going to do it. And we’re going to do it with power and with a vengeance, the same way as the meteorites that came down from the sky in front of me in 2008, which could have marked your ten years of awe.

21.) “Father, we turn this service over to your hands, and we ask it all in Yeshua’s holy righteous name, Yeshua ha Mashiach, our soon arriving King.             Amen.”

22.)  Yes, indeed, we’ve, got a dynamite service for you. Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell’s desk is piled up with 5 inches of folders, and there are more on both sides of him, so he is going to give the overview of this information to us.

23.) Just from the introduction people can know there is just one church that is doing the work today. Because every other congregation is having the Sabbath on the sixth-day in half the world. They are “sinisters,” who are sinning deliberately.

24.) In God’s world things get better with time; in man’s world things get worse with time, so there is devolution.                   

25.) Now that we are in the throne room, we want to sing our praises to Father. We sing from our beautiful 1934 fuchsia-colored hymnals, which TOCOG enlarged from the original hymnal that was a brown one, 5 inches by 7 inches in size.

26.) When we sing out, we give the “sacrifice of the fruit of our lips to God.”

27.) Our first hymn is “Hallelujah, Praise God’s Name,” Psalm 135. Our second hymn is “His Mercy Never Fails,” Psalm 136; followed with “The Waters of Babylon,” Psalm 137.


29.) When we sing “By the Waters of Babylon, there we wept, and there sat down,”

30.) because we weep for the kingdom to come so that this mess down here is finally over with.  We are by the waters of Babylon because we are surrounded by trouble on all sides, but we are not discouraged.

31.) The NDAA was signed by executive order. Obama said he would not sign it, and then he turned around and he did sign it. And that means that you or I could be picked up for no reason, no reason at all. The reason could be we spoke out and said something that was “belligerent.”

32.) “Belligerent” is such a broad term meaning not to speak against homosexuality because that offends some people. We speak out against it because the Bible speaks out against it, and if we say what the Bible says, we are being belligerent.

33.) If we don’t do what they say, you are being ‘belligerent.” If we don’t have Sunday worship to the great sun god, we are being “belligerent.” They’ve got us every way, up and down and sideways with that one word that in that act, “belligerent.”

34.) It’s a sad, sad situation that we’re involved in. We’re just waiting for “the tomato to hit the fan” regarding the world situation.

35.) It’s going to be horrendous with 90% of the people being killed. And that fits right in with the New World Order’s plan of the Georgia Guidestones, which say to reduce the population to 500,000 people.

36.) The citizens of America should take up their pitchforks and say, “Who says so?” Who says we’ve got educe the population of the earth to 500,000 people? Why can’t we put it back the way it always has been with bounty. Everything Father creates has bounty.

37.) There is free energy. There isn’t any reason to have wars over oil. It’s all about control and power. There is free energy. It’s all around us. We are just caught in Satan’s web. Satanism, idolatry and severe abominations.

38.) Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell said he was going to show us a “bent cross” of “Mr. Fishhead,” the “Poop.” The Pope Benedict XVI’s “bent cross” is a Satanic symbol, making fun of Christ’s sacrifice. And the Pope’s hat looks like a fish head with an open mouth.

39.) The Pope’s tall hat is Dagon, the fish god, that is leading more people to hell than the offshoots of the Worldwide Church of God, which are not following the Bible. They are just like the harlots that came out of the Catholic Church. It’s the same as Martin Luther and all of his harlots.          

40.) On theworldtomorrow.org website on the first link there are also pictures of the Pope holding up the image of the sun. The “bent cross” that the Pope has is like secret magic, called “lesser magic.” He parades it right in front of people and that gives him, in his mind, the power and then he’ll laugh at you.

41.) For the substantiation of “the bent cross” that Mr. Nowell showed on his video tape, there isn’t any question as to what it means. The Roman Catholic author Piers Compton wrote about it in his book, “The Broken Cross: Hidden Hand in the Vatican.”

42.) The point is this bent crucifix is a sinister symbol used in Vatican II, recently. This was a “bent or broken cross” on which was displayed a distorted and repulsive figure of the Messiah. Black magicians and sorcerers of the Middle Ages had made and used the “bent crucifix” to represent the Biblical “Mark of the Beast.”

43.) Not only did Paul VI and his successors, the two John Pauls, carry this object and hold it up to be revered by the crowd, but the people had not the slightest idea that it stood for false Messiahship. To think of it in the sixth century, that it had been revived at the time of Vatican II. [Transcriber’s note: Catholic Meetings held in the 1960’s.]

44.) In his book Piers Compton he prints a picture of Pope John Paul II holding this “bent cross.” This is “lesser magic” that tells all the occultists around the world who know what a bent cross means, that he is not a traditional Pope. Pope John Paul II is committed to carrying out the role of the world’s religious leader that calls for the New World Order’s plan.

45.) Another Roman Catholic author Malachi Martin states the same thing, that Pope John Paul II was committed to the New World Order and that’s in his book, “The Keys to This Blood.”

46.) We, The Obedient Church of God, don’t use anything under heaven or in the earth below in our worship because the Bible commands us not to. God is a Spirit and we must worship him in spirit and truth.

47.) People are going to have to throw out all of their crosses. It is unfortunate how Satan has tricked this whole world. What Pope John Paul II holds up is the Satanic “. It depicts the anti-Messiah, the “mark of the beast.” Very serious!

48.)  When the anti-Messiah comes on the scene, he will be holding a bent cross. That might be one of the keys to know which religious leader that is going to be. And it’s probably going to be the Pope after Benedict XVI, but Benedict is so evil when you get into what his background was. He used persecution and it would be like going back into the Nazi era. Pope Benedict XVI is setting up for the New World Order.

49.) There isn’t any hope to change anything. Remember Pope John Paul I? He died alone in September 1978 only a month after his election to the papacy. They didn’t even issue a legitimate death certificate for him. And why was Pope John Paul I killed?

50.) The Vatican Bank had lost about a quarter billion dollars and nobody knew where it went and Pope John Paul I was going to prosecute the Vatican bankers, one of the most powerful institutions and is commonly known as the Vatican Bank.

51.) David Yallow’s book, “In God’s Name,” shows that because of the corruption in the Institute of Religious Work (IOR), the Vatican’s most powerful financial institution, because of the corruption in the Vatican Bank, the Vatican lost a quarter of a billion dollars. John Paul I was going to prosecute. 

52.) This corruption was real and it involved the bank head Paul Marcinkus along with Roberto Calvi of the Banko Ambrosiano.  Calvi was a member of P.Q., an illegal Masonic Lodge.

53.) When this investigation was initiated by Pope John Paul 1ST, Calvi was found dead in London, after disappearing just before the corruption became public. His death was initially ruled a suicide, and upon a second inquest ordered by his family, they returned an open verdict.

54.) Yallow’s central claim: when the body of Pope John Paul I was discovered his contorted hand gripped a piece of paper that was later destroyed because it named the high ranking names of the Curia who were to be handed over to the Italian authorities for their corrupt bankster’s role in numerous corruption scandals and the laundering of Mafia drug money through the Catholic Church.

55.) One of the names believed to be on the paper was that of Bishop Paul Marcinkus who was later promoted by the new replacement Pope, John Paul II, who was a pro-Vatican Pope, who would do anything. Pope John Paul II covered everything up.

56.) Why would the murderers of Pope John Paul I leave a piece of paper in his hand? That was a warning.

                                                                                  *  *  *

57.) Gabrielle Giffords just resigned from the Congress. She was hit in the head with a bullet but she was hit in a manner so she could recover. That as to cover up the fact that there was a judge who was going to buck the American system and bring up the corruption in the American Government. And that’s why she was shot along with six others to cover up the murder of the judge.

58.) Our only hope is Yeshua coming back because this system all around us is so corrupt and we’re going to lose our heads. But we are going to speak out now while we still can.

59.) When the Jews in Germany were being oppressed, it all started with smashing Jewish shops. That’s when the Jews should have taken up their pitchforks and just gone to outright war.

60.) What the Jews could have done right at the beginning was to have one sniper who could take out 250 German troops when shooting from the different houses.


62.) The reason Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell is mentioning this, is that we in America are seeing it now with executive orders and not doing anything about it. Now is the time to speak out because we won’t have any chance to speak out later.

63.) God’s Kingdom is still going to come but it will have to come with so much devastation being perpetrated as it was perpetrated on the Jews, which will be perpetrated on you and me and we will have our heads cut off.

64.) Even the internet is being censored more and more. In China people can’t google for information and Mr. Nowell can’t bring up pages that he used to be able to pull up on the internet. He gets “error 404” or “not available” and a couple of times he got “forbidden.”  When he sees that it kind of jars him.

65.)  *  *  *

66.) When the Jews were ordered into the ghetto, the poor part of town, or be shot, they agreed to move. So they acquiesced. When the Jewish people were told to quit complaining, they shut up because it was better than being shot.

67.) The Jews rationalized. When the Jews were being put on box cars, they cooperated rather than be shot. “We’ll see what happens when we get there.” Then when they came out of the box cars, the women and men were separated and children were separated.

68.) Then the Jews were given the choice of slave labor or get shot, they chose to work and stay alive. The final insult came when they had to take a shower or be shot, they went into the showers where they were gassed!

69.)                                                               *  *  *                    

70.) It all started with the Jewish people being told to keep silent and shut up. Don’t be belligerent! Then they were told to more into the ghetto or be shot. Be cooperative.

71.) Remember, the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) states implicitly that someone could be locked up for being belligerent. Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell is being belligerent right now while he still has the chance to be belligerent, and that ay he can die like a man, and not like a worm.

72.) We are going to have to speak up for Yeshua and Yeshua’s ways. This is going to be required of us or else we’ll have to take the mark of the beast. Decide now we are going to speak up for God’s way even if we have to be locked-up and whatever happens, happens.

73.) We can also flee to the place of safety or have a place of safety. Make up your mind you are going to be belligerent by speaking God’s truth.

74.) Tell the Catholic Church they cannot go to services on Sunday. And we have to have the guts to speak up against all the harlots that come out of the Worldwide Church of God. That’s right. The same way the harlots came out of the Catholic Church, the harlots came out of the Worldwide Church of God.

75.) The Worldwide Church of God all through Herbert Armstrong’s years moved all of the Holy Days one day early, two days late, two days early, one day late, and the off-shoots of the Worldwide Church of God also to this day of January 28, 2012, continue to move the Holy Days. [Transcriber’s note: God’s Holy Days are at “appointed times.”]

76.) At TOCOG’s feast site, Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell bumped into one of the members of the Church of God the Eternal, and during their correspondence, he mentioned that on his second day of the feast, which was the night before             TOCOG’s first day of their feast, how beautiful the full moon looked.

77.) Mr. Nowell asked his friend when he started his feast. “A day ago,”was the reply. Mr. Nowell commented, “The moon was it full then?” He said, “No. What does that mean?”

78.) Mr. Nowell told him, “It means that you started your feast a day early and you are going to be leaving the feast a day early, which means you are going to be working on God’s Holy Day, Shimini Atzeret at the conclusion of the Feast of Tabernacles.”

79.) The point of all this is that just the way the harlots came out of the Catholic Church, harlots came out of the Worldwide Church of God. Yeshua does not have groups of churches that are all teaching something different. And if they weren’t teaching something different, then they’d all be united and be the same, but they’re not

80.) There is only one church that Yeshua is building. The Obedient Church of God teaches only the first century doctrine, and there isn’t any room for acquiescence on that.

81.) Deuteronomy 12:32 tells that we are not to add a day.

82.) Galatians 1:6 & 9 says  that you are accursed if you preach a different Gospel, such as giving thanks to God by a Turkey Day, having Mother-goddess Day, or having Sky Father’s Day.

83.) You are preaching a different gospel, all you Worldwide Church of God offshoots if you say it is all right for your members to celebrate a Turkey-god Day, to have a Sky Father’s Day in honor of their father, have a Mother-goddess Day to honor their mother.

84.) You can’t do that. That is duplicity. Look at the roots of all those days and they are Satanic. Look at the origin of Christmas. It’s Satanic.

85.) All of the Worldwide Church of God offshoots shouldn’t celebrate Christmas because they have Satanic origins. But with that same argument they say you can celebrate Mother-goddess Day, and Sky Father’s Day, which is the longest day of the year, even though they have Satanic origins. These are not Churches of God that practice Satanic days.

86.) Now of the ten virgins, five of them are not going to be full of oil, the doctrine that is for us, the lamps. We are the vessels that hold the oil. All of these Church of God offshoots are only half-full of oil. They will be locked out from the marriage supper because they cannot be used!!

87.) How can they possibly teach all peoples of the world to observe the Holy Days properly and not have pagan days, when they approve of Mother-goddess day, Sky Father’s Day, and Turkey-god Day? They cannot be used because they are useless!

88.) Church of God “sinisters” cannot fill their vessels with “dirty oil” and fill up the Church members who observe the Holy Days with “dirty oil.”  The virgins can’t be half- full of good oil and half-full of foul oil.

89.) TOCOG is the Romans 9:28 “short work” and the proof is “in the pudding.” There is no one else who is telling people they can’t have the Sabbath on the sixth-day in half the world, and also at the same time telling people they can’t have Sky Father’s Day, Mother-goddess Day and Turkey –god Day.

90.) The Obedient Church of God is the only church telling people they must celebrate New Moon Day because all of the patriarchs, including David and Paul, celebrated New Moon Day.

91.) But you offshoots of the Worldwide Church of God, you “sinisters:” Living Church of God “sinisters”, United Church of God “sinisters,” Philadelphia Church of God “sinisters,” you all are saying it is just fine to celebrate these pagan days, while at the same time you are saying it’s not fine to celebrate Christmas or Easter (Ishtar, goddess of sexual love).

92.) Well, what about Mother-goddess day, the Mother of all the gods and goddesses? Oh that’s just fine. That’s for you mother. What about Sky Father’s Day? Oh, that’s just fine. That’s in honor of your father. What about Turkey-god Day? Oh, that’s just fine to celebrate in honor of God the Father. God will not accept that!! TOCOG speaks on the authority of the Holy Bible.

93.)  *  *  *

89.)       The anti-Christ will probably appear with his “bent cross,” which is one of the ways to know him. That’s the “lesser magic” all around us. We’ll see how things develop.

90.)        Just because you are not a Catholic, doesn’t mean that you are going to be in the Kingdom. You could be only half-full of oil and you will be locked out of the marriage supper. You will be thrown into everlasting darkness because you are only half-full of oil.

91.)        We, The Obedient Church of God, are showing you how to keep your ways pure, how to fill yourself up properly with oil. If you refuse to put in the oil, which is the doctrine, you are going to be locked out of the marriage supper, and there’s nothing but misery in store for you.

92.)          Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell is speaking out now because he won’t be able to speak out later. Remember the nightmarish “SOPA” hearings, meaning “Stop Online Piracy Act.” It has a nice title, but it is a horrifying large censorship authority to block access to internet sights.

93.)          Everything is misnamed in Satan’s world. It is all “newspeak.” Just like “The Patriot Act” is not a “patriot act” at all because it breaks every rule of the constitution. It takes the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom and safety of the person, it takes the freedom to have a trial before being locked up. It violates all of them.

94.)          The Patriot Act is not patriotic at all. It’s against patriots. First of all a patriot is someone who speaks up. How about being someone who defends the constitution, not somebody who defends politicians.

95.)           Don’t get twisted around that if you trash politicians, you are patriotic. No. No. No.  The politicians are trashing the Constitution, so each of us has to speak up. This is just like pre-war times in Germany. We’re in that same frame of mind right now.

96.)            The “Stop Online Piracy Act” creates this horrifying large censorship authority to block access to the internet. So TOCOG is speaking up right now while we still can. Our tapes are recorded by people all over the world. A map on the site, www.theworldtomorrow.org , TOCOG’s internet site, shows which countries we have the privilege of going to.

97.)          Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell will name some of the countries for those      without computers. TOCOG’s messages are getting out. We’ve had 10,064 visitors showing right no. Now where are those visitors coming from? Letters come from these people too.

          3935 from the United States                  329 from Pakistan

          1095 from India                                         284 from Nigeria 

           881 from Canada                                      184 from Australia   

           576 from The United Kingdom of          170 from Ghana                           

                            Great Britain                             170 from Uganda

           389 from South Africa                              138 from the Philippines

           381 from Kenya                                         The list goes on and on.

98.)           The Obedient Church of God is speaking out now and these people are down loading our material. Some will be downloading this sermon and they say they are translating the sermons because they haven’t heard anything like this before.

99.)           If people will click on to “spiritual healing” on the sidebar, they will see a diamond button pop up. And it says, “Don’t click on this diamond button unless you are willing to repent. So TOCOG is doing a work here and God is providing the internet but it’s going to be shut-down.

100.) Now is the time to speak out before the SOPA shuts TOCOG down, and then TOCOG cannot be talking about the truth anymore.

101.) We, The obedient Church of God, will trash the systems of the world, but for you we will bind up and heal you spiritually. We’ll take you into our shelter, like taking in a little bird with a broken wing, we’ll bring you into safety, because we follow every jot and tittle of God’s Word, and we’ll put you in a box of safety in The Obedient Church of God.

102.) Spiritually, you can be bound up and healed. We’ll even bind up your broken heart by giving you hope in Yeshua. And we’ll give you the friendship and the forgiveness and the loyalty and the prayers.

103.) We do know Father because the obedient hear his voice and follow it. The essence of eternal life is to love your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first greatest commandment.

104.) Remember, there are more than 600 commands, but Yeshua singled out Matthew 22:37 & 38. And to love him is to obey him.

105.) All these offshoots of the Worldwide Church of God are all saying they love God, but the proof isn’t in the facts. They don’t obey him. They have the Sabbath Day on the sixth- day in half the world. That’s not obedience.

106.)  You don’t know Father if you can move the Sabbath to the sixth-day in half the world and have Sky Father’s Day and have Mother-goddess Day, and have Turkey-god Day.

107.) Oh, you can say you know Father and you can shout it out from the hillside that you know him, but that doesn’t mean a “hill of beans” because your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God.

108.) Isaiah 59:2 says, “Your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.” [Transcriber’s Note: Another translation says, “Your sins have hid his face so that he does not hear.”]

109.) Offshoots of the Worldwide Church of God can shout as loud as they want. God does not hear because they have broken the greatest test commandment of all, the fourth commandment.

110.)  Ministers of the ex-Worldwide Churches of God continue to neglect and obey the fourth commandment. Their iniquities have made a separation between them and their God. Their sins have his his face from them so that he does not hear. What separates? Iniquity!

111.) These ministers of the ex-Worldwide Churches of God  got iniquity by celebrating the Sabbath Day on the sixth-day in half the world, or are you going to scratch Isaiah 59:2 out of your Bible? Their personal sins have separated them from God. They are without hope, and they are going to be going through the Tribulation. We heard this first on The Obedient Church of God.

112.) Don’t you dare start attacking the messenger. Ask yourself, Why do I celebrate the Sabbath on the sixth-day in half of the world? Don’t you start attacking the messenger. Go with attacking yourself. There’s a saying: “Turn or burn.”

                                                                                   *  *  *

113.) If the sinner will not turn, God will whet his sword. God has a sword. Ironically, the sword is right by my shoulder here. It’s the sword of God’s Word for The Obedient Church of God. Mr. Nowell didn’t know how powerful this would be. But it is just turning into dynamite power now.

114.) Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell mentioned in the prayer about the THREE METEORITES that came down. Two of them came down and one stayed up. It’s unusual for a meteorite to stay up.

115.) After a cold winter Mr. Nowell came out in the Springtime to spend some time in prayer with Father on a hillside. At the conclusion of the prayer, I asked a question of Father, “Is this little work going to be done with power?” And immediately, a meteorite came streaming down in front of me. I thought whoa! that was just a coincidence.

116.) Then Mr. Nowell said to Father, “Does that mean that this work is going to be done with a power and a vengeance? Str-e-a-m! Another meteorite came down right in front of me. Oh! Oh! All right! I was looking the next day for the meteorites and I couldn’t see or find any of them.

117.) I said, “Okay, Father, I think I understand that you are saying that this work will be done with a vengeance and a power never seen before.”  And immediately a third meteorite came streaking by as an underline. “Okay, Father, I’m going inside now.”

                                                                                 *  *  *

118.) “Thank you for your information,” Mr. Nowell said, more in a spiritual sense-- his prayers to Father are special so he doesn’t repeat them. They are for Father’s ears only.  So Mr. Nowell thanked him and, like Mary, he held this all in his heart. One of the ministers asked Mr. Nowell to write this up for his magazine, but he didn’t.

119.) So now you know why we are speaking out now, because we are aware that SOPA was passed where we won’t be able to be heard because out internet sites will be shut down.

120.) By the way TOCOG has hundreds of Internet web sites. We have  1stcenturychristian.com  and www.theworldtomorrow.org that everyone is familiar with. But Lawrence A. Nowell also has way over a hundred web sites for The Obedient Church of God. We will be shut down on the main ones, but we’ve prepared hundreds of other sites, and they’ll be popping up like mushrooms.

121.) TOCOG does have visitors, over 10,000 of them, and they are copying our material, and they are writing to us, but we don’t have the staff to respond to all of them.

122.) We want to respond and when we do, the next thing is that they ask more questions and more questions, and we just can’t handle it because we don’t have the staff.

123.) The Obedient Church of God is doing their work as a witness, and there will be a small group of us who will go into the place of safety. In Noah’s day there were only 8 people who went into the ark, and the whole population of the world died!

124.) When you divide 144,000 people by the 6,000 years you get 24 people a year! There will be 144,000 people in the First Resurrection. There are actually two groups of 144,000 and one group goes through Tribulation.

125.) The gestalt is there were only 8 people in Noah’s Day. There may only be 24 people in the place of safety.  And if TOCOG is doing the work for the next three years, TOCOG might end up with 72 people in the place of safety.

126.) Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell says to all the “ex-Worldwiders,”that they are in the disobedient Churches of God. They must “turn or burn!” If they want to turn, The Obedient Church of God will provide a nest for them to be safe in.

127.) People will be safe with The Obedient Church of God because we will never ever give in. It just won’t happen. They can kill us. The Neo Cons can kill us. The New World Order can kill us. It doesn’t mean anything.  We laugh at them because we are going to come back to life in our minds the next second because the dead know nothing. We’re going to come right back to life again. We’re up again, only a second later. So hold that thought.

128.) Do not cave in to the New World Order. Prepare yourself for the “mark of the beast” where you won’t be able to buy electricity, won’t be able to buy drinking water from your city water supply because you’ll be cut off. Not being able to buy and sell applies to everything.

129.) You won’t be able to buy a rental apartment, or be able to buy living accommodations. If you are renting, you’ll be kicked out on the street. They won’t take your money without the “mark of the beast” on you. The government will kill those who take money and accommodate people that refuse to take the “mark of the beast.” Then they are called collaborators.

130.) You want to own a place or have a friend who owns their own property because you won’t be able to rent (buy accommodations.)

131.) The New World Order is already here. It just hasn’t identified itself.

132.) Our food is all controlled. We don’t have GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in all of our United States food, but 80 % of the corn crop is GMO now.

133.) All of our water is being fluoridated since the 1950s. The New World Order has always been around It just hasn’t shown itself.

134.) In our airplane travel we’re all groped at the airport in order to fly.

135.) Even our elections are rigged with machines. And it is yet to be proven whether the votes are flipped or not, but they never agree with the exit polls. As soon as they put in the machines, the exit polls, where they ask people who they voted for they never agree with the results of the machines.

136.) Previously, exit polls always agreed with the results of the machines.

137.) The point is that we are being controlled by the New World Order, we just don’t know it yet. They haven’t announced themselves.

138.) Bear Note: This fall the New World Order will bring in a “prosperity program,” that every body will love. How else would they bring in the NWO when they bring in free gifts you love?

139.) The “prosperity program” will be happening after December 21, 2012. People will look to the whole world rejoicing. There’ll be all kinds of trouble in between now and then.

140.) The American government has been involved in conflicts, and overthrowing the governments. The U. S. even went to war with Granada. The U.S. fought tiny little Granada to install a puppet regime there. It wasn’t that honorable of a war.

141.) The American leaders will say we want Democracy, but what happens when a little country elects its own leaders and kicks out the American multinational corporations? The Americans can’t have that. Therefore, the American government goes in and overthrows that little nation. No Democracies allowed.

142.) The point is there are going to be wars going on, but there’s going to be the New World Order coming this December. We don’t need to get upset when we see wars going on in Israel and Iran. The scuttlebutt is that Israel is allegedly going to go on its own and nuke Iran.

143.) The American Government has already given the Israelis the bunker-buster bomb, and the American Government already has 50,000 troops in Israel. The way they’re going to do it is, they are going to blame it on Israel who did it all on its own.

144.) The purpose of Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell giving out this information is to get people to understand that this world is Satan’s “basket case,” and the only way is by following every jot and tittle of God’s Word. [Transcriber’s Note: Know God and live by his standard.]

145.) Satan has all the Worldwide Churches of God offshoots deceived and it’s in the facts. How can men possibly move the Sabbath Day to the sixth day of the week in 1883 if they are not deceived? Those who keep the Sabbath on the sixth-day west of the International Date Line are obviously being deceived by Satan! [Transcriber’s Note: Jewish rabbis determined this was okay!]

146.) How can the Worldwide Churches of God offshoots have Sky father’s Day, the Mother-goddess Day, and the Turkey-god Day unless they have been deceived by Satan?

147.) We have to have the HOLY SPIRIT in us because it will be given to us if we are obedient, and we will know what is true.

                                                                                *  *  *

148.) Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell tells us what was really going on with the Worldwide Church of God when Garner Ted Armstrong was put out. Years later the facts came out.

149.) Garner Ted as married to a beautiful wife, but he committed many adulteries.

150.) It was worse than adulteries because Garner Ted flaunted it and he had numerous sexual relationships with so many girls that it was out in the open, and Herbert Armstrong couldn’t keep the lid on it any longer.

151.) But, what was the event that got Garner Ted expelled? It came out years later, because in l965 Rod Meredith told Herbert W. Armstrong about Ted’s fornications, about his adulteries.

152.) In 1978 Garner Ted was trying to clean up the terrible budgetary excesses and thievery at   headquarters.  Herbert W. Armstrong’s group and Stan Rader were threatened because Garner Ted was going to expose all the financial chicanery that was going on.(Located in Pasadena, Ca.)

 153.) The “Church War” between Garner Ted and Herbert W. Armstrong started in full tilt in 1978. Why? Who was the “rotten apple?” Where did the trail lead back to?

154.) All of the Worldwide Church of God members gave their hard-earned money and went without good clothing and went without good food so they could tithe and send more to the church, while Herbert W. Armstrong was buying $10 million jets, buying solid gold knives and forks, $l00,000 antiques. The “rotten apple” was Herbert W. Armstrong himself!!

155.) Then, when Herbert was going to be exposed, and Stan Rader was going to be exposed, that is when Garner Ted was put out of the Worldwide Church of God.

156.) Herbert Armstrong covered it up and he needed someone to fix the books and its alleged errors. Two sets of books for the Worldwide Church of God were made so Herbert himself could spend whatever he wanted on anything at any time on his many antiques.

157.) Herbert was giving away $500,000 to different world leaders so he could get a 30 minute interview with each of them. When Herbert flew around the world on his junket for 3 minute interviews, the costs of flying the plane was $600.00 just for fuel. He was in the air for like 15-20 hours flying, and then had to land to refuel and that cost money. 

158.) The point is Herbert Armstrong had to cover up his paper trail.

159.) Garner Ted had found out that Stan Rader had taken 65 million dollars out of the church fund that wasn’t accounted for. And Ted, being the son, was trying to clean up this mess and get rid of Stan Rader, and Ted himself got kicked out.

160.) The fact is Herbert Armstrong was aware of Ted’s adulteries since Rod Meredith told Mr. Armstrong in 1965, and it went on 13 years before Ted was “kicked out.”

161.) That is what we are dealing with here. The “rotten apple” is Herbert Armstrong himself.

162.) The following is a quote from “The Tangled Web:”                                                                                                                                                         

          “Just as the back trail from the Watergate break in led right back to the President, so the back trail of corruption in the church leads right back to the Pastor General. That’s where the real problem lies.          “In the 1977 Ambassador report Margaret Zolla, in the article, ‘Garner Ted Armstrong, son of the legend,’ Albert Portune described how Herbert W. Armstrong rationalized away the GTA problem.

          “I sat there and lived through them. ‘Ted was divinely called. Ted was above scripture.’ ”

163.) Mr. Nowell interjects, “Ted was above scripture until Ted tried to kick out Stan Rader and get his father’s spending under control.” Herbert Armstrong was running the church into the ground with his expenses, and the church was in receivership. The church had no money!

164.) Herbert W. Armstrong judged Ted only by “divine calling.” The Bible says to judge a man by his works. This was on a tape in a Kansas City meeting, September 22, 1974, page 3, side one, where Herbert said, “Ted is above scripture.”

165.) Therefore, in 1965 all the way up to 1978,Ted was fornicating out rightly with church girls. He went to about 200 girls at Ambassador College over 13 years, a different girl every two weeks. But Herbert Armstrong legislated, “Ted is above scripture.”

166.) The rest of the story is that under Herbert Armstrong, Ted is allowed to run wild until Garner Ted wanted to straighten out the finances of the church. And in 1978, when the church was going into receivership, was when all of the money was being squandered on jet trips around the world, on solid gold knives and forks, and on antiques for 30 minute interviews. Even the Attorney General had to get involved in it.

167.) If anyone wants to fly around the world, the person could go on a commercial airliner quite nicely. He doesn’t have to have his own airplane and two pilots, his ground crew for maintenance of the plane, and all that fuel.

168.)  For his airplane, Herbert Armstrong had a custom built seat. Who in the world has a custom built seat to fit every nook and cranny of his body if he is trying to do God’s work?

169.) What did the disciples have when they were doing the work of God? They didn’t sit in the fanciest fastest chariots. No. They walked. They walked in humility.

170.) Herbert W. Armstrong was “totally off the wall.” He was a psychopath because he had no concern for the wants and needs of others. It was all about himself.

171.) Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell is telling us these things so we can knock Herbert Armstrong off his pedestal, so that people can follow the Bible, start following New Moon Day, start following the Sabbath Day in every country of the world, and not be following the “sinister,” Herbert W. Armstrong. He will not be in the Kingdom since he was only half full of oil.

172. Oh yes, Herbert W. Armstrong had some things right, the eighteen truths he restored, but he was only half full of oil. The same will apply to you. You won’t be in the Kingdom if you are only half full of oil. Read the story of the Ten Virgins; “the door was shut” to five late virgins.

173.) Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell is going to make a list of the truths that The Obedient Church of God has discovered and they will total to more than 18 that we have been given.

174.) The Worldwide Church of God was doomed because of Herbert Armstrong’s proliferate spending. Garner Ted tried to get a handle on it, like take back $65 million from Stan Rader, and that’s when Garner Ted got “booted.” And that is “the rest of the story.”

175.) There is more about Herbert Armstrong’s ungodliness, because he told people they couldn’t remarry. If a person had a living mate and then remarried, Mr. Armstrong had those people divorce and go back to their first mate. Many second marriages were broken up.

176.) Herbert W. Armstrong married Ramona. There are rumors that Ramona was set up through Stan Rader and the Herbert Armstrong was duped into marrying Ramona so that Stan Rader could have an inside pipe line as to what was going on.

177.) There was so much intrigue. Armstrong was fornicating with Ramona years before they got married. Herbert Armstrong intended to marry Ramona Martin who had a son who was in a private school in Tucson, Arizona, and Herbert said he needed someone to lavish his love on.

178.) Herbert Armstrong told Ramona how much he wanted to give her and he had already done much for her, and had with him a present of a necklace for Ramona worth $17,000. This was the real Herbert W. Armstrong squandering the church’s money. He said he wanted Ramona to get sterilized right away, but she as “dragging her heels.”

179.) You better not be holding him on a pedestal, all of you “ex-Worldwiders” out there.

180.) Mr. Nowell could go into the history of masturbation of Herbert W. Armstrong, and how he actually discussed his masturbation with other ministers and how he kept a book of the times and places he masturbated and the ministers called it the “slog book.” What minister keeps a book on how many times he masturbated, especially when he’s got a wife?

181.)    There was a whole magazine set by Stan Rader, called “Quest” magazine, and Herbert W. Armstrong approved of it. The advertisers in the Quest magazine were of the same ilk like the people who created “Grace Communion International” and would fit in perfectly with that.

182.) We can see that Herbert Armstrong as NOT LED BY God. He was used by God to set up the eighteen truths, but Herbert W. Armstrong was led by Stan Rader. Unfortunately, Garner Ted tried to reign in Stan Rader and as a result of that plan, Garner Ted got “kicked out.”

183.) Stan Rader didn’t even profess membership in the Worldwide Church of God. Finally, after being baptized by Herbert W. Armstrong, his baptism wasn’t valid. It was widely known that Stan Rader used any method possible to forward his agenda. Several had accused Stan of practicing a dedication to the Zionists, and he only used the Church of God for his own ends.

184.) During the days immediately preceding the receivership of the Worldwide Church of God, Herbert Armstrong was talking to Wayne Cole about the possibility of removing Stan Rader from his position of power.

185.) That may just be a ruse. If that were the case, it would have been easy for Herbert to do that. So Herbert didn’t want to genuinely get rid of Stan. The world heard Herbert say on “Sixty Minutes,” a nation-wide news broadcast, about Stan Rader that fifty to seventy million can be quite a magnet. Herbert branded Stan as being a major problem in the church.

186.) So Herbert Armstrong solicited Wayne Cole help in unhooking Stan from control of the Worldwide Church of God finances. Actually, Stan Rader controlled everything!

187.) There were two books. The “ax fell” January 31, 1979, in hopes of cleaning up the mess. After counseling with Stan Rader, Herbert Armstrong made a 180 degree turn. What kind of pressure changed his mind to remove Wayne Cole, who was trying to remove Stan Rader?

188.) Garner Ted was trying to remove Stan Rader because Garner Ted wanted the money for himself. He couldn’t stand Stan Rader having sixty-five million dollars out of the church fund for himself because Garner Ted could use that money. He had his own plane, not as nice as Dad’s.

189.) Here is what happened. Herbert called a Dummy Board of Directors and the legal power resided with the Board and ecclesiastical power should have resided with the ministers, not with Stan Rader whose reputation cause the Church to suffer. Wayne Cole was put out.

190.) The point is the intrigue of the financial workings of the Worldwide Church of God were just terrific for Wayne Cole. The love of money ran Herbert Armstrong’s Church and he was right in the middle of it. He let his son Garner Ted fornicate with girls for fifteen years until Garner Ted started to try to correct the finances.

191.) Now we can see with the saying, “Power corrupts,” and “Absolute power absolutely corrupts,” it is all hinged on “the love of money,” not money itself, but “the love of money.”

192.) We can see that Herbert Armstrong was absolutely corrupted because he was flying around the world in a G-2 jet, and at the time one of the most expensive executive jets in the world, while his people were starving and were hungry.

193.) Remember, people were hungry in the 1980’s when President Ronald Reagan took all the controls off all the banks, and then the interest rates went up to 18 to 20 to 21%. No one could make their house payments.

194.) Church members were starving and having a hard time. Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell knew of people’s difficulties because he was in the church during those years. And yet Herbert Armstrong was buying solid gold cutlery.

                                                                           *  *  *

195.) Just follow the money.

196.) Pope John Paul I was killed because he tried to investigate the bankers who had stolen money from the Vatican Bank, causing it to be short lots of money. He tried to clean it up.

197.) John F. Kennedy was killed because he was going to go on to the greenbacks, and he tried to clean up the finances.

198.) Abraham Lincoln as killed because he was going to go on the greenbacks to help finances.

199.) Saddam Hussein was going to set up an oil exchange on his own. He tried to go on a separate standard outside the American dollar and tried to clean up the finances.

200.) Same thing with Libya. Gaddafi was going to set up an oil exchange of his own. 

201.) When ever you get down into the nub of the matter, you’ll find the money right there.

202.) Now Iran is trying to set up its own oil exchange on its own, and not buy oil in U. S. dollars.

203.) That’s the only reason the United States can print money is because the U. S. dollar is still the world currency. Therefore, if China as a country wants to buy anything, they have to buy American dollars and use that money for whatever oil or commodity China wants.

204.) All the countries are going to start using fold, and some countries are using gold right now instead of American dollars. And when all of the countries are buying commodities with gold instead of American dollars, bang! Overnight the American dollar is worthless.

205.) And, unless you’ve got gold or silver or precious metals of some kind under your mattress, or food to barter with, or ammunition to barter with, you are going to be starving and so will everyone else in America.

206.) The main thing of this broadcast is to show people there is The Obedient Church of God, which is different from the Worldwide Church of God of Herbert W. Armstrong.

207.) TOCOG has the true doctrine of God. We don’t celebrate the Sabbath on the sixth-day, we don’t celebrate Turkey-god Day, we don’t move the feast days one day early, two days late, or two days early and one day late.

208.) The Obedient Church of God is God’s special treasure and jewel in the most humble of circumstances. Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell is still on a hillside, the “holy hill,” and he is basically preaching out of a cave, he is in a tiny camper for the last six months.

209.) The point of all this is God’s servants can’t fly around in their own private airplane nor eat with solid gold cutlery, nor buy $100,000 objects of art with the tithes and offerings of the people.

210.) Herbert W. Armstrong was a shepherd that took the fleece and the hooves off of the sheep where there was nothing left of the sheep.

211.) Please don’t be in the Worldwide Church of God offshoots that are following the fraudulent ways of Herbert Armstrong because you are only half full of oil. You will not be at the marriage supper of Christ if you are only half full of oil. Mr. Herbert Armstrong will not be in the Kingdom because he was only half full of oil.

212.) That is the sermon for today. The closing song is: “Lord I Will Praise Thee With My Whole Heart. ” We sing out because our sacrifice is the fruit of our lips.

213.) Closing prayer is by Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell