July 30, 2011, Sermon Transcript

By Lawrence A. Nowell

1.)“How you Broke God’s Heart” sung by Lawrence A. Nowell is the theme song for The Obedient Church of God’s broadcast coming to us live by theworldtomorrow.org and 1stcenturychristian.com.

2.) We have a dynamite show for us today because there is so much going on in the world today. The Obedient Church of God is the only one who understands it all.

3.) We will explain to you what is really going on in Norway, the most peaceful country in the world. They had to get Norway into the act. So they had to have a calamity in Norway to get them into the act for the Beast Power coming up.

4.) It’s not just the number 666 that Christians must avoid, it’s receiving the name, the New World Order, and it’s also paying homage to the image.

5.) Prayer opens services. All rise, bow your heads, as we come before our all merciful Father in His throne room in a humble attitude.

6.) We give Father all praise, power, glory, and dominion –rulership forever and ever and ever over the New World Order and all the other manifestations of Satan. We thank you for your way, we thank you for The Obedient Church of God and for guiding us from day one of the sixty years of Lawrence A. Nowell.

7.) Inspire the service, especially the speaking to get to the pertinent part of material for today.

8.) Help the brethren in Pakistan and give them the understanding also. Thank you for feeding them this month. Thank you for answering TOCOG’S prayers this month, and inspire the listening of the brethren in Pakistan and the listening of the brethren around the world who have to get the gestalt of what is really going on and how we are in the end times.

9.) Thank you for looking after us and in the court case coming up on Wednesday, a big court case that could destroy the Church hall. We put everything in your hands Fathers. We can do nothing without you. 

10.) We ask it all in Yeshua ha Moshiach’s holy righteous name, Yahveh, our soon coming king and leader. Amen.

11.)  Since the 1970s Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell has been studying the world interlinkage from books that told of interlinkage between Russia and America and even told how in World War the U. S. was selling munitions to Germany and through the Ford Company we were making ball bearings for the Germans.

12.) In our 1932 Song Books let’s sing Praise the Eternal with a Psalm. Songs are prayers.

13.) “Who Shall Dwell on Thy Holy Hill?”  begins, “O Eternal who shall dwell in the temple of thy grace? Who shall on Thy Holy hill have a fixed abiding place? He who walks in righteousness all his actions just and clear; He whose words the truth express, spoken from a heart sincere.”

14.) Pray for The Obedient Church of God. It is in a very tough spot now. It is expensive to move two large   house trailers. And now a court order delays time to move them in a logical manner.

15.) TOCOG needs trailer haulers who aren’t afraid of the people who put eviction notices on two trailer dwellers. TOCOG had two haulers but they both quit because they don’t want to be involved. So we’ll see what God works out.

16.) Finances are low and TOCOG is overwhelmed with all these costs.

17.) God is a God of the earth and He looks after all these things; our God is the God of the whole universe.  And there are over 600 billion galaxies that we know of—more than enough for everyone to have his or her own galaxy, let alone own his or her own planet.

18.) Brethren don’t charge usury for brethren who want to buy land. And overpricing land is not right either. We know God can look after all these intricate little problems that are stressing us out here.

19.) TOCOG  is here to speak the truth. But Satan doesn’t want the truth to go out, and that’s why TOCOG is being attacked by their own ex-brethren from the Worldwide Church of God.

20.) If they don’t receive a love of the truth, these church members are disobeying Father.  II Thessalonians 2:7 and I Corinthians 10:12 say that if you think you stand, take heed lest you fall.

21.) All of the ex-Worldwiders are not celebrating the Sabbath Day on the 7th day in Australia and in the Philippines and throughout Asia, in areas west of the International Date Line.

22.) Why don’t the ministers say you can’t change God’s Sabbath to the sixth day in 1883? In was the seventh-day before 1883. How can they possibly change it? How can they possibly change God’s Sabbath to the sixth day in half of the world?

23.) All of the offshoots of the Worldwide Church of God, except, humbly TOCOG, are being told to “Get out of the way of TOCOG and keep your big mouth shut for telling your members to celebrate the sixth-day as the Sabbath because you are going to be judged for that.

24.) Just keep silently going on your merry little way, but get out of TOCOG’s way and stop opposing them by saying that Christ will restore all things.

25.) Elisha will restore all things before Christ comes to restore all things.

26.) Hebrews 10:26 says that if you know to do right, and you refuse to do it, you have no sacrifice for your sins. This is serious.

27.) Ministers can’t wait for Christ’s return if they know to do right.

28.) I Peter 1:1-2 tells who the elect are. “The exiles of the Dispersion…who have been chosen, and destined by God the Father and sanctified by the Spirit to be obedient to Jesus Christ and to be sprinkled with His blood: May grace and peace by yours in abundance.”

29.) Because the Worldwiders are breaking God’s laws, they are going to go into tribulation. How can they possibly think they are going to teach others when they are deliberately breaking the laws. It makes no sense.

30.) All the Worldwiders are hiring employees in restaurants and paying them on the Sabbath Day for meals. Worldwiders spent money for them to work on the Sabbath Day, causing them to break the law of the Sabbath Day. God’s word says you shall not buy or sell on the Sabbath.

31.) Restaurants  should be picketed to close them down, because what are Christians going to sat to these employees in their resurrection?

32.) Another error is keeping Sky Father’s Day, which is the longest day of the year while Christmas if the shortst da of the year. And preceding Sky Father’s Day is Mother goddess Day, honoring the Mother of all the gods.  Information is in the encyclopedia.

33.) Christians are not to add the gentile pagan customs. Deuteronomy 12:32 tells us to not add anything to God’s manual, which instructs us how to worship Him.

34.) We are not to use Hindu prayer shawls that have nothing to do with Yeshua.

35.) The Orthodox Jew places the prayer shawl on his shoulders, then pulls it up over his head and down over his face and when he does his prayers, he is going inside himself. Just like the Hindus do trying to find their inner self.

36.) When we pray in our closet we open up our hands. We speak to our Father face to face.

37.) Members in the Worldwide Church offshoots think they are saved. They are NOT saved. They are breaking a perpetual covenant of the Sabbath Day by saying it’s okay to sometimes buy food on the Sabbath Day. They are saying you can sometimes murder. You can sometimes steal. 

38.) Church members need to have the courage to speak up and tell the minister he is wrong. Maybe he’ll start to reconsider things. That’s the only way to get him to reconsider his salvation if he will repent of Sky Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, birthdays, and Turkey Day.

39.) Mr. Nowell and a minister couldn’t make it simple enough to agree to disagree. No.  Now look at the good that’s come out of it. Now there is The Obedient Church of God started up, but it was in the script. We have broad enough shoulders to declare the work. And TOCOG will jar people out of complacency.

40.) Jesus jarred people out of complacency. And TOCOG has to get people to have genuine commitment to Yahveh, our Christ, our soon coming king.

41.) We have to buck-up and have some courage to speak up to our minister. Adding pagan days to God’s Holy Days will prevent people from being in the first resurrection. These must be repented of.

42.) Those people who are supporting ex-Worldwide Churches are supporting chaos. Righteousness in Psalm 3 is a state of being right with God. We have to have purity.   

43.) The New World Order and economic collapse will affect each of us this coming week.

44.) This collapse on August 2nd, or maybe pushed off to August 10th, is being done deliberately.

45.) It’s known as “kabuki theater” in Japan where all the actors are dressed up in overdone make-up  and overdone garments and everything is taken to the extreme.

46.) Our government leaders are not going to let the U. S. economy survive. They are collapsing it deliberately so they can bring in the new World Order. That’s what is happening.

47.) Back in 2008 all the money in the Federal Reserve, Bernanke loaned to other countries to prop them up.

48.) Remember, the Federal Reserve is not federal and it has no reserves. They are a cabal of bankers who took over in 1913 in the dead of Saturday night with three congressmen voting on it. Unbelievable!

49.) As a side bar, none of us should be paying income tax. The Supreme Court of the United States said it was illegal. The whole United States system is corrupt.

50.) Currently, there is $14.3 trillion owing. So what? It’s all paper money anyways. In order to fix it according to their system, according to this evil Satanic system, they should issue new bonds and let the old bonds all collapse.

51.) And so you don’t get paid. Tough luck! Issue a new set of bonds. And the system is just started. And away we go again. But no no! They want to collapse the system deliberately.

52.) There’s 50 million stocks in Fema Camps to put us, for those of us who understand and speak against the politicians.

53.) We don’t speak against the country of the U.S.A., but we speak against the politicians. We are for the blessings of Ephraim and Manasseh, two of the twelve tribes of the nations.

54.) Even France. Lawrence A. Nowell loves Paris and he loves the country, but he hates President Sarkosy, a 33 degree lying Mason.

55.) Mr. Nowell hates Obama, a lying 32 degree Mason. He hates the whole Bush family: Poppy Bush, a 33 degree Mason, and George W., a member of Skull and Bones.

56.) The point is the citizenry will revolt as this falls apart, and it will start falling apart as of August 2nd. Congress is not going to pass the bill. They’ve got to set up a New World Order and a new currency, and the only way they can do it is if they collapse this system.

57.) Mr. Nowell thinks this is Kabuki Theater with the Democrats and with the Republicans and all their phony proposals that amount to diddlely. Even Thayer’s proposal didn’t do anything to restore confidence. Even if it had gone through the Senate, it would have been a flop anyways. They want to collapse the system.

58.) It has been carefully plotted out since Albert Pike.

59.) The currency could be reflated, the currency could be deflated, they can do whatever they want. But here’s what they’re doing and it’s the same thing they did in the 1930s. And this is a stepping-stone to the world government.  All markets will fail.

60.) First the P I I G S (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain) will all fail and then it will move on into the other countries, including China. 

61.) What will happen is that the U. S. A. and Britain will collapse further. Japan is already a basket case, not to mention the tsunami and six nuclear reactors. But who buys everything from China? The U.S.A. does. And the U.S.A. will be shut down. So China will collapse also because the U.S.A. is the engine that pays the economic system for having China.

62.) In this Satanic system they’ve been trying to get the New World Order in since World War II but it hasn’t worked out too well. Carpetbaggers and industrialists have kept the wars going.

63.) In World War II George H. Bush and others supported Hitler to have money to buy arms and munitions and planes and bombs and tanks, etc.

64.) Now everyone is on board for the New World Order and they are not telling us about it. This includes Netanyahu, a 33 degree Mason and the leaders of Jerusalem who are Masonic, which is Luciferian.

65.) There isn’t any hope until Yahveh comes back. The script is already written and they want a collapse. No currency in the world will be able to withstand the onslaught. And ity probably won’t go on beyond November 1st.

66.) What we are seeing right now are the marching orders of the Illuminatti that are being given to the paid-off Congessmen and the paid-off Senators to play their Kabuki Theater game of No! No! No! we’re not increasing the debt ceiling so that they can deliberately collapse the world economy and bring in the New World Order.

67.) Unemployment will grow even further, so how do they handle unemployment? How do they distract the masses? World war.

68.) Wars and rumors of wars. One after another breaking out, especially around Israel, which is currently surrounded by the Arab Spring.

69.) To the north of Israel is Lebanon and Syria; Jordan is on the West, Saudi Arabia on the Southwest, Egypt is on the Southeast. The whole nation of Israel is surrounded by NATO troops in that area now. They are getting ready for this fall for the division of Jerusalem.

70.) Five percent of the Americans, who speak out like Lawrence A. Nowell is, are going to be locked up in FEMA camps. That is, 15 million Americans will be locked up and have to give up their heads.

71.) There are three ways a person can be marked as part of the Beast power:

     1. The number on our credit card is 666 and we won’t be able to buy or sell without our credit card because there is going to be a new world currency. So there will have to be an interlinkage. They won’t be able to use the old currency; it will all have to be reissued. And my credit card, although it doesn’t show on the card, starts with the binary code 666. Some of us are going to be getting rid of our credit cards.

     2. We will receive the name of our country—U.S.A, which will be part of the division that includes Canada, United States, and Mexico. The New World Order will have ten divisions or ten kingdoms. Being a participant of the New World Order will be hard to get out of because we are in the United States, and around the world, the only people who will escape are in Edom.

     3. Giving homage to the image of the Beast. New Age philosophy is “God is in everything.” God is in every person. However, the Holy Spirit, the down payment, is in people who have been “called” of God, but no one is “born again” yet. No one is born again until the first  resurrection.

72.) What we have now is an earnest of the Spirit, a tiny down payment, and we could lose it. We can shipwreck our faith. Not a pretty picture.  All the “Worldwiders” will have to go into the tribulation.  And all those breaking the tenants, regarding pagan days, they are ignoring

73.) Only 24 people will go to a place of safety. This is determined by dividing 6000 years by 144,000, which Revelation 14 says will be redeemed from the earth as first fruits of God.

74.) In regard to shipwrecking your faith and ruining your salvation, I Timothy 1:18-19 tells us to “Fight the good faith, having faith and a good conscience. By rejecting conscience, certain persons have suffered shipwreck in the faith; these will be turned over to Satan, so that they may learn not to blasphemy.”

75.) Hold on to the faith and a good conscience. Realize we are first century Christians.

76.) Some people have deliberately violated their consciences and as a result their faith has been shipwrecked.

77.) We can lose the tiny portion of God’s Holy Spirit that has been given to us. We must be converted and open-minded to accepting truth, so as we walk circumspectly, we can hope to be in God’s Kingdom.

78.) In the world scene it is Kabuki Theater so that the Congress and Senate are looking like they are trying to find a solution. But they aren’t. They don’t want a solution because they want to crash the whole economic system. It is unbelievable because this is Satan’s world!

79.) And there’s going to be a revolution too.  So we must hunker down by storing food, water.

80.) “The Turner Diary” was a novel written in 1978 that was written by William Luther Pearce under the pseudo-name Andrew McDonald. This book depicts a violent revolution in the United States, which leads to the overthrow of the Federal Government, which leads to nuclear war.

81.) Ultimately a race war leads to the extermination of all Jews. (And first century Christians will look Jewish to the Illuminatti.)

82.) The New York Times lists the Bible of the racist right, labeled by the F.B.I., and is associated with some real-life violent crimes.

83.) The Turner Diary has been associated with the bombing of the J. Edgar Hoover Building , the F.B.I. National Headquarters, and served as the inspiration of the Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy McVey. (By the way, Timothy McVey promoted The Turner Diary book.)

84.) The book quotes the diary of a man named Earl Turner, an activist member. The point of this is that this was scripted in 1978 and from the diary there is going to a revolution.

85.) Here is TOCOG’s prophecy for this fall, 2011:

     1. An inevitable financial crash will occur 2. Wars over Jerusalem will come this fall.

86.) The Hegelian Dialectic teaches that they cause the financial crash and the war over Jerusalem deliberately and then they provide the solution of the New World Order.

 87.) In World War II the United States paid off the debt by having the rich pay it as income tax.

88.) YEY means “Year After Year” when financial statements are done.

89.) The federal credit has Fallen $4.2 billion to $2.85 billion, 23% YEY. The federal treasury agency debt rose $3.2 billion to $3.5 trillion. And the custody holdings for foreign central banks rose $104 billion to $322 billion YEY, which is about 10.3%.

90.) This could be paid off. It could be handled. The easiest way out is just to issue new bonds. Cancel or devalue the old bonds.

91.) In twenty cities the prices are going to tank even more. In twenty cities prices have tanked to the year- end already.

92.) The job market is “toast.” Jobs keep being cut. The state and local government have cut 143,000 jobs.

93.) By collapsing the economy financially, they are crashing the job market to bring in the New World Order so everyone will accept the Beast power. They’ll all go for the Beast power and                    think how wonderful it is. And that is why this is all happening.

94.) And who is doing this? They are the “neo cons,” the new conservatives, the Illuminatyti and Masonic world leaders.

95.) Christians must hunker down and obey every jot and tittle of Yahveh so that He can work with us.

96.) Three things will be happening: 1. Deliberate economic collapse coming up; 2. Middle East War is coming; and 3. Jerusalem will be divided.

97.) The PIIGS are going to fall. The Greece crisis is going to spread to Italy and the euro is bound for failure and the euro debt rating is going to be revised in any case and people won’t be able to pay the interest because the credit rating of the United States will be down- graded.

98.) The system is coming to an end. Satan’s dream is the New World Order and it is coming in. That’s going to be the Beast that rises from the sea (many waters—nations) of Revelation.

99.) And then there is the “earth beast,” which is the Pope, the anti-Christ.

100.) The only way to escape these two beasts is to surrender everything to Yahveh. And that means no pagan day’s observances, no prayer shawls, no lighting of candles on Sabbath days.

101.) Quite a few people are coming:

     1. King of Jerusalem is already here. It’s Mason Juan Carlos of Spain.

     2. Leader of the European Union, the current U. S. President, Barack Obama

     3. King of the South

     4. Anti Christ, the “beast of the earth” (Possibly Kirt Koch)

     5. Elisha, probably Lawrence A. Nowell

102.) American’s liberties are being taken away more and more. People are being put in prison for taping the cops for beating up people. They are given 15 year sentences.

103.) Eavesdropping laws are being used on cell phones.

104.) Come into The Obedient Church of God before the Tribulation. TOCOG has the name theworldtomorrow.org and everything that has been happening to TOCOG is to strengthen us.

105.) Paul had experiences of being shipwrecked, beaten with many stripes, being bitten by a snake out of the fire, and being put into prison.

106.) Lawrence A. Nowell doesn’t worry about what happens; he just goes ahead. And it’s been a mess of what has been stolen during the past two years, especially if he itemized everything that he has gone through. But all this started way before Lawrence A. Nowell was born.

107.) Don’t dare let any of your friends abort a baby because Yeshua knows that baby when it is still inside the womb, so obviously babies are living human beings inside the womb.

108.) Yeshua knew Cyrus 200 years before he was born. Everyone is a living potential child of God while he or she is inside the womb.

109.) God is working it out with The Obedient Church of God. Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell was born on the 11th day of the 11th month at precisely the 11th hour. And everything is falling into place.

 110.) TOCOG is going to be fighting the Illuminatti. On our one dollar bills is an “all-seeing eye.” And this money is part of the beast power.

111.) Also know about the Mafia who killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy. One gunman couldn’t have gotten that number of shots off in that short period of time. And there was a magic bullet that changed directions. There were three shooters. There was a triangulated hit.

112.) These Masons, including Obama, a 32nd degree Mason, are of the Order of the Illuminatti. Our enemy is obviously Satan, but right here on earth is the Illuminatti.

113.) In May 1776 Adam Wieshaupt was professor of canon law of Catholics, and he was one of five men who took on various names. His was “Spartacus.” Their agenda was the abolition of all governments and all religions in order to create a new world order of United Nations.

114.) The Italian leader in Italy was Josephi Mezzini who authorized thefts, and arsons, and poisonings.

115.) Bear Note: Their agenda is: My religion is going to be the government or I won’t be able to buy and sell. The way I live, who I serve will be more of a government disguised in a religious way.

116.) Bob Dillon’s song says, “You have to serve somebody. It may be the Lord or it may be the Devil, but you have to serve somebody.”                                                     

117.) A judgment will fall and for each person who rejects, he or she will be killed. Some people who don’t go along with the new order will lose their heads to prove themselves worthy.

118.) Here are three ways of being part of the Beast system: one will be to use a credit card; another will be to receive the name of the NWO government; and give homage to the image of the beast. These are three ways to get your name erased from the Book of Life.

119.) The credit card has 666 in a binary code that can’t be seen so you will only be able to pay for things in cash.  Receiving the name of you government will show which of the ten divisions you are in.  Paying homage to the image of the beast will be recognizing the religious leader.

120.) Lawrence A. Nowell has had two bands. Thirst one was Veracity, meaning “truth;” and the second band was called “Making Tracks.” A picture of Lawrence  watching them (the Masons) can be seen on the internet: 1stcenturychristian.com/masons.html.

121.) TOCOG is waking people up to get them prepared to fight or give up their heads resisting.

122.) In Habakkuk 2:16-17 it tells that nakedness will be exposed. “The cup of the Lord’s right hand will come around you and shame (disgrace) will come upon your glory. For the violence   done to Lebanon will overwhelm you; the destruction of animals will terrify you…What use is an idol once its maker has shaped it…there is no breath in it at all.”   It cannot speak… “let all the earth keep silence before him.”   Speak up for they are going to kill you anyway.

123.) The love of God is when you keep the commandments and Yeshua will make His home with you. “The love of God is to keep His commandments.”

124.) I John 5:3-4 KJV “For the love of God is this, that we obey His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome, for whatever is born (begotten) of God conquers the world (“beast”): and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith.”

125.) I John 5:5 “Who is he that overcomes the world, but he that believes that Jesus is the Son of God.”

126.) We are not “born” at this time, for we only have an earnest (small down payment) of God’s Spirit to overcome the world.

127.) Bear Note: Whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world. Our faith is the victory. Have a live faith to believe you will overcome the new world order.

128.) The work of God is to believe who he has sent, the one who is speaking according to the word of the Bible.

129.) An antichrist is anyone who goes against God’s commandments by adding pagan holidays to God’s Holy Days.

130.) The Son of God, Yeshua, has given us understanding. I John 5:20

131.) Jesus said, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him…I am the bread of life… Everything that the Father gives me will come to me…All who see the Son and believe in him may have eternal life; and I will raise them up on the last day.” John 6:28-40 Believe who God has sent, who speaks according to the Bible.

132.) I John 3:24 “All who obey his commandments abide in him, and he abides in them.  And by this we know that he abides in us, by the Spirit that he has given us.”

133.) We love one another and show it by our actions.

134.) I John 2:3-5 says, “Now by this we may be sure that we know him, if we obey his commandments…whoever obeys his word, truly in this person the love of God has reached perfection. By this we may be sure that we are in him: whoever says, ‘I abide in him,’ ought to walk just as he walked.”

135.) Revelation 14:12 says, “Here is a call for the endurance (patience) of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and hold fast to the faith of Jesus.” Only the saints keep God’s laws and have the faith of Jesus. (Others who add to God’s word or change it are liars.)

136.) Revelation 3:10 tells that Philadelphians “have kept God’s Word of patient endurance and they will be kept from the hour of trial.”

137.) It is all right to have a party for Purim because it was a celebration for victory over the Jew’s enemy. It was not a religious date. However, Hanukkah was kept like pagan Christmas.

138.) What is Satan going to do if you speak out now? Revelation 12:17 says, “Then the dragon was angry with the woman (church), and went to make war on the rest of her children, those who keep the commandments of God and hold the testimony of Jesus” (Christ).

139.) All who made a vow at baptism to keep God’s commandments are going to be pursued by Satan.

140.) I Peter 4:17 tells that judgment begins at the house of God and it begins first with TOCOG. We each have a recording angel.

141.) In Romans 10:16 Isaiah asked, “Lord who has believed our message?” Our message is the Word of Christ and very few have believed. TOCOG wants people to believe and be saved. Yet by grace through faith you are saved.

142.) There was a terrible, terrible accident. The two sisters Grace and Faith were taken to the hospital. Grace died and Faith is in intensive care.

143.) “Keep alert, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.” I Corinthians 16:13-14

144.) The world is integrated and when the U.S. stops buying, Asia and China will fail, because the United Nations will stop buying. The whole system is coming down.

145.) The tribulation should come this fall. And the Jews can start their daily sacrifices before the temple is built.

146.) This has all happened before. That’s how Hitler came in power. Albert Pike had the first world war, the second world war, and the third world war all written down in 1878.

147.) At the collapse of 1933 the Glass Steagle Act was put on to stop the bankers from speculating and collapsing the system. The Glass Steagle Act was taken off in 1998 by Bill Clinton in order to collapse the system for now.    The script is already written.

148.) Move on. This train is  bound for glory and if you are on it, you had better be holy, which is our only hope.

149.) The opening theme song at the beginning of the broadcast is “How You Broke God’s Heart.”  The Father is singing, “I can tell by your eyes you have probably been crying forever. The stars in the sky don’t mean nothin’ to you (the worldly people), they’re a mirror.

150.) “I don’t want to talk about it, how you broke God’s heart. But if I stay here just a little bit longer, if I stay here won’t you listen to God’s heart? God’s heart.

151.) “And if I stand all alone will the shadows hide the color of my heart, blue for tears, black for night spheres. The stars don’t mean nothin’ to you, they’re a mirror. I just want to talk about it, how you broke God’s heart.” 

152.) TOCOG’s job is to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children. This is Elijah’s mission.

153.) Now the heat wave in the United States. Look up in the sky. You won’t see chem trails. Why? They want to bankrupt the crops to bring in the New World Order so they stop the spraying of the chemical trails.

154.) Chemical trails are being sprayed in Europe to Korea because the whole earth is being polluted with green- house gases and if they don’t spray the chem trails, then there are the weather disturbances because more hot air ascends up and it comes down in more flash floods.

 155.) And Korea is going through its own flash floods this week. And around the world all weather disturbances are taking away the patch work chem trails. They are also in Russia that have kept the weather patterns more stable. If you don’t see the chem trails, then it’s hot.

156.) For people who say the International Date Line can’t be changed for Christians, I say, Get out of the way of people who are changing it. There is a brother in Australia who is keeping the Sabbath Day on the seventh-day, which the Australians call Sunday. It is the correct day as you count the seventh shadow from Jerusalem.

157.) Yeshua kept the seventh-day cycle 2000 years ago and there hasn’t been a day lost by the sun standing still in the last 2000 years.

158.) The world is going to be a better place for people who can get the job done.

159.) Words to a song say, “The jewels will be polished the way that God wills when we’re all gathered in to the place of safety hills.”

160.) Righteousness is more than abstention from wrong doing. It is the sum of the acts of one’s good conduct. Righteousness is imputed by Christ, by Yeshua.

161.) Proverbs 16:17  says, “The highway of the upright avoids evil; those who guard their way preserve their lives.” 

162.) Righteousness is of the heart, consciously being obedient. It’s not even of the mind, the obeying the letter of the law, it’s got to be of the heart. And it can’t be done by compulsion.

163.) Righteousness is being upright, true, sincere, ethical.

164.) Christians can’t be evicted from a rental space without cause by other Christians. Christians can’t be charged interest on borrowed money by other Christians. And Christians shouldn’t be overcharged money when buying property from Christians.

165.) Norway is the most peaceful country in the world. Satan stirred up a Mason to kill 94 people in Norway. He did itunder the Illuminatti auspices deliberately to shake up Norwegians, to get Norway on board for the New World Order.

166.) Bear Note: Why a slaughter in Norway? Because it was peaceful

167.) The Illuminatti used the Hegelian Dialectic to get Norway on board for the NWO. They had a man go into Oslo as a Masonic order and blow up the government building and then shoot down another 90 people. He may have been mind-controlled. He was only a 3rd degree Mason.

168.) Now the Norwegians are saying, “We’ve got to do something. We’ve got to fix it.” The man who did the damage owned a vegetable farm.

169.) We can look for other events to occur in calm countries. And this is going to appen in the United States too.

170.) These Illuminatti tricksters are just one step ahead of everyone else. In a picture of himself, Lawrence A. Nowell has an eye that is watching them. His hat and lighting casts a shadow over his other eye so it appears he has one eye watching the Illuminatti.

171.) Mr. Nowell believes in speaking out against this New World Order because we are all going to be killed anyway.

172.) Bear Note: We Christians are supposed to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, so we cannot present ourselves in the New World Order. We can’t participate.

173.) Romans 12:1-2 Having been given a new life in Christ, “By the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, and acceptable to God, which is our spiritual worship.” (our reasonable service).

174.) Verse 2, “Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds so we can discern the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

175.) Look after others. When Jesus passed through Jericho, Zacchaeus climbed a tree to see Jesus and Jesus told him to come down so he could stay at his house. Zacchaeus repented of his wrongs when collecting taxes and said he would do what was right by sharing with the poor and paying anyone he had defrauded. Luke 19:1-8

176.) Then Jesus said to Zacchaeus, “Today salvation has come to this house, because he too was a son of Abraham.” Luke 19:9

177.) Jesus’mission was to seek out and to save the lost. Luke 19:10 Luke tells the story of this totally unconverted man that Jesus worked with and gave him an increment of the Spirit.

178.) In Genesis 6:5 “The Lord saw that the wickedness of mankind was great in the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of their hearts was only evil continually.” God had to destroy these human beings that he had created since they would not change their hearts.

179.) Sadly, the New World Order is promoting homosexuality in the world. So Christians are not to engage in activities that mirrors support for the New World Order.

180.) Matthew 7:20 says that we know others by their fruits. We are to do what God’s manual tells us to do and abstain from pagan practices, and mirror the love of God.

181.) James 2:18 states, “Someone will say, ‘You have faith and I have works.’ Show me your faith apart from your works, and I by my works will show you my faith.” Christians must depart from those who honor pagan ways and days.

182.) Christians must depart from those who honor pagan ways and days. This is saying “believing is not enough.” And be separated from the goats because they will not hear, but the sheep hear my voice, the voice of Yahveh.

183.) Be a sheep that is being called. And remember the road to the Kingdom is a hard road to travel, but it’s the only road to go. Serve Yahveh even if it costs all of our richly goods, our home, and our family and all our possessions, and even our own life.

184.) If you don’t have trouble in your life, God isn’t working with you. All of God’s servants had trouble, especially Paul in his travels by land and by sea. He had been shipwrecked, beaten with many stripes, thrown into prison and got a snake bite once.

185.) All of the disciples were slain and still believed in Yah and had faith in Yah and it didn’t matter what happened.

186.) There were some followers of Jesus who had excuses to turn away. Jesus said he had no where to lay his head. Followers had to forsake their families in order to go and proclaim the kingdom of God. Jesus said, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:57-62

187.) In Luke 18:18-23 a rich young man asked Jesus what he must do to be saved. He had been observing God’s ten commandments and in addition he was told to sell all he owned and distribute the money to the poor so he would have treasure in heaven, and follow Jesus. This rich young man would not give up his wealth, and went away sad.

188.) Jesus said to them all, “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” Luke 9:23

189.) Continuing, “For those who want to save their life for my sake will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will save it. What does it profit them if they gain the whole world, but lose or forfeit themselves?...But truly I tell you, there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:24-27

190.) We must present ourselves perfect before the Father. Yes, we are saved by grace through faith, but because we love Yahveh we don’t break His commandments because He won’t recognize us if we don’t do the things He told us to do.

191.) In Matthew 25:41-46 Jesus laid out the plan for those who call Him Lord. Take care of those who are members of Jesus’ family. When you see a need, supply it, whether it is hunger, thirst, need of clothing, or a stranger who needs to be welcomed, or a prisoner who needs a visitor.

192.) Follow God’s manual. Those who disobey God’s Words are the antichrists. Leave any group that incorporates errors.

193.) A new work is going on in Romans 9:27-28, NKJ. “Only a remnant of them (Israelites) will be saved; for the Lord will execute His sentence on the earth quickly and decisively.”

194.) KJ Romans 9:27-28 A remnant shall be saved of the many Israelites. “For he will finish the work, and cut it short in righteousness because a short work will the Lord make upon the earth.” It’s going on right now.

195.) TOCOG wants people to get on board to follow every jot and tittle of God’s Word, so that by the things that we do, Christ can recognize us.

196.) To many Jesus will say, “I never knew you!”

197.) Be a sheep so you can be in the first resurrection. If we have to go through the tribulation, we will not see Christ return to earth. Those who endure will see Jesus after He comes, in the First Resurrection.

198.) If we want Yahveh’s protection, we must quit deceiving ourselves and follow every jot and tittle of God’s Word.

199.) When a man deceives himself, he doesn’t see the writing on the wall.

200.) Lawrence A. Nowell didn’t just fall off a cabbage truck and start preaching. His great grandfather built Christ Lutheran Church. His grandfather built Zion Lutheran Church, and his cousin is President of the whole Lutheran Church in Canada. His name is David Phremmer.

201.) None of these men in Mr. Nowell’s background have followed Yahveh’s way. They knew of Mr. Herbert Armstrong in 1940 and listened to him. But they didn’t accept the teachings and follow the program.

202.) In 1937 Mr. Armstrong stopped observing Sivan 6, as he did in 1934, for Pentecost and “started falling off the rails” when he changed the observance to a Monday every year.

203.) Now the Worldwide Church of God has changed its name and doctrines, and then there are many offshoots who don’t know of many errors that TOCOG is broadcasting today.

204.) The Obedient Church of God is the only one following the First Century Doctrines. It is the “short work” of Romans 9:28. Its fruits prove it. And The Obedient Church of God is getting more teachings that will be put up on the Internet.

205.) The disobedient are “breaking God’s heart.”

206.) The only way we can have peace of mind with the nation’s economic collapse on August 2nd or 10th, is for us to rest in Christ and His ways as taught by The Obedient Church of God. 

207.) The chosen hymn for today is “Righteous Judge Defend Me” based on Psalm 43, page 26 Then the closing prayer was followed by words sung by Lawrence A. Nowell to Chariots of Fire.