March 31 2012

Sermon Transcript

Lawrence A. Nowell


1.) “I can tell by your eyes that you’ve probably been cryin’ forever, and the stars in the sky don’t mean nothing’ to you, they’re a mirror,”


2.) The stars in God’s sky don’t mean anything to all the offshoots, they have an averaging calendar. They just average God’s holy days. I don’t want to tell you how you’ve broke God’s heart.


3.) “If I preach to you a little bit longer, if I preach won’t you listen to God’s heart? God’s heart.”


4.) This is The Obedient Church of God broadcasting to every nation in the world via the internet from and preaching only the first century doctrine without any additions of any turkey days, any mother-goddess days, any Sky Father’s days, and no movement of the Sabbath day to the sixth-day in half of the world. We are the true Philadelphian Church.


5.)  “How you broke God’s heart. If we preach to you a little bit longer, if we preach won’t you listen to God’s heart, God’s heart, God‘s heart, God‘s heart?”


6.) Bonjour, Paris, France, 6 p.m. suppertime in Paris, France; 9 a.m. on the west coast, and 12 noon on the east coast.  Suppertime, breakfast time, lunch time, the perfect time for our spiritual feeding today of all of God’s truths.


7.) “We don’t want to tell you about it, but you’re breaking God’s heart. How you broke God’s heart. If we preach to you a little bit longer, if we preach won’t you listen to God’s heart, God’s heart?”


8.) Yes indeed, will you listen? Today we’ve got a dynamite sermon again for you. We’re going to be showing you how April Fool’s Day, which is coming up tomorrow, how it mocks Yeshua, how it mocks Jesus Christ.


9.)  We’re also going to be telling you about the Gestapo, and what the Gestapo is up to, and if there is time, we might give you some secret information about Israel and what Israel is up to inside Iran where Israeli commandos are disguising themselves as Iranians and going around Iranian military trucks and even going on to Iranian military bases. We’ll see if there is time for that.


10.) But first we want to enter the throne room. As you know the only way that you want to present your sacrifices to Father is after you introduce yourself to him. And the sacrifice is the “fruit of your lips.”


11.) So all please rise and we will now face the north heavens, raise our arms to the north heavens, palms outstretched, head bowed, eyes closed.


12.) “Almighty, most loving, merciful, all powerful Father with Yeshua at your right hand side, praise be to you for all you have done for your great plan, for your great plan of a family that we can all be a family of yours. This is the most wonderful thing you have ever done is to create a family.


13.) “Help us to fit into your family, and not to be rebellious disobedient brats in your family.


13.) “Father, we ask your inspiration on this service, both the hearing and the speaking. We ask you to inspire the listening to the video tapes afterwards because we have so much salient information that we have to have the people inspired so they can understand it all and take it to heart and inculcate it into their hearts, so they can please you and can grow up to be like you.


14.) “That’s the whole purpose of the broadcast is to teach people how to grow up and be like their Father. So Father we give all praise and we thank you for your great plan and we thank you for your calling.


15.) “Please be with the brethren in Pakistan, 200 plus of them,  that eight of them were burned, murdered four years ago. They are true Christians, they’re keeping the faith, and they are keeping your holy days. So Father please be with them, continue to protect them.


16.) “We now give you all praise and glory with Yeshua at you right hand side, and ask this all a blessing on this service throughYeshua Ha Mashiach‘s holy, righteous name, Jesus Christ, our new arriving king. Amen.”


17.) Yes, we call upon the name of the Father, come before him in prayer, call upon him for today’s sermon to save us, to save us, and we call out the name of the Lord, Father, Elohim, and Yeshua save us, save us. There’s no hope without him.


18.) Now we’re in the throne room, please remain standing, and we will offer our sacrifices now to Father. So please pick up your beautiful 1934 fuchsia-colored hymnal. I’m holding it up to camera one, to camera two, and camera three.


19.) Turn to page number 35. We use the 1934 edition because the words are more salient, they are more poignant, they haven’t been watered-down. Page 94 in other hymnals. And it’s “In Distress I Cried to the Lord.” In the 1934 hymnal it is “When I Dwelt in Mesech.” This is a sacrifice, this is the “fruit of your lips.” You are presenting a sacrifice. So please all sing out, and present a proper sacrifice.


20.) Very poignant words there in terms of from deceitful tongues, “save my soul from lying lips, and from deceitful tongues, O Lord.” We sang that to Father for him to give us the protection. That’s part of our prayer of 120th and 121st Psalms. “Save my soul from lying lips and from deceitful tongues“ of people that are against us.


21.) Now turn ahead to page number 39, “To The Hills I’ll Lift Mine Eyes,” That’s Psalm 121, page 95 in other hymnals. You are singing out to Father and Yeshua at his right hand side. They’re listening. Please do a good job. Don’t embarrass yourself.


22.)  These hymns are sacrifices and petitions to Father. You just ask him to keep you safe, to keep you safe, and that you shall be able to stand  in the shade on his right hand. We just sang that. We want to be on his right hand and that you shall stand on his right hand.


23.) Very powerful when we realize what these hymns are about when we are actually speaking to Father. We’re not singing them to entertain yourself or entertain others. You’re singing them to the Father with Yeshua at his right hand side.


24.) Now please turn ahead to page number 61, “Unless The Lord Shall Build the House.” [The Obedient Church of God is the “short” work of God. Romans 9:28]. That is why we go by every jot and title of the New and Old Testament, including Ezekiel 46:1-3 New Moon Day. It’s there. We don’t cross it out of the Bible, we don’t just look at it and ignore it. We follow it. Therefore, we sing, “Unless the Lord Shall Build the House,” page 61 and 96 in other Hymnals. That’s why The Obedient Church of God exists.


25.) Now in the newer hymnals there are three verses, but we stick to the original so that we can keep it salient…Unless you can fine it in your Bible, and follow it then “then“ “then“, you are not toiling in vain. But if you are ignoring scriptures out of your Bible, saying that only the five books of Moses are to be followed, something’s wrong, something’s wrong.


26.) “In vain you are worshipping him.” Now in that song there is also, “And late your nightly vigils keep.”  And that’s important, because we have Passover coming up and it’s a vigil also, just like the Israelites were to escape sin.


27.) So you stay up on the night of the Passover till midnight, and you don’t go out running around the city. You stay inside and you keep your vigil, wondering whether Pharaoh’s army is going to come  and take you away, and whether the Gestapo is going to take you away just like they came in Germany. And now with Homeland Security, whether they are going to take you away in the next couple of years for you not taking the mark of the beast.


28.) “And late your nightly vigils keep, the bread of anxious care partake.” What kind of care? Anxious. We’re anxious because we know that the world in going to be going through the New World Order’s machinations over the next seven years. And that is why we call out in our prayers, Father save us.


29.) Well, where we are right now is in the “birth pangs.” By this January, 2013, the New World Order should start rolling through.


30.) Through even with my research, they have got things lined up in the Middle East. It is just a question of when they pull the switch. And we can tell you all about the Middle East, but we don’t want to tell you too much about the Middle East because we don’t want to draw too much attention to ourselves, but let’s give you a little bit of a tidbit that I mentioned in the announcements.


31.) Here is what Israel is doing now. Israel has a permanent base, a permanent base in Iraq in Kurdistan. “Israel has a permanent base in Iraq in Kurdistan!” And Israel is monitoring cross-border intelligence missions into Iran. That’s right!


32.) And Israel is going into Iran in the form of commandos. How are they doing that? This is what is really going on in the world. Well, they are using black hawk helicopters to carry commandos into Iran, and their base is in Iraq. The Israeli base is in Iraq. He Israeli base is in Iraq in Kurdistan.


33.) And Israeli commandos are using Iranian military vehicles, and they are disguising themselves as members of the Iranian military. And there have been a number of missions, intelligence missions, let’s call them, at the Parchin Military Base inside Iran. And this has been going on for months.


34.) Now, the reason I’m mentioning this is because this shows us that we are sitting on a powder keg. At any time any thing could go wrong with the Israeli secret operations.


35.) Now why is Israel sending its commandos right into a military base right inside Iran, in the Parchin Military Base right inside Iran? Well, they are monitoring the explosions that are tests for a compact warhead to fit on Iran’s Sahab Missile, which can reach Israel.


36.) Now the Israeli intelligence officers, commandos, are dressed up as Iranians, driving in Iranian military vehicles. So now we want you to pray for the success. This is a job for you. Pray for the continued success of the Israelis infiltrating the Parchin Military Base successfully, and monitoring Iran’s explosive tests so that the Israelis can be successful, and that we give them God Speed. So we pray for Israel, pray for Israel. And this is a tinderbox. This is a tinderbox.


37.) Can you imagine if the Iranians were entering American Military Bases disguised as Americans in American vehicles and got caught? What could happen next? There would be another 9-11 scenario   happening. Well, this is what’s going on in Iran right now with  Israelis. So please pray for them, the Israelis, and that God-speed to them, that they don’t get caught.


38.)  What we have to do is know that God is in charge. But I’m mentioning this to show you what a mine-field we’re sitting on,where anything at any second could blow-up with a Third World War with China and Russia getting envolved. No, this isn’t the big one, this isn’t the big one.

39.) There’ll be many, many wars. I might as well tell you this right now.  There’ll be many, many wars. And there’ll be limited nuclear wars. And there will be much devastation, but that won’t be the 200 million man army. That doesn’t come until six years from now. So don’t get that confused.


40.) Just to clarify, the Tribulation has not, not, not started yet. We are just in the birth pangs. The Tribulation possibly should start this January, and The Great Tribulation shall start 2015, possibly in the fall.


41.) Now Daniel was an amazing forecaster. Daniel was an amazing forecaster, and if you go into what had happened, if you go into Nehemiah 2. It starts off with the building of the temple that’s noted in Nehemiah 2:8. 


42.) In a “letter unto Asaph the keeper of the king’s forest, that he may give me timber to make beams for the gates of the palace, which are for the wall of the city, and for the house that I shall enter into.” Well, the king granted him the timber.


43.) So today, on our calendar is March 31st, and it’s Abib 8, March 31, and here we have, it is also known as Nisan 10, and March 30th  in the Julian calendar, and we go into our mathematics, it appears there are 483 Biblical years: that’s 30 days x 12 x 483 years, is 173,880 days. That’s March 30th on the Julian calendar.


44.) If we go back to Nisan 1 in 444 B.C., that’s the declaration of the building of the temple, and the letter that was sent, and from that day, you end up counting. Now we don’t want to get into that particular forecast, because I’m trying to segway into April Fool’s Day. Now the reason for this is because you should not participate in April Fool’s Day.


45.) Now Daniel’s prophecy, just to give it a little more depth here, was that after seven weeks, three score and two weeks, the Messiah, after three score and two weeks, the messiah shall be cut off. Now this prophecy has been fulfilled because in 444 B. C.,  Nisan 1, just to recap here, to Nisan 14, 33 A. D., is more that 173,880  days.


46.)  Now this ties in with April 1st coming up. And the point of this is that I want to tell you about April 1st, and April Fool’s Day, and why you shouldn’t participate in it.


47.) April Fool’s Day mocks Christ. The origin of April Fool’s Day goes way back to the first century, way back to the first century.


48.) We know that on April Fool’s Day, that one of the things that the fools do, is to send other people on worthless errands, on phony errands. Now that was derived from Yeshua, Jesus, being sent back and forth between Herod and Pilate where he was sent back and forth.


49.) April Fool’s Day is a mean, mean, mean mocking of Yeshua.  And we don’t want to have any part of April Fool’s Day tomorrow. This being the 31st of March, tomorrow will be April Fool’s Day.


50.) Now that being said, we want you to know that Yeshua paid a great sacrifice, paid a great sacrifice, paid a great price that should not be mocked in any way, shape, or form. Not in any way, shape, or form should it be mocked. And this is serious.


51.)  Now if I read the history of April Fool’s Day so that you don’t participate in it, so that it has more, how can I say this? so that it has more impact for you. It was the Catholic Church in 1562 Pope Gregory introduced that new calendar for the Christian world and the new year fell on January 1st in the new calendar.


52.) So prior to that the new year fell in the spring. In the 16th century in France, the start of the new year was observed on April 1st. The start of the year was in April 1st in the 16th century.


53.) But then in 1562 Pope Gregory introduced a new calendar, and the pope’s calendar the new year fell on January 1st, the day of the sun’s resurrection, the rebirth of the sun where it starts, the days start growing longer again.


54.) Well, there were some people, however, who hadn’t heard or didn’t believe the change of the date so they continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on April 1st.  Other people played tricks on them, and called them April Fools. And they sent them on a fool’s errand and tried to make them believe that something false was true, and tried to trick them.


55.)  So this applies directly to us, because we are the ones who are the ones who are keeping God’s true calendar, and we are being called “April fools,” and we are being accused  of being April fools by Satan’s day of fools, the actual origin of it. The actual origin of it goes back to the Satanic mocking of Yeshua. This is serious.


56.) It isn’t a flippant thing to send people on foolish errands, it isn’t a flippant thing to put people out on foolish errands because it mocks Yeshua, it mocks Yeshua. So I’m telling you this today that you have no association with April Fool’s Day at all, no association at all.


57.) Well, that Pope Gregory, he certainly changed things around and wrecked things with the calendar, and wrecked God’s calendar.


58.) Go into the history of this, of the festivals, and the Saturnalia, which was the Roman winter festival observed at the end of December, and that was what Pope Gregory moved the year to January the 1st.


59.)  Actually, if you go back to the fourth century A. D., the fourth, the Saturnalia had also transformed into January 1st, New Year’s Day celebrations, and many of these wicked creations were incorporated into the observance, just after Christmas.


 60.) Now it was also the feast of fools; it was called “festus fatuorium,” the medieval feast,  the feast of fools, and they evolved out of the Saturnalia.


61.) You know the church used to condemn the custom, but never eradicated it. And there are also mythological origins. There are mythological origins to April Fool’s Day. It goes back into antiquity, and ancient mythology.


62.) In Roman mythology, Pluto, the god of the dead, abducted Proserpina and brought her to live with him in the underworld. Proserpina called out to her mother Ceres, the goddess of grain, the goddess of turkey-day, harvest home, the goddess of grain and harvest, for help.


63.) But Ceres, who could only hear the echo of her daughter’s voice, searched in vain for Proserpina. Some scholars theorize that the fruitless search of Ceres for her daughter, commemorated during the Roman festival of Cerealia, was the mythical antecedent of the fool’s errands popular on April 1st.


64.) So that’s the Roman mythology of Ceres trying to find her daughter. Ceres going on a fool’s errand. It’s the Roman mythology that the great god of the dead, Pluto, the great god of the dead, abducted Ceres’ daughter, and then Ceres went on a fool’s errand. 


65.) Now in Christian mythology, they tried to Christianize April Fool’s Day by trying to locate it in Biblical traditions. The tradition, the false tradition was attributed to Noah’s mistake of sending out a dove from the ark before the flood waters had subsided, thereby sending the dove on a fool’s errand.


66.) Now a second account suggests that the day commemorates, and here’s the important one,


67.) Bear Note: The time when Jesus was sent from Pilate to Herod and back again, the phrase “sending a man from Pilate to Herod” was an old term for sending one on a fool’s errand, and was often pointed to proof of the original theory, as the origin of the theory. That is the Christian mythology that came forward.


68.) And there were national celebrations on fool’s day, April Fool’s Day, specific to Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, France, across the World. with the cultural traditions of the countries around the world. They took fools day and spread this blasphemy.


69.) Now, one of my favorite cities, well, I love Nottingham, but in British folklore links April Fool’s Day to the town of Gotham, the legendary “town of fools,” located in Nottinghamshire.


70.) According to the legend it was a tradition in the thirteenth century for any road that the king placed his foot on to become public property. So when the citizens of Gotham heard that the king, King John had planned to travel through their town, they refused him entry, not wishing to lose their main road.


71.) When the king heard this, he sent soldiers to the town. But when the soldiers arrived in Gotham, they found the town full of lunatics engaged in foolish activities, such as drowning fish or attempting to cage birds in roofless fences. 


72.) Their foolery was an act, it was all an act, all a sham, but the king fell for the ruse, and declared the town too foolish to warrant punishment. Ever since, according to the legend, April Fool’s Day has commemorated trickery, trickery. That hearkens back after the trickery to tricking the Romans into crucifying Christ.


73.) Now we don’t want anything to do with all of the history, with any of the April Fool’s Days because it is all Satanic mocking of Christ. There isn’t any way around it. That’s where the history of it comes from.


74.) So please do not take April Fool’s Day lightly, don’t participate on any radio stations or call-ins, don’t put any signs on other people’s back that say “kick me,”  signs on other people’s back, or send them on foolish errands or play tricks on them, because the horrible trick was to convict Yeshua wrongly by trickery, by false charges. And that is what April Fool’s Day signifies. That is what it stands for.


75.) So it’s another one of Satan’s Days, and I want you to be aware of it and have no part of it because it mocks Yeshua.

                                                                  *  *  *

76.) Now before we get into the main sermons here, and again, here we go again with the folders. I have tried to narrow them down to just about thirty folders, so I’m holding them up for cameras. So I put the boxes of folders away because it was just too much because I was going on inspiration on what to preach on.


77.)  What we want to be aware of is that, new topic now,  is that in the last days there will be scoffers of the Bible. There will be scoffers of the Bible, and it’s clearly shown those words, find the scriptures, “In the last days there will be scoffers,” II Peter 3:3.


78.) And if anyone doesn’t have a computer out there, I humbly advise you to get one because it will easily speed up your Christian Bible study. And even if  you don’t know anything about computers, just buy one. Turn it on and look at it, and I guarantee that within the next three years, you’ll be computer literate. It just has to be done because there is so much information out there.


79.) Now here’s the point. “There shall in the last days come scoffers who would make a mock of sin, make light of it, and openly commit and glory in it and scoff at religions.” Scoff at Ezekiel 46:3 and say they are not going to practice it.


80.) And it doesn’t matter who you are; there are a lot of ministers who are scoffers. It doesn’t just go with members, it goes with ministers who are scoffers. Ministers who scoff and say you can have the Sabbath day on the sixth-day in half the world, that’s a scoffer.


81.) They say you can celebrate Turkey-god Day, that’s a harvest home festival, always has been. And when you are dead and gone, it will still be the harvest home festival, no matter what you say. Well, these are scoffers who take things lightly. They openly commit sin and glory in having a Turkey-god Day.


82.) So in the “last days” there will come scoffers. So this shouldn’t surprise you at all. It shouldn’t surprise you at all. And the prophets predicted that there would be false teachers, and that they would be in the churches. And the necessity of having no connection with the scoffers.


83.) So there shall come scoffers, persons who shall endeavor to turn all religion, scripture into ridicule, or to ignore scriptures. And this is, the obvious way to deprecate the truth, is to scoff at it because that is an easy way. You don’t have to make an argument; you can just scoff.


85.) Endeavor to make a “scaramouch” of some parts of the Bible, and in effect to ignore it, to laugh at it, to laugh at new moon day. And to get superficial thinkers to laugh with them against new moon day, which is commanded clearly in the Bible.


86.) So we want you to know that they will be scoffers, living in the indulgence of their own, well, you can see I I Peter 2:10, I I Peter 2:10; 2:12; 2:14;18 & 19. Maybe we should read that. See how many translations I can pull up at one time here without crashing the computer.


87.) Okay, I I Peter 2:10, “…This is especially true of those…bold and arrogant, these men are not afraid to slander celestial beings, yea, yet even the angels, although  they are stronger and more powerful, they do not bring accusation against such beings in the presence of the Lord.”


88.) “But these men blaspheme,” here’s the point of verse 12, “These men blaspheme in matters they do not understand, they are like brut beasts, creatures of instinct, born only to be caught and destroyed, and like beasts, they too will perish.”


89.) If you know of anyone that is going against words that are in the Bible, these scriptures apply to them. As it says in verse 12, they blaspheme in matters that they don’t understand, and they cause harm to others. For you can see that in verse 13 they’ll be paid back for the harm they have done. They’ll be paid back.   


90.) And there are blemishes on our feasts. So we have a new moon day feast for every month since last year, last fall we started. And these people, they mock us, and they blaspheme the words of the Bible. They blaspheme Ezekiel 46:3; they say it shouldn’t be followed. It’s not in the Torah.


91.) Well, there are many things that are not in the Torah. There are also things that supersede the Torah, one of them being not having to have circumcision physically. You have circum  You have duality of circumcision in the heart. That exceeds the Torah. That exceeds the Torah’s command.


92.) I’m not going to go into all the New Testament points, but that clearly shows that the Torah is superseded by other scriptures. So don’t let anybody fool you that the Torah is carved in stone, because circumcision is in the Torah, in the first five books, the Pentateuch, and circumcision was abolished by the New Testament scriptures. So no. The Torah is not the final word on anything.


93.) Ezekiel 46:3 is where the new moon gates, the gates were opened and it clearly says, “you shall come and worship before the Lord your God,” and don’t you dare listen to any one who tells you that you shall not come to worship before the Lord your God. And then tries to tell you the Pentateuch was the final word on everything. No, it was not, or else we’ll all have to have circumcision today.


94.) Well, it’s gets pretty serious because it says It would be better they had not known, verse 21, it would be better they had not known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then turned their backs on the sacred command that was passed to them.


95.) I don’t want to get into the part where it says in verse 22. You read verse 22 for yourself.


96.) “Bold and arrogant these men,” it says in verse 10.Bold and arrogant, and they are causing harm. And they’ll be paid back for the harm they are causing.


97.) Now we want to get into a new topic here that scoffers will be disobedient, and will be willingly ignorant. Willingly ignorant. Unbelievable, but it has to be dealt with.


98.) And willingly ignorant. Now this includes all of the offshoots, and certainly the Living Chruch of God, and Triumph Prophetic Ministries who know better. We’ve told them they shouldn’t have Mother-goddess Day, Sky Father’s Day, they shouldn’t be going into restaurants on the Sabbath Day, and hiring people to work. They should be outside the restaurants protesting to close, and they should not be putting people to work  on the Sabbath Day.


99.) We are the only ones that are speaking out. And God used Herbert W. Armstrong in 1934 to 1986, where the whole Worldwide Church of God “fell off the rails” under Joseph Tkach, and then a year of mourning from 1986 to 1987 for a fallen leader, Mr. Armstrong.


100.) The Triumph Prophetic Ministries from 1987 up to 2008, and then The Obedient Church of God comes on the scene in 2008 to 2018, the Romans 9:28, “short work.”


101.) And the key is we can prove it. We are showing you the way to obedience. Every day, every month we’re showing you something new. This week we are showing you that April Fool’s Day is mocking Yeshua. They were sending him back and forth on worthless errands between Pilate and Herod.


102.) Well, we want you to know that when the tools get dull, when Herbert Armstrong’s church, WCG, got dull, it couldn’t be used anymore. And God had to raise up Triumph Prophetic Ministry. Triumph Pro Ministry got dull and refused to celebrate the Sabbath Day on the seventh-day in Australia and the seventh-day in the Philippines, and refused the big one was to stop celebrating Turkey-god day in 2008.


103.)  He actually kicked me out in November 29th,at the conjunction of the planets on that night, and on that night was to be the Fellowship Café also that I was going to start. The point of all this being was that 2008, November 29th, there wasn’t any alternative to start a church of God that was obedient, hence The Obedient Church of God. Won’t get into all the details, but that’s the key. 


104.) Mr. Armstrong setting down the rediscovered truths, then William F. Dankenbring setting down rediscovered truth, and now Lawrence Albert Nowell setting down rediscovered truth.


105.) “Lawrence” means “covered in laurels;” and “Albert” means “all bright,” “all bright,” “bringer of light;” and “Nowell” in Hebrew means “to lock in.”


106.) Therefore, you can see that there is a pattern here between Herbert Armstrong’s work, then William F. Dankenbring’s work, and now Lawrence A. Nowell’s work. And disobedience causes God to pick up another tool and for God to do his work. And you would too.


107.) If a potter is trying to make a pot a certain shape, and the pot refuses, “boing” goes back into the shape it wants of its own, the potter has to grab new clay, and use clay that is compliant.


108.) Even you would get a new tool if the tool is dull, or if the tool won’t work, or if you have a piece of wood that decides to warp itself, or gets warped, and you can’t straighten out that warp, you’ve got to get another piece of wood.


109.) That gives you a basis of God’s work. We are The Obedient Church of God and we don’t follow a passel of lies. You can look it up in the dictionary for its specific meaning.


110.) And the other churches are guilty of witchcraft because they refuse to repent. And you know disobedience is as the sin of witchcraft. Pretty clear. Disobedience is as witchcraft, I Samuel 15:23, and to obey is better than sacrifice, Deuteronomy 18:10-12.

111.) And you get rejected from being king or leader of a church, I Samuel 15:22-23. Saul was rejected as king, because it was his fault. Disobedience is as witchcraft. What Saul did was wrong. He didn’t follow every jot. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and sin is lawlessness.


112.) Sin is breaking Deuteronomy, aa, what is it? verse 12:32, 20:32, somewhere around there. Somewhere around there where you are not supposed to add any days. I haven’t pulled up that scripture for awhile.


113. So today when you hear his voice, let’s go to the New Testament, Hebrews 3:7-19, don’t harden your hearts in rebellion. And it’s a testing, it’s your testing, testing. Their hearts are always going astray. They have known my ways. That’s what the Holy Spirit says.


114.) We’ve got to get into the Holy Spirit part of the sermon, and more information for the people that are getting baptized. So we want you to follow every jot and title of the Bible. And we want you to be at one with the Father, and fit in with his family.


115.) Now this work is done by God. It is not done by men. It’s done by God. Because I did not want to raise up a congregation, but I had no choice. I was forced into it. And now that I’m into it, I will continue with it.


116.) Now we’re going to put all of the announcements to the back of the sermon now. And, if there’s time, we’ll give you insight what the Federal Agencies are doing on the spying of Americans. So, really upset you.


117.) But first, we want you to prepare for your sermon for today, so let’s play a song, “You Raised Me Up.” It’s a beautiful tune. So you know for the people that are going to be baptized that: “You are going to be raised up through Yeshua’s work”. And that’s His job, His duty, and what He’s going to be doing for you. This is very important because it is not of your doing.


118.) God calls, for the new listeners, people getting baptized, God chooses to call you. As you respond, therefore, you become chosen. You become chosen. You show the fruits. You show the fruits of repentance. You have show the fruits of repentance that you will follow God’s way.


119.) So I think we can switch it off from Whitney Houston; maybe we can switch it off to something a little happier, a little happier since we all know about Whitney Houston. So, maybe we can get something a little happier. And let our lights shine in a gospel song as we look forward to repentance, because looking forward to repentance is a happy thing. It’s a happy, happy, happy event.


120.)   And if we can pull up this song, This little light of, this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine. That will help us to understand, as well as the new people, that they are going on a new epic journey, and embarking on a new journey into the spiritual realm of oneness with God. And that spiritual realm can only be entered through the gift of the Holy Spirit. And that gift of the Holy Spirit is only given by the laying on of hands.


121.) So we know there are two parts to the baptism, there are two parts to the baptism. One is the repentance part where you go down in the water and you symbolically let your old way die, your old man die, and that you want now uprise, rise up out of the water, and leave that old man behind, dead in the water, and come out of the water as a new person with a new mission in life in order to live a new and totally better way.


122.) Now this means that you have been finished part one of baptism, which is the baptism of repentance, and leaving the old man behind in the water. Then comes part two of the service of baptism. And that involves the laying on of hands.


123.) And the laying on of hands transfers the gift of the Holy Spirit. And the gift of the Holy Spirit is from God, not from the person that’s doing the laying on of hands. So there isn’t any misconception about that. And that by the volition of God and not by the person by the laying on of hands.


124.) Therefore, for all the older listeners out there, it doesn’t matter which minister baptized you, no matter how evil he was, because it was God’s volition to give you the Holy Spirit. So every baptism is valid. People had questions about that. Your baptism is valid, even if it was done by a minister that fell away. Your baptism is valid.


125.) Now you’ve finally found God’s way, God’s true church, and you’re on a long, long journey. You’re on a long, long journey that will go on for the rest, until your life ends, either by natural causes or through being taken up to meet Christ Yeshua in the air. This is a wonderful journey you are embarking on.


126.)  Now if you follow Yeshua, and he will be with the Father and you will be with the Father also, if you follow, if, if you follow Yeshua’s way. Yeshua set the example of the way for you to follow. I should play the song, “I Will Follow Him,” because that’s part of your baptism vow is that you will follow every jot and title of the Bible as it is shown to you, as the Spirit helps you to understand.


127.) So let’s play, I have a version here of I Will Follow Him. Maybe that’ll that’ll help us to understand the version of the Bible. If we can get the computer to cooperate. And, as usual, I’ve probably got too many windows open because the computer is bogging right now. So that’s what happens when you’ve got twenty windows open.


128.) Well, I’ve got more than one computer here. We’ll see if we can get this one up and cooperating. We’re closing out some windows here so that we can get the computer to play and to load properly. There we go. Okay.


129.) So, whether you are going to be newly baptized coming up this week on April the 6th. Actually, we’re having the baptism before the night of the Passover so that the people can participate in Passover, because it is for baptized members. And you are saying, I will follow him. And I’ll never find another Yeshua. There’s only one was to be there.


130.) You’ll never find another Yeshua. And it’s a long journey. Don’t want to lose Yeshua’s love. As Yeshua loves those who obey him. The love of God is that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not grievous. That means every jot and title that you find in the Bible.


131.) Now when you get baptized, you are making a vow that you will follow him. You will follow Yeshua the way that he followed Father. Let’s go with that. I will follow him and put both together. Songs make more of an impact that just saying the words I will follow him. Are you going to follow Yeshua? Do you love him?


132.) Are you going to follow Yeshua? Do you love him? If you love him, follow every jot and title. I hope that song drives home the point that you will follow Yeshua in every way that he leads you, including new moon day, including new moon day.


133.) Now once you are baptized, and, and, and have the laying on of hands, then you receive the Holy Spirit. And your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, I Corinthians 6:19-20. So a marvelous, marvelous change takes place. Your body becomes the temple of the Holy Spirit, and other ministers, others haven’t told you this. But your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit when, when you have the laying on of hands. Rediscovered truth here. That’s how important your baptism is with a change, with a little physical change in your body. Very, very powerful.


134.) I Corinthians 6:19 Bear Note: Your body changes. Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit within you. And you…have it from God. The Holy Spirit comes from God.


135.) So as I said, it’s not the minister who has laid hands on you, it clearly says here in I Corinthians 6:19 that the Spirit that is in you, whom you have from God, from who? From God, and you are not your own.


136.) Now, what’s the person’s job that is baptizing you? His job is to petition, and ask, and put a prayer before Father to ask Father to put Father’s Holy Spirit into the person being baptized. 


137.) But the Father then decides whether he should or he shouldn’t based on if that’s the best time for that particular, that particular person to be given the Holy Spirit. Because if the person isn’t ready, then they, the unready person would make a shipwreck out of their faith. We know of many people who have made a shipwreck out of their faith.


138.) So I’m very careful of whom we baptize or of whom we don’t baptize, because this could be a life and death scenario. And we are bought with a price. We are bought with a price in verse 20, and therefore, once you are baptized, you are supposed to glorify God in your body, and that you are now God’s, belonging to God.


139.) This is a very big step for you, for anyone getting baptized. You are now going to have the Holy Spirit in your body. And the Holy Spirit, for any new listeners out there, is not a person. The Holy Spirit is the power by which Yeshua created and the Father not a person. It is the power of more than just intellect. In order to give an expression that you can understand, it’s a Spirit that gives you another intellect.


140.) You have the human spirit, which differentiates us from the animals. That’s why we are different from the animals, because we have a conscience, an awareness of death which the animals don’t. We have an awareness of our existence, which the animals don’t.


141.) Then there is a second Spirit that you are given at baptism, and that’s the Holy Spirit. And that gives you an awareness of the things of God.


142.) There are a lot of men who know a lot of things, but they don’t have an awareness, a sensitivity to the things of God. There are a lot of scholars out there, but they don’t have a sensitivity to the things of God. And they will never understand, no matter how much they study until after they are baptized.


143.) This transformation comes about as stated in I Corinthians 6:19. The Holy Spirit who is in you, so please underline that in your Bible. Verse 19 again, “O you do not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God as a gift from God.”


144.) Now that puts you into a relationship with God. And you would want to live your life in accordance with God’s way. Just like marrying a person you want to live your life with them in their way.


145.) Now Solomon writes in Proverbs 4:23, Proverbs 4:23. So once you are baptized, then go to Proverbs 4:23, “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it springs the issues of life.”


146.) The heart combined, remember I told you last week, that the heart has neurons, 65% of the tissue of the heart, your heart, my heart is made up of neurons that transmit signals to the brain through the blood, and your heart fights with your brain. Your brain wants to do things the logical way; your heart wants to do things the Godly way. 


147,) We’ll just carry on here. The heart and the mind is the storehouse of your character. So, you’ve got to spend time in prayer, asking God, because you only get what you ask for. Prayer in asking for insight from God to reveal your sins because we’ve got Passover coming up. And for you to see yourself, for God to show you to see yourself.


148.) Yes, and some of us do a lot of good works, but we are still sinners because there are times in our lives when we didn’t do any good works before we even came into the knowledge of the truth. And who is going to pay for that price? We’d have to die ourselves on a stake in order to pay the price for our past sins.


149.) So it isn’t just a question of you saying, Well, I’ve got my life in order now. You haven’t by the way. None of us do. We’re all sinners. We’re all falling short and missing the mark, no matter how perfect we are. But, even if we were perfect right now, who would pay for your past sins? You’d have to pay for them.You’d still have to die for your past sins, before you were converted. Therefore, you need Christ’s sacrifice.


150.) Well, this is a solemn process. Now it shouldn’t be something that you fear, because you are going to be given the gift of God’s Holy Spirit. And in the process the fruits of the Spirit are calmness, peace, and humility, and a heart that’s ready to repent immediately.


151.) Now that doesn’t mean that you don’t ever get angry. You get angry, but you don’t sin. And when you get angry, you fight hard but you don’t sin, such as calling your brother raca, which means fool, which is a worthless individual, raca.


152.) In English, you’d say, he has a hole in his head, your brother has a hole in his head--that you are never supposed to do. You are never supposed to denigrate your brother. And in French it’s “Your head is one big hole.” That’s what it is in French. Your head is one big hole. Never say that of your brother. Never say that, but you can be angry with your brother, but you don’t say raca. You do not sin and say your brother is a fool.


153.)  Now, with your Holy Spirit that you get at baptism, you should also be praying, those of us who are baptized also, to help us understand. Ask Father to help us understand the depths of our sins, and the depths of our being. And then its our responsibility to repent of what God makes plain to us.


154.) So, if we’ve got animosity to someone who has done us great harm, we have got to forgive that person. I know it’s difficult.


155.) Now there are individuals who have had their sons or daughters murdered by criminals, it’s a tough one to forgive murderers. Hopefully, none of us have to forgive a murderer. We have to put it into perspective, if we are to be forgiven ourselves, we have to forgive others. So this comes into relationship with Father.


156.) Well, one of the things that I want to talk about before Passover, and why I’m talking about repentance right now, is because now is the time to repent. It isn’t Passover night you start examining yourself. It isn’t on Passover night that you examine yourself. It’s too late, folk by then. You’ve got to be preparing for that all year.


157.) So, which, which scriptures are we  Let’s go into Corinthians. Find the scripture that it talks about examining yourself so that you know how to take the Passover, and you can prepare yourself for the Passover. 


 158.) I think it’s in II Corinthians. Take a look here somewhere around chapter 13. Flip, flip the pages, and as usual the paper is so thin. I wish somebody would invent something that would make the pages separate without damaging them with my being rough with them. Okay.


159.) The first thing I want to say is that now today, today, today’s service today that you should examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. This is important because there is another scripture that it says don’t eat or drink unworthily, if you take it, you should not take the Passover unworthily.


160.) Now, there are two parts to the Passover. One is preparing before the Passover, that very important. And, two is the actual taking of the Passover.


161.) So for all the new listeners out there, and especially, the old listeners, you’ve got two scriptures that I am going to explain to you. They’re so important, so salient. We just read I I Corinthians 13:5, “Examine yourselves as to whether or not you are in the faith.”

Test yourself, every jot and title. Know yourself. That’s what you do now this week.


162.) Now on the night of the Passover, you do not examine yourself, you examine the manner in which you take the Passover.


163.) Now, let’s go to I Corinthians 11:27. Now this is on the night of the Passover. This is totally different from I I Corinthians 13:5, where you examine yourself whether you are in the faith. That’s what you are supposed to be doing preparing for Passover. Then when you take the Passover, let’s read it together.


164.) Therefore, I Corinthians 11:27, therefore, whoever eats this bread or drinks this cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner, that’s an adverb, folks. Unworthy manner, the manner in which you are taking the Passover, such as being drunk, such as being in the wrong mood, or unrepentant spirit.


165.) It applies to the manner, the action, the action of that particular night of taking the Passover, not being drunk, not taking it lightly, not taking it as a ritual. But taking it in a subservient, sincere servant of God, and throwing yourself on the mercy of Christ.


166.) To make it easier for you to understand, so that you are not worthy, you have to discern the Lord’s body. You cannot just be coming together to eat and drink, and not discern the Lord’s body.


167.) So, I Corinthians 11:27, “Whoever,” let me translate this for you, Whoever eats this bread and drinks this wine, and we’ll interject here, without discerning the Lord’s body, the great sacrifice of God, without thinking about it, the great sacrifice of his beaten body where his skin was ripped off down, right down to his bones where he was unrecognizable as a man.


168.) That’s what you want to be thinking about when you are taking the bread. That he was beaten so badly, he was marred so badly, he was unrecognizable as a man. That’s how badly he was beaten.


169.) I’ve seen some people, well, in accidents, let’s put it that way, that you couldn’t recognize. If they were, I had a friend in a motorcycle accident, that’s why I don’t ride a motorcycle. There was a Triumph 650 that I had in the yard. Long story short.


170.) We want you to realize, when you are taking the bread, think of how Yeshua being totally, totally having all the skin ripped off his body.


171.) Now I want you to go to our internet site, go to the internet site, and click on the top gold box that says how to do the Kiddush, how to do the Kiddush. Click on that gold box. Then scroll down to Isaiah 52:14, 52:14. And there you will see a picture, an artist’s rendition of how Christ looked on the tree, barely recognizable as a human being with raw flesh, bones sticking out, his ribs visible, all his skin was ripped off of his body.


172.) Let’s read Isaiah. This is what you are supposed to think of when you take the Passover. You are not supposed to be thinking of yourself and all your sins. You are supposed to be thinking of Yeshua and his great sacrifice, how his skin was ripped off his body down to his bones. Your mind is not on yourself. That is not the time for you to have your mind on yourself. Your mind is on Yeshua’s sacrifice.


173.) Isaiah 52:14, “Just as there were many appalled by his appearance, appalled, he was so disfigured beyond that of any man, and his form marred beyond human recognition, beyond human likeness.” He didn’t even look like a human. The Bible states beyond human likeness.


174.) Remember, he was whipped by the Romans, not by the Sanhedrin. And the Romans didn’t have any rule of only 39 lashes, 40 less one. They had no rules. And they had the cat of nine tails, which had bones and shards of metal on the tips of the end of the whip that ripped the flesh off.


175.) And Yeshua was whipped not on just one session, but twice, but twice. And his form was marred beyond human recognition. That’s what Isaiah 52:14 says. His form was marred beyond human recognition now.


176.) Go onto our site that says how to do the Kiddush, to the gold box, and scroll down to Isaiah 52:14 and you will see the picture of Yeshua and an artist’s rendition of how Yeshua’s ribs were all showing, how his skin was ripped off down to his bones.    


 177.) That is what you think of when you take the bread and drink the cup of the Lord in a worthy manner. You don’t be thinking about yourself. You are thinking about him when you are taking the bread and the wine, or else you are guilty of the body and the blood of the Lord. So, of course, your are thinking of the body and the blood of the Lord, and not thinking of yourself. As it says, guilty of the body and the blood of the Lord.


178.)  Therefore, let a man examine the manner, the manner that he partakes when he eats the bread and drinks the cup.


179.) Then verse 29, for he who eats and drinks in an unworthy manner. Look, none of us are worthy. It’s not a noun in the Bible, it’s an adverb. It’s a adverb, it’s an unworthy manner that you are eating of the bread and drinking the wine. It is the way that you are doing it on that night by having your mind on yourself and your own sins, and not on Yeshua’s body that was marred beyond human recognition. That is so serious for you to understand because so many people have their mind on themselves and their sins. Do that and you are taking it in an unworthy manner. 


180.) You want to take the bread and the wine discerning Yeshua’s body having all of his skin ripped off of it. And the, the pope’s, the pope’s Satanic deception is just a light whipping. They have these guys on TV that have nails driven through their hands. That’s nothing. If they wanted to do it properly, they’d have all the skin ripped off their body and be unrecognizable as a human being.


181.) And the pope’s Satanic deception is just that of a light little beating, when in fact


182.) Bear Note: Jesus bled to death just like a lamb by two severe whippings that left his body looking like raw beet. That’s what you are supposed to discern. That’s how you take the Passover elements worthily. That is the manner to examine when you’re taking the Passover elements.


183.) If you are thinking of Christ willingly giving up his body to be torn to shreds so that he is unrecognizable as a human being, and that’s what Isaiah said clearly that he was unrecognizable as a man because he was torn up into a mass of bloody flesh, beyond human likeness Isaiah says in 52:14. That’s what you are supposed to be thinking of, not of yourself on Passover night when you take the elements.


 184.) Now he bled, Yeshua bled to death on the cross because all his skin was ripped off him, the same way the lambs were bled to death. And most men would have died from the first whipping by the Romans, and it wasn’t uncommon for the men to die on the first whipping.


185.) And Yeshua was whipped twice. That’s why he was disfigured beyond that of any man and his form was beyond human recognition. Isaiah 52:14 said that.


186.) Go on our internet site. Look up the gold box on top; it says How to do the Kiddush. Then you scroll down, and look for that artist’s rendition of what Yeshua’s body really looked like. You think of that, of a mass of flesh of being whipped with 80 lashes or more, and being punched, and having his beard torn out, and having his beard torn out, and a crown of thorns on his head with blood running down his eyes.


187.) Don’t take the Passover unworthily by thinking of yourself. You are not to be thinking of yourself. You are supposed to be thinking of yourself today in I I Corinthians 11:5.


188.) So this is a major rediscovered truth of The Obedient Church of God that you in I I Corinthians 13:5 point one, step one: you are to examine yourself whether you are in the faith, test yourself. Know yourselves that Jesus, the Holy Spirit, is in you, and examine yourself.


189.) Then on the night of the Passover when you take the bread and the wine, you concentrate on Yeshua being whipped until his flesh was ripped off his entire body so that he was not recognizable as a human being. And that he didn’t just die on the cross, he was whipped to death and he bled to death as a sacrificial lamb.  


190.) You examine the way you take the bread and the wine and you get your mind off yourself and on to Yeshua, or else you’re taking the Passover in an unworthy manner. And therefore, you are drinking judgment on yourself, and verse 30 says, “for this reason many are weak and sick among you and many sleep.”


191.) That “many sleep” is krema,” not “katakrema.” So its not eternal death, it’s temporary death. That’s what it says in verse thirty.


192.) Most people do not think of Yeshua’s body being whipped down to his being unrecognizable as a man, unrecognizable as a human, that this reason many are weak and sick and many die. That’s how important it is for you to get your mind off yourself and on the night that you are taking the bread and wine.


193.) This is a major understanding for everyone that I know of to inculcate on how to take the Passover that their mind is totally on Yeshua and his great sacrifice for you. So when you put the bread in your mouth and when you swallow the wine, you think of his body being torn to shreds, unrecognizable as a human being and his great sacrifice.