November 12, 2011, Sermon Transcript

By Lawrence A. Nowell

1.)    The Obedient Church of God is identical to the First Century Christians. We observe the Sabbath properly around the world. West of the International Date Line the Pakistani brethren must wait until Sunday to observe the Sabbath since the day has been jumped ahead 24 hours.               

2.)    TOCOG doesn’t keep Turkey Day nor any Devil Days. People break God’s heart by their continued disobedience. Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell will preach a little bit longer, hoping people will listen to God’s message.

3.)    Services are opened with prayer. We stand, face the North Heavens, lift our arms to God and bow our heads with our eyes closed.

4.)    Today’s sermon will be on how to meditate properly.

5.)    Three songs are sung in praise of our Father. Page 49, The Servant’s Prayer; page 66 Praise the Eternal; and Hallelujah, page 114 in other songbooks.

6.)    Coming up this month is Thanksgiving Day celebration. We can’t celebrate this day because the turkey honors Ra-Osiris of Egypt in ancient times. We can’t add this pagan day to God’s plan of the Feast of Tabernacles, which represents God’s 7,000 year plan for mankind.

7.)    Deuteronomy 12:32 states, “What thing so ever I command you, observe to do it: You shall not add thereto nor diminish from it.”

8.)    Because of their disobedience the ten tribes of Israel, who had their capital at Samaria, were attacked by the Assyrians in 722 B. C. They were carried away from their homeland, never to return.

9.)    Do you expect relatives to arrive for a celebration on November 24th for a Turkey Day dinner? We have 364 other days to have a family reunion, but not on Turkey Day. Because we don’t want to be marching in Hitler’s parade, our celebration can be on Sunday or some other day of the week.

10.)                        True Christians are not of this world. We are a totally different culture because we represent the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, and we do not participate in the culture of this world.

11.)                        We aren’t a hybrid. What about “GMO mutated- human beings” who have part of Satan’s days in their daily functions and part of God’s days.  We can’t be a Devil hybrid; we can’t be a mixture. Christians have to be unspotted from the world.

12.)                        James 1:27 says, “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is… to keep himself unspotted from the world.”

13.)                        The ten tribes have been scattered to the ends of the earth and they are among the nations that celebrate these pagan days throughout the world.

14.)                        We cannot have any part of Turkey Day the same as we cannot have any part of Christmas Day, or Sky Father’s Day, Mother-goddess Day, or Easter (Ishtar) Day.

15.)                        Now if our relatives are arriving for Turkey Day and the weekend, that’s fine; so we enjoy the weekend with them but we won’t be celebrating Turkey Day on Thursday or else we are marching in Hitler’s parade. We can’t be deceived and say we aren’t marching in Hitler’s parade when we are celebrating a Turkey Day by our mere presence. It’s that simple.

16.)                        If we are marching in Hitler’s parade, we are part of it whether we say we are or whether we say we aren’t. This is the deception. Our actions can’t have anything to do with the pagan Devil days, or else we won’t be unspotted from the world.

17.)                        Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell wants to help all of us because we want to be in God’s Kingdom together. We won’t be there or in the First Resurrection if we are “spotted.”

18.)                        Revelation 22:15 tells that without the city is “whoever loves and makes a lie.” This is saying that whoever practices a lie will be without the city (of God). Others that are left out are dogs, and sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, and idolaters.

19.)                        So don’t practice that lie of the Devil’s Turkey-god Day. If we have a Turkey celebration and say we aren’t doing it to honor the Devil, we are still practicing a lie. Our presence at that dinner is the same as marching in Hitler’s parade. We are doing what everyone else is doing on Turkey Day by gathering together for a big dinner, and we are being corrupted. 

20.)                        Revelation 21:8 KJV tells who will have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone: the fearful and unbelieving, the abominable, murderers, sorcerers, whoremongers, idolaters, and liars.

21.)                        Revelation 21:8 NRSV says, “But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, the murderers, the fornicators, the sorcerers, the idolaters, and the liars, their place will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

22.)                        This says the “cowardly” shall be annihilated. It’s not difficult to understand. We have to be “unspotted from the world.” We have to be brave and strong.

23.)                        We have to struggle and fight against our human nature, subdue body desires by eating too much food or going to excess in anything. We can’t have pagan days and just say they are not pagan days or use them as an excuse to be with relatives.

24.)                        In James 1:27 God wants us to be “unspotted from the world” so we can be in His Kingdom. Or we can use the use the English Standard Version that uses the word “unstained from the world,” which is worse than being “unspotted.” In other translations, the NIV says, “unspoiled from the world.” And the Living translation says, “refusing to let the world corrupt you.”

25.)                        Don’t say you can march in Hitler’s parade because you need the exercise.

26.)                        We are supposed to be pure and holy before God. We are not to walk on the border line and cross over to the other side to be with the enemy.  

27.)                        Many churches have missionary programs, but lack having a food program. Churches are supposed to take care of orphans and widows when they suffer. They shouldn’t be gallivanting all over the world, trying to raise up congregations.                       

28.)                        A pure religion is undefiled. Church members should visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction and help them and keep themselves “unstained.”

29.)                        The Obedient Church of God has had a food program from its inception, and  it helps the widows, orphans in Pakistan who need assistance since several of their congregation were killed by Muslims four years ago. Donations can be made to help.

30.)                        To give a donation for the Pakistani brethren, is for us to go on the internet, click donation and make a donation. We can always call in on the message machine to say what the donation is for or put a comment with the donation. This is better than sending checks and having banking costs and trouble of mailing it, just go on the internet. Pay with visa or master card.

31.)                        Back in the 1970s Mr. Nowell had a friend named Tom Jackson who was doing a harvest food program, which went right through the nation and he ended up writing millions of dollars for the hungry people. That is what pure religion is.

32.)                        Two things that The Obedient Church of God has: First, we are to have nothing to do with the world’s ways because we are a separate nation of God, ambassadors for God’s way; Second, we are looking after the orphans and widows as we are able.

33.)                        Obviously, we can’t support the whole world, but when Father provides an opportunity, we respond.

34.)                        By working with people in Pakistan, TOCOG is bringing in Gentiles into the Christian faith. We know that Yeshua won’t arrive until the full number of Gentiles is called in.

35.)                        Romans 11:25 says, “Blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in.” The beginning of the verse says, “I don’t want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brethren, so you may not be conceited. Israel has experienced hardening in part till the full number of Gentiles has come in.”

36.)                        So why hasn’t the seven years started yet?Because the full number of Gentiles has not been called in.

37.)                        Bear Note: The temple is not built because Israel has experienced hardening of the heart until the full number of Gentiles has come in.

38.)                        So when we see the temple being built, we can assume that the full number of Gentiles has been called in, and therefore, Yeshua’s arrival is very soon. When Israel builds the temple, then we can know in the methodology they are softening their hearts and getting their lives in line. This is very important to understand.

39.)                        That is one of the keys why there is a delay because the full number of Gentiles has not come in yet. This knowledge from The Obedient Church of God doesn’t just come from Mr. Nowell’s own thoughts. It comes from inspiration that is given when we meditate properly.

40.)                        It’s a scandal that the ministers of all the denominations of the offshoots of the Worldwide Church of God are breaking the Bible’s Words. And they are the puppets of the Devil if they are celebrating Turkey Day, Mother-goddess Day, and Sky-Father’s Day. All of these denominations are mis-managing God’s Bible, and tacitly approving of these Devil Days.

41.)                         Church members should report to the minister of whatever denomination and tell him that Sky Father’s Day, the longest day of the year, is a Devil Day; that Mother-goddess Day is a Devil day; and that Turkey Day is a Devil’s Day. That minister is abusing the Bible by incorporating those days into the lives of his parishioners.

42.)                        TOCOG wants new listeners to know that they can’t be part of the Devil Days. They need to understand they cannot be in complicity with their Satanic ministers and Mr. Nowell calls them Satanic because they are following Satanic days. Stand up for God’s days and God’s ways. Go to your minister and tell him about Bible abuse.

43.)                        If we had knowledge of our neighbor sexually abusing his children and we said nothing, that’s the same thing in the church when we are aware of Turkey Day being pagan and we say nothing. We let our minister just carry on his merry way, saying that keeping Devil Days is just fine.

44.)                        We can’t celebrate Christmas because it is a pagan day. We can’t change the logic around and say we’re celebrating Christmas in honor of God or we are keeping Turkey Day as a time of thanksgiving to God.

45.)                        If enough members, especially in the Living Church of God, rattled Rod Meredith, maybe Rod will change his tune. But Dr. Meredith just ignores the issue.

46.)                        These “sinisters” are liars when they say they obey God’s Bible, when they obviously don’t obey Deuteronomy 12:32 with Galatians 1:6 and 9 where a double curse is pronounced if we put in any other days or add anything to God’s Bible.

47.)                        Anyone who considers himself a shepherd, should be following the Bible’s instructions, and not willfully breaking the Bible’s instructions.

48.)                        Shepherds are supposed to protect the sheep. Unfortunately, many ministers are just actors who play ministers every week. They’re just actors. And they fail to address Biblical issues of the violations of the law of God. And worse than that. If anyone calls them and challenges them on that, they’re put out of the congregation. These “sinisters” just want to keep on breaking God’s laws.

49.)                        Then years later these “sinisters” say they want forgiveness or they don’t want any hard feelings, but they first must stop breaking God’s law with their Turkey Day. Then they can talk. Until then they will be told that they are breaking God’s law.

50.)                        Mr. Nowell is not going to cooperate with a minister who breaks God’s law. He  is not going to play the role of an enabler nor play the role of co-dependency just to be friends. He doesn’t want to ignore the fact that they are breaking Father’s laws and be a co-dependent. They can’t just continue to go against God’s Bible.

51.)                        As a minister, if he doesn’t go against Mother-goddess Day, Sky Father’s Day or Turkey Day, he is fired! He won’t get the privilege from Father to do his play-acting like a minister.

52.)                        He is surrounded by these pagan days as well as moving the Sabbath Day to the sixth-day in half the world. This is a demonically influenced minister. He is a servant of the Devil because he promotes Satan’s Days.

53.)                        And the minister wants to cover up the observance of these days and be friends with Mr. Nowell. He can’t expect to keep Satan’s days and tell others it is fine to keep Satan’s days. Some of these “sinisters” are excellent liars. They don’t want the pure unspotted ways of Jesus. They want Barabbas. They want Turkey Day.

54.)                        The problem is these ministers are just like a disease. And whatever is causing the problem is the disease. Don’t just look at the symptoms. Look at the cause. Ministers are causing members to sin.

55.)                        Rod Meredith is causing all of his church members to sin by not speaking out about Turkey-god Day, not speaking out about Mother-goddess Day, not speaking out about Sky-Father’s Day, and not speaking out about moving the Sabbath Day to the sixth-day in half of the world.

56.)                        These men are not leaders. They are just managers. They manage doctrine and they are actors who cover-up the ways of Satan. Mr. Nowell won’t approve of ministers who want to be friends and still have one foot in the world. Mr. Nowell won’t support ministers with that attitude.

57.)                        Realize you are an accessory if you don’t speak out. Just like seeing the neighbor next door who is abusing his child and you don’t say anything, you see the ministers abusing God’s Word by inserting certain pagan practices into God’s worship, and you don’t speak up about it.

58.)                        There is an “elephant” in the room, an elephant that doesn’t repent. Everyone is ignoring the elephant in the room!

59.)                        TOCOG is the only congregation in the world who is obeying all of Yeshua’s ways that we are aware of. And when we find out a way that wasn’t known to us before, we acknowledge it and change immediately.

60.)                         We don’t use variations of the name Jesus. We use Jesus for the new listeners so people can understand, but we generally use Yahveh, Yeshua. That’s as correct as we can get it; we don’t want to be a stumbling block to others who might think TOCOG is Jewish. As new listeners keep tuning in they will learn how to use the proper names of our God.

61.)                        Back to the “sinisters” who are sodomizing our Bible by inserting pagan practices. People are paying ten percent of their income, their tithe, to men who are lying to them. They are supporting them. If they changed their ways, they should be supported. But not unless they change their wrong ways to following God’s ways.

62.)                        Ministers can’t remain ignorant and refuse to obey God, but somebody has got to stop them. Why? Why does somebody have to stop them? Because the whole world is going to be destroyed!!

63.)                        Malachi 4:5-6 says, “Behold! I send you Elijah the prophet …and he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”

64.)                        Although Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell is preaching because he loves the brethren, his work is necessary lest the Lord comes and strikes the earth with utter destruction! These are the last words in Malachi 4.

65.)                        Verse 4 of Malachi 4 tells us to remember the law of Moses…unless the Lord comes and strikes the earth with a curse, utter destruction.

66.)                        The law of Moses is in Deuteronomy 12:32 where it states, “What thing so ever I command you, observe to do it. Do not add to…”

67.)                        In Deuteronomy 13:13-15 God’s people are to smite the people who serve other gods with the edge of the sword.Today ministers and their parishioners are participating in the days of other gods, instead of smiting them with the edge of the sword (God’s Word).

68.)                        Remember what the Devil said to Eve, “Did God really say that?” Did God really say that you are not supposed to eat of the tree of good and evil? Yes!

69.)                        For people to not obey God’s commands, involves the earth being struck with utter destruction. That’s how serious this is. This could happen because the church “sinisters” insist on adding days to the worship of Father.

70.)                        There is no way that any of us can say that having a turkey center piece on our table is not pagan. There is no way.

71.)                        In Alaska they had a “snowacane” with 85 mile per hour winds in a blasting snow storm about ten days ago.

72.)                        On a purple banner is a gold sword behind Mr. Nowell in his broadcasting studio. The sword is pointing to the Bible. It is the two-edged sword of the Word, and this is what cuts us to pieces.

73.)                        Regarding the United States’ economy, it is still tripping along. It is tripping along because China bought $1.1trillion of U. S. junk bonds.

74.)                        Here’s the evidence of what’s  going to be happening in the future, what lies ahead for all of us. There’s going to be 90% drop in the stock market. There’s going to be 50% unemployment. And there’s going to be 100% annual inflation.

75.)                        Mr. Nowell bought two gallons of milk yesterday, and it cost $12.00. At $6.00 a gallon, milk costs more than gasoline.  When Mr. Nowell buys organic milk the price for two quarts is $4.00, and this means that a gallon of organic milk costs $8.00 a gallon!

76.)                        The neoconservatives are going to collapse the economy in order to bring in the New World Order. This whole system is going to come down.

77.)                         Corporations didn’t become rich by themselves. They got rich on the people’s money. How do they transport their goods? They use the roads that the people pay for. How do they have workers? The people paid for the schools to educate their workers. The United States’ citizens have made the corporations rich. They have enabled them.

78.)                        The corporations claim to be people, but they are not people. If corporations are people, they should be put in jail. All “banksters” need to be put in jail if corporations are people. And the CEOs need to be put in jail, as well as the presidents of the corporations. But no. They just slither away!

79.)                        We need to “hunker down” because 1% of the people took all of our money.

80.)                        For any who don’t believe in global warming, green-house gases are up a whopping 6% in the last year. It is global pollution. These green-house gases have enveloped the earth like a blanket. They drive up the temperature and cause weather disturbances.

81.)                        What happens with this blanket around us is we get hotter and hotter, which means more water evaporates from the earth and that means more comes down. The dry spells will be dryer and the rain storms will be stronger. “ Snowocanes” will be stronger. More water will come down because more water evaporated.

82.)                        Carbon tax credits should not be confused with global warming. They are separate issues. We do not believe there should be carbon tax credits. But we do know there is global warming, the equivalent of seven volcanoes going off a day on pollution.

83.)                        The protests that started in the Middle East have spread around the world. Protests have even spread into Canada. On October 15th, 2011, there were 3,000 people marching in Toronto’s financial district. Canada has been relatively sheltered from the global financial crises. They’ve been detached from the problems.

84.)                        Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell owns a house in Canada and the value of his house has increased, rather than fallen like in the United States. In Canada the housing market is firm. Mr. Nowell’s house is worth over $300,000 now and it goes up in value every year as are the other houses in Canada.

85.)                        But there have been 3,000 people marching in Toronto, the capital city in Ontario. The point is the Wall Street protests have expanded across the border.

86.)                        The New World Order is going to be brought in with order out of chaos. So we can expect things to get worse.

87.)                        There’s a gulf between the conditions affecting the protesters in the Middle East and those in the West. We are not in half of the mess of dire straits that the Middle East protestors are in. But both people in the Middle East and America are driven by rage. And they’re being marginalized. They’re not getting all the social services that they need because social programs are being destroyed.

88.)                        Now the wars are a social program for the 1% rich elite. All of our money is going to support the rich. There would be lots of money to look after homes and the poor in North America if we weren’t supporting the rich, who are “warmongers.”

89.)                        Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell has an article on the protests. They go back to January 28th, 2011. Locals were starting the uprising then.

90.)                        Remember, Mr. Nowell predicted on January 31st that Mubarak of Egypt would quit and be gone when everyone said he would never go. And on February 1st Mr. Nowell said he would go on February 9th. And this came true exactly.

91.)                        Mr. Nowell told everyone that Gadhafi of Libya would never go. And, indeed, they had to kill him to get rid of him.

92.)                        The Obedient Church of God knows what is going on in the world.

93.)                        Now Mr. Nowell is saying that these occupying protests are going to be spreading throughout to every city. And it’s all part of the system that needs to come down so they can bring in the New World Order. It is “order out of chaos.”

94.)                        We need to get at least enough food to last a month. The United States is going to get into a moral economic crisis of extremism.

95.)                        TOCOG is getting correspondence from India now. People sent a four page letter and pictures of their congregation. They want TOCOG to teach them Bible doctrine.

96.)                        On the website the side bar has a wonderful pattern of understanding. Just click each topic and go down it in the order it is laid out. This is why people from different countries are contacting The Obedient Church of God, but this is a witness work. Pray that Yahveh’s work will be done.

97.)                        On the world scene Italy is going to be collapsing financially. Italy is not only too big to fail, it is too big to be bailed out. The same thing with Greece. There won’t be enough money that they could print to bail out Greece and Italy.

98.)                        The crisis is their borrowing costs are reaching over 7%. Italy’s borrowing cost is now 7% and Greece’s borrowing costs have hit 7% and Greece is sunk, dead in the water. It’s borrowing costs are more that its GDP. The system is coming down.

99.)                        It’s all the fault of the “banksters.” Mr. Nowell has told us that it’s not a recession, it’s a robbery—the same way as it was in 1933. The Glass-Steagall Act was taken off so that there were no controls on the banksters. And they brought down the world economy, the same way they did it in the 1930s. It was sheer avarice and greed.

100.)                    The banks wanted to make more and more money. So they bundled up all these loans that were all junk. They had them paraded as triple A and the pension funds all bought them and got stuck with them.

101.)                    In the mean time the banksters actually bet against the loans by using “naked shorting” on the market, but they bet that the loans would fail and they made even more money. There banksters are totally immoral, amoral. They’re psychotic.

102.)                    A psychopath is someone who doesn’t care about anyone else. All he cares about is himself. He doesn’t care who he hurts, who he steps on, or what he does. He doesn’t care about the animals in his yard. He doesn’t care about the bugs in his yard. He doesn’t care about anything. His number one concern is smash, kill, destroy anything that is in his way. And this person has no remorse. That’s the way these banksters are.

103.)                    Banksters should be shackled up in institutions where they can’t do any harm.

104.)                    The banksters have driven Greece and Italy down the tubes, so they are buying up property assests in Greece and Italy.

105.)                    This is a debt-based system. Grandmothers and grandfathers were buying bonds. They shouldn’t have bonds in terms of what’s the government loaning money when it could be just printing up more paper money because it is a debt-based system.

106.)                    When we have the World Tomorrow people wouldn’t be getting an income from bonds. People will get income from labor that they did in their life times.

107.)                    People in the 100 year’s period will be working to bring in income, not speculating  and sitting and drawing interest off bonds. They’ll actually be doing productive work.

108.)                    Yes, there is a time for interest with the money lenders.

109.)                    We are discussing that this is a debt-based system. That means the banks have to take your house away from you, or else the banks are stuck with the paper money.

110.)                    The banks give out a loan, a worthless loan with worthless paper. And if people go to all the trouble to buy a home, get it approved, and buy the land, and the banks just have this worthless piece of paper until they can get their hands on your property. Now they’ve got something. Now they’ve got your land. They’ve got your house. Before they just had a worthless piece of paper. This is a debt-based system. It doesn’t work. It has to collapse. It always has collapsed. In spite of various issues, it is bound to collapse.

111.)                    These “banksters” have not paid for their financial mistakes. Their financial mistakes are paid for by the people.

112.)                    All the people who have lost their homes didn’t manage well, but they were succored into it by having a flexible mortgage rate, starting with a teaser rate of 1% to get them in, that could be jacked up to 7, 9, or 12 percent.

113.)                    The point is that the banks are getting paid for by the people and the banks shouldn’t be paid for any more than we the people when we make bad decisions.

114.)                    To show that we are in the end times and how serious it is, the drones are execution vehicles. People are being executed without a court order, without any judicial oversight, without any trial.

115.)                    Remember years ago a wedding party was killed. Generally the U.S. military blows up a house and kills 20 people in the house to get one person. And that’s why people hate the United States! Drones are not surgical weapons.

116.)                    The Nuremberg protocol says in warfare the civilians are not supposed to be killed. War is terrible, but it was half-way honorable before the first world war. Military people didn’t slaughter women and children like the drones are doing. They blow up a house with 20 people in it in order to kill one.

117.)                    Remember what we did to Dresden, Germany, and Tokyo, Japan? There wasn’t any need to burn Dresden because the war was already won.  Americans caused a firestorm in Tokyo to burn the whole city down. There was no need to burn Tokyo because the war was already won.

118.)                    The cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t need to be bombed. The war was already won.

119.)                    Today we have drones that are killing people without any judicial orders. There was a U.S. citizen who was just killed by a drone two weeks ago.

120.)                    As a country we are using drones because there is no law anymore. Laws are not being followed. Losers are insane. They aren’t following any of the judicial laws. They’re killing people with their drone strikes. It’s only a question of time before drones will be used in the United States.

121.)                    Mr. Nowell has reports from the Associated Press. “British intelligent chiefs have warned that Israel will launch military action to thwart Iran’s nuclear weapon’s efforts for development as early as Christmas,” according to the report in the Daily Telegraph.

122.)                    “The United Nation’s Atomic Energy agency confirmed that Iran is developing a nuclear warhead that could fit on an existing missile.

123.)                    “Sources say the understanding at the top of British Government is that Israel will attempt to strike against the nuclear site sooner rather than later, with logistic support from the U. S.,” the Daily Telegraph reports.

124.)                    There is so much news out there that a lot of people consider not accurate. The quotes from the Associate Press is as about as accurate as you can get.

125.)                    British ministers have reportedly been told that Israeli military action and a senior foreign officer official said the attack is expected as early as Christmas or very early in the new year. The attack on Iran is in the news here.

126.)                    One of the things that happens before wars, according to Mr. Lawrence Nowell’s observation, is that there are sex scandals. These are to divert the public’s attention.

127.)                    Remember the Cuban missile crisis, Marilyn Monroe and the controversy with Kennedy where she sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” in a very suggestive style.

128.)                    The United States went into Iraq in 2001. What was diverting the U.S. public’s attention from 1999 to 2000? Remember, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky? A sex-scandal to distract the people regarding to what was going to be happening when 9-11-2001 tragedy would occur.

129.)                    Right now we’re seeing the Herman Cain sex- scandal and a football coach report about a boy being sodomized in the showers. These are appearing right before the war.

130.)                    Now back to Iran being invaded. Let us say, “The cat is out of the bag.”

131.)                    Remember when gun powder was first invented? The other countries weren’t allowed to have gun powder. Countries acquired it. When nuclear weapons were first invented and conceived, the other countries weren’t allowed to have it. Everyone has gun powder today, everyone will have nuclear weapons. Welcome to hell on earth! There’ll be no way to contain Iran, which is going to be backed by Russia and China.

132.)                    So now we know the time line is speeding up because we see the sex scandals. Here is the gestalt.They’re gearing-up, they’re ramping up for a third war in Middle East.

133.)                    Two wars are going on right now in Afghanistan and in Iraq, and they are ramping up for a new one.

134.)                    In regard to the New World Order things are going to get so bad, that the New World Order is going to have to bring in a global fund where everybody will get a big present. Everyone will rejoice as they set up the New World Order.

135.)                    First, they’ve got to deliberately collapse the system, possibly by the end of 2012, and before things will be getting really bad, we need to have food on hand.

136.)                    Then the world leaders will bring in a global settlement to bring in the New World Order, and it’s going to cross every nation of the world. People will rejoice.

137.)                    The “banksters” are having a field day. They are part of the New World Order.  They collapse the system and then they make money when they bring back the system.

138.)                    Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell has been keeping track of settlements that are being done by the different state governments so we can understand this world.

139.)                    On September 28, 2011, the Nevada Attorney General, Catherine Cortez Mastro, reached a settlement with the Investment Bank Morgan Stanley up to 40 billion dollars over deceptive practices in mortgage lending and scrutinizing.

140.)                    When one state after another, no matter how big the state is, pulls out of a deal and gets the “banksters” cornered and say, “No deal,” there can be a raft of litigations. Now the banksters are being sued, sued for their deceptive banking practices of putting  out derivatives of junk. The state’s attorney generals are settling with the banksters and they’ve settled in Nevada for $40 billion dollars for their deceptive practices.

141.)                    In the settlement filed by the Clark County District Court was something called “an assurance of discontinuance.” Therefore, they would stop the banksters from being prosecuted for a sum of $40 billion. This sum of $40 billion doesn’t cover half of it. The settlement will provide relief valued as 21 to 40 million to 600 or 700 Nevada home owners. A pittance.  This bit of gestalt helps us to understand issues of settlements.

142.)                    The New World Order is trying to go as fast as they can, but because Gadhafi of Libya didn’t cooperate by stepping down, they are three months behind. So that means December 21st, 2012, can run into March 21st, 2013.

143.)                    Let there be no more delay. Revelation 10:5-6 says, “The angel…lifted up his hand to heaven, and sware…that there should be time no longer.”It is a long time in coming.

144.)                    Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell played the tune called, “Long Time Coming” to drive home the gestalt that we have to have patience because even the neo cons can’t get this system lined up as fast as they want.

145.)                     A lot of the “Worldwiders” thought Jesus Christ was coming in 1972, and in 2007 Mr. Nowell gave a sermon saying this year, 1972, was the correct date. And Moses  wasn’t wrong in going to the “promised land” when it took forty years. That’s why Mr. Nowell is leaning to the future of 2012 for an added delay of 40 years from 1972.

146.)                    Over this next year we want to learn how to meditate properly so we can disassociate ourselves from the chaos and terrible things that are coming.

147.)                    MEDITATION is our message for today’s special topic. This is important because this is how we can maintain our balance.

148.)                    The Bible tells us to have prayer, Bible study, fasting, and meditation.

149.)                     Meditation is a universal, spiritual wisdom and a practice that we find at the core of religion. It links the mind to the heart. It is a way of simplicity, silence, and stillness and it can be practiced by anyone wherever the person is on life’s journey.

150.)                    It is necessary to practice meditation of silence and stillness while the whole world is collapsing around us, so we can maintain our balance.

151.)                    In Christianity meditation has been marginalized, and even forgotten. Realize there are different ways to meditate. There are correct ways and there are wrong ways.

152.)                    We don’t want to get into montras. We don’t want to have a word that we say over and over. And we don’t want to be controlling our breathing.

153.)                    When we meditate we want to take our attention off world problems and take our minds off of ourselves. We want to experience more appreciation of God’s creation and experience more appreciation of our love for God’s people. 

154.)                    Meditation is mainly solitary, although it can be communal. We can connect with others by discussing experiences we’ve had in our meditation, but basically, it is solitary.

155.)                    Christian meditation is what we want to discuss. It is a form of prayer. It is a structured attempt to get in touch, and deliberately reflect upon the revelations of God.

156.)                    The word meditation comes from the Latin word “meditari,” which means “to reflect on,” “to study.”

157.)                    Christian meditation is a process of deliberately focusing on specific thoughts, such as a Bible passage . (Meditation is not letting our minds wander aimlessly.) It is focused on specific Bible passages to reflect on their meaning in the context. Here is the key: in the context of love to God.

158.)                    Father made this whole universe out of love. It was obviously a lot of work, and He did it out of love. He created us human beings out of love.

159.)                    Now we are getting the thought of meditation and how we are thinking in these terms. Anything that is going on around us in this world situation as it falls apart doesn’t tear us up inside, doesn’t tear us up psychologically.

160.)                    We through meditation will heighten our personal relationship with Father based on a love of Father that surpasses all understanding.

161.)                    There are different levels of meditation. Now, in order to do meditation properly, there are three stages that are characterized.

162.)                    Above the first level, one involves more reflection, where we start inserting prayers to Father during our meditation. It is structured rather than being aimless.

163.)                    The Bear Note is all about love and the overriding gestalt of love and how this whole universe was created on love.

164.)                    Look back on Yeshua’s life and think of the gratitude and thanksgiving and adoration of Father and love of Father we should have for His sending Yeshua for our salvation. God is love. We should be love. In our meditation we’ve got to learn love through our meditation. This is very important for us to understand.

165.)                    The love of being and when we are first starting, we want our meditation to focus on love. We want to understand the depths of Father and then He will be revealing Himself to us.

166.)                    Yeshua has said that if you have seen me, you have seen the Father. So we want to meditate on Yeshua’s life, and how he gave up his life for people that were spitting on him and tearing his flesh off. And he died for those people also.

167.)                    Think about how Father’s love is to put His son through that crucifixion for these evil people, and even for you and I because we are all sinners. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of the Father.

168.)                    Through our meditation we learn to know about the Father. Matthew 11:27 tells us, “No man know the Son, but the Father, neither knows any man the Father, save the Son and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal Him.

169.)                    Bear Note: Pray that the Son (Yeshua) will reveal the Father to you.

170.)                    After my first five minutes of meditation when I am using the scriptures in love, then I say a prayer to the Father where I ask the Father to have His Son Yeshua reveal the Father to me.

171.)                    We always go through Yeshua to the Father. Just say, “Father, I ask in Yeshua’s name for you to reveal yourself to me.”

172.)                    This is the dimension of Christian meditation to develop for having a complete revelation, or as complete a revelation that we can achieve, of the Father. We have to build on this theme and tie it into love.

173.)                    Remember, we love Father because He first loved us. This is a personal relationship that doesn’t affect anything that is going on in the world. This personal relationship is based on love of God that marks Christian communion, and it heightens us as spiritual beings. It heightens us into a dimension that we can enter into of the love of God so that we can learn to love our enemies, even the same way Yeshua loved His enemies.

174.)                    Here is the gestalt. Meditation has a purpose, a goal. And the goal is to understand Father, and that we can understand the Father is love. And that we understand how we want to be love.

175.)                    We want to be kind to every creature in the world, and every person in the world. How we want to forgive our enemies, and pray for those who persecute us.

176.)                    We start out in meditation on love. Love is a distinctive mark on us that responds to our love of Father. Remember, we love because He first loved us. I John 4:19 says, “We love him (God), because he first loved us.” Verse 20 tells that he who loves his brother

who he has seen can love God who he has not seen.

177.)                    Meditation is going to change our whole mind set, our whole life. That’s how powerful meditation is. It will change our interactions with anyone, and indeed, with everyone. I John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love.”

178.)                    We are dealing with the world situation, how terrible it’s going to be. It’s going to be so terrible that women are going to eat their children, begrudging the placenta, the afterbirth.

179.)                    Remember, if someone says he loves God and hates his brother, he is a liar. He who does not love his brother does not love God.

180.)                    But we will have no fear because we will understand that through meditation that Yeshua gave His life for His enemies, and we through meditation have no fear, and will become more like Father in love, and will be able to go through the birth pangs. We’ll all have to go through the birth pangs, and some of us won’t have to go through the great tribulation.

181.)                    We are trying to focus on meditation, and how Father had given His Son while we were yet sinners, and the favor Father has bestowed on us worthless creatures by giving up His only Son, and we meditate on it.

182.)                    Now Father has given up His only Son and we consider the mystery of that and how Father has so much love. And how we should have love for the creations from the tiniest little spider that we don’t stomp on. We just let him go to join the other million spiders, because stomping on one spider won’t make much difference to the world.

183.)                    The butterfly effect is that it flaps its wings and it changes the whole universe.

184.)                    The point that we want to stress is that we want to become like Father in love to everything and everyone. The understanding is that we want to become love through meditation so that no matter what’s going on around us, we can survive it psychologically.

185.)                    Christian meditation is different from the style of meditation in Eastern religions, such as Buddhism or New Age meditation. These types of meditation disengage our minds and that is wrong.

186.)                    We want to engage our minds. That is the fundamental difference between the transcendental styles of meditation and pure Christian meditation.

187.)                    The Holy Spirit will be working with us on this. We pray for the Holy Spirit to be working with us on Biblical passages for we are to engage our minds on the scripture.

188.)                    We think about the scripture that we love God because He first loved us. And we think about the scripture that God gave His son. This is how we meditate using scripture.

189.)                    Eastern meditation is where people disengage their minds and just let their minds wander and let anything come into their minds that comes in.

190.)                    When we meditate we use scriptures.

191.)                    This element of meditation is wrongly portrayed by the different monastic orders. They just sit around letting their minds wander in the monastic tradition of development of an austere world of monastic light and just having one garment and living frugally, and not even eating properly.

192.)                    We as Christians have to learn how to meditate, and we have to learn to understand the love of Father. So that whatever is going to happen to us, things don’t affect us, and circumstances don’t change us into mean and nasty people.

193.)                    Things get stolen from us. People have lost children who were murdered and those parents become so embittered that they die two or three years later because they become so upset by the incident.

194.)                    We can be upset in righteous anger, but don’t sin.

195.)                    Through devotion and love and faithful meditation on God’s Word, we can form spiritual character. Then we can understand how Father gave His Son to those who were torturing His Son. He gave His Son to us as well as we are all sinners. 

196.)                    There is meditation that is based on weak thought and we should never get into that type of meditation, which won’t get us anywhere.  We’ve got to meditate on thought that is complex so that we grow. We are supposed to meditate on His Word day and night. So there’s no limit to the ability to take time to meditate.

197.)                    How can we start to meditate if we don’t take care as to how to base our meditation on love. We’ve got to have a starting point. So we take all the time we can to meditate on love, and on what love is. And we can meditate on other subjects too.

198.)                    Bear Note: 1. Meditate on love. If someone stole your car, you would be willing to give up your life for the one who stole your car. This is love.                                

                                  2. Be fruitful. Reflect on people who are fruitful in a spiritual way. You can tell fruitful people because when you go away from them,you are strengthened.

199.) Fruitful people are refreshing and nourishing to those they are around. Think of people you have in your life that make you feel refreshed after you go away from them. So put more of those people in your life.

200.) You can tell unfruitful people because you go away from them feeling drained or irritated, tired and worn out. People who do not refresh you, stay away from them.

201.) Be durable. Delight in the Word of God and meditate on it day and night so that you just aren’t withered.

202.) There are hot winds that are going to be blowing in the months and years to come. And the rain is not going to be falling properly. The weather won’t be normal because there’s going to be heat and drought, but you remain “green” because through meditation you are above the world’s chaos that the New World Order is bringing in. 

203.) My leaf remains green. Why? Because I delight in the Word of God and meditate on it day and night.

204.) Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell has several Bibles. He has a tiny one that fits into his pocket. He has hard-metal jacket Bible that he takes on airplanes so it can’t get destroyed, and he has various topical Bibles. Why does he have all these Bibles? Because they are his streams that keep him green and full of life, delighting in the Word of God and meditating on it day and night.  He is planted like the tree beside the water.

205.) Mr. Nowell’s happiness is durable because he is a green tree with green leaves. And it doesn’t depend on which way the wind is blowing or the weather or the world events. He has always been a happy person.

206.) Nr. Nowell has had to go through hell in the last two years and he has had to pull out of it and again be happy, which can be seen in the expression on his face.  

207.) Habakkuk 3:17-18 says, “Although the fig tree shall not blossom neither shall fruit be in the vines, the labor (produce) of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat (food); the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls: yet I will exalt through meditation of the scriptures to endure, rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation.”

208.) Verse 19 continues, “The Lord God is my strength…and he will make me walk upon mine high places.”

209.) Meditate on the love of Father to me while I was yet a sinner, my love to give my life to someone who steals my car or does something bad to me and how I will be above the weight of the world that is going to be tormenting the world over the next eight years.

210.) Delight in the Word of God. Meditate on it and I will be able to overcome all the pain and mental anguish that will be in this world in the next few years.

211.) Closing hymn is “Come Thou Almighty King,” our only hope.

212.) Closing prayer by Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell