NOVEMBER 13, 2010

by Lawrence A. Nowell

l. A "contrail" was seen off southern California coast the night before 9th November. The size revealed it was an intercontinental missile from the sea. It was slower than the continental missiles. More later.

2. Turkey (Thanksgiving) Day this month has been around for 4,000 years, yet Christians observe it.

3. The people will seek a vision from the prophet, but Ezekiel 7:26 says, "the law shall perish from the priest, and counsel from the ancients." Law will be lost!

4. Romans 7:7 tells that we know sin by the law, and if sin is unknown, people will incorporate pagan days, such as Turkey Day.

5. The Harvest Home Festival has always had a goose or turkey as the main course for the dinner on the table. This pagan holiday is even in hieroglyphics.

6. Wilkinson, a renown scholar who has written many books on Christian history, talks about the goose. A goose was signified as a child or son in hieroglyphics.

Wilkinson's history proves the goose has been around 4,000 years.

7. Horapollo says, "A goose was chosen to denote a son for its love of its young for it was always ready to give itself up to be the chasseur (old English name for "hunter'). The goose would stand up against the hunter and hope her little goslings would run away to hide in the grass. She wanted them to escape."

8. Continuing, "In order that they might be preserved; for which reason the Egyptians actually revered this animal." Wilkinson's "Egyptian," Volume 5. page 227

9. America's turkey substitutes as the goose. A person makes a turkey out of himself when he has a turkey on his table at the Harvest Home Festival time.

10. The goose celebration comes on different days. The Dane's have Morten's Dag, or St. Martin's Day, and the goose crowds everything into the background.

11. The United States President pardons a turkey every year.

12. In "Foreign Festival Customs," page 57, the harvest being largely frivolity, the celebration reached its height in the country's district.

13. The author says, "The end of the harvest is also the occasion for the festivity on Thanksgiving in the Scandinavian country of Finland. The celebration was usually local and would occur when their individual land owner would arrive and harvest and store his crop."

14. "This is true in Norway and Poland and other European countries where they had the custom of Thanksgiving. It's nothing new. It's been around for 4,000 years. It's based on a turkey--Osiris Baal worship of the turkey god."

15. The goose was the favorite for dinner at harvest time in England. The "Separatists" who went to Holland were free from religious persecution, but they left.

16. When the Separatists, who were "land grabbers," came to the New World from England, they roasted turkey instead of a goose because geese had flown south. They grabbed a turkey whether or not they knew it was pagan.

17. They celebrated for three days, which was the Harvest Home Festival of the Wampanoag Tribe of Indian natives, who used to sacrifice a young girl to gods.

18. "Thanksgiving" holiday was not invented by Bradford in 1621. "Separatists" were not called "Pilgrims" until 200 years later when Daniel Webster gave them that name in 1820.

19. Long before the Christian Era, the Harvest god was worshipped with various pagan rites for thousands of years. All the pagan religions were using a goose.

20. God has the Feast of Tabernacles, which is the Harvest Home Festival. God has a plan for mankind that does not have a second day added to His fall festival

21. Gentiles follow the celebration of the turkey god Osiris Day. God's people are to teach them to follow the Feast of Tabernacles.

22.In "Holidays Around the World" by Joseph Gaer, it says, "Thanksgiving for the annual harvest was the oldest holiday known to mankind. Thanksgiving was celebrated on different dates.

23. "The Hindus, and the Chinese to their gods was the gathered harvest. In Chaldea, in ancient Egypt, and in Greece, the Harvest Festival was celebrated.

24. "The Romans celebrated their Harvest Home Thanksgiving in early October. It was dedicated to the god of the Harvest, Zeus. The holiday was called Cerelia in honor of Ceres, (a word that we know as 'cereal').

25. "In England the Harvest Home has been observed continuously for centuries,"Joseph Gaer stated.

26. The celebration of Harvest gods being worshipped originated long before the Christian Era. The idea did not originate with the Separatists ("Pilgrims").

27. In the time of Lief Erickson and before him the Romans, and all cultures have celebrated the Harvest Home Festival. It was virtually known to all people who came to America since 1492, and in Europe also.

28. The worst part of all this is that the Christians have picked up a turkey center- piece, which is for pagan Osiris, and call it Thanksgiving to the God of the Bible!

29. A turkey is a centerpiece and Wilkinson says so. Are we going to believe the historians or are we going to believe some lying minister who says its okay to celebrate Thanksgiving?

30. To celebrate what the Indians celebrate as a pagan Harvest Festival, and what the U.S. Government celebrates where the President pardons the turkey, masking it under the name Thanksgiving, is to denounce original Christianity!

31. Is our faith based on truth or compromise? Jeremiah 10:2 tells us to "Learn not the way of the heathen." (We are not to fall into the way of the nations.)

32. God's people are not allowed to duplicate His festivals. God tells His people, "What thing soever I command you, observe to do it. You shall not add thereto, nor diminish from it."

33. Christians are to follow Jesus. And if Jesus didn't observe Home Harvest Festival, neither are we to be observing it.

34. We have to be more than believers in Jesus; we have to be followers of Jesus so He can build His Church on every jot and tittle of the Bible.

35. Galatians 1:6 says, "Some left the grace of Christ (and turned) unto another gospel." In Verses 8-9 a double curse is pronounced to those who add anything.

36. A minister should not disfellowship someone for refusing to observe the Thanksgiving holiday. We can't help the impenitent who have hardened their of the week. He won't change.

hearts--they are ripe for ruin.

37. One church member was told that the International Date Line jumps ahead a day, and this causes church members to celebrate the Sabbath on the wrong day

38. In Isaiah 6:9-10 Isaiah told the people to hear, but do not understand, see, and perceive not. The heart of the people was made fat, and their ears heavy, and their eyes shut, lest they see, hear, and understand, be converted, and healed.

39. The Septuagint records Isaiah 6:10 as "the heart of this people has become gross." And this they are never hearing and never understanding, never seeing and never perceiving.

40. They are dull of hearing, have shut their eyes and their hearts are callused.

41. God did say there will be "factions" among you, but there will be discernment as to who is going to follow truth. That is a good thing for followers of truth.

42. A shepherd divides the sheep from the goats. Matthew 25:32

43. Sins will be piling up if a turkey is put on your table the same day as the Harvest Home Festival; if the International Date Line is followed for keeping the Sabbath in Australia, Philippines, and all of Asia on the wrong day of the week.

44. Sins pile up when church members go to restaurants on the seventh-day Sabbath, causing people to be working on God's day of rest.

45. Revelation 22:15 states that "Idolaters, and whosoever loves and makes a lie" will be outside the city (the Kingdom of God).

46. The Harvest Home Festival is a lie. Wilkinson says that a goose-turkey was sacrificed to a pagan god for a feast.

47. The city that is lightened by "the glory of God" will not have anything that defileth or maketh a lie. Revelation 21:23 & 27

48. When you see an error, you must correct it. This includes the observance of any pagan holiday.Get out of false ways and do not break your contract with God

"In vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines, the commandments of men."

Jesus quoted the words of Isaiah in Matthew 15:9.

49. Proverbs 28:13 tells ,"He that covers his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesses and forsakes them shall have mercy."

49. Proverbs 28:18 says, "Whoso walks uprightly shall be saved: but he that is perverse in his ways shall fall at once." For those who have been told the truth and break their contract with God, sin bounces back.

50. Purim was a celebration of victory for the people. It was not added to the Bible because it wasn't a duplicate day.

51. Paul told believers to follow him as he followed Christ. "The doers of the law shall be justified." Romans 2:13

52. Don't add to the Word of God. Deuteronomy 12:32 When a person adds to the Word of God, it becomes another gospel. Galatians 1:6

53. We are to keep God's whole law, not rejecting any of God's Word.

54. Wholehearted obedience to the law was the result of God's love for Ruth, God's love working through her. If she had any doubts, she wanted to do things God's way and obey every jot and tittle of the law.

55. God's people are supposed to be the salt of the earth, but salt irritates when it is put on open spiritual wounds. Also, light will blind the eyes of those who are use to darkness.

56. I Timothy 4:2-3 says to preach the word for the time will come when they won't endure sound (First Century) doctrine. The Lord knows how to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished. II Peter 2:9

57.God wants a family to be united and this unification comes by each one obeying all of God's laws. We can't change our past, but we can change our future.

58. One particular minister unjustly rails on people and then he says, "Take your punishment (for not agreeing with him), because he says this is to be enjoyed, and this is commendable!

59. We are not to take people's wrongs for punishment. When someone does something wrong, they should apologize and express regret and say, "I'm sorry."

60. II Peter 2:1 states: There shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies...and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

61. It is treason to go against God's Bible. There are ministers who tell people they are going to heaven. And a man in the Church of God tells people to observe Turkey Day. They don't know what they teach.

62. Those who are in error must recover themselves out of the snare of the Devil, for they are taken captive by him at his will. Don't do the Devil's will for this is an evil age.

63. Christ suffered and died to deliver us from this present evil world. We are set free from pagan celebrations, which include the Turkey Thanksgiving Day.

64. Holidays of Satan have food associated with them:

Valentine's Day (Lupercalia) has chocolate;

Feast of Ishtar, goddess of sexual love, Easter eggs;

Halloween has pumpkins, sweets;

Harvest Home masquerading as Thanksgiving has turkey;

Christmas has cakes for the Queen of Heaven.

None are Christian feasts.

65. Who is our father? Osiris represented by the goose or turkey, or God the Creator of everything?

66. Love the Father God enough to obey Him. We are to pick up our cross and come out of the world's ways. We are breaking God's heart when we follow Satan's ways because we are "disobedient brats!"

67. In regard to the economy, rates keep going up in London, and people can't afford to live there.Sadly, 250,000 people are being forced out of the city.

68. For the past 10 years Iraq hasn't had enough electricity for refrigeration.Everything has to be purchased daily. Iraqi people only have electricity for two hours a day.That is deliberate so corporations can supply all manufactured goods.

69. People in the United States don't hear the truth about what is going on be- cause the media is owned by corporations.

70. The G-20 Conference did nothing in Seoul, South Korea.

71. Banks are starting a global currency war. They are using money people deposit and from the Federal Reserve.

72. The United States won't be able to buy goods from other countries because they won't accept U.S. worthless dollars.

73. The Federal Reserve is broke! They never had money in the first place. It isn't federal and it hasn't any reserves.

74. The Federal Reserve prints money that isn't backed up by anything--it's

worthless paper. They give that to a person as a mortgage (Loan to buy a house, property) and then jack up the interest rate from 1% to 9.7% so the payments are too high to be paid. The home is foreclosed--taken away!

75. When the Federal Reserve forecloses homes, they then have assets that the homeowner had to pay for with worthless paper money that they said they gave to the homeowner.

76. Once the Federal Reserve obtains your property, they can sell it for real money, which they never had in the first place.

77. The banks hand out "credit" cards, which are actually "debt" cards.

78. The "BankSTERS" are flushed with cash, paying themselves an average of 9 million dollars a year plus $4 million as a bonus!

79. The U.S. Government gave large sums of money to bail out the banks when they didn't need it. They should go to jail.

80. Bernie Madeoff kept a scheme going for 13 years before he took the fall. He bought and sold stock to bankrupt tens of thousands of people. Yet, he never bought any stock.

81. Top people of the FCC knew of Bernie Madeoff's scheme and were probably getting kickbacks, and underlings let him go on. He had an inside collusion of the banks.

82. Money laundered from the drug trade in Mexico was another inside collusion of the banks.

83. The drug trade could only go on with a collusion of the pharmaceutical companies who sold fifty-five gallon drums of chemicals to break down the drugs to make into crack and methaphetamines.

84. Hitler couldn't just start a war (World War II ) by himself. He needed financing of the multinational industrialists and the banks.

85. Hitler needed the IBM Company to run the punch cards to keep track of the Jews and people he massacred.

86. In 1871 Albert Pike conceived the idea to have three world wars to prepare the way for a New World Order.

87. Alabama is losing three farms a day now.

88. The education system is falling apart.

89. There used to be free education in California, but Reagan took away the $110 tuition fee and also the grants.Ronald Reagan then jacked the prices for school tuition so kids couldn't get any education beyond High School in California.

90. In the 1990s there was free University education in England and Britain. Basically, the cost of education has gone up three times and support has been cut by 80%. Students are revolting in Britain.

91. There's coming a time of trouble greater than there ever was; it is due to corporations and their control of the media.

92. The Tea Party is controlled by the Koch brothers who are funding it. These Tea Party people are being used, and manipulated. There isn't any change.

93. Something happened on the news that was predicted on Friday, November 5th, 2010, and was put on the Internet. It was predicted there would be another "false flag" operation like 9-11-2001.

94. What is a "false flag" operation? This is a covert operation. The signs of what happens deceive the public in such a way that the operation appears it is being carried out by some other entities.

95. The name "false flag" is derived from a military concept that it gives a false appearance to the reality. A ship will be flying a flag of a country other than its own to deceive the sailors on another ship as to true identity.

96. "False flag" operations are not limited to ships and wars, and power-insurgency operations. It appeared that one group was destroying the two world trade centers, when it was, indeed, an inside job of the United States Government!

97. Before September 11, 2001, on the Homer Barton show, Homer used a 9 with the twin towers on a magazine cover behind the 9, because it was "lesser magic."

"Lesser Magic" is the portrayal of an event before it happens to give it more hidden power to the event when it occurs.

98. On Monday, November 8th at dusk people in Southern California saw a thick plume of smoke appear off the coast. Because of its thickness, it is believed that an intercontinental ballistic missile was launched from a submarine.

99. The missile was set off at sundown so its plume would show up in the sky after the sun was setting and that put it into the day of the ninth of November (9-11).

100. This plume was captured on video tape that showed what appeared to be "a flame at the top of the ascending plume; lending credence to the missile-launch theory."

101. The Navy reported there were no indications that foreign submarines were in the area.

102. WMR has learned that the missile was likely a JL-2 ICBM, which has a range of 7,000 miles, and was fired from a Jin class submarine in a North Westerly direction over the Pacific and away from U.S. territory (35 miles off shoreline of Calif.)

103. The missile impacted Chinese territory revealed the Navy.

104. The day after the missile firing, China's leading credit-rating agency, Dagong Global Credit Rating, down graded sovereign debt rating of the United States to A-plus from AA. (down-grading of the U.S. financial grade.)

105. The Masonic Order wants to and needs to devalue the currency and bring in the New World order to bring in a one world currency.

106. In the United Church of God the whole of South America split away from the North American Headquarters.

107. Now there has been another split. Jack Hendrin and Arthur Mendez Jr. split away their groups of the United Church of God , which seems to be part of a trend.

These splits are what is happening in one of the offshoot denominations of the original Worldwide Church of God that started back in 1934 in Oregon.

108. Sparkler: Jedda Newspaper reported that an Arab received condolences from the death of his animal, named Mash Oufan. Mash Oufan's owner received many messages from people in Saudi Arabia and other countries after it died from a disease.

109. Mash Oufan is a prize-winning animal for being the most beautiful camel in the world. He had won first prizes in camel beauty contests for a number of years. And he was valued at SR $17 million, or $50 million in American currency.

110. The progeny of Mash Oufan included 60 males and 40 females. Several were very beautiful.

111. There is a "weather war" erupting all over the world reported Prime Minister Putin and Russia's foreign military intelligence agency. Russia has had the greatest heat wave and destructive fires in over a thousand years.

112. The greatest flooding in Central Europe has occurred in 800 years.

113. The flooding in Pakistan is so epic that the United Nations has named it a mega disaster; it's worse than the 2004 tsunami that shattered the Indian Ocean people. Thousands have died from flooding in China.

114. Japan's heat wave caused hospitals to be overcrowded with 21,000 victims.

115. The southern part of the United States had a heat wave this summer. Temperatures are so low in the Western U. S. that the farmers are saying their fruit and vegetables are being destroyed.

116. A catastrophic drought in countries of Africa put 10 million people in danger of starvation.

117. Conversely, a catastrophic winter is occurring in South America that has killed 3 million fish in Bolivia alone. In 5 counties hundreds of people have died.

118. The United States is interfering with the weather with HAARP. Apocalyptic!

119. The world is in the "birth pangs," and things will get worse.There are wars and rumors of war. Don't be distressed because the end is not yet.

120. The last seven years of tribulation, including the Great Tribulation of 3 1/2 years, begin next fall, September 20, 2011.

121. The great financial collapse is described in Micah 2:2. "They covet fields and seize them; homes, and take them away." Captors will receive our fields, and the banks defraud a man of his home. "They oppress...a man and his inheritance."

122. Micah 2:3-4 says, "Thus says the Lord: Now, I'm devising against this family an evil from which you cannot remove your necks; and you shall not walk haughtily, for it will be an evil time...We are utterly ruined; the Lord alters the heritage of his people."

123. Men lose their homes because the banks jack up the interest rates paid on mortgages from 1% to 10% and when people can't pay the increase, the banks get the assets! The system is evil.

124. Habakkuk says in 2:16, "You will drink deep draughts of shame, not of glory, drinking in your turn till you stagger."

125. The United States Government bails out the bankers and they need to take that money because they never had any money in the first place. Actually, the home owners need to be bailed out!!

126. The Devil runs this world and we are living in hell. This can be proved with the occult murder of Diana. Her death was done by the royal family, Queen Elizabeth!

127. Then Elton John wrote a song for Lady Di called, "Goodbye England's Rose."

128. Diana wasn't just Princess Diana, she represented "the sacred feminine" and she was called, "The People's Princess."

129. Diana was traveling around taking care of children in Africa, and removing land mines to protect people.

130. Diana had legions of followers, worshipping her and giving her nature and maternal energy. She seemed to fulfill the inherent meaning of the worshipping of a female goddess, the giver of life and one filled with compassion.

131. The media, being the creator of this icon, documented every detail of her fairy- tale wedding, the troubled marriage, the humanitarian activities, and finally her sacrificial and untimely death. That media built her up to be worshipped as a goddess.

132. Diana became a modern-day goddess to be ultimately sacrificed in accordance with ancient pagan practices. This might sound preposterous, but this can be proven that she was sacrificed. Symbols commemorate the occult nature of death.

133. In England there was the mad-cow disease, and in pagan rites the people had to sacrifice a king to the pagan gods to stop the disease that is striking the country.

Or the king can designate a substitute of similar value in his place.

134. The media had to build Diana up ahead of time to have all the people praising her. Now Diana had been elevated to the level of a goddess by many people in order to become the object of ritual sacrifice.

135. This practice had been carefully planned by the Illuminatti--"illumined people"!

The Illuminatti comprises world leaders. The British monarchy are deeply versed in the dark occult rituals. Prince Charles is the lord of the Garter, who is head of all the 33 degree Masons in the world.

136. In mythology Diana was the goddess of nature, child birth, hunter, and protector of the weak .Diana was protecting all the poor starving children in Africa, and protecting all the poor people from being blown up by land mines. And she was made a thin tribute as being protector of the environment. All of this was set up.

137. In Roman times oak tree groves were especially sacred to the goddess Diana.

Her statues were always in the wild, outside the boundaries of cities. Her temples were found all across Europe.

138. Diana of England is buried in a grove in her hometown. She was buried on a tiny little island, no bigger than a couple of football fields, with the trees and out -groves. A person can hardly get to it.

139. Where was Princess Diana sacrificed? The car "accident" that Diana died in was in the Pont D'Alma Tunnel in Paris, France.

140. The city of Paris was built by the Merovingians, a Medieval Dynasty that ruled France for generations before converting to Christianity from paganism.

141. The Pont D'Alma Tunnel was a sacred site dedicated to the moon goddess where they practiced ritual sacrifices--right at the site where Princess Diana died.

During the ancient ceremony it was of utmost importance that the sacrificial victim died inside the underground temple!

142. When the car Diana was in hit the 13th pillar that killed the driver, Andre Paul, and her boyfriend Dodi, Diana was very much alive in the back seat. The first people on the scene said she was alive and talking.

143. The sacrifice of Diana was a reenactment of the ancient pagan tradition when a sacrificial victim died in an underground temple. And it looks like her heart was cut out while she was in the car.

144. In pro-Christian times the Pont D'Alma Tunnel had been the site of a pagan temple to the goddess Diana, and a direct gateway to heaven. The place was chosen by the Merovingian kings, who ruled from 500 to 751, to fight their duels in an underground chamber, the loser going directly to Paradise.

145. Pont means "bridge" and Alma means "soul" where the Merovingians put it together--"The bridge across the river of souls." So Pont D'Alma where "Diana was killed meant "Bridge of Souls." And Pont D'Alma was the site of a pagan temple to the goddess Diana.

146. Today there is a memorial torch, ever burning for Diana. It was put up by the Illuminatti.

147. A memorial to Diana in London, England, is on an oval-shaped fountain and sanctuary. Diana is represented by a 5-peteled flower or rose, the occult symbol to represent female energy. "Goodbye England's Rose" was the song being sung.

148. Wikipedia says, "five-peteled rose in 'Christian' symbolism in the Middle Ages was fixed atop Gothic arches. It was thought to represent the womb of Mary."

149. The rose in Gothic architecture is a secret symbol of the female principle, and back in Roman times was called " Rose of Venus," symbol of the goddess of love.

150. The five-peteled rose, the five-pointed star, the moon, and Venus all represent the female principle of occult symbolism.

151. Diana was buried in a countryside on an isle where there is a pond with an isle in the center with an phallic symbol Obelisk on it. And no one can get near this occultic burial site.

152. Most leaders of the world are Masons, and are on the Bohemian Grove membership. Bohemian Grove in central California is where they burn a sacrificed dead body in a coffin in front of a 40-foot owl (god Molech) on July 22nd every year.

153. On the long list of leaders are members of the Rotary's Club. There are 30,000 Rotary Clubs in 167 countries, which has l.2 million Rotarians.

154. Israel has been transformed into a Masonic Jewish State that is ruled by Free Masons of Britain. Yitzhak Rabin is a 32nd degree Mason while Kollech is a 33rd.

155. The British Freemasons under Jewish quislings (puppet underdogs) manage to do bidding of the British to the point of joining the Jewish people in an attack.

British Freemasons joined Israel in an attack of Egypt in 1956.

156. The British Freemasons were hoping that Israel could yet be created in a stricter form of Masonry. But this didn't workout for the British Freemasons.

Since 1977 Britain has declared a covert war against Israel.

157. And now the United States is in a covert war with Israel. Evidence of the U.S. attitude is shown by Obama denying supplies to go to Israel, such as gas masks for the people.

158. Israel is going to be hit by a rocket attack. Rockets are going to be coming from Lebanon and Syria. Ten thousand rockets that have been stored up will be enough to pock-mark the tarmac of all the runways that have been put in for Israeli airports. None of the Israeli jets will be able to take off because of those missiles that will be rained down at airports. (Prophecy states Damascus will be blown up.)

160. Also, Saudi Arabia has acquired $60 billion worth of armaments. Now the House of Saud, Saudi Arabians, obviously bring shame upon the Arabs. Why would the United States, at this particular juncture in time, sell $60 billion worth of armaments to the House of Saud/Saudi Arabia?

161. Jerusalem is going to be invaded and the city is going to be overwhelmed and destroyed. When this happens full tilt, Jerusalem will not survive as we know it.

162. Jerusalem will be a totally different city, it will become an "International city."

The one who is orchestrating all this is a Jesuit, the "Black Pope!"


c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell