November 20, 2010 Sermon

by Lawrence A. Nowell

1. War was narrowly averted with China on night of 11-9-2010, the Satanic reverse of 9-11-2001!

2. On the eve of November 8, 2010, an intercontinental ballistic missile was shot up from a submarine aimed west toward China. The missile plume was captured on film by a helicopter pilot. War could have started, but China didn't respond!

3. The Obedient Church of God is different from other churches. It believes the first century Christian doctrines, and follows every jot and tittle of God's Word.

4. TOCOG is the only church in the world that is following God's Date Line at the Euphrates River, the original boundary for Israel that was given to Abraham.

5. This is important because all brethren in Australia, Philippines, Asia, and Pakistan would be observing God's Sabbath on the wrong day, sanctioned by Jewish Rabbis, if they didn't hear the news from The Obedient Church of God.

6. The International Date Line was put up in the 1800s. This imaginary line in the Pacific Ocean is between North America and Australia. West of the International ate Line the day jumps ahead 24 hours, causing people to observe the Sabbath Day on Friday the 6th day, instead of the 7th day as commanded by the Bible.

7. The Sabbath must be observed on Sunday in order for it to be the seventh day of week for those who live west of the International Date Line!

8.. All of the other churches don't care if their brethren are celebrating God's day of rest on the wrong day. They aren't doing anything about it. The shepherds aren't caring for sheep.

9. "Sheep" have got to come under the protection of the TOCOG because God gives them knowledge, and obedience to that understanding gives wisdom.

10. Knowledge comes to TOCOG through their associates, from their studies and obedience; God rewards TOCOG with truth.

11. Churches of God must observe the crescent moon, which starts a new month in Jerusalem for people to know when to observe the annual festival days three times a year. TOCOG keeps the Holy Day Calendar of God.

12. The Churches of God kept the Feast of Tabernacles in 2010 two days early and they left two days early! They were following the Hillel II averaging calendar of the fourth century, which differed from God's original new moon calendar.

13. God tells His people, "Lights will mark festivals," Genesis 1:14

14. Those who follow Rabbi Hillel II's calendar are stubborn "disobedient brats." This applies to all the Churches of God. Man can't have the audacity to follow a different calendar because he believes God made a mistake.

15. In the Bible we learn "here a little, and there a little" and we put it all together to know truth. Isaiah 28:10

16. The converse of Genesis 1:14 is Isaiah 1:14, which says, "Your new moons and your appointed festivals I hate." NRSV

17. Do you know Mohammed Ali? Yes. Does he know you? No, he does not. Because you don't go to the gym when he is there nor attend his fights.

18. You say you know God. Does God know you? No. He does not! Because you don't go to services at the appointed times. So, if you don't go to God's Holy Days on the proper days when God is there, God does not know you. You missed Him!

19. When you travel, you have to be at the train station when the train is scheduled to be there. You can't arrive two days early and expect to reach your destination at the proper time.

20. The Obedient Church of God never goes to a restaurant on the Sabbath Day and pays them money with the bonus of a tip for a meal. They should be taught NOT to work on God's day of rest.

21. All of the denominations go into restaurants on Sabbaths. People have been deceived into "buying and selling" on the day that is a "sign" between God and His people. But they are identified with Laodicean "vomit material"! Revelation 3:16

22. Joseph Tkach of the former Worldwide Church, now called "Grace Communion International", is not a Church of God anymore. Doctrines are different.

23. Jude 3 tells us to "Contend earnestly for the faith that was once delivered to the saints." All the first century saints in Jerusalem rested on the Sabbath Day.

24. In Jerusalem today the restaurants are closed on Sabbaths.

25. All of the sins in the U.S.A. are manifested where there is the most violence,

most mental illnesses, most problems.

26. "Turkey Day" is coming up as the Harvest Home Festival. One minister brags he is going to have a turkey on this pagan day of Osiris/Ra that is masquerading as thanksgiving day. At his home there will be two turkeys:

one as the centerpiece and

one sitting in a chair behind the table!

27. People stuff themselves with turkey, (in spite of the Osiris Ra connection), because their belly is their god, this wrongheaded to plunge ahead when the Encyclopedias all state that Turkey Day is Pagan.

28. Don't forget! If you are going to have a turkey dinner, remember the cakes for Christmas, chocolates for Valentines' Day, eggs for Easter, and pumpkin for Halloween! Each pagan holiday has a food associated with it.

29. World Book Encyclopedia says, "For thousands of years people in many lands have held harvest festivals...the American Thanksgiving Day probably grew out of the harvest home celebrations of England." Bradford had a three day feast with Native Americans.

30. The turkey-goose is the equivalent of Osiris-Ra of Egypt in other religions.

The goose was always used because the goose protected its young.

31. The goose would stand up against the hunter and give its little goslings a chance to run into the tall grass to escape. But then the goose itself got killed.

32. TOCOG has the understanding that Thanksgiving is cloaked in the Harvest Home Festival, masquerading itself. It is not giving thanks to the proper god.

33. Encyclopedias tell that the Harvest Home Festival is kept as a pagan feast.

Christians are stealing when they have a turkey that they are not entitled to, since it belongs to a pagan god. People are deceived.

34. In America the reason people have a turkey is because geese fly south for the winter, so turkeys are available. A turkey is used to honor the god Ra.

35. If a man makes a religious celebration, don't follow it. The same goes for food. If man processes the food, makes GMOs, don't eat it. It will harm you.

36. Mice die from eating Genetically Modified foods after 8 cycles of testing.

37. If you are without regret on the Turkey Day, filled with shame or remorse, you are unrepentant after having heard the truth.

38. In Isaiah 6:9 Isaiah told the people: "Keep listening, but do not comprehend; keep looking, but do not perceive. Make the mind of this people dull, and stop their ears, and shut their eyes, so that they may not look with their eyes and listen with their ears; and understand with their minds and turn and be healed."

39. Purim was a celebration of a victory of Mordecai being saved from Haman, and, indeed, all the Jewish people who lived in Persia in the days of Esther.

40. There is everything wrong with duplicating God's fall festival days with Turkey Day Harvest Home Festival. It throws God's whole plan out of line.

41. The U.S.A. came close to being blown-up this month from the night of the 9th of November (when God's evening started) event of an intercontinental missile being shot up from a submarine off the California coast westward toward China!

42. On November 5th Lawrence A. Nowell posted on the Internet the "Lesser Magic" video that predicted another "false flag" operation. This was serious and no one announced it in the media.

43. A missile was launched from a submarine 35 miles off the coast of California on the night before November 9th , as seen on Los Angeles television, and it was headed westward for China. Its thick wide plume was photographed.

43.Firing a missile and saying they don't know what it was or where it came from or who launched it--that's the official stance! These are excuses given to media.

44. Basically, it wasn't an airplane contrail because the plume went up faster than an airplane flies, and it didn't disappear like a vapor trail would. It stayed.

45. It wasn't a weather related incident because it moved upward in defiance to gravity.

46. The photographed plume was too wide of a thick trail to be a regular missile. It had to be the intercontinental ballistic missile headed westward toward China!

47. The plume was captured on video by CBS helicopter cameraman Gil Leyvas. The plume came from a submarine 35 miles off the coast of southern California.

48. The Pentagon confirmed that no U. S. missiles had been launched Monday evening,November 8, 2010. Also, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense)

confirmed no missile launches had taken place globally!

49. Planes have to file a flight plan, but authorities didn't know of any flight plan to prove it was a plane.

50. A private company of various credence would not launch a missile with all the heavy aircraft in the area; they'd be sued for endangerment of air space.

51. On the Internet the U.S. Navy actually issued an advance warning regarding the missile, and it is in the record log. The U.S. Navy had cleared the area before the missile was launched. The U.S was nearly in World War III.

52. Launching something the size of a large missile takes the whole submarine crew to cooperate. The submarine has to be pointed a particular way, and the missile has to be launched at a particular surface area, surface depth.

53. Launching a large intercontinental ballistic missile toward China is insanity!

54. America doesn't have any more money; China owns all of America's debt!!

55. If the United States could have provoked war with China, then they wouldn't have to pay the debt and get out of the mess. But Chinese aren't stupid. China did not respond to an American missile launched in its direction. They let the missile land on its territory and didn't retaliate with war. This event was serious.

56. Chinese don't have to engage in a nuclear war with America.The wise Chinese can bring down the American economy and the American Government any time they want by selling off their American dollars. Then the whole thing collapses.

57. A certain cabal within the United States Government wanted to provoke a war with China on November ninth. God's interference in the mind of the Chin- see revealed God controls the overview of things. It's not time for war with China!

58. The bringing down of the Twin Trade Towers in New York City was totally an inside job by the American government. Check the Internet.

59. The burning of the Reichstag Headquarters Building by Hitler in World War II was another "inside" job.

60. This cabal of leaders in the U. S. Government are evil They are Masons who have their own agenda for a New World Order and will achieve their goals any way they can.

61. First, they knocked down the two Trade Towers and blamed it on 19 Saudi Arabian hijackers, who couldn't fly or land a little Cessna let alone know how to fly a jumbo jet. There is no way that a person who flies a Cessna can fly a large commercial airline.

62. Even experienced airplane pilots couldn't do maneuvers that required military precision which those turns required.

63. The two planes that hit the two towers tilted their wings 5 seconds before impact in order for the plane to hit more floors.

64. The second plane that hit the twin towers took 20 minutes. It should have been shot down in ten minutes, but the response was held back deliberately.

65. Allegedly, a plane hit the Pentagon, but it was a missile explosion.

66. After the towers were hit, no one could fly out of the United States except the Ben Ladin family.

67. Never has a building collapsed that has been hit by an airplane or that is on fire. Just fuel of a plane can't cut steel and it can't melt steel.

68. Thermite was used to cut all the beams. This is a mixture of aluminum oxide, which produces great heat when it is ignited. A chemical reaction takes place and the iron becomes extremely hot, reaching temperatures of about 6,000' F.

69. All the steel that was taken away was immediately shipped off. No one was allowed to investigate the steel or have any samples of the blasting caps that were mixed in with the steel. No investigation of the wreckage was allowed.

70. All the 19 Hijackers of U. S. commercial planes on 9-11 were from Saudi Arabia. Why didn't the U.S. bomb Saudi Arabia? Arabs had nothing to do with the destruction of the Twin Trade Towers on 9-11-2001, yet the United States went to wear with Iraq. That's how evil the cabal in our government is.

71. There were 3000 people who died in the Twin Trade Tower's collapse.Insiders didn't care. They wanted to start war in Iraq.

72. The United States has made a "basket case" out of Iraq. And they've made billions and billions of dollars.

73. Then the U.S. went into Afghanistan because the Taliban were interfering with poppy fields by stopping the opium production. The war-Lords needed this. In addition to oil, the illicit drugs are the greatest sources of income in the world.

74. Behind the scenes is the "black pope" of the Vatican.He is called "the black pope" because he wears black robes, while the "white pope," Benedict XVI,

wears white robes.

75. The point is the popes had to protect the poppy fields to keep the opium production going.

76. The joke is there are 150,000 troops in Afghanistan chasing 100 Taliban, and they can't find them! Can't find Ben Ladin who is on a kidney dialysis machine!

And yet the U.S. can read license plate numbers off of cars from satellites.

77. They don't want to find Osama Ben Ladin because they are in league with the Ben Ladin family. And also the whole house of Saud of Saudi Arabia.

78. There are $60 billion dollars worth of arms that the U.S. is going to sell to Saudi Arabia for the Middle East War.

79. The United States is a war-like country that loves to bomb people in order to keep our economy going.

80. The industrial-military complex has manufacturing involved with every state of the Union in order to get Congressional representatives to go along with it to have jobs in their particular areas.

81. Airport security uses screening that is a form of molestation. Screeners feel a person's entire body and pat them down. Searches are a way to get control.

82. Body searches began because of "the underwear bomber" whose bomb did not go off. It was a planned incident because they needed evidence of a real bomb so airport personnel could grope and search bodies to get people to submit and not say anything.

83. The "shoe bomber" had a bomb that didn't go off in an hour, so all passengers have to take off their shoes; it's another way for people to be conditioned to be subservient during the future NWO (New World Order).

84. There are seven hundred million passengers flying in the U. S.; many people take more than one flight a year. No one has been killed by the people.

85. Searches are ridiculous. The people are being "dumbed- down" to get them to obey and be in compliance for the government taking over this world.

86. People's liberties are being taken away little by little.

87. Homeland Security Act was passed as a "war on terrorists," who are a nebulous group of only about 100 active members. Homeland Security is an excuse to crack- down on the population, not to crack- down on terrorists!

88. "Lesser magic" portrays an event before it even happens. This gives more hidden power to the event by putting it under our noses.

89. When cartoon character Homer Simpson held up a number 9 to a magazine cover showing the Twin Towers, it was 9-11 before it happened.

90. Lawrence A. Nowell says a drug is declared safe if it only kills one in a million people. That's why there are drugs on the market that can cause deaths.With the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) over 100,000 people die from adverse drug reactions.

91. The point is, if one in seven million passengers died, the ratio of one in a million would equal 700, an acceptable number. But NONE have been killed!

92. This Airport screening of passengers is not a war on terrorists, but a war on the population, to get the people to cow tow to their every wish, and not oppose.

93. The general mental illness in the U.S.A. is six times greater than in Nigeria where there is war and poverty and starvation. It is five times less in Nigeria.

94. Sending a missile toward China on the 9th of November was a "false flag" operation. It pertained to the United States not wanting to pay the bills it owes.

China is being ringed with U.S. military bases, so it did not retaliate.

95. If China had retaliated, people in the United States would need to be out of a city that has a population of 10,000 or more. Move out at least 50 miles.

96. There is one nuke for every small town, five nukes for every large city, and sixty nukes for Washington, D.C. It is a thought-out plan!

97. Once bombs start coming, there is only ten minutes for fleeing to a possible shelter. Some may need to dig a 6 foot long trench, three feet wide, covered with 2 doors and 2 feet of earth.

98. In a nuclear war everything will be targeted--every infrastructure, factories, dairies, railroads, airports.

99. Missiles come at 20 times the speed of sound, so no one will hear them coming! They explode with the heat of the sun. One missile will blast a hole 3/4 mile wide, 800 feet deep. Everything is vaporized-earth, buildings, roads, cars.

100. The roiling mushroom cloud is a radio-active, dust cloud. It is stuff being sucked up from the three-quarter mile , 800- foot deep hole. A person who is five miles away can be vaporized, if not sucked up into the dust cloud.

101. President Harry Truman of the United States had only one week in office and he knew nothing of nuclear war or the devastation it caused when he ordered two cities in Japan to be bombed.

102. A little boy in Hiroshima, Japan, was reaching up to catch a dragonfly, and when he was vaporized, he left his shadow behind on the pavement!

103. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, were two cities with large Christian populations. Satan wanted them done away.

104. What is the United States doing now by provoking wars? The American policy is to use nukes on non-nuclear countries.

105. The world is saying, We don't want your McDonalds, we don't want your Starbucks, we don't want your Republican government of Wolfowitz doctrines.

106. What would it be like when nukes land on U.S. soil? People will have to be 20 miles away, to avoid being burned. There will be no hospitals.

107. At a distance of 50 miles from a nuke explosion, people will be blinded. A basement or underground cellar is needed to be able to avoid seeing the blinding flash.

108. There will be the problem of 500 miles per hour winds blasting everything in their way. In the wind will be pieces of flying glass and debris hitting everything.

People in buildings will be sucked out and be flying in the air and being killed.

109. Lawrence is telling people what the next war will be like so people can get out of the cities beforehand and live in rural areas.

110. People will still need to be underground because there will be 12 mile firestorms that will suck the oxygen out of the air, asphyxiating people. Fire storms will curl up into one humongous tornado type fire--vortexes will appear.

111. In a missile-type war there will be millions of corpses of humans, animals.

112. When the United States actually launched a missile at China, man's insanity has been overruled; warfare has been avoided by God's providence.

113. Those involved in world wars and the "new world order" are a small inside

cabal of Masons and a small group of honest politicians who are latching on.

114. There are a bunch of psychotics in the U.S. Government with the psychosis of killing. They bombed Vietnam for profit--bombed it back to the stone age.

They destroyed Iraq, a former garden of Eden.

115.These psychotics have been at war for ten years in Afghanistan(2001-2010),

destroying everything except the poppy fields, which are thriving. The Taliban destroyed an idol and poppyfields, so they had to go.

116. China refused the plan of the U.S.A. at the G-20 conference; it can destroy the U.S. economically by dumping its money.

117. The United States is having to buy up its own dollars with paper money that doesn't exist. They're just printing it and buying up the U. S. treasury. Hyper inflation will be involved.

118. All this is being done by a cabal of people, the Illuminatti; which is a Masonic cabal. It's been planned since 1870's.

119. Cecil Rhodes was a Mason when he was a student at Oxford. John Ruskin called for a ruling class with a powerful army. They wanted to bring the world under British Masonic elite's rule.

120. Extensive projects in Africa and the Empire of Britain were to come under British rulership.

121. Cecil Rhodes entrusted Nathan Rothchild with continuing the program for world domination.

122. Rhodes Scholars today occupy key positions throughout the world, in the global business positions.

123. The great banking families--Rothchilds, Warburgs, the Rockefellers exercise control over the Federal Reserve of U.S.A. The Federal Reserve is a cabal of bankers who print money.

124. The Federal Reserve is not federal and it doesn't have any reserves. As a bank they print paper dollars and loan them to the government, which repays them with interest.

125. This housing crisis is going on and on. And it is going to get worse. Why aren't people in charge helping home owners? Because the Federal Reserve never had any money. So how do they get their money?

126. The Federal Reserve prints the paper, worthless pieces of paper, then give it to a person as a mortgage to buy a house. They want homeowners to default.

127. If the homeowner keeps up with his payments, the bank jacks up the interest rate from 1% to 9.7% so the person defaults. The Federal Reserve takes the home and then owns it. Now they have something! They have assets.

128. The Federal Reserve doesn't have worthless paper, they have people's property! That's why it is being done.The system is debt-based and is evil.

129. The Herbert W. Armstrong's "Tangled Web" book by David Robinson, is an inside view of the Worldwide Church of God. This church was used by God to set up the truth of God and rediscover 18 truths of God's ways; then it stopped.

130. Triumph Prophetic Ministry was used bhy God as the Church of God as it rediscovered truth of God's ways, and then they stopped repenting, when re-discovered doctrine was shown to them.

131. Now God has set up "The Obedient Church of God" that tells about every jot and tittle of truth for "all" to learn. TOCOG is the last remnant in righteousness, the last "short work" of Romans 9:28 upon the earth.

132. TOCOG tells about God's Date Line starting at the Euphrates River.

133. Beyond the west coast of America is the International Date Line, an imaginary line in the Pacific Ocean. Days jump ahead 24 hour west of this Date Line, and they can't do that.Jewish Rabbis tell people to observe the sixth day instead!

134. Sabbath-keepers are to rest on the seventh-day, which would be on the first day of the week in the Philippines, Australia, and all of Asia--half of the world.

135. Church of God members can't go into a restaurant and pay people to work and prepare a meal for them at any time on the Sabbath and on Holy Days.

136. All the other offshoots of the Worldwide Church of God are Laodicean ("vomit material"), which is proved by their works of disobedience.They have a mind-set that refuses to acknowledge and change their wrong concepts.

137. These churches tell members that it is okay to work on God's Sabbath if they live west of the IDL., and it's okay to go to restaurants on God's Sabbath Day. And they also have a pagan "Turkey Day."

138. The world and the U.S.A. are being run by Masons, and there is no evil that they are not capable of. At least once time they go to the Bohemian Grove.

139. Once a year at the Bohemian Grove they burn a human paper mache effigy in a coffin on an Altar, located in front of Molech, the 40 foot owl. This a private place where Masons go for Baal worship. President Obama is a 32nd degree Mason.

140. There are 12 different orders that are under the Illuminatti. Some are the Eagle's Lodge, Elk's Lodge and Odd Fellows--divisions of the Masons. George Bush was in Skull and Bones. Masons are in the upper echelons of the world.

141. The Masons are controlling the government and the military. The highest ranking leaders are "all" Masons. Masons fill the positions in the major Corporations of the U.S.A.. There are Masons Corporation Board members in the top USA Corporations.

141. All the orders of the Masons are under England's Prince Charles, who is head of the Order of the Garter, and the "Black Pope."

142. The "Black Pope" obtained his title from the black clothing he wears, while the "White Pope," Benedict XVI, wears white robes. "Black Pope" is derogatory.

The Jesuit "Black Pope," who is in power right now, is named Adolfo Nicholas Pachon, "Superior General."

143. What do you call a man who wears a $5,000 hat? A pope. Sideways the pope's hat looks like the mouth of a fish. "Fish Head."

144. Ministers who talk about the Catholic Church lose their air time. Mr. Nowell calls the Pope Mr. Fishhead, because the Poop's hat is the open mouth of a fish on top, painted red.

Mr. Nowell will have to get his own satellite set up for Broadcasting if he keeps irritating the Catholics.

145. The Vietnam war was started by false provocation. The giant warship, the Maddox, a U.S. destroyer, was in the Gulf of Tonkin in l964 patrolling when North Vietnamese PT boats, 30 feet long, attacked two U.S. destroyers. (False claim.)

146. The Maddox, being irritated by little gun ships, each with a 50 caliber machine gun on it, sunk two PT boats. Then the U.S. took measures to repel any armed attack. The Tonkin Gulf resolution was legal basis of U. S. support of South Vietnam. They claimed mutual interference against North Vietnam.

147. The Unites Stated risked war with Russia by being in Vietnam--all on the pretense of bringing in a pipe line for oil through the country.

148. In 2001 The United States went into Iraq and got nothing. Among the people 1.5 million were killed by U.S. forces, and 2 million fled.

149. Now the whole country is a basket case--12 million are impoverished without electricity except for 2 hours a day. And that's deliberate so factories can't produce anything. All supplies have to be brought in so they all have to be paid for by the Iraqis. The whole thing is evil!

150. To bring a pipeline through the Caspian Sea is why the U.S. is at war in Afghanistan, and it has been ten years. It is to supply oil to northern Europe and to supply oil to Russia and to supply China with oil.

151. There is NO reason why the U.S. should be in Afghanistan taking their oil. They are in desperate poverty and get nothing.

152. Oprah Winfrey is a CO-Mason. That's why her T.V. show continues every year. 66


c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell