Octobert 8, 2011, Sermon Transcript

By Lawrence A. Nowell

1.)    The Obedient Church of God is telling people the truth because we are the only church in the whole world that is obeying the six-day cycle to stop working after the sixth day in half the world west of the International Date Line.

2.)    Every church in the Worldwide Church of God, except TOCOG, has the Sabbath on the sixth day in half the world, which is a work day according to the 4th commandment.

3.)    That makes TOCOG the Philadelphia Church of today because in the First Century Devil Days, such as, Sky Father’s Day, Mother-goddess Day, and the Ra-Osiris Turkey Day, were not observed by the Philadelphia Church of God.

4.)    Ministers out there are just imposters. They say they obey God and keep the Sabbath but they lie. They move the Sabbath to the sixth-day in half the world.

5.)    There is only one short-time work of Romans 9:28 in the Bible that will espouse Yah’s ways and turn people’s hearts to the Father through obedience to the Father.

6.)    The rest of the denominations just deal in character assassination. Some of the ministers are professional liars. They are so use to lying they’ve hardened their hearts and they’ll tear anyone apart who brings them correct doctrine.

7.)    Ministers are “sinisters,” and it doesn’t matter if they are in charge of 100 or 100,000, Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell gets the same response from all of them who dodge issues.

8.)    TOCOG just tried to give the Lutheran Church a message and they refused it. They basically said it didn’t fit in with their agenda.

9.)    The Obedient Church of God is going to continue to tell the truth and we are not going to allow other congregations and churches to be professional liars who twist the Bible and attack the messenger and ignore the facts.

10.)                        God will do His work and we will be following His leadings. We can’t help it if we are the Romans 9:28 short work. The proof is that TOCOG are the only ones following the Sabbath in half of the world plus all the other rediscovered truths that are up on the internet, about 50 or 60 points.

11.)                        Bear Notes are things that are most important so we can come into the knowledge of the truth and the right gestalt.

12.)                        TOCOG doesn’t want people to be drawn into the sinister’s messages. The wolves are the ministers, the “sinisters,” that the flock has to watch out for.

13.)                        People who know their God will teach and we will tell people these facts also, so they can teach. That’s part of their job: to know God, be strong, do exploits. God speaks to Daniel of a time of great spiritual conflict, in addition to physical conflict.

14.)                        We are supposed to do exploits. Daniel 11:32 says “…The people that know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.”

15.)                        Verse 33 of Daniel 11 says, “And they that understand among the people shall instruct many…”

16.)                        Ungodly ministers have polluted the sanctuary of many congregations.

17.)                        Mr. Nowell remembers when he was in the Worldwide Church of God, not only were they celebrating Turkey Day, but in a church hall off the main stage they had a cornucopia, the pagan “horn of plenty,” a magical, mystical heathen symbol.

18.)                        Mr. Nowell went up to the head minister and told him, “We can’t have a cornucopia on this stage. That’s a pagan symbol.” The minister replied, “Oh we don’t use it in that manner. We are just celebrating.” The point is, either we are plugged in and have our spiritual headlights on, or we’re not.

19.)                        Pagan worship has pagan articles. We cannot bring pagan articles into the house of the Lord. We can’t have a pagan agenda participating in the House of the Lord.

20.)                        We made a covenant with God the  Father and Christ Yeshua, and our covenant is being perverted  if we have Sky Father’s Day, Mother-goddess Day, Turkey Day, plus moving the Sabbath Day to the sixth day in half of the world.

21.)                         Church members are going to the restaurants right after the Sabbath service, and are putting people to work, thinking that it’s okay because they are going to work anyway.

22.)                        Church members who order a meal at a restaurant on the Sabbath Day, are taking money out of their pockets and paying a bill. They are buying on the Sabbath Day, and this is part of the mark of the Beast, to be buying on the Sabbath Day.

23.)                        There are ministers who ignore all this and their hypocrisy is tantamount to psychosis. And these ministers have chaos in their congregations because they have all these pagan days.

24.)                        BearNote: Ministers who are tolerant to pagan ways have hardened their hearts.

25.)                        And the messenger assures us of this promise in Daniel 11:32, “You who know God shall be strong and do exploits.”

26.)                        Regardless of the circumstances, those who really know God, those who really meditate on His Word, listen to His voice, and follow His Word, these kinds of people, like you, shall do great exploits. The Bible says so.

27.)                        Bear Note: The Bible says we will do great exploits. 

28.)                        Watch out for the seductive rhetoric of the “sinisters” of the ex-Worldwide Church of God. They all have excuses and reasons and say foolish thing like, “Christ will restore all things.”

29.)                        Elisha also will restore all things to different degrees. If you know what to do that is right, you don’t wait for Christ to restore all things, because Hebrews 10:26 says that he who knows to do right and doesn’t do it, there’s no sacrifice for his sin. That’s how serious it is.

30.)                        The Kingdom of God has to advance, and those who stay strong through their relationship with God, will go forward and do great exploits. And the promise of deliverance, peace, and joy are true for the righteous.

31.)                        Now truth is truth regardless of what the “sinisters” try to say and attack the messengers. Truth is truth.

32.)                        Turkey Day is pagan, always has been pagan. Sky Father’s Day is pagan, always has been pagan. Mother-goddess Day is pagan, always has been pagan.And the Sabbath of the Lord our God is the seventh-day in the whole world, not just in half the world.

33.)                        Remember what Paul wrote in Ephesians 6:10, “…Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.” Being strong is not being quiet and ignoring these “sinisters.” We must tell them they are breaking the commands of the Bible. 

34.)                        Deuteronomy 12:32 says we are not supposed to add days in our lives that the Philadelphia Church didn’t have. God expects those who know Him to wisely be His voice of courage and strength in the midst of all this “sinistry.” Each of us has to learn to speak up against our minister and tell him he can’t have pagan days.

35.)                         Father expects us to do exploits. And the hour has come to do the exploits, not merely hang in there and coast along in our Laodicean or Satanic Church. We are supposed to go forward, believe, and declare truth. We are to march forward.

36.)                        Darkness cannot put out light. We will not lose. Psalm 112:4 says, “Unto the upright there ariseth light in the darkness…” David admonishes the righteous, even in darkness light dawns.

37.)                        Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell’s charge is not to do the bidding of the “sinisters,” but his charge is to give voice to the truth of God’s Word. Mr. Nowell’s charge is to do exploits. His charge is to speak up and question ministers why they are doing pagan days, why they are incorporating the days of Sky Father’s Day, Mother-goddess Day, Turkey Day. Why? Why? Why?

38.)                        Mr. Nowell’s purpose is to challenge the “sinisters” and do great exploits. It says so in the Bible. Let’s go for it.

39.)                        The people who know their God shall be strong and do great exploits, Daniel 11:32. These ungodly leaders have polluted the sanctuary. And we are going to sit in a polluted sanctuary?

40.)                        The Pharisee spirit has the pride in setting their own traditions as if they were commandments of God, and yet rejecting the commandments of God by putting in all these pagan traditions that are not supported by the scriptures. And, indeed, they are condemned by the scriptures. And contradict God’s Word in Deuteronomy12:32.   

41.)                        We are not to be associated with pagan days in our lives. We are not to thank our children for their Father’s Day call or their pagan Mother’s Day call or have a goose as a centerpiece on Turkey Day.

42.)                        And is Canada Turkey Day is coming up on Monday, October 10, 2011, and no matter who Mr. Nowell tries to convince, they are all hardening their hearts because they want to participate in their Turkey Day in every country that has it. They are acquiescing to the pagan spirit, they are acquiescing to the traditions of men and rejecting the true commandments of God.

43.)                        Remember we are in a covenant with Father. My covenant also states that I will do great exploits, and I have to do great exploits. It says so in the Bible or else I don’t know God and I am not of the people of God.

44.)                        Daniel 11:32 says the people who know their God shall…do exploits. Just sitting in services and following the “sinisters” and their practices and not bringing it to the sinister’s attention doesn’t help him. But if ten people bring the errors to the sinister’s attention, he’ll start giving his head a shake, and start thinking about it.

45.)                        Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell is a voice crying out in the wilderness, but there needs to be others doing the same. There are ministers who have no qualms about carrying on the pagan days because their consciences are seared.

46.)                        I Timothy 4:2 says, “Speaking lies in hypocrisy (doctrines of Devils); having their conscience seared with a hot iron. In truth, they can’t have pagan days unless their consciences are seared.

47.)                        I Timothy 4:1 says, “Now the Spirit speaks expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits…and doctrines of Devils.”

48.)                        These doctrines of Devils—Sky Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Turkey Day—do have an influence upon us, whether we say they do or not. We can’t make excuses for these days. When the Spirit is urging us and we have a sense of duty, remember our little voice. So we should not be sinning without horror.

49.)                        Their consciences are seared by ministers engaging in these pagan days. And they have become seared because they ignore the truth. It’s a general apathy on the pagan days, and that is conclusive evidence of a seared conscience. It’s a terrible state of mind to have a seared conscience. That “apathy” is evidence in respect to Turkey Day, Sky Father’s Day, and moving the Sabbath to the sixth day in half the world.

50.)                        When you can neglect your duty to Father to follow His Deuteronomy 12:32                    and not add days to Father’s “moadim,” when you neglect any of your known duties, your conscience is seared with a hot iron.

51.)                        When a minister can trifle with these pagan days, his conscience is seared. As a minister when he hinders others so that others participate in these pagan days because the minister says they are all right, it is worse than seared. This minister could be thrown in the Lake of Fire, all because of Turkey Day, “a bowl of soup.”  Ministers will trade their salvation for “a bowl of soup,” and see where it gets them.

52.)                        When a man chooses a profession, such as a ministry, he has to be watching his bearing on the moral influence that he has on a multitude of people. He is exerting a moral influence on his congregation. And if he fails to regard moral issues of righteousness, and not be deeply concerned about pagan origins of these holidays, his conscience is seared with a hot iron, and he will be thrown into the Lake of Fire.

53.)                        Ministers must repent, and need to inform their members that these days were pagan at one time, and then say to their members, but we’re going to use them anyway. See what happens.

54.)                        If these ministers don’t feel condemned when they state to the members that they are going to support these pagan days, or if they don’t feel condemned for introducing pagan days into the worship in God’s House, they are not Philadelphians, that’s for sure.

55.)                         Ministers who introduce pagan days to congregations are probably worse off than the Laodiceans because they are leaders. If they can talk and not worry about hindering Christians in their search for the kingdom, their conscience is seared.

56.)                        There are many ministers with seared consciences, with disregard for Father’s ways, who are neglecting Father’s ways. Indeed, the ministers are a stumbling block for their members without compunction or remorse when they indulge in a course of life that includes pagan days.

57.)                        Can you suffer the difficulties between yourself and others and carry on and say it’s all right and not speak up? Then you as a member have a seared conscience if you don’t speak up to your minister. Call the minister and have ten members bring up the point on the chat line. Then see where that leads.

58.)                         You can’t go on with faulty habits as taking things that you do not have a right to take, such as the pagan days, and you don’t have a right to use them without having a seared conscience.

59.)                        It’s like taking Hitler’s tools and using them; it’s like taking Satan’s tools and using them; use them and you’ve got a seared conscience.

60.)                        When your duty is urged upon you and you have no feeling of obligation to perform it, when the truth and the argument does not take hold in your mind, you have a seared conscience.

61.)                        Bear Note: When the truth of the argument does not take hold of your mind, and deeply impress you with a sense of responsibility, you have a seared conscience. And when you satisfy yourself with an outward righteousness, while your deeds are not right, that indicates a seared conscience.

62.)                        The Day of At-one-ment teaches that Christ will wrap up this world. Yeshua is going to arrive at Trumpets. Then He will take ten days when He gets the world to repent while He gets the world leaders ousted and sets up His government. Those are the Ten Days of Awe. Then finally there is At-one-ment.

63.)                        We can know the month and the week of Christ’s return. We will know exactly when the study the cycle of the seventh trumpet and of the 364 days is completed.  We know of the five months in Revelation, so all we have to do consider the other seven months of the year and we will know exactly the time, except for the day and hour, when Yeshua is arriving.

64.)                        Ministers bellow out that no one knows “the day and the hour,” and then they imply the month and the year. The only reason we don’t know the day and the hour is because the new crescent of the moon hasn’t been sighted for that month yet.

65.)                        Christ is arriving on Trumpets, which is the first day of the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar, and the new crescent of the moon hasn’t been sighted for that month, and that’s the only way to tell when the exact day is.

66.)                        Bear Note: The sighting of the crescent moon starts the Day of Trumpets, Yom Teruah, and that’s why we don’t know the day or the hour. 

67.)                        Hopefully, we will realize we will know exactly the month of Yeshua’s arrival because we will have counted through the plagues of Revelation, wherever we are.  

68.)                        The world leaders are planning to have the destruction of Damascus, Syria. It’s already been worked out. And that involves nuking Damascus.      

69.)                        “NATO troops are training in Turkey for a Turkish-led NATO invasion of Syria, a senior Syrian diplomatic official claimed on Klein Online.” This is prophecy news.

70.)                         “Separately, informed Middle East security officials said Russia has been inspecting Syrian forces and has been advising Syria about possible Syrian military responses should NATO attack the regime of President Bashar Al Assad.

71.)                        “The officials said Russia recently sold Syria a large quantity of Iskander ballistic missiles, and that, in light of the NATO threat, the Russian Government renewed its pledge to sell Syria the advanced S-300 anti-missile system.”

72.)                        Prophecy is being fulfilled right in front of our eyes…A Syrian diplomatic official meanwhile recognized that his country, Syria, received general support from Russia.

73.)                        Assad reportedly warned the leaders of Syria that he will set the Middle East on fire if NATO attacks Syria. “If a crazy measure is taken against Damascus, I will not need more than six hours to transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv (capital of Israel),” Assad reportedly said, according to Iran’s state- run Fars news agency.

74.)                        This is serious because NATO troops are training in Turkey for a Turkish-led NATO invasion of Syria, and that’s why we are seeing this phony Arab Spring. They are trying to bring in the New World Order and they are going to be doing it through wars.

75.)                        NATO is going to invade Syria. Syria is going to fire hundreds of missiles at Tel Aviv and have Lebanon attack Israel and Iran will attack U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf. This is serious because they are discussing the invasion of Syria.

76.)                        We have learned that Syria has anti-defenses up. The Bible tells Damascus’ fate.

77.)                        Isaiah 17:1 says, “The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city and it shall be a ruinous heap.”  They have put up anti-tank barriers, but that’s not going to help. In fact, that’s going to cause the problem because the tanks can’t get through.

78.)                        By the way Israel did lose the war with Lebanon and the way they lost the war, Russia had supplied anti-tank killers and anti-tank weapons that could knock out any tank, even the most modern. That’s why Israel had to withdraw from Lebanon.

79.)                        Israel will lose the next war also because the West is losing its “bullying approach,” and global power is shifting to Asia. They’re going to have to go nuclear because they can’t motivate or push the other nations to line-up with them and go against Damascus. So they’ll have to nuke Damascus.  “It shall be a ruinous heap.”

80.)                        The destruction of Damascus will soon come to fulfillment, and NOT be part of the Psalm 83 scenario when nations gather to cut off Israel that its name be no more.

81.)                        Syria is not included among the coalition of nations who will gather against Israel in the battle of Ezekiel 38, because Syria will already have been wiped out.

82.)                        The headline is: “Invasion of Syria Imminent.” NATO troops are training in Turkey for a Turkish-led invasion of Syria. This brings us in line with prophecy against Damascus.

83.)                        Watch out for Mayatreya, a savior who will arise for all religions, and it might be that this “Savior” is different from the “man of sin.” But it might be the Roman Catholic Church uniting with Mayatreya  in the eastern and New Age religions.

84.)                        Surveillance is going on here. A peaceful people get swept into the terrorist watch list. A new article is speaking about the natural security agency, the secret service and the military, as well as the intelligence bureaucracies’ war on the First Amendment Protest activity.

85.)                        When people are protesting, authorities can’t be locking them up.

86.)                        “How little, yet how much has changed in forty years?The clientele probe papers sound 21stcentury as they detail the monitoring of perceived threats to national security (not real threats, but perceived threats.)”

87.)                        The Church committee (the government committee) investigation in 1976 concluded that the unexpressed major premise of programs was that a law enforcement agency has a duty to do whatever is necessary to combat perceived threats to the existing social and political order.

88.)                        “In addition to massive surveillance, assassinations and dirty tricks occur by any means necessary.”

89.)                        Christians are definitely a threat because they will not go along with what the government policies are. Any Christian would be considered a radical political group, because he or she opposes abortion and opposes not helping your brother who may not have money and will be left to die in the gutter.

90.)                        People who are left in the street are ignored by society who just walks on by. There is no health care for those who can’t afford it. Most people who do have health care, like families, are paying $800. It’s just absurd. It’s all going to private corporations.

91.)                        We know a U. S. citizen, allegedly a leader in Alqaeda, was assassinated. And this was without trial. Instead of being arrested, the government just killed him. (And that’s a short step from cutting off heads of Christians, beheaded for the Word of God.)

92.)                        “By any means necessary.” And that included national security agency watch list of Americans. So there are “watch lists,” and those “watch lists” are of church groups.

93.)                        Remember, even “the Beatles” couldn’t get into the United States once they sang songs that were critical of the Viet Nam War.

94.)                        It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money or power you have, or how little you have, you are on a “watch list.”

95.)                        That’s what these protests ate about, the evil system.

96.)                        There is no easy way to get off the FBI’s security index.  They know who the off- shoots of the “Worldwiders” are, because they know that to one degree or another they are the ones who are following the words of the Bible.

97.)                        The FBI knows the ex-Worldwider’s God is Father and not government. Father has Yahveh at His right hand side. They know about the Bible. The CIA has all types of operatives everywhere. And they are monitoring individuals and organizations. So there is no way to get off the CIA’s security index.

98.)                        Once they have a criteria for fitting a profile, a person is “toast.” And this goes way back to the 1950’s where people are still on the watch list as potential threats .

99.)                        Back in the fifties, people had to use punch cards, which were never destroyed. Even though a person has gone through many radical groups, he or she is on a watch list. And some have been around for a long time, and are still on a watch list.             

100.)                    By 1960 the FBI had compiled four and a half million files of subversive groups,  individuals. And now they are saying by any means necessary, there is surveillance.

101.)                    Coming before the Supreme Court is a device, a GPS on people’s cars, so they can follow wherever the car goes, know its location, know people who are visited.

102.)                    We are in a surveillance state. There’s no way out of it. Each person gets swept up and will be on a terrorist’s watch list. But each of us has to have our fealty to Father, and there’s nothing we can do about being on a terrorist watch list. All we can do is to continue to follow God’s every jot and tittle of His Word.

103.)                    What is happening in all the protests that we are seeing on the news every night is that they are spreading around the world. What we need to understand is that these protests are going to be growing and as they grow, we in The Obedient Church of God are going to be in greater danger.

104.)                     It will come to a point where they are going to start rounding up people of interest. And TOCOG members are definitely people of interest. The government can watch you, and indeed, watch us because the Obama administration said that it has the right to attach a GPS unit to our vehicle.

105.)                    We need to watch where we go and who we meet and what friends we visit. And, indeed, whether we go to a church meeting or whether we go to a friend’s house, they watch us. All because they want to develop probable cause that they would get a formal court order to search our house.

106.)                    There are reports of police going into houses when no one was home. We have got a government administration that says it’s all right to track us wherever we go with a GPS device. Now it’s being debated in the courts and even if they lose the case, we know the police don’t obey the law.

107.)                    It is the official policy of the Obama administration, and they have stated it out rightly, they have the right to attach a GPS device to our car.

108.)                    Now we could take the GPS off if we could find it. They are about the size of a computer mouse, but they are flatter. They are magnetic so we could look inside back bumper and it needs a clear overhead shot at the sky, so look around places in our vehicle where we don’t have metal above it, such as the top of you dashboard in front of the window. 

109.)                    We know that we’re seeing a change of the citizenry. And we’re all going to be rounded up because the citizenry is protesting. Very little is shown on the news.

110.)                    All of Cincinnati was occupied by protestors on October 7, 2011. Worchester, Massachusetts, was preparing for its protests. It goes on. In  Utah they were showing support for the protests.

111.)                    What is the goal of these protests? The goal is to occupy the streets so others know what’s going on. News doesn’t reveal their goals.

112.)                    Bear Note: The goal of the protesters is to occupy the streets until they start seeing a change with the politicians listening to making changes, which means:                                                   

1.      Goal is to get corporate dollars out of politics.

2.      Government to take back our money supply away the Federal Reserve.

113.)                    The protesters are demanding that the corporate dollars be taken out of politics so corporations cannot be contributing all this money to circumvent the political system. It’s that simple and that’s why they are not telling us.

114.)                    Remember the law was passed that corporations are people. Well, if they are people, then that’s not the answer. When the corporations transgress the people’s laws, because the corporations are people, the corporation leaders should be tried as common criminals.

115.)                    If a corporation is a person, therefore, we will put all the corporation people in jail because they are saying their corporation is a person, so therefore they should be tried when they commit crime, just like a person is tried in court. Mr. Nowell says this because it is so serious.

116.)                    Bear Note: The United States is not having a recession. This is the fruits of a robbery by the “banksters.” All of the homes are valued less than their worth because banks raped the mortgages. They deliberately inflated a bubble in the housing market.

117.)                    The whole world is paying for these megalomaniacs who have caused problems.

118.)                    We as Christians do not partake in protesting against the government, but we have to know what is going on.  We live in an evil system. Mr. Nowell mentions this because Yeshua has to come back; He is the only one who can solve this problem.

119.)                    We are being watched by the government. There are FEMA concentration camps that have been put up to hold 15 million people. These neocons, neoconservatives expect 15 million people to revolt.

120.)                    In the streets there are signs of the protesters that are saying, “Melt the glass,” “Open the glass.” “I melt the glass with my forehead,” and they are talking about capitalism’s façade.

121.)                    We don’t get the news on the cable news because the cable news stations are owned by the corporations, so, of course, they aren’t going to tell us the truth of what’s going on with the protests. That the protests are for the Federal Reserve to be taken over by us, taken out of the hands of the “banksters.”

122.)                    The Federal Reserve is not federal and has no reserves. They print pieces of paper and call it money and then charge interest for having the pieces of paper go out to the people.

123.)                    That’s what these protests are, to occupy the streets until they see a change. And to get the corporate dollars out of politics. These are the two largest issues among other issues. So now we know what is happening. They are protesting an evil system.

124.)                    Banks have been bailed out, but what about bailing out people who have lost their homes? What about restructuring home loans so people can pay for them? No. They won’t do that.

125.)                    In regard to the home mortgage crisis, how they get engineered deliberately is they get the people in at one percent interest. Then they jack it up to seven percent and then to nine percent. Of course, the people can’t afford it. Banks knew it would collapse.

126.)                    We know that the Federal Reserve just prints pieces of paper. They don’t have anything to secure that worthless paper.  So the Federal Reserve gets people to buy a house, and they give a 1% interest loan, a subprime loan. Then the people do all the paper work, buy the house, and get the title to the property.

127.)                     And then the bank jacks up the interest rates and takes the property away from the people. Now the bank has something. Before the bank had worthless paper that they gave people, but now the bank has their property .That’s what it is all about.

128.)                    Sparkler by Ozelia Welling is titled rhetorically, “How Wonderful the World Bank.”

“China’s leaders want to move into a path of sustainable growth for its burgeoning population. They want to shift away from dependence on export growth to a greater reliance on domestic demand and investment. To help them the Chinese and World Bank group president Robert B. Zolleck are currently making a joint report.

“Programs worked out at Washington D.C. are put into action throughout the world.

“In July 1944 while World War II was still raging the founding fathers of the World Bank met at Brettonwood, New Hampshire, intending that this bank would first turn to repairing war damage and then to making development loans. A new institution was named the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and founded at the same time was the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to facilitate the freeing of the international payment and trade from restrictions.

“And, indeed, the World Bank concentrates on large scale infrastructure projects since it is a global money store.

“(Mr. Nowell interjected, ‘The World Bank concentrates on large scale infrastructure projects that the other countries can’t afford and then comes in and forces the other countries to do their political bidding or they’ll foreclose on that loan. It’s a racket. That’s why they loan out these large sums so that they can put pressure on these other countries to do their political will.’)

“In India a major irrigation project was financed by World Bank. Crops were watered for independent farmers. An ore mining operation was established in the Philippines. In various areas of the world hydro-electric plants have been built, roads have been built, and railroads built. Industry has been modernized to boost production for export. Drinking water has been brought to peasants, fetid city slums have been rehabilitated, fertilizer plants built, electricity has been brought to darkened villages, and schools built.

“John Maynard Cains, a British economist told the delegates of the forty-four nations that convened in 1944 that the second primary duty of the World Bank was to develop the resources and productive capacity of the world with special references to the less developed countries.

“(Mr. Nowell interjects, ‘to develop the resources of the world and then make them pay back and do your bidding.’)

“Rich countries having responsibilities for poorer ones is a recent concept. Westerners question why their taxes should help countries led by self-serving demagogues. Seen from another perspective, also, selfish western firms benefit handsomely from the multilateral aid to developing counties.

“(Mr. Nowell interjects, ‘Of course, if you have the money that is spent not for the cement plants in Iraq to make the cement, oh no, they have to import the private contractor’s cement. And there isn’t any electricity on all day in Iraq so that the local cement plants never can open.’)

“As John Cain mentions, The World Bank’s interest is to develop the resources and productive capacity of the world. (That’s what they say.)

“Information from Smithsonian Magazine in 1981 in an article, ‘The World Bank is More Than A Global Money Store’ by Lewis M. Simons”

129.)                    The G-7, the world’s prosperous nations, welcomes the World Bank’s strategic compact to reduce poverty and force new partnerships with the private sector. And they reaffirm the crucial role of the United Nations in maintaining internal peace and security, and fostering global partnerships and sustained development The environment is dominant and a global police infrastructure that reaches down to the local level are in place to integrate the global policy.

130.)                    We have to adapt to the addendum in order to get more money for the carpetbaggers, who couldn’t care a hoot about who is starving or who doesn’t have drinking water. They are not philanthropists, they are greedy men who will put pressure on the government to install their political agenda or that particular government.

131.)                    This is an evil, evil system. And even global aid is an evil contrived system.

132.)                    Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell can tell us about “disaster capitalism” where they give this loan to a country and then they deliberately force the country into a situation where the country can’t pay back the loan.

133.)                    They say that country, Okay, you can’t pay it back. Here’s what we want you to do. Here’s the program we want you to put into place. And if the leader said No, then they come in and they try to foment a revolution; and if that doesn’t work, they try to assassinate him. And if that doesn’t work, then they come in with the army. And they take their resource.

134.)                    This happened in Iraq. Saddam Hussein was going to use the Euro instead of the dollar. They tried to foment a revolution against Saddam Hussein, and when that didn’t work, then they tried to assassinate him, and when that didn’t work, they came in with the army and they took the oil from Saddam Hussein, and he was not “cowtowing” to the  Americans on the oil. So they came in and took him out.

135.)                    This is an evil, evil system. God’s people are part of it.

136.)                    Know what is going on with the “Arab Spring.” The Arab Spring is destabilizing the world, one country at a time, in order to bring in the New World Order.        

137.)                     These insane corrupt politicians are trying to destabilize one country after another in order to bring in the New World Order. Right on the dollar bill it says, “Order out of chaos,” and this has always been their plan. And they are going to bring in the New World Order through their destabilizing one country after another. 

138.)                    We, The Obedient Church of God, are looking for a new country. TOCOG is of a different country. We re of a country of Heaven.

139.)                    The sermon for today is in regard to Atonement coming up tomorrow, October 9, 2011. And that means today is our last day o repent and get our lives in line.

140.)                    Teach us to number our days. Psalm 90:12 says, “Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” 

141.)                    Bear Note: I am commanded by God to number my days, Psalm 90:12              

142.)                    My aim is to present to God a heart of wisdom. Our hearts are not in this world. We are learning about news events of this present evil system, and how they are monitoring each of us because they are going to be cutting off our heads.

143.)                     They have dossiers on everyone, they have a record of all our internet sites that each of us goes to, they have a record of all our phone calls and this is all done by the computers. All we have to do is say a “buzz word” on the phone and immediately a computer starts recording our conversation.

144.)                    We are to number our days that we might present a heart of wisdom. We don’t have much time to repent before sundown tonight, the beginning of Atonement in U.S.

145.)                     In Pakistan, Atonement is on Monday because they have to wait 24 hours while the sun goes around the world. The sun starts a new day in Jerusalem, and since Pakistan is east of Israel, the sun has to go 22 hours around the world and that pushes the Day of Atonement into the next day, Monday.

146.)                    Bear Note: Assess how we spend the time God has given us. We need to number our days.

147.)                    The word “number” in Psalm 90 doesn’t just suggest to count your days, but to “weigh out” our days. Consider what we are doing with these days that God in mercy has given us, how these days are spent.

148.)                    The word “days” in this verse is from a root meaning “to be hot,” indicating the warm hours when a person is awake, from sunrise to sunset. This refers to our time spent in the light. And the first thing Father created with Yeshua was light.

149.)                    Jesus Christ is called “the light of the world.” Jesus gave His life in order for us to have life in this dark world. We must assess how we use the time God has given to us.

150.)                    Since we live three score and ten years (70 x 365 days equals 25,550 days), we must consider how our time is used.

151.)                    Until age 16 we are mainly controlled by our parents, so we are only left with 20,000 days. With only 20,000 days left to number, how do we spend them?

152.)                    People should be going to work so 8 hours a day times 50 weeks a year, and retiring at age 65, that amounts to 4,250 days that have been used up.

153.)                    There are only 15,828 days left to number. So during the course of years we sleep 8 hours and eat 2 hours a day, and add 2 hours for driving and 2 hours for household chores, and playing with the children, attending the children, and shopping, all this adds up to 14 hours per day used for necessary activities. Adding these days up for seven days a week, we only have four thousand left to number, 4,471 days left.

154.)                    We must remember exercise  or some form of activity three times a week one hour a day in order to be health conscious. Looking after our bodies, it profits a little. Three hours a week for 52 weeks for 55 years leaves us only 3,789 days.

155.)                    Oh! Oh! We are down on days that aren’t spent with Father. These are days of our whole lives.

156.)                    For entertainment most people have 20 hours, at least, a week times 52 weeks     a year, watching television or listening to the radio, that’s 1040 hours per year for 55 years would be 283 days, leaving 1,406 days to glorify God.

157.)                    After 55 responsible years we end up with, after we’re over age 16, how much time do we devote to the work of the Lord?

158.)                    Bear Note: Take those 1406 days, divide by 365, equals 3.85 years-- is all the time a person would possibly have to be in God’s service, the same as Christ’s ministry. Isn’t that interesting!

159.)                    Three and ½ years out of a whole life to devote to the work of the Lord isn’t very long. Now we can see how to number our days, the heart of wisdom, Psalm 90:12.  And that’s the spirit in which all things are to be done.

160.)                    The good news is that we can have perfect peace. We can have perfect peace in our hearts to God, and that is the peace that passes all human understanding.

161.)                    Isaiah 26:3 says, “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind in stayed on thee: because he trusted in thee.”

Isaiah 26:3 REB “Lord, you keep those of firm purpose untroubled because of their trust in you.”

162.)                    TOCOG wants each of us to have perfect peace in his or her heart because we know that we are in God’s service for at least 3 years, the same as the disciples, the same as Jesus had his ministry for three years. We have peace that passes all human understanding.

163.)                    We are going to be presenting our hearts to God because TOCOG is the only denomination that keeps on preaching that our hearts are something we carry with us all the time. It is something that is part of us all the time.

164.)                    Father cares if our hearts have been affected for 3 ½ years.

165.)                    Bear Note: Question. Has my heart been affected for 3 ½ years in love to Father? Is my heart in the work of God?

166.)                    Atonement is coming tomorrow . My next year will be set by what I’ve done during the Ten Days of Awe—between the Day of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement.

God decides who is going to live and who is going to die in the next year. And he also decides who is going to be blessed and how that person is going to be blessed.

167.)                    Mr. Nowell says, “My hope and my heart is in Yeshua and I should spend my three years devoted to the work of God because this is the only think that lasts.

168.)                    Each of us is just a bag of bones and we don’t need this bag of bones. We are going to be given a new body. Once we give up this body there is nothing that makes us afraid then. Nothing that man can do can make us afraid.

169.)                    When Paul and Silas were in prison they had no problems being there, because they surrendered their souls to Yah’s ways, keeping His ordering of their lives. The way Christ Yeshua had ordered their lives, they surrendered their lives to their Master, to their leader Yeshua and they followed His ordering and they found peace and quietude.

170.)                    Bear Note: I don’t need this “house” any longer. If they cut off my head, so much the better. I don’t need this “house” any longer. I don’t need this “house” no more. I don’t need this “house” any no longer because Christ Yeshua is coming back to change me into a Spirit Being.

171.)                    Mr. Nowell played this music in two versions so we could hear it in acappella, without instrumentation, so we could inculcate into our minds the words, Ain’t got time to fix anything of the house of the physical world. Just let the physical world collapse. Do your spiritual work.

172.)                    We’ve only got 3.85 years from the day that we were born to spend on the spiritual side. So when we do spiritual work, we are doing exploits. The people of God will do “great exploits.”

173.)                    Atonement is “at-one-ment.”Get ready to meet the saints and be with the saints.

TOCOG is on Lover’s Lane in Townsend and we are looking forward to the feast.

174.)                    TOCOG is the obedient church of Romans 9:28, the only church in the world that is keeping the Sabbath day throughout the world on the seventh-day of the week . That is why God gave us the Pakistani brethren, Mr. Nowell believes, because the seventh-day has to be observed on the first day of the week in Pakistan since the 1800s when the day was jumped ahead for those living west of the International Date Line.

175.)                    The Obedient Churchof God had to show the Pakistani brethren when to observe the Sabbath and they complied, that they have to wait for the sun to go down on the sixth-day for the seventh-day to begin where they live.

176.)                    So let not your heart be troubled. Get out of those congregations where the minister tells members that they can add pagan days, such as Mother-goddess Day, Sky Father’s Day, and turkey-god day and that Christians can participate in Devil Days.

177.)                    Church members need to get out of those “sinister” denominations where pagan days are added and come intoThe Obedient ChurchofGod so they can have God’s peace.

178.)                    John 14:27 says, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world gives, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

179.)                    These are terrible times that are upon us. Let not your heart be troubled. Let not your heart be afraid. We are going to be getting a new body. Our hope is in the new coming kingdom of God. Our hope is in Yeshua.

180.)                    These things that TOCOG is teaching us every week is to increase our love for  Yeshua and our relationship with Him. TOCOG wants to leave us with the thought that we have until sundown tonight to overcome and not have any stress in our lives, and have a wonderful year coming up next year.

181.)                    In Ephesians 4:1 Paul tells us, “I, therefore the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that you walk worthy of the vocation wherewith you are called.”

182.)                    Each of us has to serve someone. We may serve the Devil or we may serve the Lord, but we have to serve somebody.

183.)                    Philippians 4:6 says “…in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known into God…”

184.)                    In preparation today before the Day of Atonement don’t eat a big meal before the 24 hours of fasting, that is, no food and no water from sunset to sunset.

185.)                    The Day of Atonement is Sunday here in North America, but it starts Saturday sun down until Sunday sundown. In Pakistan Atonement begins at  Sunday sundown for the Monday Day of Atonement.

186.)                    On the Day of Atonement we need God’s Spirit on this day of at-one-ment                           to portray in our lives that we will be Spirit Beings.

187.)                     We look forward to the Day of Atonement, a wonderful day because we are in harmony with God on that day and we’ll be like God, not needing food and water. So help us on the Day of Atonement worldwide for The Obedient Church of God members.

188.)                    Father has left us with the peace of understanding; therefore, we as prisoners of the Lord, beseech all of us to walk according to lowliness and meekness,  and forbearing this world because our hope is in the World to come, the World Tomorrow.

189.)                    And this is www.theworldtomorrow.org

190.)                    We are being left with the happy thought that we are not going to need our old bodies, but we are going to be getting new bodies. Nothing in the old evil world that they can do to us is worth worrying about.

191.)                    In conclusion the closing hymn is “Oh if I Had Wings Like Some Dove,” the title in the 1934 book, so we could soar out of this mess, as the evil times are upon us. On page 57 let us sing Psalm 55, “Unto My earnest Prayer Give Ear, The Servant’s Prayer.” It is actually a prayer to Yeshua. Amen. We are singing to Father.

192.)                    Closing prayer by Mr. Lawrence A. Nowell.