We TEACH MINISTERS so that ministers can UNDERSTAND Trump KEEPS ALL THIS SHITE GOING ON=Trump "is" BUILDING USA DEBT by another 10 TRILLION to 30 TRILLION To get us invaded by China for NON-PAYMENT .


With TRUMP It’s ALL going to BE SHITE/shit TODAY



because Trump is controlled by Satan.

They’re “All controlled by SATAN.




The Satanic corrupt USA Shadow Government “IS” still running the USA under Trump

Trump"IS" the SWAMP

of the ELITES, PROVEN by his SWAMP appointments!

see 9 minutes 37 seconds and WAKE UP!

Trump appointed 50+ SWAMP Creatures!!!!!

You ARE set up to be a compliant slave.

“YOU” are an indoctrinated Trump pawn, and “YOU” don’t know it.


Trump is a SATANIC Zionist who has

surrounded himself with 50+ Ashkenazi,


PROVEN by the FACTS of who Trump appointed as his partners in OFFICE.


TRUMP appointed AshkeNAZIS devils as proven by the FACTS.

NOW Trump is controlling the Media so you don’t hear of his fellow Swamp Creatures

How the 1% controlling the media https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vcd-yvudYSg

turns Trump supporters INTO compliant slaves.

That is the point of Good Propaganda on your News Stations.

You are NOT watching programs they are Programming “YOU”.

That is why it is called Programming!


They DON’T tell you that Trump is a Zionist who has surrounded himself with 50+ Satanic Ashkenazi Jews.




The United States is “NOT” run by a President.


The USA is run by the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) & a massive Shadow Government machine.

Satanic David Rockefeller has just died today March 20 2017 at 101 years old

We all only live to 75 but the elite like the Queen pass 100




Trump is a Luciferian Jesuit who practices EVIL and Worships the Sun gOD APPOLO

Trump calls his floor #66 when there are only 58 floors,

Trump tower is 666’ tall

Trump owns 666 Fifth Avenue

Trump is building another Tower worth $666 million= a tower at One Journal Square

Trump lives and works via/covered in “HIS” 666


“YOU” are calling EVIL good.

Trump is TOTALLY EVIL proven by all the Satanic Ashkenazi Khazarians he has appointed to positions of Power including Goldman Sacs.

Trump raping and molesting children including his daughter-do a Google search.


Trump is controlling the Media so you don’t hear about:

but the Bible states:

The sins of the leaders will be revealed before WWIII.

Tens of thousands of children missing worldwide.

Spirit Cooking EATING CHILDREN- drinking their Blood-

Devil Worshipers sacrificing to children Satan.-do a Google Search.

Piazza Gate raping young girls called pizzas, young boys called hot dogs.

Politicians ordering $65,000.00 worth of pizzas and hotdogs caught on tape.

Hiding the news of PizzaGate= 474 arrested in major pedophile bust throughout California

John Podesta E-Mails-Google them.

The sex slave scandals-Google them.

Sacrificing children in blood rituals even  admitted to on the Oprah Winfrey show= right in your face,


but you are a sheeple who says nothing against it.


New topic of Satanic presentations: Look at Madonna’s hands and arms in the same position as Baphomet:

Look at the SATANIC Rituals of the Olympics with Madonna



Look at the Satanic Statue in Detroit



Look at the SATANIC Horse at the Denver Airport.

 ·  Denver Airport is scheduled to be the Western headquarters of the US New World Order.

·  Denver Airport has connection with a future holocaust and the end of the world.

·  The capstone of the Denver Airport is a Masonic symbol.

·  The Denver Airport has a hidden underground city.

·  Denver Airport was funded by a secret society.

Look at the Satanic Murals at the Denver Airport

·  One of the murals shows 3 coffins containing dead people, each person representing people who the elites may want dead: a black woman, a Jewish woman, and an American Indian woman. Panel #1: The lord of Death killing the dove of peace Dead Babies and Commander Skeletor


We live in a SICK WORLD that Trump nor anyone else does anything to change or stop.


Look at the giant phallic penis called the Washington Monument that is 666 feet when you add on its hidden below ground length.

Look at the giant vaginal water pond in front of the Washington Monument “AND”


the same phallic Obelisk at the Vatican City headquarters of the Poop!


Trump raping and molesting children including his daughter

Other leaders more blatantly molesting children and going to a private Caribbean island, known as “Orgy Island,” have included Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Stephen Hawking.

Nearly all the leaders going to Bohemian Grove to have homosexual sex and to have the “Cremation of Care” Ceremony where they burn a body inside Moloch the 40’ Owl.

Trump is “NOT” prosecuting his above “PROVEN” fellow Satanists!


And your Minister supports Trump who has:

Trump has a bunch of

50+Degenerate Khazarians

= mentally ill Satanists

running the USA.

Satanic people trying to DESTROY society to bring in the NWO (New World Order) out of chaos.

We will have CHAOS and then NWO CONTROL,

Now we have “Caitlyn Jenner” and this new transgender, agender, polygender “movement” going on. Bunch of degenerate mentally ill people running around these days.

Joan Rivers telling you Michelle is a man, before they killed Joan Rivers


So we had a HOMOSEXUAL Sodomist, crackhead, as the President/Leader of the USA

and a Man Michael as our First Lady.


The Beatles PREDICTED Michelle IN THEIR SONG “Michelle My Belle” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsNBNqBFZcc  “BECAUSE” the Beatles were Satanists.

The Obamanation of Desolation that disarmed the USA military=desolating the US Military


They “DISTRACT” us with transgender nonsense

to hide their =

Trump’s TRUE Agenda which is to continue to

wipe out humanity by killing 90% of you

PROVEN BY: Someone you know has Cancer

and all the cancer CURES, and diabetes CURES etc. are hidden from you.


YOUR Supposed Freedom is Just an ILLUSION



Flouracitic acid Rat Poison “Is” in your water= a mining waste product that does “NOT” prevent cavities.

Flouracitic acid in your water that lowers peoples’= lowers your I.Q..

Flouracitic acid that was used in NAZI Concentration camps to dumb down and quiet down the Jewish prisoners

Trump is building a wall to keep you “IN”. The USA is 1 big prison camp now.

Total Surveillance of “YOU” under Trump:

Your TV can watch YOU and hear you.

Your cellphone can watch YOU and hear you.

Surveillance cameras on all the city streets.

Surveillance cameras on all the highways.

License plate readers all along the major highways.

Checkpoints on the Highways using roadblocks using Customs agent roadblocks.

Checkpoints in the Cities using random city checkpoint alcohol roadblocks.

Illegal searches of you person and vehicle.

Groping your crotch at the airports when NO OTHER COUNTRY GROPES YOU including Israel which has the highest most successful airport security.


Making you submit, SUBMIT, “SUBMIT”, AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT by making you afraid to say no to them!


They are killing you NOW with Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease

to reduce the world’s population and

you are too stupid to know it.


Chemical trails SPRAYED ON YOU above you raining poison down on you.

Barium sprayed on you.

Aluminum sprayed on you.

Morgellons worms sprayed on you. www.chemtrailplanet.com www.geoengineering.com

Food plants all GMO modified food, food that is illegal and refused in other countries.

Food covered in Pesticides.

Food covered in Fungicides.

Food covered in Herbicide poison.

Sky Net Terminators-

Slow cooking you=Baking you alive in microwave radiation death towers> YOU are now like a frog sitting in hot water, with the heat being turned up.

Unnatural HIGHER THAN NEEDED radiation levels from towers all around you.

5 G cellphones radiating you from your pocket or purse.

Approving building of towers to turn up the power on the cell phone towers into killing machines when the time comes.


Refusing to allow us to have Zero Point free energy that is in the air all around us, that Tesla discovered 100 years ago.

Forcing us to use fossil fuel gas and oil in our cars.

Then charging us a CARBON TAX for the fossil fuels gas and diesel they should NOT be making us use today.

There is free energy all around us, but Trump and his boys won’t let us have free Zero Point energy.


Code Alimentarious passed by the U.N. to STOP YOU from having POWERFUL Health food MEGA Vitamins.

They like in Germany now will force you to get a prescription for Vitamin C. You will need a prescription to get their weak dishwater vitamins.

They WANT TO/NEED TO keep you sick, so they can sell you drugs that only ease the symptoms, but don’t cure anything.



Medical Hospital M.D. accredited Doctors:

KILL over ¼ MILLION of you each year.

Johns Hopkins patient safety experts have calculated that more than

250,000 USA deaths every year are due to Medical error in the U.S.

DOCTORS “ARE” the third leading CAUSE of death!


We haven’t got a chance. You who are still alive who are reading this are just plain lucky.


Forcing School Children and you and your babies to take Vaccines that are killing your children and CAUSING AUTISM.

Gates has been sued by India for KILLING children with his vaccines. INDIA SUES Bill Gates – Holds him Accountable For His DEADLY VACCINATIONS which KILLED over 10,000 Children in Developing Countries and have left hundreds of others Paralyzed.  Gates Foundation is responsible for killing kids with untested meningitis, polio and 5-in-1 pentavalent vaccines AND in addition to 10,000 DEAD, 47,500 kids paralyzed by Gates’s polio vaccine program in 2011

Smart Meters
putting a field of electricity around you

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster still raining down radiation on you after the USA used HAARP to cause the earthquake/tidal wave that destroyed the Reactor because Japan refused to pay the USA in gold, and instead wanted to pay the USA in USA dollars.

Terraforming the Planet

Disabling your eco food system with aluminum pouring out of the sky from Chemical Trails.

Refusing to prosecute Hitlary for taking bribes from everyone via the Clinton foundation

Refusing to prosecute George Bush for casting a spell on the morning of 9-11 and causing 9-11. Having the school children chant: Kite MUST HIT STEEL.

(A “KITE” is a Military Term for a radio controlled airplane.)

while Bush held Baphomet/the My Pet Goat book/SATAN’S LOGO upside-down inverted to cast the Satanic spell. Bush is a Satanic KABALLIST.

Refusing to prosecute Dick Cheney who would not allow the Command Center to shoot down the high jacked but really remote controlled planes.

Not telling you that all the hijackers are still alive.

Trump NOT banning his buddy illegals from Saudi Arabia who were 17 of the hijackers from entering the USA

But Christians are labelled as Terrorists

NOT prosecuting Hitlary for putting National CLASSIIED TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS= Government Secrets on her cell phone, WHICH if you or I did, we would be hung,

Recording your every word on all your phone calls.

Recording your every keystroke on your Computer.

Recording everything you say on Facebook.

They’ve turned you into a WATCHED monumental ant farm, where the elitist class studies Americans to SEE what we  think, how we move around, what we do, use, eat, watch, and listen to:

Then uses this personal information to plot how to control everyone.


Still keeping on with the falsely named Patriot Act that Trump can arrest you with no charges.

Silence about Trump KEEPING 800 FEMA PRISON camps.

Still can lock you up forever without charges.

NDAA Act VIOLATING our Constitution.

To lock up Christians as hostile dissenters because Christians REFUSE to parrot homosexuality, transgender, and choosing you own sex.

Saying your speaking of God’s Bible’s Words against sodomy is “hate speech”.

Christians NOW CANNOT QUOTE all of God’s Bible.

STILL BANNING the Bible in schools.

STILL BANNING religious displays in public places.

Still keeping Agenda 21 to kill you.

Leaving the Georgia Guidestones up which is a Terrorist Act because they are allowed to say they will kill 90% of the people in our planet.

Still ongoing endless war in Afghanistan.

Still ongoing endless War Against (false) Terror spending all your Tax Dollars on the Military

The bastard Trump will give even more money to the military for his false War On Terror.

Still having Guantanamo Prison in Cuba open for torture.

Trump SAID he approves of TORTURE WATER BOARDING people=you which the Geneva Convention forbids waterboarding and states it is Torture.

Trump APPROVES of USING NUCLEAR BOMBS on other humans.

A US managed coupe in the Ukraine, described as an invasion by Russia, utter lies.

Trump is an INSANE War Monger just like Hittlary:

Trump KEEPS all this SHIT GOING ON.

March 2017: Trump/the U.S. will send B-1 and B-52 nuclear bombers to South Korea in order to display a stern show of strength.

300,000 South Korean troops and 15,000 US personnel have also started their annual Foal Eagle military exercise.

The USS Carl Vinson nuke-powered aircraft carrier will join the drill – carrying dozens of fighter jets.


Trump is trying to push crazy man unbalanced Kim Jong-un    in North Korea, into WAR with the USA.

And we still have/KEEP 800 unlawful US Military bases in over 160 countries.

2/3 of NATO Countries have had been invaded or had intervention against them by the US.

Having military drills on the doorstep of Russia.

Having military drills on the doorstep of China.

Encircling China with bases in Australia etc., etc..

Muslims say the Maddi cannot arrive until we have Nuclear War.

1000 Guillotines now POSITIONED in the USA in every state to cut off you head, and harvest your organs.

Trump can “Lock You Up” in a FEMA CAMP or mental institution for speaking out for BEING A DISSENTER &WHISTLEBLOWER of the above FACTS FACTS FACTS.

They HAVE killed whistleblower/dissenters who are against the corrupt Government still running the USA under Trump.

Nothing has changed except cosmetic issues like transgender using bathrooms.

They use stupid issues that they repeal to distract you and give you the impression that they are fixing things.


Hitlary or Trump same result=nothing of real or life threating importance has “REALLY” changed.

They NEVER change or talk about the real issues that cause the “control of you”,

that I Mr. Elijah Bear have outlined for you here.

Trump doing 1st Grade Road Construction

so that TANKS can travel on YOUR ROAD. We could have new 3rd grade less expensive roads but the satanic elite want roads for their TANKS to travel on to blow up your house because you are a Christian Dissenter.


Highway Speed limits are being reduced so “YOU” can’t outrun and pass the high speed new Tanks, without being pulled over by Police.

Drones above you killing Americans such as Breitbart Ex-CIA agent states:

Obama had Reporters Andrew Breitbart and Tom Clancy assassinated. Breitbart bragged the day before his death that in the morning he was going to reveal shocking information that would stop the Obama campaign.  Mr. Breitbart dropped dead walking home at night and his corpse was blood red. Garrow also revealed that the Obama administration was responsible for the deaths of right-wing blogger Andrew Breitbart, journalist Michael Hastings, and novelist Tom Clancy, all of whom knew that Obama was, in reality, an agent of the Saudi Arabian government.  In fact, Garrow said, it was the fact that Breitbart couldn’t keep his mouth shut about it that caused all three of them to be killed:


The UN has stationed THOUSANDS OF TANKS and trucks all over the USA to kill YOU also because you do not agree with them re Sodomy etc..

Civil authorities (NOT the military) have 1.6 BILLION ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION stockpiled

to KILL YOU shoot “YOU” down.

Millions upon millions of rounds purchased by “other” Federal Agencies.

Even the Weather Office-National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) 46,000 rounds of “mostly hollow-point” ammunition.

Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) has a “1.6 billion round stockpile” of ammunition and then DHS was adding 20 million “more” rounds. 

Even the Department of Agriculture 320,000 rounds.

The FBI stockpiled 100 million hollow-point rounds.

Even the Post Office stockpiles guns & ammo= an armed Postal Service 

The Park Service stockpiles guns and ammo.

They are Stockpiling “ILLEGAL HOLLOW POINT ammunition that is not allowed in War because it tears up the soldiers too badly.

Your police killing over 1,100 US citizens EACH YEAR= OVER 100 citizens murdered every month by your police!

NOT allowing you to have Natural CURES means you are living under a Medical Dictatorship of Government FDA lies and deception.

Hundreds of alternative medical doctors MURDERED. In Florida over 20 doctors murdered.

Making you drive in smog by not supplying your car with free electrical energy to its aerial, just like your car gets radio signals from its aerial= hiding free energy.

Highway checkpoints being set up to stop you from freely travelling.

A wall being built in Mexico to stop you from getting OUT and escaping their tyrannical control of the USA.

Having millions of PLASTIC COFFINS STOCKPILED. Each coffin holds a family of 4+.

Trump has a bunch of degenerate

mentally ill people running the USA.



And you’re so FOOLISHLY happy that Trump is in charge and YOU endorse Trump when


and Trump hides the U.N. takeover of the USA.


AND doesn’t tell you that “YOU” and your children

Are pledged as COLLATERAL

for the Debt to China.

Look at your Birth Certificate=It is ALL IN CAPITALS

So is your Driver’s License!

That “means” you ARE PROPERTY of The Corporation of the United States.

It is a binding Legal Contract you entered into when you signed for your Birth Certificate.


The United States is NOT a country, it is a D.C. Corporation OCCUPYING a country.

Why a gold fringe around the Flag?

Answer: Because YOU are UNDER Maritime Law

“NOT” USA civil Law.


Capital letters signify death. They are writing to the dead legal fiction. A legal fiction was created when someone informed the government that there was a new vessel in town, based upon your birth. Birth certificates are issued at birth, just as ships are given berth  certificates.
Your mother has a birth canal, just like a ship. All this information relates to how the general public are still legally tied. Through admiralty law, through this ancient legal construct we can be easily controlled. Learning about your legal fiction helps you to unlock yourself. Otherwise you are just a vessel floating on the sea of commerce. [When you are in court you have to cross the BAR like a sand Bar.]
Parents are tricked into registering the birth of their babies. In about 1837 the Births, Deaths and Marriages act was formed in UK and the post of registrar general was established. His job was to collect all the data from the churches which held the records of birth.
Regis - from queen or crown. All people are seen to be in custody of," The Crown". This allows people to function in commerce and to accept the benefits provided by state.
So we are in custody. Worldwide - under the IMF the majority of people are fed, sheltered and provided for, however now it is the system that is benefitting while many are suffering, are poorly fed, housed and water is contaminated. Many people are now getting sick and dying as a result - not to mention that as people evolve, they now seek to be independent of any system that seeks to control or oppress and harms the earth that this is all taking place on.
We have legally elected representatives. We have to understand who we are as men and women and how we can relate in the system.
The City of London is a centre for markets, where merchants work. Then there is mercantile law. It comes from Admiralty. Look at the symbols in the City of London that relate to Admiralty.
Our national banks are not our banks. The private shareholders from the private banks own the banks. It is all private, not public as we are led to believe. "OF" also means "without", e.g. The bank without England. Private banks issue private currency [such as the USA Federal Reserve that has no reserves and is not Federal].
With WWI a change happened where money was not backed by gold or silver anymore, it is now based on peoples labour.

People [YOU] are now pledged [YOUR PHYSICAL BODY] to the IMF as the surety to pay back the creditors in the global bankruptcy.

That is WHY Yahovah prophesied that you will be taken away as slaves in the end time to China to work in without pay, and populate China’s ghost cities that China built to house you the slave.

US cannot pay over $100 "TRILLION" back= Over $100 "TRILLION" cannot be paid back, even if we wanted to!

So “YOU” WILL BE TAKEN away to China to work as SLAVES.





Right “NOW” in the USA

“YOU” can be LOCKED UP and Killed without any charges. That is “NOW” the Law.

You’ve ALREADY lost your freedom but you don’t know it!


The captivity and deaths that are coming

are beyond your mind.

Including “YOUR” death

for your supporting

Trump who is SCREWING you “NOW”

by YOUR raising the National Debt by another 10 Trillion








The artificial printing of money which, if any ordinary person did, they’d go to prison for a very long time. And yet governments and central banks do it all the time!




to put American citizens in Prison Camps underground Executive order 12919

plus today the



Giving your Police Military Vehicles and even Tanks

= uncontrolled po-LICE



If your read this Paper, you are lucky you are still alive!

We TO COG (The Obedient Church of God) have the ANSWER:

The answer is to pray for Yahovah’s Kingdom TO COME QUICKLY.


The answer is to PRAY for your leaders, NOT vote for them.      


We TEACH MINISTERS so that ministers can UNDERSTAND.

3,740 Words



Mr. Elijah Bear

Matthews Mountain, Tennessee.


PS: Put your hand in the hand of the Man FROM Tennessee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCVOcQIkje8