The TRUTH about UFOs


UFOs “ARE” the Nephilim (the offspring of sex between a woman and a fallen angel) “because”

only Fallen Angels (the 33% of angels which are fallen) “trouble” the human race.


Physicist Allen Heinich classified these “troubling” encounters as of the 1st Kind, 2nd Kind, and 3rd Kind.


An Encounter of the 1st kind is:

1.) When the Human Contactee is within 500’.


An Encounter of the 2nd Kind is:

2.) Is where Humans experience some kind of Physical Harm up to and including being killed/murdered, and/or their farm animals have been killed.


An Encounter of the 3rd Kind is:  

3.) Where a Human “survives” the encounter, and claims to have had “DIRECT COMMUNICATION” with the UFO beings.


A.)These 3 types of Encounters” are NEVER beneficial to humans, and are always deleterious/harmful to humans, either mentally or physically.

The worst is that you will be killed, or operated upon, or come away with having reoccurring nightmares for the rest of your life.


There is “always” deception involved with Nephilim (the male fallen angel’s grownup offspring that live 300 to 800 years before they die and turn into disembodied spirits/demons) and the evil fallen angels that live forever (the male original fallen angel who had sex with a woman).


B.) TO COG Editor’s Note: There are also UFOs that are manmade such as the TR3s, which are triangular with 3 lights (a light on “each” point) manmade anti-gravity craft.


C.) In States/areas where there is large human occult activity (such as Alaska and Hawaii), there are MORE encounters.


D.) The nefarious Nephilim and fallen angels can take on WHATEVER FORM they choose, such as your dead parent, or even a Leprechaun, or a 12” tall Fairy.


E.) Be careful NOT to be around people who are involved in the Occult, because you will then be susceptible to be a target to also be approached by these evil beings.


STOP at 12:40 as that is when the FACTS get twisted up.

F.) At 12:40 the interview goes offtrack/wrong information, when quoting David Grush a USA Intelligence Officer, who was per Wikipedia: David Grusch UFO whistleblower claims July 26, 2023: David Grusch testifies before the U.S. House Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs in the hearing titled "Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena: Implications on National Security, Public Safety, and Government Transparency".



The GOOD NEWS is that God in in charge of EVERYTHING, so the Demons will be put away/dealt with.

How an Ancient Idea Holds the Future of Physics

by Heinrich Pas

AUD $39.99

A particle physicist makes the scientific case for an ancient idea about the nature of the universe: that all is One.

In The One, particle physicist Heinrich Päs presents a bold idea: fundamentally, everything in the universe is an aspect of one unified whole.


This idea, called monism, has a rich 3,000-year history: Plato believed that 'all is one', but monism was later rejected as irrational and suppressed as a heresy by the medieval Church. Nevertheless, monism persisted, inspiring Enlightenment science and Romantic poetry.


Päs shows how monism could inspire physics today, how it could slice through the intellectual stagnation that has bogged down progress in modern physics and help science achieve the 'grand theory of everything' that it has been chasing for decades.


Blending physics, philosophy, and the history of ideas, The One is an epic, mind-expanding journey through millennia of human thought and into the nature of reality itself.


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Author bio:

Heinrich Päs is a German theoretical physicist and professor at TU Dortmund University. He received a PhD from the University of Heidelberg for research at the Max-Planck-Institute in 1999, held postdoc appointments at Vanderbilt University and the University of Hawaii, and an Assistant Professorship at the University of Alabama. His research on particle physics, cosmology and the structure of space and time was on the cover of the Scientific American and the New Scientist magazine. It also got included in the collector's edition "Ultimate Physics: From Quarks to the Cosmos", next to a piece by Stephen Hawking.


His first book "The Perfect Wave" dealt with neutrinos - the most puzzling particles we know about. It was praised in The Wall Street Journal, Nature, Economist, Publisher's Weekly, ZEIT, Welt and Deutschlandfunk.

His new book "The One" makes the scientific case for an ancient idea about the nature of the universe: that all is One. Blending physics, philosophy, and the history of ideas, "The One" is an epic, mind-expanding journey through millennia of human thought and into the nature of reality itself.