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Subject: Unending Persecution of Christians in Pakistan.

Dear Friends,
Greetings from Pakistan!
My report really is a reflections and deep thoughts reminding the peace.
1: One of our brother Younis Francis' family got affected by this incidence. His elder sister lost her house and husband with other 5 family memebers in her family. She is young widow now who is elder sister of Brother Younis Francis.
2: It is not the first and the last persecution the Christians have ever faced; there are series of events, but all of these events deepen our faith and give us courage to live and follow  the values of gospel and human.
I am going to attach my thoughts in the report which you can share with your friends and group. My personal thoughts are written in the end of the report , I have highlighted my personal concerns in that report and I am sending it to you as per attachment.

I am also going to send you few pictures for you to view the situation, there are also some video links included in the report. Please view them pictures and also the video report. The reality is much more worse that it can be shown in the pictures, I would like your to refer to the video links to see the situaton more closely.

May God bless you and all of yours!

Yours faithfully,
Pastor Faisal Anwer,
Faith Christian Ministry,
Karachi Pakistan,

Detailed Report of Persecution of Christians


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