Message from The Obedient Church of God

RE Godís Fall Feast Days

Has the New moon been sited in Jerusalem?

***No, the new moon crescent has ďnotĒ been sighted.


Reports from Israel have all been negative sightings. The moon has already set in that region, so those that follow reports from Israel will not be starting their month until tomorrow evening, September 26th.


*** Trumpets is on the Daylight portion of the 7th day (Saturday) Tishri 1-September 27th*.


*** The Fast of the 7th Month/Spiritual Feast of Gedaliah Zechariah 8:19 is on the 3rd day of Tishri which falls on Daylight portion of Tishri (Monday) September 29th*.


*** Atonement is on the Daylight portion of (Monday) October 6th*.


*** And the Feast of Tabernacles is on the Daylight portion of the 7th day (Saturday) October 11th*.


And Shemini Atzeret is on the Daylight portion of the 7th day (Saturday) October 18th*


Editorís Notes:

*** Thus the month of Elul will have 30 days,

and therefore by default Tishiri will commence on the evening of the 30th day of Elul. (There cannot be "more" than 30 days in Godís Month x 12 months= 360 days in Godís Sacred year-though there can be less).


*Starts the evening before.


*** It is interesting to note that there are 3 double High Day Sabbaths this year on:

1.)  Trumpets

2.)  The 1st Day of the Feast of Tabernacles

3.)  And on Shemini Atzaret.


= 3 POWER SABBATHS, ďTHISĒ Fall Feast Season-for those who follow Godís Bible rules exactly!