Do NOT take the vaccine


Professor Dolores Cahill, (EU Medical Advisor amongst other positions) has tested the Covid vaccines on animals and

has estimated that 50-80% of people taking the vaccine will die prematurely, probably within 1-3 years.


Interestingly if you take the current population of the UK at approx 65 million, then reducing that by approx 75%, brings the population down to around 15 million which MATCHES what predicts for 2025.



Applied to the USA:

200 MILLION USA citizens "ARE" DEAD BY 2025

per your own Government's STATISTICS collected by .




In Norway Norwegian doctors have been told to be cautious while inoculating the elderly. 23 patients died shortly after receiving the first jab, BMJ Journal reported.

In Germany Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine the Paul Ehrlich Institute in Germany is also investigating 10 deaths shortly after getting the Covid-19 vaccine shot.

Spain will stop administering the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine for two weeks while experts review its safety, Health Minister Carolina Dias announced Monday.

Other European Union countries, including France, Germany and Italy, have also temporarily stopped using the AstraZeneca jab

amid reports that some people developed blood clots after receiving the shot.