Lying to you that McCain was a war hero


1.) McCain KILLED 134 Americans by throwing fuel into a running Jet engine while it was parked on a ship, causing the munitions on the ship to blow up and


2.) McCain worked “FOR” the Vietnamese by being the Vietnamese Announcer Broadcasting Anti-American Propaganda, his nickname was Songbird, AND


3.) McCain squealed to the Vietnamese where the US Airforce Pilots landed and took off, and gave the Vietnamese all the US air routes so that US planes could be shot down.


4.) McCain blocked the release of the information on where missing US soldiers were.


5.) McCain caused the remaining POW (Prisoners of War) to be murdered by the Vietnamese when McCain broke the deal to release Americans and the Vietnamese were never paid for already releasing American GIs, so the Vietnamese KILLED all the remaining American Prisoners of War, because McCain broke the deal.


McCain should have been hung for TREASON!