Syria was attacked on April 6, 2017 to STOP the Peace Talks between Russia and the USA re Syria,

“because” the elite warmonger controlling Banksters gave Trump the orders to strike Syria and to continue the Middle East wars BECAUSE “WAR IS A RACKET”.


There is NO PROOF that Syria poisoned 60 of their own people. And it would have been insane for Assad (the humble former Dentist) to have poison gassed his own people, when in fact Assad had already just won the war against the ISIS American backed/supplied rebels.


If i were Putin i would just blow up the area wherever the missiles originated from, and put the situation back in Trump’s lap.


Trump is using the same rhetoric excuse as pappy Bush did to invade Iraq the 1st time in 1991 re Kuwait, of Bush claiming we must go to war because Kuwait babies were thrown out of incubators-which was a lie as the girl who said so was a diplomat’s lying acting daughter.


Saddam/Iraq attacked Kuwait because Kuwait was “slant drilling” into/across the Iraq border so that Kuwait was stealing Iraq’s oil.

Pappy Bush ignored that fact, and said we had to invade Iraq because Iraq threw babies out of incubators which Iraq did “NOT” do.


Now Trump is using the same EMOTIONAL playbook saying the words “little babies” to EMOTIONALLY suck in Americans for Trump to give himself justification and an excuse to bomb Syria, on behalf of the Banksters. It was Smedley Butler, (the most decorated soldier ever in the USA) who said and wrote a book titled “WAR IS A RACKET”.


Trump is just another Illuminati puppet, and Trump is a 33rd Degree Satanic lying Mason, who has broken most of his campaign promises, such as HIS PROMISE TO BE prosecuting his friend the 4th Degree Witch Hillary which in his campaign Trump said he would do.


Re Putin (who is also a Mason) said: “There will be a mutually harsh response by Russia”.

It is like a big card game, and like in a big card game sometimes one player will shoot another player at the table.


This will be one of the most dangerous weeks we have lived through.


And Mr. Bear’s research confirms that Russian soldiers were at the bombed Airport, that was hit by 59 Tomahawk missiles with 1000 lb. USA Bombs on each missile.


China is aligned with North Korea and

Russia is aligned with Syria.


Attack one of them and you “have to” deal with the other.


Trump is starting the same war with Russia that Hillary wanted to start.

Trump and Hillary are just figure heads of the shadow government.

We have been conned that it is a civil war in Syria when it is not a civil war, but is a mercenary war and a Shite and Sunni war.


Trump lied to us that he would not attack Syria.

Trump is just another Illuminati puppet.

Trump HAD TO RUN for President and do the BIDDING OF THE BANKSTERS re war, in order to pay back his Billion dollar debts and not to be killed by the Banksters:









Merrill Lynch

Royal Bank of Pennsylvania

Bank of New York Mellon Trust

Chevy Chase Trust Holdings

Amboy Bank

Investors Savings Bank

Ladder Capital

Deutsche Bank


Chart from loan documents.


Trump is an irresponsible bigmouth con artist spender who cannot even make a profit on his casino, and because Trump is irresponsible= Trump will put the final nail in the coffin of the already bankrupt USA.



Hitlary or Trump it doesn’t matter, the outcome IS PROVEN to be the same and they are all liars, controlled by Satanist Banksters who make money on War Materials and who follow Satan in their Bohemian Grove Satanic rituals, etc..


The only solution is for Christ to come back and throw all the lying Illuminati bums out.



Elijah Bear


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3ribs posted: "In a grave development tonight, the USA launched dozens of Tomahawk cruise missiles against the Assad government in Syria.  This fateful attack has sealed the fate of Damascus, Israel and the USA to suffer a nuclear war in the next 4-6 days. http://www.b"

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New post on The Burden Against America

Nuclear War Now Confirmed for Apr 10/12

by 3ribs

In a grave development tonight, the USA launched dozens of Tomahawk cruise missiles against the Assad government in Syria.  This fateful attack has sealed the fate of Damascus, Israel and the USA to suffer a nuclear war in the next 4-6 days.

Today, April 6,  is Abib 8 by the new moon calendar and Abib 10 by the modern Hillel calendar.  Since Abib 10 is the date when the Passover sacrifice is determined, it may well be that the nuclear war will erupt on the Hillel Passover date of Monday, Apr 10 rather than the New Moon date of Wednesday, Apr 12.

Either way, the Isa 17, Dan 7:4-5 holocaust has now been set for the window of Apr 10 - 12, 2017.

Now is the time for all who have ears to hear to remove themselves far from the NYC, DC & LA areas. 

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