Ministers have NO RIGHT to call themselves Christians BECAUSE ministers do not DO nor believe the Doctrines that Christians in the 1st Century “DID” and Believed.

Ministers are NOT Christians BECAUSE the ministers do NOT do what Christians like Paul and the Disciples did re Holy Days and ways.



We’ve KILLED God’s children!!=

Ministers to ask themselves:

“What have we done!” We’ve KILLED God’s children!!=

We’ve CAUSED the ETERNAL DEATH of our members!!!


YOU ministers “CAUSED” the death of people who wanted to follow/belong to God.


YOU ministers “CAUSED” people to follow the Devil’s DISobedient way.


CAUSED the ETERNAL DEATH of your members.

How Dare you ministers

move God’s 7th Day Sabbath

to Friday the 6th day

in Australia, India, China etc., with a phony 1883 Date Line

Your minister” is stealing/taking away your Eternal life by teaching you to be DISobedient.

Editor’s Note: If a liar doesn’t “know” that he is a liar, he is still a liar telling lies.

All ministers’ members/sheep in Australia and New Zealand

are BREAKING God’s 4th Holy Sabbath Day Commandment

BECAUSE of “YOU” ministers.

=“YOU” ministers are CAUSING members to break God’s Test Commandment!

YOU” ministers ARECAUSING” the spiritual death of your members


your IGNORANCE, STUPIDITY, and STUBBORNESS refusing to change.



YOU ministers are causing your Church members/the sheep to VIOLATE God’s ways and Laws.

“WHY” did this happen?


Because ministers/shepherds are USELESS BUMS, and Whitewashed Walls, looking righteous on the outside but inside are all dead men with dead men’s bones.

Ministers ARE TOTALLY UNrighteous!

Righteousness is following God’s Laws. Romans 7:12

So then, the Law is holy, and the commandment is holy and righteous and good. Romans 7:12


The PROBLEM IS with the ministers.

Minsters who are NOT teaching All of God’s Ways, and

what the ministers do teach the ministers change from what was taught in the 1st Century

and twist into errors, such as agreeing with changing the time zones of the World in 1883.


Ministers do NOT follow even the

4th Commandment Worldwide.

Ministers DON’T teach God’s COMMANDS and ways.


The problem is with the ministers.

The ministers are not teaching God’s ways!

And even what they do teach they twist into error and obfuscate & cover up the truth.

Because ministers


that provides predication for further investigation.

There is a HELL (pun intended) OF A DIFFERENCE


Without Due Process of examination, ministers blindly “ARE” violating God’s Laws.



Answer= Because “ministers” refuse and continue to neglect and refuse to TEACH change to God’s Truth,

and the truth is that you cannot change God’s Sabbath to Friday in 1883 in

Australia 24 MILLION, New Zealand 5 MILLION, China 1.4 BILLION, India 1.3 BILLION, and Pakistan 200 MILLION

=1/2 of the World’s population of 7 billion people with

SATAN’S phony IDL (International Date Line),


causes members to sin

BY WORKING ON GOD’S SABBATH, in Australia and New Zealand

because the ministers blindly follow man’s IDL.

Your minister” is stealing/taking away your Eternal life by teaching you to be DISobedient.

Editor’s Note: If a liar doesn’t “know” that he is a liar, he is still a liar telling lies


Ye should earnestly contend for the faith [the disciples added NONE of these days] which was once delivered unto the saints. Jude 1:3

   “And” 1.) Not be moving GOD’S Holy Days with an averaging calendar! And

2.) Not be moving GOD’S Sabbath to Friday in ½ the World,

by ministers following a phony 1883 IDL (International Date Line)! And

                                                                          3.) Your deceived rebellious ministers CANNOT even understand the 1st Chapter of God’s Bible of Genesis 1:14:

Then “God” said... LIGHTS... “WILL... MARK [START]... FESTIVALS, DAYS, & years". Gen 1:14 God's Word Translation.

NOT Satanic averaging calendars. You rebellious ministers are “deliberately” IGNORING GOD’S BIBLE WORDs, that “Lights will mark/”START” Festivals.

Don’t lie and play stupid that you do not understand what a light is, you rebellious ministers. When you see the green light at an intersection “that” is when you go. NOT “BEFORE” with an averaging calendar,

 causing members to work on Holy Days.

3 of the above STRIKES and you are out!

YOU ministers ARE the ENEMY OF GOD.

Therefore we TO COG are OPPOSED to ALL churches including all the COGS (Church of God Armstrong offshoots) that

Keep their members in Darkness.

You don’t have to be crazy to DISobey God, because your sinisters will “teach” you to be crazy and to “DIS”obey),

Willful Religious DECEPTION by your COG ministers, who refuse to change.


Hand this to your minister and