Aviv Barley Report:



Abib of God has released a report from their barley searches currently being conducted within Israel that shows wild barley fields with mature seeds. See full reports from March 15th and on Facebook March 17th. Yoel Halevi also reports aviv barley on Facebook. A third group has also determined aviv barley [March 18] headed by Devorah Gordon primarily in the Northern Negev. You can read their report here.

Just to review, there are three main characteristics of aviv barley that we look for at the time of the renewed moon crescent based on biblical descriptions (all three should be met):

  • It is brittle enough to be destroyed by hail and has begun to lighten in color (i.e. it is not 'dark green')
  • The seeds have produced enough dry material so it can be immediately eaten parched
  • Sufficient quantity to clearly indicate maturity that will be harvest-ready within a few weeks

Abib of God
Israel on - March 15th

Brian Hoeck
Western Negev on - March 17th

Devorah Gordon
Northern Negev- March 18th


Wild Barley in Israel is ripe as of March 15, 2018= no second month of Adar 2/no 13th month necessary, as barley was ripe “BEFORE” THE NEW YEAR which therefore “MAKES” the New Year valid to start March 19th 2018 (per this month’s Crescent which was sighted the evening of the 18th in Jerusalem).


Therefore March 19th is New Year’s Day, and the

start of a NEW Year for the people of God.


Editor’s Note:

The 50th year/Jubilee year is now over/completed.

We can look for:

War and many troubles occurring during the remainder of 2018 and onward.

April 1st to April 14th 2018 is especially dangerous.