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Here's some info on Wormwood and its satellite, Nibiru  

I'm not advocating the Millennium Prophecy per se, of course, but the astronomical information about the gravitational node rings of Wormwood is fascinating.  Every solstice +/- 4 weeks provides another chance for a run-in with those node rings.  
The Dec 26, 2004 tsunami was very likely one such encounter.  
Each one that follows will be of increasing intensity.  

There's a nice animation showing Wormwood's orbit here:
I've also attached the flash video: wormwood.flv

Unexpected tidal patterns this summer:  http://www.millenniumprophecy.com/currentevents.html


Wormwood Science 
(An excerpt from The Millennium Prophecy)

The Physics of Destruction

(How the Wormwood Brown Dwarf Star Destroys Things When It Gets Here)

All bodies floating in space broadcast fields of gravitational waves but it takes quite a bit of mass before those gravitational waves become “significant”… are able to hold onto things.  A gravitational wave-field reaches out in all directions in three-dimensional space but if a body in space is also spinning on an axis then something else happens at the equatorial plane of the spinning body (star or planet).  The moving gravity field “distorts” time-space.  As the rate of spin increases… change in angular momentum per unit time… the distortion of the affected local time-space “intensifies”.  Where the distortion is maximal (around the “equator”… at a right angle to the axis of rotation) it is reflected back by the dark matter/dark energy of time-space (“Dark Soup” if you will) and stable tubular gravitational “node rings” will form… like invisible concentric “hula hoops” around the equatorial plane of that spinning body (star or planet).  They may be invisible but they definitely are there.  These stable concentric “hula hoop” node rings will usually fall within a few degrees of the equatorial plane and that’s where the planets will orbit around the sun.  And for the planets, their gravitational node rings are where moons will orbit around planets.  In short, a gravitational field of a body in space spinning on an axis is the basis for stable planetary orbits around stars as well as stable orbits of moons around planets. The size of the gravity field (amount of mass) and spin rate determine the reach (diameter) and the characteristics of the “affected zone” where the concentric planar node rings will form.  The sun has a gravitational wave-field that reaches out into space for about half a light year in all directions but its mass and its spin rate only generate stable node rings out to about four and a half “light hours” of distance… the distance to the node ring of Neptune.  Beyond that the outer planetoid bodies have different orbital configurations that are not guided by planar gravitational node rings.  So the gravity field itself will reach out way beyond the “distortion zone” radius where the node rings are located.         

Again, the gravitational node rings of the sun are where most of the planets orbit… from Mercury all the way out to Neptune.  And the planets will have moons orbiting in their gravitational node rings.  If the rate of rotation with respect to mass is slow then there might be one or two such gravitational node rings.  If the rate of spin is faster and/or the mass is greater then more gravitational node rings will form farther and farther away from the surface of that star or planet.  If the rate of spin is really fast compared to the mass of the star or the planet, then equatorial discs can also form as they do for the gas planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune… especially Saturn) in between the node rings.  Saturn is large enough to hold 60 Earths… well… if it were hollow.  It’s really BIG.  But it only takes 10 hours and 32 minutes for a complete 3600 rotation (a Saturn “day”).  It makes more than two full revolutions for every Earth day.  As rotation rates go Saturn is really “hauling a$$”.  It does not dawdle.  So its time-space distortion activity is way more “intense” than the pattern generated by Earth.  That combination of heavy mass and very high rotation rate not only generates node rings for its moons but ice discs that span the space in between them.  Anyway, mass that throws a gravity field plus spin rate determines the characteristics of the node rings and any disc formations.

Assuming Wormwood rotates on its axis… like all stars and planets seem to do… it will also generate a set of local concentric gravitational node rings based on its mass and its rate of spin.  And because Wormwood is so heavy… 1/17th of a solar mass… it will be holding on to its gravitational node rings with really long arms… a radius that’s probably much larger than the orbital diameter of Mars.  When it approaches the ecliptic plane of the solar system on its perihelion walk-through, its gravitational hula hoop node rings slice right through the middle of the sun’s ecliptic plane node rings like a table saw… a table saw with numerous concentric node ring saw blades that have space junk and debris embedded in

Image of Saturn's rings
Image Courtesy of http://www.solstation.com

the hula hoop cutting blades.  Actually they don’t really “slice” each other the way that saw blades cut things.  It’s more like they are trying to “bash” each other… like a sword fight with big round pipes.  It’s a battle of gravity field distortion zones but the “cutting plane” geometry is analogous to a table saw.

Wormwood Nodal Rings

Wormwood in Solar System

During the years when it is making its trek out through the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud, Wormwood can grab ice chunks, frozen methane, comets and various other forms of space junk… whatever Mr. Kuiper and Mr. Oort have on the daily menu.  And when it is cutting through the solar system within node ring range of the asteroid belt, it will also grab asteroids in its grip… if they happen to be available.  If any asteroids happen to be just slightly out of good solid gripping range when Wormwood is bashing its way through the asteroid belt, it can still shove some of them out of stable orbit patterns and make them slowly spiral inward toward the Sun.  Many of those displaced asteroids will slowly spiral inward toward the sun and some of them can hit the Earth a thousand years later long after Wormwood has gone back out toward deep space.

From the best that we can tell… without access to classified NASA and NSF (Office of Polar Operations) information… Wormwood approaches our sector of the solar system from the southern (hemisphere) side of the ecliptic plane along a planar line that stretches from June 21st (Right Ascension: 18 h) (Summer Solstice) orbital position arcing up over the center of the Sun then back down along Right Ascension: 6 h to the December 21st (Winter Solstice) orbital position… geometrically.  In June the earth would be facing Scorpius and Sagittarius in the midnight sky… summer stars.  In late December the earth would be facing Orion, Taurus or Gemini (the Twins) in the midnight sky… winter stars.  (If you are from the southern hemisphere just use the months of the year.)  

Wormwood’s orbit pattern approaches our sector of the solar system from the southern hemisphere side on the June 21st edge of the system.  It comes up through the ecliptic plane from southern side to northern side between the solar node ring of the asteroid belt and the solar/orbital node ring of Jupiter but it stays firmly in its own elliptical orbit plane as it slices through the sun’s ecliptic plane in its perihelion arc over.  If you look at the edge of that elliptical orbit you would only see a straight line… like looking at the edge of a sheet of paper.  It arcs up over the sun (perihelion) and comes back down on the December 21st side of the ecliptic plane and cuts through again back down to the southern side.  Geometrically the perihelion end of Wormwood’s elliptical orbital plane and the solar ecliptic plane intersect at right angles to form a line from RA: 18 h position on the summer side of Earth’s orbit through the center of the sun to RA: 6 h position on the winter side of Earth’s orbit.  So use the Summer Solstice position (RA: 18 h… June 21st) and the Winter Solstice position (RA: 6 h… December 21st) of the earth to divide the solar system “down the middle” and that is the line that Wormwood will be using as it traverses the ecliptic plane during its perihelion walk through… the extended Solstice Line.  

With a little study of the artwork for Wormwood’s perihelion arc over and its node rings you can see that its node ring cutting action remains “in plane”… Wormwood’s own elliptical orbital plane… but it is so heavy that its node ring arms can easily span the orbital diameter of Mars… and may very well span the orbital diameter of Jupiter.  That’s a lot of diameter.  It can be coming in on the Summer Solstice side (RA: 18 h) and it can reach all the way across the orbital diameter of the Earth to the Winter Solstice side (RA: 6 h) and hit us on the winter side even though it is still inbound on the summer side.  It has really long arms holding onto its very destructive node rings.  Its node rings can be cutting through our solar system at any time once it gets “within node ring range”.  The question is where is the Earth when one of those node rings is cutting through the sun’s third node ring (where the Earth orbits)?  If the Earth is fairly close to that extended Solstice line… on either end… when a Wormwood node ring is coming through “Earth’s sector of space” then the Earth gets hit with gravitational destruction.  If the Earth is not too close to that Solstice line when a node ring comes through Earth’s sector of space then there is little or no destruction except for general gravitational stress… ex: when old earthquake fault lines that suddenly become active or when old dormant volcanoes suddenly become active… for no apparent reason… which is happening a lot in 2008 and 2009.  

At this point I need to connect another conceptual dot to bring more clarity.  When the Chief Physicist of the Universe was designing this universe one of the features that He built in was the fact that all waves “attenuate with the square of the distance”… they “lose their strength” the farther out they reach.  This is true of magnets, water waves, sound waves, light waves and gravity waves.  Magnets don’t reach out that far.  If you put a few inches of separation between them they just sit there but close together is a different story.  Listening to hard rock music full blast right in front of a 500 watt speaker system will make you go deaf.  But even at full volume it is not as loud if you are three blocks away.  The power of the sound wave attenuates (loses strength) at longer distances from the sound source.  Drop a pebble into a glassy smooth pond on a calm day and the splash waves will be taller close to the pebble splash point but will flatten out and disappear 40 or 50 feet away.  Yes.  Bigger pebbles (rocks) make bigger waves that will go farther but the same rule applies.  Eventually they flatten out and disappear.  Light waves may go forever… until they hit something and get absorbed… but they keep spreading out as they go until they get so dim that you can barely see them.  Gravity waves behave the same way.  The farther away you get from a gravity source, the less gravitational attraction/pull that object has on you.  And the reach of the hula hoop distortion wave of gravity is much less than the reach of the gravity wave itself. For example, the sun’s gravity wave reaches out for about half a light year in all directions but only four and a half light hours to the node ring of Neptune… the outermost planet carrying node ring.

As luck would have it, a similar kind of attenuation pattern applies to the clash of the orbital node rings when Wormwood is in the neighborhood… but for a different reason. Why? A spin generated gravitational node ring has a very short cross sectional diameter compared to its full reach ring diameter… like a hula hoop.  Stand a hula hoop up on edge on the floor and it is usually about three and a half feet tall… max ring diameter.  But if you cut straight through the hula hoop with a knife, the cross sectional tube diameter is only about one inch.  The same kind of hula hoop pattern is true of the gravitational node rings for the Sun (where the planets orbit), for the planets (where the different moons orbit) and for Wormwood (where the space junk orbits).  The max ring diameter of the outermost node ring for the Sun is about 9 light hours… the max ring diameter of Neptune’s node ring.  The diameter of the Sun’s third node ring (where the Earth orbits) is only 17 light minutes (radius of 8½ light minutes).  For Wormwood, the maximum radius of the outermost node ring looks like it can easily reach from one side of Mars’ orbit to the other… and might even span the orbital diameter of Jupiter.  We don’t really know for sure because NASA and the NSF South Pole people won’t say… if they even know.  But regardless of Wormwood’s max node ring radius, it is the much smaller cross sectional time-space distortion tube diameter that concerns us when one of its node ring tubes is in the neighborhood crossing hula hoop tube swords with the Sun’s third node ring… where the Earth is orbiting.  And that’s good news because it means that any node ring sword fights between the Sun and Wormwood are usually fairly short.  They may get very “intense” but they don’t last forever because Wormwood… and its node rings… continue moving along that June – December Solstice line as Wormwood comes through town on its perihelion walk through.  So any clash of node ring tube swords will be limited in duration because the tube diameter is small compared to the maximum ring diameter… like a hula hoop.

Since Wormwood has a stable perihelion orbital arc it will always have all of its node rings clashing swords with the Sun’s node rings along the extended geometric line that runs from the June 21st midnight sky (Summer Solstice) position through the center of the Sun to the December 21st midnight sky position (Winter Solstice) on the opposite side… the June 21st – December 21st “Line of Destruction” if you will.  If one of Wormwood’s hula hoop node rings is sword fighting with the Sun’s third node ring… on either end (June end or December end)… it destroys things here on earth IF earth happens to be “within the cross sectional tube diameter range” of the node ring sword fight.  Ok, then what is the tube diameter sword fight range?  Answer:  About three or four weeks on either side of the centerline of the “Line of Destruction”.  The farther earth is away from that centerline, the less effect a node ring clash will have.  So the “Danger Zone” for the earth is centerline of that Solstice generated “Line of Destruction” (June 21st – December 21st) plus/minus about four weeks.  There are large separation distances between the node rings of the Sun… where the planets are… so the same is probably true for Wormwood’s node rings… where the space junk is.  You get a node ring slashing through along with some asteroids or space junk and then nothing for several years.  Then along comes another node ring and then nothing for a couple years.  The point is that Wormwood’s concentric node rings have quite a bit of separation in between them.  But remember that Wormwood’s node rings can reach all the way over to the December 21st end of Earth’s orbit even though it is still approaching the solar ecliptic plane from the southern side on the June 21st end.  It’s got very long arms holding those node ring tube swords… lots of reach.

When a node ring of Wormwood clashes with the sun’s third node ring (where Earth is orbiting) the battle of spatial distortions can get very “intense” depending on how close Earth is to the centerline of the Line of Destruction.  The effects on planet Earth can be very messy.  It can make entire tectonic plates shift positions and slide around on the plastic mantle underneath.  Part of the credit for the easy slip and slide goes to the MohoroviÄ ić discontinuity that is situated between the lithosphere and the mantle underneath.  The time-space distortion stresses on the tectonic plates can split continents in half.  They can pull/push the plates in various directions.  Wormwood’s gravitational grip can reach down through the Earth’s surface layer… the lithosphere… and rearrange the plastic mantle underneath with major bulges or depressions causing entire sections of the lithosphere to rise or fall depending on how the mantle is reshaped… producing “block faulting” in the plates or in sections of the plates that “float” on top of the affected area of the mantle.  Its node rings can reach through the Earth and pull islands or continents down under the ocean (Atlantis).  They can pull continents or islands up out of the ocean.  They can do both simultaneously.  You can imagine the earthquakes, volcanic activities, tsunami activities that can happen.  Wormwood can radically change large portions of the Earth’s surface geography in a single day.  And if any of the asteroids it is holding happen to transfer to planet Earth, the blast of the impact destroys anything and everybody within the “kill radius”.  Ocean impacts can deliver massive shock waves that send 1000 foot tall tsunami waves heading toward the coastlines of any island or continent within range.  If a ten foot tsunami is headed your way you might be able to climb a nearby tree or hill of some sort.  If a 1000 foot tsunami is bearing down on you, where can you go?  One minute after it hits your location your body is rendered into hamburger in all the debris.     

There is one other way that Wormwood causes massive destruction besides the gravitational damage it can do to Earth’s tectonic plates.  The ancient civilizations were deathly afraid of the specific time that it made its “crossing” from southern hemisphere space into northern hemisphere space.  Why? Answer: Wormwood’s atmosphere is a methane atmosphere.  When it is traveling out through the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud it picks up generous tonnages of methane ice.  Its hot surface is quite capable of melting the methane ice and rendering it back to gas.  When Wormwood gets close enough to a planet it can “contribute” billions of tons of methane gas to any planet that happens to be within “atmospheric range” and is ready to receive the “contribution”.  If Jupiter happens to be near the “line of destruction” it probably helps itself to more than its share because of its great mass and its close orbital proximity.  The same would apply… to a lesser extent… to Mars and Saturn.  But Jupiter already has a lot of methane gas in its atmosphere.  So does Saturn.  So methane gas doesn’t mean much to them since they are already well supplied.  Mars has a CO2 atmosphere and a greatly reduced gravitational pull so any methane it collects from Wormwood tends to migrate to its very thin upper atmosphere and wisp back off into space.  Methane is hard to hold onto.  It takes a pretty good gravity pull to hang onto it.  Even Earth’s gravity is not quite strong enough to hold onto methane gas permanently our methane is constantly “bleeding off” back to space from the upper ionosphere.  And it doesn’t matter if the source of methane is termites, ants, cows, people or leaking oil well pipes.  Methane is a light gas.  Here on Earth it will slowly migrate to the upper atmosphere and eventually exit the atmosphere for space.

But when Wormwood is in the neighborhood and is throwing billions of tons of methane around, if Earth happens to be within “atmospheric range” of Wormwood’s methane atmosphere, the result is not good.  Earth supplies oxygen to mix with the methane (natural gas) and when Wormwood adds in red hot pellets of rock, pieces of asteroid(s) and any other pieces of solid space junk it might have in tow, the result is literally fire raining down from the sky.  Consider the description supplied to us in Revelation 8:7  The first sounded, and there came hail and fire, mixed with blood, and they were thrown to the earth; and a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.  At first blush, the description seems symbolic.  But if you consider the physics, the gravitational node rings with all sorts of embedded/entrained space junk, the chemistry, the mixing of methane and oxygen… all the stuff that Wormwood brings with it when it arrives… a better interpretive approach would suggest that the description is in fact very literal.  The Revelation is telling us that when Wormwood gets within atmospheric range, ice chunks (water and methane), methane gas (billions of tons of it), and iron oxide powder (billions of tons of it) will all be thrown to the earth.  The little rocky pellets will glow red hot as they fall through earth’s atmosphere and the mixture of Wormwood’s methane and earth’s oxygen will mean that fire is raining down from the sky.  And the iron oxide will probably look similar to blood when it is poured into water… when it first starts to mix in with the water.  Suddenly the description seems very literal indeed.  But look at the size of the affected area… a third of the earth was burned up.  The interface between the spheroid shape of Wormwood’s atmosphere and earth’s spherical surface can be as large as one third of the surface area of planet earth.  That is an extremely large affected area.  And within the affected zone, one third of the trees are burned so badly that they are destroyed… rendered lifeless.  Also, close to 100% of the green grass in the affected zone is completely destroyed… rendered lifeless… so that it cannot recover.  Basically, anything or anybody caught out in the open inside that one third area of earth’s surface is incinerated… well… cooked for a while.  It is NASTY and VERY DANGEROUS!  And it can affect a larger area of the earth because the earth rotates on its axis while Wormwood throws billions of tons of methane into our atmosphere.  The fire can rage for many hours.  That’s a lot of very nasty destruction.  The Revelation says that one third of the surface of the earth will be incinerated.  That’s a lot of surface area.    

No wonder the ancient people were so afraid of Wormwood when it started a crossing event through the ecliptic plane… especially on the inbound side.  Anyone caught out in the open when the fire rained down on the affected zone of the Earth was burned to death.  And anything combustible was incinerated.  That’s why the 20,000 grave sites near Bab edh-Drha were filled with half a million burned bodies.  When Wormwood rained fire down from the sky all those people got caught out in the open.  Without adequate heat shielding (caves or cellars) they were all burned to death.  And those underground facilities of ancient Derinkuyu, Cappadocia (Turkey) suddenly make a lot more sense too.  With several square miles of underground rooms, tunnels and water supplies… enough for roughly 200,000 people… they would have been able to survive the fire raining down from above when Wormwood was in the neighborhood.  Burned villages up on the surface could be rebuilt fairly quickly but lives were a little harder to replace.  And Cappadocia was not the only place that prepared underground tunnels and dwelling places.  High tech versions of underground complexes have been found in Brazil, Peru and Nicaragua in the western world.  Some of the South American tunnels are big enough to drive trucks down into them.  Some of the walls are lined with obsidian glass which tends to suggest that they were cut or sealed/treated with some kind of laser equipment.  Other ages and civilizations besides Cappadocia have had to deal with Wormwood’s fire breathing ways.  The only way to survive fire raining down from the sky if you are in the affected zone is to get some form of heat shielding between you and the fire.  If you don’t, you are burned alive when the fire storm arrives.  Even three or four feet of dirt can shield you from the flames but getting caught out in the open is a death sentence…a bad one.

(Note:  In The Millennium Prophecy we develop the points of evidence that suggest that Wormwood is already closing in on our solar system with destruction in its hand.  The case is very compelling.)

Now connect the dots from these different pieces of evidence:  1.) Jesus Christ, the Designer and Builder of the Universe, personally states for the record (in The Revelation) that Wormwood (a star) does indeed exist and that it is coming our way.  It will effect physical/judgmental changes here on the earth when the proper time comes… the “end times”.  2.) Hidden/forbidden archeology and geology suggests that these types of destruction events have happened before many times and uniformitarian science cannot properly explain the available physical evidence (anomalies) here on earth.  3.) An inside military source admits anonymously that Wormwood is indeed there. It follows an elliptical orbit mostly on the southern side of the ecliptic plane and crosses over into the northern side above the ecliptic plane on perihelion arc over.  It is very heavy… about 60 times Jupiter’s mass… and has a methane atmosphere.  Its outbound ecliptic crossing is December 21, 2012.  4.) Text book celestial mechanics would tell us that an orbiting body with that much mass will have a long gravitational reach, it will spin on an axis (like stars and planets all seem to do) and will generate a set of node rings in the affected time-space perpendicular to the axis of rotation.  With 60 times Jupiter’s mass, the gravitational node rings will easily span the orbital diameter of Mars and possibly even Jupiter. 5.) Measurable orbital deflections/perturbations have been observed in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune since 1821… orbital deflections/perturbations that should not be there but they are.  The deflections are larger near the extended line of the Summer Solstice side of Earth’s orbit based on proximity.  6.) NASA claimed to have found a possible target location for a “Planet X” but very quickly realized what it meant and began a systematic cover-up of the real evidence.  And as we will see in the material following, the continuing actions of NASA and the NSF suggest that a dangerous orbiting body is indeed approaching and is coming up from the southern side of the ecliptic plane.  7.) NASA enlisted the aid of the media to deliberately misinform the public about the danger.  They LIED to us.  And they did it while being supported by taxpayer money.  8.) Dr. Robert S. Harrington (astronomer/physicist) was able to tell the correct general direction to search for a “Planet X” based on the historical physical deflections (perturbations) in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune.  With 330,000 mathematical iterations he determined with 5:1 odds that such a body would be coming from the southern side of the ecliptic plane on the Summer Solstice side of the solar system because that was the direction from which the gravitational force was pulling on those planets when they strayed off their normal orbits.  9.) The December 26, 2004 Sumatra earthquake continued for 10 minutes rather than 30 seconds or a minute.  When the shaking was finished the whole island had been moved 110 feet from its former location.  The deadly tsunami that followed killed about 225,000 people.  The December 26th orbital position of the earth on that date was only five days off of the Summer/Winter Solstice line… the Line of Danger.  10.) The August 15, 2007 earthquake in Peru lasted for three minutes (continuous) once it got started.  The “epicenter” was slightly more southern latitude than the 2004 Sumatra quake and Peru was on the correct side of the earth (time of day: 18:40 hrs) for a “glancing blow” if a Wormwood node ring was coming through along the Line of Danger (the Solstice line). 11.)  NASA and the National Science Foundation (NSF) are tracking Wormwood’s inbound approach with the newly assembled South Pole Telescope… material we shall be addressing shortly.  And there are cover story lies for public consumption so that they do not have to reveal the truth.  They’re still at it… lying to the public.            

Based on the description of the events associated with Sixth Seal (Revelation 6:12 – 14), I would estimate the time for the next nodal ring clash for planet Earth at June 21, 2009 plus/minus a few weeks on either side.  The closer Earth is to the June 21st Summer Solstice “Line of Destruction” when the node rings cross swords, the more destructive the events will be.  The Revelation description is not very encouraging.  Rev 6:12 – 14: (12) I looked when He broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became like blood; (13) and the stars of the sky fell to the earth, as a fig tree casts its unripe figs when shaken by a great wind. (14) The sky was split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.  Let’s go over the list and make physical interpretations of what we can expect for June, 2009:
1.)a great earthquake… The node rings of the sun and Wormwood clash with world wide tectonic shaking lasting 10 or 20 minutes (maybe more) of continuous shaking, major destruction of cities around the world, and possible tsunami events after the earthquake.
2.)the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair… We get volcanic activity at tectonic plate edges… rims of fire that eject high tonnages of ash plume into the upper atmosphere that block out the sun light over large areas of the earth.  (And the hair being referenced would be black hair common to people of the Middle East not blond hair found in more Nordic people.)
3.)the whole moon became like blood… Wormwood throws large tonnages of iron oxide dust and debris between the Earth and the moon or into Earth’s atmosphere.  When we look through the veil of iron oxide dust, the moon takes on a blood red color.
4.)the stars of the sky fell to the earth… Wormwood throws asteroids and various forms of space junk into Earth’s atmosphere that impact on the surface as meteorites.  Expect some severe tsunami events if there are impact pieces landing in the ocean that are of significant size.
5.)the sky was split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up... At least one of the volcanic eruptions will be a large pyroclastic explosion… a volcanic cone that will “blow its top” like Mt. St Helens in May, 1980.  The blast concussion feels like the sky is “splitting apart” anywhere within sound range of the cone.  The curling action of the mushroom cloud when viewed from below looks like a scroll when it is allowed to spring back into the rolled up position.  The description seems a little odd but St. John was a first century writer and he used a word picture of something that was familiar to describe a mushroom cloud… something he had never seen before. Expect more volcanic explosions as Wormwood approaches.  There might be several volcanic mounts that erupt explosively like Mt. St. Helens did but there will be at least one.  
6.)every mountain and island were moved out of their places… Tectonic shifting from the Wormwood node ring earthquake will shift the mountains and islands into different places.  Displacements may be measured in tens or hundreds of feet of difference but the shifts will be measureable with modern surveying equipment.  If any of the GPS satellites are still up and running after this assault from outer space, the measurements can be made easily and with accuracy as close as 10 centimeters.  If the GPS system is destroyed we might have to do it the old fashioned way with ground based surveying equipment but the results will show that many of the known positions for mountains and islands will in fact be displaced to new positions.  Again, with major earthquake activity and island movements expect severe tsunami events to follow for various coastal cities.

Because of its mass, methane atmosphere, gravitational node rings (and their associated debris), Wormwood can cause tremendous upheaval for Earth depending on how close the Earth is to the Solstice based “Line of Destruction”  when the node rings come ripping through our sector of the solar system.  The closer Earth is to Solstice plane of Wormwood’s buzz saw node rings, the worse the destruction will be.  Its gravitational gripping force is strong enough to be able to torque the Earth’s crust (lithosphere) right over on its side.  And those gravitational node rings are oriented at 90° to the gravitational rings of the sun’s ecliptic plane.  Each time these gravitational nodal rings cross swords there are repercussions in the fabric of the time-space for any planet orbiting near those locations… including Earth.  It’s like a sword fight with two live running solar system chain saws.  Sooner or later something bad is bound to happen.  Wormwood can elevate whole continents thousands of feet right up out of the oceans by virtue of the plastic distortions it can cause in the mantle under the Earth’s crust.  It can cause entire continents or chains of islands to disappear below the ocean waves… again, by virtue of its influence on the mantle under the Earth’s crust (lithosphere).  It can rip continents in half.  It can create mountains where they did not exist before.  It can flatten down mountain ranges or submerge them under the oceans.  It can slide the tectonic plates around… shove them together… pull them apart… and trigger tsunami events with ocean waves over 1000 feet tall that run inland for hundreds of miles… and don’t forget associated earthquakes and volcanic activity around tectonic plate edges.  It can put Brazil at the South Pole… South Africa at the South Pole… Canada at the North Pole.  It can move the Earth’s magnetic poles around.  It can reverse the rotation of the Earth so that the Sun rises in the west and sets in the east… or vice versa.  It can stimulate massive outbursts of solar activity so that our Sun begins to trigger large Coronal Mass Ejections… bursts of heat and radiated particles.  If it gets close enough, it can pour methane gas down on our oxygen atmosphere and literally rain fire down on us from above.  Since it has so much iron oxide dust, it can throw millions of tons of red dust on us as well as meteorites, comets or asteroids or any other space junk that it might have in tow.  And don’t forget the nasty Vasopressin type chemicals that can trigger extreme aggression in man and in animals… just for fun.  If I had to guess, I would say that Wormwood is largely responsible for the shape of Earth’s continents and its 23.450 axis tilt… which determines our seasons and most of our annual weather patterns.  
If any of this is beginning to sink in as you think about it, you can see that when Wormwood arrives it can bring civilization… any civilization… to an abrupt halt and there is nothing that anybody can do to stop it.  Its destructive power makes the Revelation judgment events seem very ominous.  When the Wormwood judgments arrive they will be very bad indeed and a lot of people are going to die.

Anyway, the reason for this little side trip is to point out that the Revelation descriptions are indeed accurate.  The prophecies about the Wormwood judgments are true and they refer to real physical events that will actually happen on a fairly strict timetable when the proper time arrives.  As we have seen in this section, Wormwood is capable of delivering extreme destruction while it is still a long way off.  It has very long node ring support arms.  The node rings deliver the initial destruction.  Then when Wormwood gets closer in, its atmosphere can rain fire down from the sky… which it will do… probably in June of 2010.  Then it will arc up over the Sun (perihelion) and begin making its return (outbound) pass/crossing through our solar system on or about December 21st, 2012… the same date as the end of the Mayan calendar.  On December 21, 2012 Wormwood will hit the earth with a nasty node ring right down the middle of its orbital path.  It will radically alter earth’s physical/surface features and all the maps of earth will have to be redrawn.  Revelation 16 describes the outbound event list.  

When Wormwood gets closer to the earth it becomes visible via the reflected rays of the Sun.  It should have a red-orange color… complements of its iron oxide composition.  But even when it is not visible… as it approaches but before it gets here… it can still have profound effects on the earth’s weather and seismic activity because its node rings can reach out for such long distances.  Remember, this thing is heavy enough to torque the crust of the earth right over on its side… with massive tsunamis when the lithosphere slips.  It can rip continents in half, elevate continents thousands of feet up out of the ocean beds or sink whole continents and mountain ranges under the waves because of the plastic distortions it can produce in the mantle under the earth’s lithosphere (crust).  It is so heavy that can cause profound destruction whenever it comes through our solar system (inbound or outbound) and the amount of destruction here on earth depends on how close the node rings are to the earth when they bash their way through the earth’s orbital node ring (the sun’s 3rd ring).  If a Wormwood node ring cuts through the solar node ring where the earth is orbiting and the earth happens to be eight weeks or more away from that ecliptic orbital position, we might get some bad weather and some earthquakes.  But if earth is within a week of the Solstice centerline when one of Wormwood’s node rings comes through, then the earth and its people get CREAMED… royally.  Inbound approach and outbound departure each give Wormwood four chances to cause major destruction and loss of life… eight in all.   And it can literally rain fire down on us from the sky by throwing millions of tons of methane gas into our oxygen atmosphere and then lighting it up with pieces of micrometeorite pellets glowing red hot as they enter our atmosphere.  Wormwood is dangerous and very nasty when it cruises into town for a perihelion visit.
Devastation of Wormwood
Image Courtesy of http://www.dees2.com/planetX.html

As I write this material in December, 2007, (updated in March/April, 2009) the Wormwood brown dwarf star is already having profound effects on our weather and on Earth’s seismic activity.  The August, 2007 earthquakes in Peru and the Sumatra quake in 2004 were the early node ring arrivals.  Wormwood is also causing changes in sun/solar wind activity so that more frequent storms, tornadoes, tsunamis and hurricanes are happening as well.  Old fault lines in the lithosphere are being stressed and earthquakes are happening in various places where there has been no seismic activity for centuries.  Wormwood’s destructive powers are not a trivial thing.  As a dark body star it is very heavy and it causes problems when it is in the neighborhood.  It is causing problems now… even before it “arrives” visually.  Wait till it gets up close and personal.  The destruction will be unlike anything modern mankind has ever seen before… and uniformitarian science will have to rethink its assumptions… if any of those types of “scientists” are still alive when the iron oxide dust settles.

We now return to the Revelation but you can now more clearly see that the descriptions of judgment events that Jesus revealed to the Apostle John were indeed descriptions of real events.  The Revelation is not an allegory, a myth or a funny word picture.  It is a prophecy.  And because it is a prophecy it is referring to real events… not something mythical, allegorical, spiritual, a word picture or some descriptive literature… a prophecy = a real event.  And as Wormwood’s nasty node rings cross swords with the sun’s third node ring (where the Earth orbits), those events will get more and more physically intense.  The Earth will quake with greater intensity and duration… exactly like Jesus said it would.  The meteorites from Wormwood’s debris field will fall through our atmosphere… exactly like Christ said they would.  Our weather will get progressively more unstable resulting in crop failures and problems in various places… exactly like Christ said they would. Fire will rain down from the sky… exactly like Christ said would.  If a Wormwood node ring cuts fairly close, it will cause lithosphere slippages and trigger massive tsunami events with 500 ft or 1000 ft waves roaring inland… perplexing many hearts as people stare impending death in the face… exactly like Jesus said they would.  The powers of the heavens (node rings and the planets that orbit inside them) will be shaken… exactly like Jesus Christ said they would.  Wormwood’s node rings beat on every planet they touch.  These are not myths, allegories or irrelevant word pictures.  These are real physical events that Christ predicted would indeed come to pass… and now they are starting to play out… exactly like Jesus Christ said they would.  Ready or not… here they come.  And from the best that we can tell, it looks like it will get massively more serious in June or July, 2009.  Personally, I wish it was later… like maybe 100 years or so.  But that’s not how things are shaping up now.  The celestial mechanics of the Wormwood brown dwarf star set the time line for the Revelation events by intersecting that seven year event line twice (inbound and outbound) with two separate sets of real celestial/solar events that are already impacting us here on Earth.  Again, ready or not… here they come.



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