No Argyria
No Argyria (Bluebloods were what the aristocracy were called due to Kings', lords', Dukes', and Duchesses' minor ((cosmetic only)) blue tint to skin))):
If you want 0% risk of argyria (being a Blueblood) from any type of silver, then:
A Cure for Argyria: The Formula

3 Vitamin E 1000 mg 100% Natural d-alpha Tocopheryl
1 Selenium 100mcg yeast free
2 vegetarian Vitamin C 1000 mg
1 teaspoon MSM organic
1 super potency Vitamin B 100,
1 teaspoon of Kelp powder:

Taken every morning with 2 16oz glasses of water, with close to 3/4 of
a gallon drinking water a day.
Drink a normal humans' intake of eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day,
so that your body can function normally and excrete the silver normally.
Not keeping your car radiator topped up with the correct amount of fluid
is the same as not putting the correct amount of water in your radiator,
and then blaming your car for smoking.
Please treat yourself at least as well as you look after your car.