You misunderstand the whole concept and nature of taking silver.

Silvers valence is + not ++ and therefore it does not oxidize into a toxic form

Silver does "not" have the same characteristics or Valence of other HEAVY METALS
such as lead and mercury that DMSA works on.
Silver's Valence is AG+ (1) Therefore silver is "not" toxic like the other metals, rather it is dulciment.

Now the answer why silver is non-toxic is an undeniable Chemistry fact as follows:

1.) Silver's "Valence" makes it non toxic:

The valence of Ag+ Silver is + (1). Hence Ag+.

Silver's valence makes silver non-toxic.

Mercury and other heavy metals have 2 valences:

E.g. Mercury, Hg++ (1 & 2)

The + (1) valence is non toxic.

but the ++ (2) valence is toxic.

The "second" + is toxic because the second valence causes mercury and other heavy metals to be oxidized into a toxic form.

Because the silver has only has valence 1:

Silver "cannot" be oxidized into a toxic form the way mercury and other heavy metals can.

Therefore because silver has a valence of 1(AG+), silver is safe to be used and is a noble metal and totally different and distinguished from other lesser metals.

The following auxiliary answers are for your information only:

2.) Silver is "Dulciment":

That means silver is soothing to the tissues. This is evidenced by a silver known and used in every burn ward in the USA, namely silver sulphadiazine. Silver sulphadazine is used in prodigious amounts with severely burned patients whose prognosis would be death if it were not for the silver addressing the infections. Conventional abx (antibiotics) in the amounts necessary to stop the infections are so toxic that they would kill the patients if used in the same manner.

The silver is absorbed by thousands of burn patients by the skin tissues, viscera, and carried by bloodstream in burn victims in vast quantity and the silver is proven to have no negative effects on the other organs of the body, as opposed to conventional abx which would kill the patient if used in the same amount.

This fact has been proven via decades of usage of silver in every burn ward in every City in the USA.

***Conventional antibiotics kill Americans and kill year after year over 100,000 USA citizens per year and no one says a word.

3.) There is no toxicity to silver when even compared to innocuous products such as aspirin to ameliorate inflammation etc..

Yet there is more risk from taking aspirin, than from taking silver, and yet the FDA does not publicly state that aspirin is dangerous. If then, aspirin is not dangerous, why are there more than 16,000 deaths each year reported from taking aspirin. If you truly want to protect the patient, advise them never to take aspirin because 16,000 citizens were killed in the USA last year from aspirin. There is no reported toxicity to silver even as opposed to even aspirin.

4.) The viral loads of patients are reduced to near insignificant with the use of the silver. This is a fact.

If conventional abx were used instead, that patient would have been in the risk category of the 100,000+ patients per year (in some years near 200,00) that are killed by conventional abx. This is a well documented fact. Not to mention wide spread gall bladder removal, and kidney, and liver damage from conventional abx..

Therefore the "off label" usage of dietary supplement silver for chronic conditions should be applauded because it is a far better alternative than the track record of aspirin and the conventional abx. Silver got the results without the associated risks of conventional forms of treatment.

Indeed what is considered convention is actually "un"conventional as silver has been used in medicine since the 1800's and what are called conventional antibiotics have only been used since 1947.

5.) Treating a patient with convention abx for years would lead to abx resistance.

There is no abx resistance from silver because as soon as the pathogens come in contact with the silver they are killed immediately. Therefore there are no wounded pathogens to mutate into virulent forms of disease.

6.) Risk Factor from taking Silver is "0" according to FDA'S own Department:

Public Health Service

Center For Drug Evaluation and Research
Office of Training and Communication
Freedom of Information Staff
5600 Foshers Lane 12 8 05
Rockville, Maryland, USA 20857

To wit:

Stated in letter of November 3, 1999 through the Department of Health and Human Services requesting "any" recorded cases of silver ill effect:

Relevant excerpt of said letter:

"We have researched the records from the FDA's AERS (Adverse Event Reporting System) and have been unable to locate any cases that would be responsive to your request."

7.) Studies show silver is excreted via the feces (90%), and via the urine (the remaining 10%).

That is why "all" patients are instructed to imbibe 8 eight oz. glasses of distilled water per day in order to excrete the silver as a normal bodily function.

Even "if " a patient did not excrete all the silver and we generously allowed/assumed that the patient did not excrete 10% of the silver.


Using 5000 ppm for 2 years every day at 10 cc per day

220 mcg per minim (drop) x 18 drops per cc x 10 cc per day x 365 days per year x 2 years x 10% = 2,890,800 mcg. =  2.9 g of silver.

2.8 g is "not" enough to cause toxicity.

8.) "Cumulative Dosage" does not apply to INVIVE

because with our Protocol the body excretes the silver, but if you want to belabour a hypothetical point:

The figure of 8 grams cumulative for life has been proposed for a marker that once this intake level has been reached, to "then" monitor the patient yearly.

The 8 gram level is only a theoretical level, that once exceeded, thereafter the patient should be observed.

Research indicates that our silver can be taken at much higher levels cumulative for life-without any adverse effect.


Anyone who has "not" taken 8 grams of silver in their life cumulative,

 does not have to worry about toxicity even after the 8 grams level is passed. 

As far as silver being stored in the body, assuming that 8 grams over 5 years is not excreted, what does get rid of stored silver?
*** Selenium, Vitamin E, and Chelation therapy.

Silver is the best choice to address bacterial & viral infections, fungi & parasites; and the issue of the body storing the silver is not applicable to our Protocols.

***Use the silver at 4 teaspoons of 5000 per day for 3 to 9 months and you will rid the body of nearly every type of bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic malady.
That is the bottom line and it is Empirical knowledge demonstrated empirically for the last 8 years:
NO Toxicity from our silver for the last 8 years.