Methodology re:

"How To Imbibe (take) Silver"

  1. do "not" swallow the silver
  2. hold it sublingually (under the tongue) - so that it goes straight into the bloodstream like an IV
  3. hold silver for a "minimum" of "1 minute" and up to 5 minutes under the tongue
  4. any silver left after 5 minutes do "not" gulp (swallow) down,
  5. just let silver gently trickle down the esophagus, so that any residual silver is absorbed by the esophagus "before" it reaches the stomach; therefore no silver even reaches the stomach.
  6. never mix the silver with anything when taking it
  7. never mix the silver in water when taking it
  8. if patient does not like the after taste, then take a peppermint candy, but do "NOT" take water or anything for 1 hour after taking the silver
  9. do not eat for 1 hour "before" taking the silver
  10. do not to eat for 2 hours "after" taking the silver, because you do not want to carry any residual silver down into the stomach
  11. absolutely no drinking water or drinking anything for 1 hour after taking silver, because you again do not want to wash any residual silver down into the stomach.
  12. patient must take Lactobacillus Acidopholus caps, 1 billion+ per cap with each meal "and" live yogurt with each meal